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EPR is Connecting Environmental Professionals through Conversation! Our show is brought to you by the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) and follows environmental professionals at all levels of their career in a variety of industries to bring you a nuanced and informed discussion on what it’s like to work in the environmental arena. Hear us talk through failures, struggles, and successes of the typical environmental professional. We will also highlight news, updates, and fun facts from the scientific community. We are excited to provide this podcast as a way to reach environmental professionals, students, and educators who have one thing in common: we spend our time working to protect the environment.


Iceland, Justice 40, and CEQ Rulemaking with Fred Wagner 54:12 12/03/2021
EPR Minisode 2: Happy Thanksgiving 2021! 09:57 11/24/2021
Chasing Your Dreams, Environmental Storytelling, and Adventuring with Tiffany Duong 40:22 11/19/2021
Alaska, Fuel Tanks, and Science Literacy with Shannon Oelkers 55:51 11/12/2021
National Park work, Photojournalism, and Consulting with Michael Smith 51:37 11/05/2021
Career Advice, Coastal Projects, and Navigating the Workplace with Hollie Schmidt 41:38 10/29/2021
Naval Science, Oceanography, and the Blue Economy with Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet 45:37 10/22/2021
Running a Small Business, Challenging Projects, and Transportation with Caryn Brookman 41:32 10/15/2021
Disaster Recovery, Covid-19, and Dog Foster Fails with April Cummings 45:59 10/08/2021
Photography, HABS/HAER Reports, and Working in Remote Places with Bruce Harvey 43:54 10/01/2021
Living Shorelines, Scholarships, and Rattlesnakes with Tom Ries 42:22 09/24/2021
EPR Minisode 1: Managing the End of the Federal Fiscal Year 09:01 09/20/2021
NEPAccess, Big Data, and Academia with Dr. Laura Hoffman and Dr. Aaron Lien 43:28 09/17/2021
NOAA, Public Speaking, and the Joy of Science with Dr. Tracy Fanara 46:59 09/10/2021
Practicing Law, Policy Updates, and Infrastructure with Fred Wagner 51:18 09/03/2021
Flooding in Nigeria, GIS, Fighting Covid, and Getting Lost with Taiwo Ogunwumi 45:12 08/27/2021
NASA NEPA, Working on the Move, and Celebrity Fails with Michelle Rau 39:01 08/20/2021
Clean Energy, Electric Vehicles, and Giving Back to the Community with Dory Larsen 44:04 08/13/2021
Water, Business Development and the Tampa Mafia with Scott Deitche 40:29 08/06/2021
History of NAEP, Maryland Farm Policy, and Finding a Good Map with Gary Kelman 44:50 07/30/2021
Preservation, Tribal Relationships and Having Fun with Desiree Martinez 41:59 07/23/2021
USACE, Transitioning to Civilian Work, and How to be a Parrot Head with Ed Kertis 39:54 07/16/2021
Challenging Projects, Travel, and Soccer with SunTemple Helgren 43:02 07/09/2021
Farming, Career Advice, and Poetry with Ron Deverman 41:06 07/02/2021
Public Engagement, Marketing, and Morel Hunting with Amanda Roberts 38:03 06/25/2021
Diversity, Hip Hop, and Environmental Racism with Dr. Thomas Easley 61:56 06/18/2021
Geothermal Energy, Lithium mining, and the Power of Love with Laurel Glass Lees 50:11 06/11/2021
Transportation NEPA, Conference Planning and Golf with John Jamison 41:33 06/04/2021
College, the Student Chapter of NAEP, and Permaculture with Tim Kendzia 30:08 05/28/2021
Exotic Pet Trade, Tiger King, and the Power of a Good Nap with Katie Cannon 43:40 05/21/2021