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Agile Innovation Leaders

The Agile Innovation Leaders podcast with Ula Ojiaku is an insightful series of conversations with world-class leaders, experts and doers about themselves and topics spanning leadership, digital transformation, lean-agile principles and practices, innovation, entrepreneurship, and much more. Listeners will gain insights and actionable tips for building thriving organisations, teams and careers in an ever-changing business world.


(S2)E019: Bruno PeŇ°ec on The Big Don'ts of Corporate Innovation 39:43 04/23/2022
(S2)E018: Aino Corry on Retrospectives Antipatterns 45:20 03/20/2022
(S2)E017: Mark Schwartz on The Delicate Art of Bureaucracy and Defining Business Value 47:09 02/20/2022
(S2)E016 Dave Snowden on Cynefin and Building Capability for Managing Complexity 41:45 01/23/2022
(S2)E015: Rita McGrath on Seeing Around Corners and Spotting Inflection Points Before They Happen 29:57 12/05/2021
(S2)E014: Ian Spence on Better Practices Through Essence and Agile Leadership 42:50 11/14/2021
(S2)E013: Jeff Sutherland on Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time with Scrum 49:48 11/06/2021
(S2)E012: Renate Cremer on Effective Coaching Techniques and Leading with Emotional Intelligence 36:58 10/24/2021
(S2)E011: Ivar Jacobson on Essence (OMG Standard) and Doing Things Smarter 41:20 10/09/2021
S1E010: Tolu Fagbola on Applying Agile Effectively for Organisational Change 33:42 05/30/2021
S1E009 Raymond Chike on the Lean-Agile Mindset 34:40 05/17/2021
S1E008 Marc Gruber on Navigating Market Opportunities Effectively 40:48 05/02/2021
S1E007: William Korsinah on Delivering Value to Customers Using SAFe 35:03 04/19/2021
S1E006 Jane Egerton-Idehen on Being Fearless 33:53 04/05/2021
S1E005 Sharon Tal on How to Identify the Best Market Opportunities for Your Ideas or Innovations in a Structured Way 34:11 03/21/2021
S1E004 Heather Hiscox on Innovating for Social Change and Impact 32:13 03/08/2021
S1E003 Alex Osterwalder on the 3 Characteristics of Invincible Companies and How He Stays Grounded as a Leader 44:43 02/22/2021
S1E002 Darren Wilmshurst on Digital Disruption and Applying the Agile Manifesto and SAFe Principles to Transform Organisations 37:57 02/07/2021
S1E001 Steve Blank on the Need for Innovation, 'Showing Up' and Learning from Failure 33:22 02/07/2021
Agile Innovation Leaders Podcast - Trailer 01:26 02/01/2021