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This is a show where Chris and Ryan pull a record off their record shelf based on theme, play it for each other and give our thoughts after their initial listen.


Episode 62 - Out of Our Element
In this long awaited epsiode, Ryan and Chris each bring a record that they would never seek out otherwise for the theme -"Out of Our Element". First, they check out Taylor Swift's Evermore. Then, after a spirited dicussion, they review Lil Peep's Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 1. Do they come out of this as newly converted Swifties? Do they wanna dye their hair different color and get face tattoos? Listen and check it out.
123:33 3/9/24
Episode 61 - Let's Have A Rap Session
Been a long time coming but, in this episode Chris and Ryan rap about hip hop. First up, Chris goes super recent recent with Billy Woods & Kenny Segal's highly new record Maps. Then, we go back all the year 2000 for Ryan's pick Deltron 3030's self-titled. 
126:25 12/7/23
Episode 60 - Sh!t our Brothers Like
Hey all, we're back with another episode! The guys got their brothers to pick choose their pick! First, Ryan's bro picked Bearies Alive by Berried Alive and they talk about that. Chris's bro picked Panopticon By Isis. If you guys like music, get to.
96:54 10/9/23
Episode 59 - Free Play 3
A new episode where the theme is Free Play so, Chris and Ryan bring whatever the h-e-double hockey sticks they feel like.  First, Chris' pick is DC's Dischord alumni Black Eyes with debuted S/T.  Because he was punk kid and now a punk man.  Then, they talk Ryan's pick- Maudlin of the Well's Bath. 
101:27 8/23/23
Episode 58 - Fuzzy Feelings
In this long delayed(sorry) episode, the guys talk what records give them Fuzzy Feelings. First off, Ryan show's off Marnie Stern's S/T! Then, after that, Chris let's his affinity for twee indie be known when he shows up with Kimya Dawson's Remember That I Love You.
89:38 6/20/23
Episode 57 - Side Projects
Sorry for the long wait(we already got a few more in the can) but here, the guys talk about side projects. First, Ryan pisses the whole of the UK by saying Gorillaz are better than Blur and brings in Gorillaz s/t. Then, after that, Chris gets cute when he brings in The Postal Service's Give Up. Does it count?  Check it out and judge for yerself, punk.
108:01 4/4/23
Episode 56 - Recent Obsessions
In this episode Chris and Ryan talk two records they keep coming back to as of late. First, Chris talks about his love for folk-punk classic, AJJ(formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad)'s People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People Alive. Then, Ryan brings the record Burning Off Impurities by instrumental post psychedlic rock group, Grails.
85:44 2/14/23
Episode 55 - Divided Audiences
Chris and Ryan sit down and talk two divisive records.  First, Ryan pulls out the jazz classic Mile Davis' Bitches Brew. After a lengthy discussion about that, Chris comes in with Weezer's Pinkerton.
90:52 12/21/22
Episode 54 - Awesome Album Artwork
Our theme this episode is AWESOME ALBUM ARTWORK! First up, Chris taps into his love of indie rock and they talk Father John Misty's first album(well, under the name Father John Misty) Fear Fun.  Then, after that, Ryan's pick is Tame Impala's Currents. Both have killer artwork. Take a listen.
99:08 11/25/22
New Release Minisode- The Mountain Goats: Bleed Out
In this episode, the guys gives their thoughts on the new Mountain Goats jam, Bleed Out.   Is it good? Is it bad? Take a listen.
13:17 11/21/22
New Release Minisode- Russian Circles: Gnosis
Did the guys like the newest Russian Circles record?  Listen and find out.
09:46 11/2/22
Episode 53 - Life Changers
In this episode, Ryan and Chris wax poetic about records that CHANGED THEIR LIVES.  Ryan swims out into familiar territory(for listeners that know) and talks Primus' Sailing the Seas of Cheese.  Then, Chris let his punk roots grow up as they talk NOFX's classic, Punk in Drublic.  What records changed your lives? Let us know. Twitter: @record_night IG: @recordnightpod fb: Reddit : 
128:28 9/22/22
New Release Minisode: Osees- A Foul Form
In this New Release minisode Ryan and Chris discuss Osee's newest record- A Foul Form.  Described as an homage to hardcore punk of yore, how did they like it? Listen and find out.
15:08 9/12/22
Episode 52- Post Break Up
What are our favorite records where either a band broke up or a member was kicked out and a member went out and did their own thing?  First up, Chris gets all nerdy with Sean Nelson's Make Good Choices.  Then, after that, Ryan gets all metalhead with Megadeth's Rust in Peace!   This week's featured artist is M'Z- Also found on spotify. apple music, etc.
110:54 9/1/22
New Release Minisode - Ufomammut: Fenice
Italian instrumental stoner rockers Ufomammut are back with another slice of stankified goodness called Fenice.  Did Ryan like it? Did Chris like it? Listen and find out.
09:52 8/18/22
New Release Minisode - Arcade Fire: WE
Hey, Chris is a giant fan of Arcade Fire but did they like this one?  In this they give quick thoughts on Arcade Fire's newest effort WE. 
20:20 8/11/22
Episode 51 - Not In The Mood
Are you in the mood? We are! The guys pick records that they just have in the mood for. First, Ryan picks math rock stalwarts Hella's The No 666 in Outer Space. Then, Chris touts his indie rock love for Sufjan Steven's out there record from 2010- The Age of Adz Twitter: @record_night IG:@recordnightpod FB:
98:10 7/14/22
New Release Minisode - Primus: Conspiranoid
In this minisode, Ryan and Chris talk Primus' newest EP Conspiranoid.  How did they like it?  I mean, you could listen and find out, ya dweeb.
26:05 6/30/22
New Release Minisode- King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard: Omnium Gatherum
Another new release minisode, the guys talks the new one by one of Ryan's favorite Aussie psych rockers King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard's new offering Omnium Gatherum. Do they like it? Do they hate it? Listen and find out.
19:24 6/16/22
Episode 50 - Newest Record By Artist We Grew Out Of
Back to a full length episode! This time theme is Newest Record By Artist We Grew Out Of.  First, they talk Chris' pick- mall screamo legends Thursday and their final record, No Devolución. Then, Ryan's pick is Linkin Park's maligned final record - One More Light. They tear into it.
75:02 5/19/22
New Release Minisode - Father John Misty: Chloe and the Next 20th Century
Oh yeah, another new release episode.  In this one, Chris and Ryan discuss Father John's newest Hollywood themed record Chloe and the Next 20th Century.
11:26 5/12/22
In this new(ish) release minisode, the guys give their thoughts Canadian punk band PUP's newest anxiety ridden record, THE UNRAVELING OF THE PUPTHEBAND
13:02 5/3/22
New release minisode: Blood Incantation- Timewave Zero
Hey a new(ish) release episode!  The guys turn to death metal stalwart Blood Incantation's newest record Timewave Zero.  It's an ambient one. Does it suck? Listen and find out.
15:38 4/7/22
Episode 49 - Dude, I'm Like So High Right now
In this themed episode, Chris and Ryan pick their favorite records that remind them of the smell like their metal head older brother's bedroom in "Dude, I'm like, so high right now".  First, Chris' pick is the classic stoner metal record Electric Wizard's Dopethrone.  Then, after they burn through that, they (metaphorically) load up a bowl of more classic stoner metal and talk Ryan's pick Sleep's landmark record Dopesmoker.
72:55 4/4/22
New Release Minsode: Los Bitchos- Let The Festivities Begin!
Hey, a new release minisode where Ryan and Chris talk the good(mostly), the bad(not much) and the ugly(debatable) on the Los Bitchos debut album- Let The Festivities Begin!
21:42 3/27/22
Episode 48 - God Awful Band Names w/ Scott Koppel
Hey, another guest episode! On this one we welcome friend of the show, Scott Koppel and the theme is guest chosen with God Awful band names.  First, they go with Chris' pick with Perfect Pussy's Say Yes To Love. Then, we talk Scott's pick with Psychedelic Porn Crumpet's High Visceral Part 1. And finally, finish off with Ryan's pick Goblin Cock's Necronomidonkeykongimicon . It is a long one and a good one.
145:55 3/23/22
Episode 47 - Generally Hated Albums
In this episode, Chris and Ryan discuss some real stinkers.  First, they rip into Chris's pick- Lil Wayne's misguided foray into rock music with his universally maligned record, Rebirth.  Then, after that, Ryan's pick is the confounding and ultimately unlistenable John Lennon & Yoko Ono's Unfinished Music No.1- Two Virgins
90:35 3/3/22
Episode 46 - Candy
In this episode, Ryan and Chris show off their sweet tooth with theme of Candy!  Ryan went pretty straight and brough the Cars' 1970 record Candy-O!  After they discuss that, they get a little off-brand for the show and get pretty contemporary as they talk Chris' pick- Olivia Rodrigo's SOUR! 
105:45 2/17/22
New Release Minisode - Earthless: Night Parade of One Hundred Demons
In this brand spanking minisode, the guys talk Earthless' brand new record Night Parade of One Hundred Demons! What did they think?  There are several ways to find out but listening to the podcast(and the record) is the most fun way!
37:02 2/8/22
Episode 45 - I Got It on Sale/For Cheap
A kooky theme for a kooky episode with two kooky hosts! What did Chris & Ryan get for cheap?  They get right into it!  Chris's pick is Arlo Guthrie'(son of Woody)s Alice's Restaurant, an anti-Vietnam war classic. Then, after talking about that, Ryan brings The Jimi Hendrix Experience's Are You Experienced?, Jimi Hendrix's earth-shaking legendary debut.   Good schtuff.
82:41 2/3/22

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