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The Gardner Carney Leadership Institute's, (gcLi) mission makes clear that there is an inextricable connection between leadership and citizenship. We are committed to the idea that leadership must be cultivated. The healthy, effective, and benevolent functioning of classrooms, sports teams, schools, local communities, and entire nations depends upon it. Leadership is an active struggle, an exercise of character and values, a willingness to be in dialogue with diverse viewpoints, an ability to take risks and to engage wholeheartedly and uncomfortably with groups. To do it well, one must be willing to be in a lifelong journey to become more self-aware. In short, the path to leadership and thus to citizenship consists of all the skills and behaviors that the gcLi has taught since its inaugural Leadership Lab 2005. In my view, never has such training been more relevant. gcLi's Mission: Educating Teachers to Teach Leadership to Students.


Differentiating Traits and Skills in Leadership
Danielle Llewelyn, this year's gcLi scholar, discusses her experience with the Leadership Lab and the importance of teaching leadership skills. She highlights the value of networking and learning from fellow participants and faculty. They discuss the significance of titles and labels in leadership and the difference between traits and skills. The conversation emphasizes the need to recognize and nurture the leadership potential in all students, regardless of their titles or positions. The importance of individualized attention and respect for students' identities is also highlighted.Danielle is the Science Chair at Fountain Valley School Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
14:31 7/11/24
Andrew Prince, gcLi Faculty, Discusses The History and Significance of Juneteenth
Centering joy is important in the context of Juneteenth and racial justice, educators have an obligation to promote racial and social justice and building relationships and learning from mistakes are crucial in this work. The history and significance of Juneteenth should be understood to better serve students, the work of advancing justice and equity is ongoing and requires collective effort.Andrew is  the Head of Upper School at Collegiate School in NYC and gcLi Faculty. Andrew's LinkedInAndrew gcLi FacultySupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
20:33 6/27/24
Meet The gcLi's Newest Grant Recipient, Laura Renard
Laura Renard  is this year's gcLi Leadership Grant Recipient and will  pursue a master's  in school leadership at the University of Pennsylvania and hopes to gain a deeper understanding of educational science and a formal pedagogy of leadership.The Gardner Carney Leadership Institute has influenced Laura's understanding of leadership and has taught her the importance of being true to oneself, being vulnerable, and creating connections with others.Laura is a Spanish teacher and co-leader of the peer leadership program at Heritage Hall in Oklahoma City.Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
21:08 6/13/24
Student Initiatives and the Power of Storytelling
In this conversation, Berdy interviews Beth Dille, the Director of the C.  Kyser Miree Ethical Leadership Center at the Altamont School. They discuss the Miree Center and its unique approach to leadership education, emphasizing civic engagement and real-world impact. They explore the challenges of measuring success in leadership education and the metrics used at the Miree Center. Beth shares stories of student initiatives and their personal growth, highlighting the power of storytelling and the global and local impact of the center. Overall, the conversation celebrates the achievements of the Miree Center and its role in helping students discover their unique leadership abilities.Berdy directed The Miree Center from 2011-2021; Beth has served as Director of The Miree Center since 2021.Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
23:36 5/30/24
The Birth Of The gcLi And The Leadership Lab
Jeremy LaCasse, Executive Director of the gcLi  and Mike Pardee, former gcLi faculty member and current Director of gcLi Research,  reflect on 20 years of the gcLi Leadership Lab.Let's go back to 2003. The gcLi is in its infancy. What are your roles? What's the mood? What's the method? How's this thing get off the ground?The gcLi  was established in 2003 with the goal of teaching leadership principles. The Leadership Lab has evolved to become more experiential and collaborative. Feedback and trust are essential for creating authentic relationships and facilitating collaboration. The gcLi aims to help teachers become comfortable with the messy aspects of leadership. The institute's research and feedback from participants inform the quality of the experience and contribute to meaningful results in the world. The work of the gcLi is critical in a world facing complex challenges that require collaborative problem-solving.Jeremy LaCasse LinkedInMike Pardee LinkedInSupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
12:59 5/17/24
Changing The Brain From The Bottom Up
Somerville Johnston  is a licensed somatic experiencing practitioner  and founder of Aspen Roots Collective out of Asheville, North Carolina.Somatic experiencing is a modality that works with the autonomic nervous system to complete trauma responses. It focuses on changing the brain from the bottom up by tuning into the body and the animal aspect of our mind. Practicing orienting to safety can slowly change the wiring of our brain and lead to calmer and more focused thoughts. In the developed world, we often treat everyday stressors as threats, leading to chronic activation and difficulty in orienting to safety. It is important to practice feeling into the body and noticing the transition from an active state to a settled state.Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
33:08 5/2/24
The 20th Anniversary With Natalie Simms: Feedback Is A Gift And An Opportunity For Growth
Dr. Natalie Simms reflects on 20 years of the gcLi and discusses its evolution and relevance in leadership education. The gcLi has become more inclusive of roles within independent schools and focuses on collaboration and problem-solving. Elementary school educators play a crucial role in shaping students' learning experiences. Feedback is seen as a gift and an opportunity for growth. The gcLi creates a space for vulnerability and authentic feedback. The most essential leadership practice needed in the world right now is slowing down, listening, and processing. The gcLi teaches and reinforces this through its emphasis on input, processing, and output.Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
17:55 4/18/24
Catherine Steiner-Adair Discusses Dysregulation What Causes It & How To Fix It
In this conversation, Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair, Institute Scholar, gcLi,  discusses the impact of world affairs on emotional dysregulation and the challenges faced by teachers, students, administrators, and parents. She explains the concept of dysregulation and how it affects our ability to have productive conversations. Dr. Steiner Adair also highlights the mental distortions that contribute to dysregulation and provides strategies for managing it and improving communication. Additionally, she emphasizes the power of students in teaching and inspiring teachers. Overall, the conversation offers insights and guidance for navigating difficult times and fostering positive connections.Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
28:04 4/4/24
Celebrating 20 years of the Leadership Lab With Rishi Raghunathan
Rishi is Faculty, gcLi and Head of Upper School, Wellington School, Columbus, OH. He talks about his experience at the Leadership Lab."I think feedback, as Jeremy says, it's a gift. And so when I do think about feedback, I always ask myself, one, why am I getting this feedback? And two, what is this human being going through so they're providing me this feedback? So in fact, I think the evolution of it, I used to think about feedback, my classroom, and what I could control within that environment and my classroom."Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
24:13 3/21/24
Katherine Berdy: The gcLi And Its Programs
 I want to share a brief personal story about how the gcLi has added value to my career and I guess more importantly to my life and remind you of the gcLi programming that is offered this year.20th Anniversary of the gcLi Leadership LabgcLi School Certification ProgramgcLi Virtual ProgramSupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
10:17 3/7/24
Celebrating 20 years of the gcLi with Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair
Welcome to an episode that celebrates 20 years of the Gardner-Carney Leadership Institute. These 20th anniversary episodes will be fun and informative.  As you listen, I invite you to think back to the year 2004. What were you doing and how has time, world events, and the gcLi shaped your own pedagogy for teaching leadership? Today's guest always has a wealth of important wisdom to share. So I am very excited to walk down memory lane with Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair,  gcLi's Institute Scholar.Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
21:14 2/22/24
Leadership: The Many Hats Teachers Wear
On today's episode, Berdy speaks with former Leadership Lab graduate, Reina Stimpson, Head of Upper School and Director of the Student Leadership Program at The Derryfield School. Berdy: "Teachers, especially in independent schools, we wear many hats.  And that's one thing I love about the lab is when we come together and start kind of taking off the hats and reminding ourselves why we're there in the first place, why we chose this profession,  we can really kind of gain that alignment that leads you to bigger and brighter things."Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
27:44 2/2/24
Berdy and Jeremy LaCasse
Hello, gcLi. I'm coming to you from a brand new year. Happy 2024, everyone. We have with us our brave and fearless leader, Jeremy Lacase, to talk about our plans for our amazing gcLi community in 2024. So hello, Jeremy, and happy new year to you.If there's anyone listening who wants to hop on the podcast and share, share what you're doing or submit a blog post to Emily Ihrke, we welcome that at any time.  To be a guest on the podcast, contact Berdy: kberdy@gclileadership.orgTo be write a blog, contact Emily: eihrke@gclileadership.orgSupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
14:48 1/25/24
Berdy's End Of Year Reflection
"I've been reflecting on many of the events of 2023, and I've noticed some themes that have popped up in the podcast episodes. And I think they're really kind of how I want to end this year and go into next year. Those themes are the powers of relational vulnerability and personal resiliency. Now in every episode, they may not have sounded like that, but ultimately I think that those two themes of relational vulnerability and personal resiliency have shown up in many of the episodes."This is a wonderful end of year reflection, what to focus on, seeking answers. Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
09:30 12/14/23
Meet gcLi's Grant Recipient At PennGSE
Hello, GCLI, welcome to the podcast. Today's guest is Erin Reimel-Clements. She is the director of alumni engagement at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School  and an expert communicator turned teacher. She has a degree from Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications. She has written and edited for magazines such as Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, 17, and Shape. She continues to do freelance writing and editing, and is the gcLi's Grant Recipient  at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.  PennGSE’S School Leadership program is unique with its emphasis on cohort learning, mentoring, and engagement of both private and public educators.Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
27:29 11/16/23
Introducing The gcLi's Newest Program
Our newest initiative, the gcLi School Certification Program in the Pedagogy of Leadership® provides a unique opportunity for the gcLi to work directly with faculty in their school environment. This program is the result of the work that Dr. Heidi Kasevich, Director of the Leadership Academy, and Jeremy LaCasse, Executive Director, have developed over the years.Today we talk to Heidi and Anita Roberson, Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School, the first school to participate in the certification program. Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
28:30 10/19/23
Natalie Amato Simms, Ed.D.: Feedback Goes Both Ways
"Feedback doesn't work unless it goes both ways. The relationship doesn't work. I think so often we come to work and you know teachers fall into that space and administrators fall into their space and sometimes we forget to see each other as humans and that human experience is the same. It transcends whatever our titles are and whatever our roles are and if we could just sit down and do good work together and really have honest and humble conversations I think I think our world of education would be a little bit better and a little bit happier for everybody."Dr. Simms is a fifth grade ELA and history teacher at Brownell Talbot School.  She is also the Director of Social Media at the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute.Natalie's LinkedinSupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
23:39 10/5/23
gcLi Leadership Grant Recipient Sara Viverios
Sara Viveiros is a 2023 Leadership Lab graduate who teaches Middle School Language Arts and Literature and works in the Learning Services Department at the St. Andrew School in Barrington, Rhode Island. I'm also very excited to announce that she was awarded the gcLi Leadership Grant to pursue a master's degree in School Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education. We'll discuss her plans for her course of study.Sara's LinkedinSupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
15:40 9/21/23
Leading With Vulnerability And Compassion
We'd like to highlight a known struggle for many, many students and adults that can upend your well-laid plans and diminish individual student learning for about one in every six of your students. And that is the topic of mental health and addiction. Our guest today is Stuyvie Coleman, whose inspiring story and courageous leadership may serve as a bridge for you to talk about mental health and addictive behaviors. Stuyvie is a 2021 graduate of Southern Methodist University, where he was a scholarship recipient, leader on the SMU lacrosse team, and in his social circles. But like many students, he was struggling with his mental health and brought with him to SMU a substance abuse addiction that began in his teens. He's here today to share his journey and the leadership that emerged out of his recovery.Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
24:32 9/7/23
Leaders Are Not Born, They Are Developed With Lorraine Connell
Lorraine Connell  has worked in education for over 20 years and learned that the way many schools teach leadership is not necessarily serving students. She left the classroom to bridge a gap she feels is missing in schools by starting Peers Not Fears. She works with teachers, parents, and students about many of the themes that are near and dear to the gcLi. She's on a mission to change that myth. Leaders are not born they are developed, we need to provide opportunities for us to grow as leaders. Making mistakes is part of the process, and while the stakes are high in developing leaders the ultimate growth of positive school culture is worth it!After spending 20 years in the classroom. She didn't see herself as a leader, "I was just a teacher, just a mom, just - just - just. When one (or several) of my students told me they were leaders I knew I had to redefine leadership for myself, so I could change the belief in others."There is a lot of fear in schools, and so much of that fear is built into relationships with our peers. If we see our peers as leaders and ourselves as leaders, we can start seeing community.Lorraine's LinkedInSupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
22:24 8/24/23
Leadership and Athletics
Today we're joined by Valerie Lohr from St. Mary's Hall in San Antonio, Texas. She's the Director of Student Wellbeing  and Performance and the women's field hockey and lacrosse coach. Berdie and Valerie discuss perspective setting for both teachers and students, understanding individuals are more than one thing, they're complex and multi faceted. Valerie takes us through an eye opening exercise that will help you reframe who you are and how you see yourself, and it's much better than you think. Valerie's LinkedInSupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
23:19 8/10/23
Perspective From The Leadership Lab's Three 2023 Scholars
Hear from the three new scholars from the 2023 gcLi Leadership Lab, all former Lab participants. Kenny Chilton, '22 Lab,  St. Andrews Episcopal School,  Jennifer Guarnaccia '21 Lab,   Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School and Jean Plum, '21 Lab from University School of Milwaukee. There are nerves the night before the Lab begins, imposter syndrome  and being frontline leadership educators, like every teacher in the country and having the ability to show students how to lead and empower them both in and out of the classroom. They discuss the difference being a participant vs being a scholar and what that looks like in terms of taking what they learn at the Lab and bringing back to their schools, students and faculty. Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
21:39 7/27/23
Leadership From The 2023 Leadership Lab
Berdy and faculty member and researcher Mike Pardee download and reflect upon the experiences of the 19th Leadership Lab. Mike's years of research and first-hand experience inspire his exploration of both the theoretical and practical applications of leadership training and character development at the gcLi Leadership Lab.Mike  teaches 9th and 10th grade English and serves as an Advisor at The Crefeld School in Philadelphia. Mike's LinkedInSupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
13:57 7/12/23
Leadership From Kenny Chilton, Leadership Lab Scholar '23
Kenny Chilton is a third grade teacher, soon to heading the capstone program for fifth graders at St. Andrews Episcopal School in Austin, Texas. He attended the Gardner Carney Leadership Lab in '22 and returns this year as one of the Lab's three scholars. We're going to look at his own leadership pedagogy and what he hopes to bring to the Leadership Lab this summer. Kenny Chilton LinkedinSupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
20:02 6/29/23
Leadership and Reflection From The 19th Leadership Lab
Berdy and Mike Pardee, gcLi Faculty and researcher, sat down to reflect on the 19th Leadership Lab from Colorado Springs.Mike Pardee LinkedInSupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
13:56 6/26/23
Identity And Leadership With Jeremy LaCasse And Rishi Raghunathan
Today's guests are perennial fan favorites, we have our fearless leader, Executive Director of the gcLi, Jeremy LaCasse and faculty member Rishi Raghunathan to talk about identity and leadership.  If you haven't already done so, please check out Jeremy's vulnerable and insightful blog post entitled, A White Cisgendered Heterosexual Male Talking About Diversity, Equity, Inclusion And Belonging. Jeremy LaCasse LinkedInSupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
27:31 6/1/23
Leadership Through Story Telling & Family History with Christopher Berdy
Our guest today is very special to me, he's an attorney by day and a Holocaust Historian by night.  He speaks to groups about digging into family history though storytelling as a means of forging identity and self awareness, he's also my husband!Chris is on the Alabama Holocaust Education Center's Board and serves as a volunteer on their speakers bureau. Chris Berdy LinkedinSupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
24:18 5/18/23
Learning Leadership at the gcLi Leadership Lab
With the Leadership Lab right around the corner, we thought it'd be fun to recap the heart of the gcLi, which of course is the Lab experience.  Jeremy LaCasse,  the Executive Director of the gcLi is here to talk with us. The Lab is in it's 19th year and takes place June 16 - 22, 2023 in Colorado SpringsJeremy's LinkedInSupport the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
11:37 5/4/23
Leadership In The Great Outdoors With Craig Ough
Craig Ough is an expert in all things experiential and outdoor education.  As the days get longer and warmer, we thought it might be a good idea to think about taking classes outside or retooling your lesson plans in an experiential manner. Craig was a '18 Leadership Lab graduate and a  '22 gcLi Leadership Lab Scholar.  He's currently Math Teacher and Social Curriculum Department Chair, Rumsey Hall (CT)Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
25:34 4/20/23
Leadership With a Lower Case l with Amy Spencer
When Amy Spencer attended the gcLi Leadership Lab she says, "I had the misconception that leadership was a capital L Leadership, that people had to have designated roles to really be effective leaders and I think that's one of the greatest takeaways that I had with the gcLi is being able to reframe the concept of leadership.  And so this lower case l leadership for me has really allowed me new opportunities."Amy is a 7th grade history teacher at the Stevenson School and a '22 Lab graduate. Click here to learn more about the Leadership Lab or to sign up to attend the Lab. Support the Show.gcLi Web Site gcLi Linkedin gcLi Facebook gcLi Twitter
15:40 4/6/23

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