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Making music and building a career is more accessible to musicians than ever before, but how do you actually get your music in the ears of real music fans? The DIY Musician Podcast features interviews with promoters, lawyers, publishers, bookers, and artists of all styles and backgrounds to bring you the all the latest in music promotion and marketing. Born out of their daily work with artists at CD Baby and their own musical pursuits, Kevin and Chris are leading the charge to educate and encourage artists while building community among fellow musicians.


#354: Mental and Physical Health Hacks for Touring Musicians
Heading out on tour our can introduce a range of stressors, spanning from confined living spaces to an inflexible (or non-existent) schedule, limited food choices, feelings of isolation and detachment from your people back home, free booze at every turn, and less-than-ideal sleeping conditions. These factors can contribute to physical and mental strain for indie artists who are just out there trying to put their best on stage. In the latest episode of the DIY Musician Podcast, Cristina Cano and Rachel Beringer offer practical health hacks to help musicians maintain their physical and mental well-being while on the road.
55:40 2/9/24
#353: Artist Spotlight: Exploring Shannon Curtis's Creative Universe
In Episode 353 of the DIY Musician Podcast, Jack delves into a riveting conversation with the seasoned musician and author, Shannon Curtis. This episode unveils the fascinating story behind Curtis's viral hit, offering a glimpse into the magic that propelled her into the spotlight. Beyond the music, Curtis discusses the success of her intimate house concert tours, providing a unique perspective on connecting with audiences on a personal level and making it profitable. Curtis generously shares her approach to giving back to her fans, creating a bond that transcends the traditional artist-fan dynamic. Join Jack and Shannon Curtis on this enriching episode as they explore the multifaceted facets of her artistic journey, offering a profound look into the life of a truly independent and inspiring musician.
78:24 2/1/24
#352: 2024's DIY Musician Creative Resolutions and Tidal's Collabs Revolution
In this episode of the DIY Musician Podcast, Cristina sits down with DIY Musician regulars Rachel and Jack to delve into their New Year's creative resolutions, share insightful songwriting goals, and reflect and celebrate their artist triumphs from 2023. As a bonus, Rue joins the conversation to provide valuable information on Tidal's innovative "Collabs" product, offering listeners an exclusive peek into the cutting-edge features reshaping the music collaboration landscape.
63:19 1/17/24
#351: Artist Spotlight - Navigating a Dynamic Creative Career with Abigail Fierce
In this episode the of the DIY Musician Podcast, Jack sits down with Abigail Fierce and discusses her dynamic career between being an LA-based indie-pop songstress, her songwriting process, to her growing acting resume!
36:08 1/2/24
#350: Forecasting the Musical Trends of 2024
In Episode 350 of the DIY Musician Podcast, Cristina and Rachel share their personal predictions for the future of the music industry in 2024. While these predictions are purely for fun and not grounded in data, their enthusiasm and insightful banter make for an entertaining exploration of what the musical journey might hold in the coming year.
55:43 12/22/23
#349: Celebrating 25 Years of CD Baby!
In Episode 349 of the DIY Musician podcast, Cristina has the pleasure of sitting down with two remarkable guests, Anna Held and Christine Barnum from CD Baby, as they celebrate an incredible 25 years of CD Baby being the leader in independent music. The episode is a journey through time, delving into the past of CD Baby and sharing amusing anecdotes that reflect the vibrant spirit of our journey. As we reminisced about the challenges and triumphs, the conversation was not only a nostalgic reflection but also a testament to the enduring importance of the artists who have been the heartbeat of our company. 
54:21 12/2/23
#348: The Scenius Approach to Navigating Industry Changes
Join Cristina and Rachel as they delve into the strategies for fostering community within the DIY music market, addressing the challenges posed by industry changes. Inspired by Brian Eno's concept of "scenius," the discussion revolves around the communal intelligence that drives cultural movements. Together, they explore the power of community building, emphasizing the importance of supporting local artists, collaboration with other creatives, and other opportunities to keep the DIY music scene thriving.  
42:28 11/6/23
#347 - The Future of the Podcast & BARii's Odyssey from DIY Musician to Writing for The Proud Family
Cristina gives a little insight into what is next for the DIY Musician Podcast, and Jack interviews artist BARii about their incredible journey as a DIY artist turned pro-songwriter.
45:29 10/23/23
#346: 8 Friends Every Musician Needs in Their Corner
Relationships are the driving force behind a successful music career. Think of a photographer who captures your essence, a marketing expert who promotes your music, and a meticulous mentor who helps you find order in chaos. As an independent artist, you'll encounter a diverse network of supporters who can redefine your musical journey. In episode #346 of the DIY Musician Podcast, Chris and Cristina explore these essential connections, unveiling eight key allies you should engage with. Plus, Chris has a big announcement...
51:23 9/28/23
#345: 10 Ways to Simplify Your Instagram Ads
Running ads for your music isn't easy, no matter what the experts tell you. But it CAN be one of the best ways to reach new listeners and build a lasting audience of fans and customers. So in this episode, Chris and Cristina talk about 10 ways to streamline your ad efforts. The point of this conversation isn't to provide tips on maximizing and optimizing and endlessly tinkering with options. It's to simplify your life running ads, so you can realistically see progress, not perfection. 
52:25 8/24/23
#344: Growing a Band into a Business (with Bombadil)
After 18 years as a band AND business, Bombadil is still going strong. In this "Artist Spotlight" episode of the DIY Musician Podcast, Cristina and Chris interview James Phillips of the independent indie-folk group about their long journey as a recording and touring act, the challenges they faced along the way, and how the keys to their longevity are creative respect, daily habits of collaboration and communication, and treating every aspect of their music like a business. -- Check out Bombadil's music and tour dates. Follow their touring and recording adventures. -- Distribute your music with no annal fees. Plan your successful release with a customized timeline.  Learn how to grow your audience, boost your streams, and build a sustainable music career on your own terms. 
64:03 7/26/23
#343: A Musician's Guide to Threads
Threads is one of the fastest growing apps in history. Can musicians benefit from adopting this "carbon copy of Twitter," or is it all hype? In this episode, we ask CD Baby's Social Media expert Rachel Bearinger all about the app, its origins, how it's integrated with Instagram, present and future functionality, and the real concern: Should musicians embrace Threads, ignore it, or wait and see?
46:46 7/20/23
#342: Time as an Instrument (Carving Out More Moments for Your Music)
Are you struggling to find the time to make and promote your music? In this episode, Chris & Cristina discuss ways to carve out MORE time for your music amidst a busy life, and how to get more productive and creative within the limited time you have already.
55:05 7/6/23
#341: Musicians, Don't Be THIS Person!
As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Sadly, music is such a public-facing endeavor that our egos are often on high-alert, which can lead to to moments where we put our worst foot forward! What can we do about it? In this episode, Chris & Cristina discuss some common musician pitfalls when it comes to social etiquette, networking, artist mindset, and more. Plus, we'll hear a short discussion between CD Baby's Jack Poulis and Lee Wilson, an R&B singer who found success while exploring a completely different genre. 
58:10 6/28/23
#340: 5 Things Musicians Get Wrong About Advertising
IF you do it right, advertising on social is one of the best ways to build an audience for your music. But so many musicians are held back by bad attitudes and misconceptions about advertising. In this episode, Chris interviews social advertising expert Kyle "Circa" LeMaire to set the record straight on music advertising.
48:41 6/21/23
#339: How to Reach Fans Beyond Social Media
There's no doubt, great social content can unlock so many doors in your music career. But “social” can also feel tired and impersonal, like you're shouting into the void. In this episode, Chris & Cristina discuss how to engage audiences without relying on big platforms or one-off posts. Check out this inspiring list of alternative ways you can interact with your fans so that your messages and conversations feel personal and surprising!
66:17 6/15/23
#338: 5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Making Music
Are there common struggles most young musicians face? Can they be avoided? Whether you're a new musician just starting out, or you're an experienced artist looking for a reminder on healthier ways to maintain your music career, this episode is for you. Cristina and Chris discuss the five things they wish they'd known years ago. If they'd learned these lessons earlier, their music (and happiness) might've been further along by now. 
60:48 6/8/23
After 15 years of hosting this podcast, Kevin Breuner has moved on to the next adventure in his music career — but the DIY Musician Podcast will continue! What's going to change? What's going to stay the same? In this quick bonus episode, Chris Robley previews the new format, and tells you how you can shape the future of this podcast!
10:30 5/31/23
#337: My Top 6 Pieces of Advice for Artists - Kevin’s Parting Words
After 17 years at CD Baby and 15 years hosting this DIY Musician Podcast, Kevin Breuner has a big announcement: He's saying farewell to both and looking forward to a new adventure in his music career.   Where's he headed? What did he learn from his time at CD Baby? And what's his top 6 tips for musicians who want to make a life in music?  All that and more in this episode.
68:54 5/24/23
#336: The INSANE Social Content Idea List for Musicians
Artists who want to promote their music online know they have to be active on social to build an audience and engage fans, but some days you just don't know what to post! If you're stumped for social inspo, check out this episode of the DIY Musician Podcast where we run through an insane list of ideas for you to try. 
85:27 5/18/23
#335: Why Musicians Quit: And How to Avoid It!
Pursuing a music career can be incredibly challenging. As an independent musician, it's easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. The journey is full of ups and downs, and the road ahead looks like endless work. But why do musicians really quit? What are the pain-points that cause so many talented musicians to throw in the towel? And most importantly, how can you overcome these challenges and thrive in your music pursuits? In this episode of The DIY Musician Podcast, we'll take a look at some common reasons why musicians quit, and offer encouraging solutions to help you keep moving forward! 
73:19 5/9/23
#334: 5 New SPOTIFY Features + 5 Fun Hacks!
Spotify has launched some new tools for artists to promote their music, and in today's episode we're going to discuss how to use these new features and what they might mean for your music poromotion. Plus, we have 5 fun music marketing hacks!  
76:06 4/25/23
#333: Cassie Petrey - Building a Social Strategy
Whether you love it or hate it, social media is one of your best options when it comes to finding an audience for your songs and building a lasting fanbase.  In this episode, we talk with Cassie Petrey, CEO and co-founder of Crowd Surf, a music marketing firm that has run social media campaigns for household names like Camila Cabello, Kim Petras, and Backstreet Boys, as well as countless local and grassroots artists. 
67:53 4/12/23
#332: 15 Email Marketing Mistakes Musicians Make
Email is still the most effective online communications channel you have to market your music, drive sales, and deepen your connection with fans.  If that's statistically true (and it is), then why do so many musicians fumble when it comes to their email list?  In this episode, we'll address 15 common mistakes musicians make when it comes to email marketing.
95:57 4/2/23
#331: 5 Things Musicians Should Leave Behind in 2023
Are you holding your own music back?  Whenever we hear an artist rationalize why they haven't achieved a certain level of success, it often seems like they're getting in their own way due to some outdated beliefs or faulty priorities. And this has nothing to do with the quality of the music. Sometimes people with amazing songs aren't reaching the audiences they could because they're holding too tightly to ideas that no longer serve them. Is it time to embrace new tools, trends, and mindsets? Time to abandon some stale modes of thinking? In this episode, we'll discuss five things we should all let go of!
70:53 3/9/23
#330: 10 Ways to Build Anticipation for Your Music
There's too much music out there now for an average listener to care about YOUR SONGS just because they're available on streaming platforms.  That's why you need to create anticipation BEFORE your new music launches. In this episode we'll discuss how to do exactly that, drawing lessons from artists such as Walk Off the Earth, Emma McGann, and Ellie Dixon.
73:39 2/27/23
#329: Releasing Music: Paid or Famous?
Would you rather earn a living from your music or gain massive reach on social and streaming?  Of course those two things don't HAVE to be at odds, but when you're towards the beginning of your music career, it helps to focus on one top priority.  There isn't a correct goal; it'll differ depending on your interests and talents. But how you allocate your time and budget will change based on the priority: paid or famous?   In this episode, we discuss those differences.
61:49 2/20/23
#328: A.I. and Music - Why Musicians Should Care!
Everyone is talking about A.I. — or "artificial intelligence" — and the impact it will have on musicians and artists. Will advanced machine-learning and information synthesis help usher in a new era of creativity, or could artificial intelligence destroy the music industry (on its way to destroying humanity?)
90:22 2/7/23
#327: The Key to Making More Money from Your Music
For independent artists, the most reliable way to earn a living from music isn't streaming, social monetization, or even lucrative opportunities in sync licensing. It's merch sales!  In this episode, Dave Cool of Bandzoogle talks about creating merch items your fans will love, how to make effective offers, and using the best tools for selling online.
42:56 1/27/23
#326: Gamifying Your Music Promotion Using Discord
Want to bring your listeners on a journey? To send them on an adventure that goes deeper than bonus "behind the music" content? How about a multi-player RPG your fans can play together on Discord!? That's exactly what celebrated songwriter and Twitch livestreamer Emma McGann did with her newest album "The Monsterverse." She created an immersive experience for fans that combined her recordings, videos created with 3D graphics, an RPG built using a Discord Bot, and more.  The Monsterverse takes "music promotion" to a whole new level. In this episode of the podcast, Emma tells how (and why) she constructed a whole world around her music. 
61:19 1/18/23