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Welcome to Wilma The Wonder Hen show! Are you a chicken math loving mama or daddy? Together we’ll dive into the latest poultry keeping adventures, chat about everyday life, with a generous mix of hilarious stories. Bringing you fascinating interviews with poultry owners from all over. You’ll find tips and basic advice from our local Veterinarian, too! Along with new chicken keeping gadgets and reviews. We’re going to encourage and help you build a stronger healthier flock. Developing a strong bond between your flock takes time, patience, and a boat load of mealworms! Come on y’all! Let’s go let those Heifers out! "The joy of chicken keeping. Where education fuels compassion."


Embracing Nature's Rhythm: Holi's Path to Sustainable Off-Grid Living
Ever find yourself longing for a life less ordinary, where the buzz of technology is replaced by the hum of nature? Holli from Homesteadbunnie is here to share her incredible journey from a youngin in the forest to an emblem of off-grid living. With a history steeped in the wild and a heart filled with tales of love, loss, and livestock, Holi's narrative is a treasure trove for anyone dreaming of a sustainable lifestyle. Our conversation unravels the realities of starting small, the embrace of solar power, and the seasonal ballet of water collection – a symphony only the hardiest can conduct.Gather 'round as Nuggets, the Toulouse goose, honks in the background, setting the stage for revelations about living off the land. Holly debunks myths about off-grid existence, proving it's not about forsaking modern conveniences but creating a life of self-reliance. From the camaraderie of neighbors in rural landscapes to the empowering journey of self-education through online platforms, this episode is a masterclass in the art of adapting and thriving amidst nature's unpredictability.Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
50:41 2/26/24
Raising Chickens As Companion Pets with Joelle of Chickenhappyhour
*We did have a slight audio problem this week. But it was still a fantastic episode!Have you ever felt outnumbered in your own backyard? That's the story of how Joelle's flock grew from a reasonable six to an uproarious eighteen, thanks to the all-too-real phenomenon of "chicken math." This episode takes you on a whimsical journey with Joelle from Chickenhappyhour, tracing her steps from a child with a menagerie of pets in Miami to the proud owner of a clucking chorus in Franklin, Tennessee. If you're pecking around for advice on urban chicken keeping or just love a hearty hen tale, you've roosted at the right podcast.Caring for a flock brings a basketful of challenges, but also a coop full of joy. This heartwarming chat dives into the nitty-gritty of integrating new birds and maintaining the pecking order, sharing nuggets of wisdom from our personal escapades. We shed light on the art of constructing a predator-proof coop, underscoring the significance of stress-free havens for our egg-laying companions. Plus, Joelle and I compare notes on the camaraderie and support found within the chicken-keeping community, from online forums to overcoming the dreaded coop lice crisis with a little help from our feathered friends.Listen in for a flock of laughs and insights!Support Wilma's podcast by purchasing merch here https://sassy-heifer-creations.creator-spring.comSupport the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
58:14 2/11/24
From Backyard Hens to Heartfelt Connections with Kris of Chicken City Chickens
Today's Guest is Kris of Chicken City Chickens.Meet Kris in her own words. " I have one adult son. Currently I’m the caretaker for two elderly parents. I work for Rover which gives me a flexible schedule and I get to work with animals, bonus.  Everyone has always called my house the zoo. It all started with the typical dogs and cats, guinea pigs etc. lol. But I’ve been lucky enough to start a flock that has brought something to my life that I didn’t realize I needed so much! It’s been a journey of a lot of learning but wouldn’t trade it for anything. The amount of joy these girls bring me is priceless!" Have you ever wondered how a coop becomes a castle and a few hens turn into a heritage of breeds? From the spark of pandemic-driven curiosity to the surprising world of urban chicken laws, our episode is a patchwork quilt of experiences that will resonate with anyone who's ever underestimated the pull of 'chicken math.' Discover how a simple desire to raise egg-layers blossomed into a community of clucking companions, each with their own quirks and names, while we navigate the personal triumphs and trials of poultry parenthood.This cluck of a conversation didn't just stop at the coop door; we soared into the digital skies where small social media accounts roost with mighty tales. It's here that we uncovered the precious nature of every follower interaction and the shared laughter over hypothetical dance challenges inspired by our feathered friends. As we wrapped up, tipping our hats to the timeless laughter brought by "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," it was clear that the true spirit of chicken keeping lies in the bonds we build—be it with our flock or fellow enthusiasts across the globe. Join us for an episode that's more than just chicken feed; it's a celebration of the heart and humor that comes with being part of the poultry community.Follow Kris here the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
46:20 1/30/24
Marek's Disease and The Backyard Flock with Rai of Covid Cluckers
When Rai, a seasoned urban chicken keeper, opened up about the hushed illness plaguing her backyard flock, it struck a chord with my own trials in tending to my feathered friends. We both know the weight of silence around these issues all too well, and it's high time we brought it into the light. Our cozy conversation traverses from personal tales of loss, stemming from the heartbreaking Marek's disease, to the heartwarming introduction of Rai's lively Jack Russell terrier, Olive. We exchange holiday cheer and commiserate over the unpredictability of Appalachian weather, which often throws a wrench in our best-laid plans, be they festive gatherings or school schedules.Navigating the joys and sorrows of urban homesteading takes more than just a love for our clucking companions; it requires an eagle eye for the subtle signs of distress and illness they sometimes show. Rai and I share anecdotes that shed light on the importance of timely veterinary care and making informed decisions about your flock's health. Our candid dialogue opens up about companion chickens as cherished pets, the unique needs of different flocks, and the idea of a "single ladies club" for older hens. It's clear that the path to a happy chicken coop is paved with knowledge, care, and a pinch of laughter at the unexpected.Wrapping up our heartfelt discussion, we tackle the critical topic of vaccinations and the necessity of being proactive in flock management. From the complexities of securing chicks from hatcheries to the challenges of dealing with a disease-riddled flock, it becomes evident that a stitch in time saves nine—or in our case, a vaccine in time saves the flock. The episode culminates with an uplifting pledge to continue sharing our stories and insights, underscoring the importance of a supportive community in the world of pet companionship. Join us, warm beverage in hand, and find solace in the shared experiences that bond all passionate pet owners together.Follow Rai here the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
55:16 1/2/24
Clucking Along: A Backyard Chicken Keeper’s Journey of Compassion and Connection with Courtney from Rocker Chooks
Courtney is the content creator for The Rocker Chooks on Instagram. She was born and raised in Northern Minnesota, and currently lives there with her boyfriend and small backyard flock of big character chickens. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Communications with a Minor in Animal Science from and a Masters in Education; Youth Development Leadership. Both degrees support her professional life and personal interests. Courtney is a passionate Extension Educator with the University of Minnesota Extension; Department of Youth Development, which leads the state 4-H program. When she’s not hanging out with her chickens, you can find her out birding or appreciating nature somehow.Did you know that raising chickens can be a therapeutic journey filled with compassion and connection? Meet Courtney from Rocker Chooks, a passionate backyard chicken keeper, who takes us on her wonderful journey from her initial experiences with rabbits to her current devotion to chickens. Growing up with a passion for animals nurtured by 4-H, Courtney's story is an inspiring testament to the power of these experiences, including the unforgettable moment she won a special chair for her rabbits at the Minnesota State Fair. Courtney’s insightful journey will help you grasp the intricacies of backyard chicken keeping, right from choosing the perfect breed to constructing a cozy coop. Her stories of naming her chickens and letting them free-range on her sprawling seven acres are bound to leave you amused and inspired. As she candidly discusses challenges, such as dealing with harsh climates and local regulations, you will discover the importance of 'chicken math' as you consider expanding your flock.But the conversation doesn't stop there. We also delve into the digital realm, discussing the significance of fostering kindness and compassion in the online chicken community. Courtney shares her experiences with her Instagram account, Rocker Chooks, and the connections she has made with fellow chicken keepers. We further explore the crucial role of avian veterinarians in rural communities and the need to encourage interested youngsters to pursue this career path. This episode is a heartwarming blend of tips, stories, and motivating conversations, perfect for chicken lovers or anyone interested in a journey of passion for their community. Follow CourtneySupport the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
48:49 7/17/23
Backyard Chickens and Community Outreach with Reec Swiney of Black Yard Chickenz
What if we told you that raising backyard chickens could change lives and bring communities together? Join us as we have a heartfelt discussion with Reec Sweeney from Blackyard Chickenz, whose incredible journey from city life to urban farming has not only transformed his own life, but also made a positive impact on countless others.Reec’s love for animals started with his grandparents, who instilled in him the importance of caring for creatures big and small. Reec’s passion doesn't end there - he's also dedicated to giving back to his community through his nonprofit organization, Positive America Youth. In this inspiring conversation, we discuss the challenges and joys of raising backyard chickens and how simple acts of kindness can make a difference in our own communities, one chicken at a time. Tune in and be inspired to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others.We did have some minor technical issues. But it didn’t matter to us. We had a great conversation. We hope y’all agree too! Much love,Mel & The Holler Gang the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
21:46 6/26/23
FDA's OTC Antibiotic Ban: Implications for Backyard Chicken Keepers
Todays Episode Limited availability: Backyard chicken keepers might find it more challenging to obtain antibiotics without a prescription. This change would mean they would need to consult a veterinarian to obtain antibiotics for their chickens.Increased costs: Consulting a veterinarian and obtaining prescription antibiotics can be more expensive compared to purchasing OTC antibiotics. Backyard chicken keepers may need to allocate more of their budget to cover the cost of veterinary visits and prescription medications.Importance of preventive measures: Without easy access to OTC antibiotics, backyard chicken keepers may need to focus more on preventive measures to maintain the health of their flock. This includes providing a clean and sanitary living environment, practicing good biosecurity measures, and implementing vaccination protocols.Collaboration with veterinarians: The removal of OTC antibiotics may encourage backyard chicken keepers to establish a closer relationship with veterinarians who can provide guidance on flock health, disease prevention, and treatment options. Veterinarians can offer professional advice and prescribe appropriate medications when necessary.It is important to note that these potential effects depend on specific regulations implemented by the FDA, which could vary over time. To obtain the most up-to-date and accurate information on this matter, I recommend consulting official sources such as the FDA, local agricultural extension offices, or poultry health professionals.FDA List of banned OTC medications without a prescription is found here: the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
18:47 5/15/23
The Backyard Chicken Farm Report: Broody hens, Aggressive roosters, and Incubating geese
Today's episode is a mash up of our "Heifer Farm Report!" We've had some fun things happen here and some very unpleasant, but necessary task.   1. We talk about moving Shelby, Jack, & Spud to their new goose pen.  2. All the broody hens one could ever need to repopulate the backyard. 3. Aggressive rooster and what we had to do to correct the issue. 4. Broody quail mama. 5. Clover and her water belly diagnosis and veterinarian visit.  6. Spring Coop clean out and repairs are underway. Follow Wilma The Wonder Hen: the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
21:08 5/1/23
Saving "Spent Hens" with Erica of Second-Hen'd
Today's guest is Erica from Second-Hen'd. "Founded in early 2018, Second-Hen'd is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all-volunteer organization that works to find loving, forever homes for ex-commercial egg-laying chickens – which we collectively refer to as "spent" hens. Our emphasis is helping those that come from caged systems, but in the future, our goal is to expand and work with ones from other backgrounds as well. Second-Hen’d only approves and works with dedicated adopters who agree not to use/sell the hens for meat or dump them when they stop laying." "Aside from re-homing "spent" hens, Second-Hen’d attends special events and farmer's markets in the area to highlight the therapeutic benefits associated with keeping chickens as pets (among other topics). PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, and memory-loss are just some issues that have shown great improvement when taking care of these feathered friends. Like our founder (a disabled veteran battling PTSD/anxiety/depression), other veterans have an understanding and feeling of purpose when they can save a life and watch it flourish. They get it. Once their military service is over or compromised, they are no longer seen as valuable to the organization, so they are discarded." "Spent" hens are most often between 1 to 2-years-old when disposed of because they're no longer considered productive assets in the egg industry. In the U.S. alone, approximately 300 million hens lose their lives each year as a result of this practice. If adopted, Second-Hen’d can give these hens a further, meaningful purpose. When properly cared for, chickens can live up to 10 years – sometimes longer! At first, "spent" hens are terrified of everything. However with time, patience, and love, these girls end up having very sweet and gentle personalities. They understand what you've done for them and reward you with their gratitude."Follow Mel and Wilma The Wonder Hen information for Second-Hen'd the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
61:43 4/16/23
Things You Should Know Before Owning Backyard Chickens
WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE GLITCH! No worries, we fixed it!Todays episode is all about the things I wish I would've known before adding backyard chickens! Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
24:49 3/1/23
Chicken Feed Conspiracy: Fact or Fiction with Marissa and Rai
Language Warning & Some of the audio is fuzzy.  I'll try to correct audio and  upload another day. My favorite microphone died. So, today's episode suffered a little. But our guests  come through loud and clear.Today's guest are Marissa of Kingscockerandthemothercluckers and Rai of Covid Cluckers.Join us as we discuss:1. The chicken feed craziness.2. How to think for oneself and weed through all the misinformation that's out there.3. Taking resposibilirty for your chickens health ad wellbeing.4. Lots of hilarious conversations.5. PLUS, be the first to hear of our big upcoming  joint project.Follow Marissa here:TiktokInstagramFollow Rai here:TikTokInstagramDon't forget to follow Me, Mel of Wilma The Wonder Hen:InstagramSupport the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
60:05 2/14/23
Vent Gleet In Backyard Poultry
Today's  episode is part of our summer series. We focus on vent gleet in backyard chickens. the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
19:23 6/20/22
Fowl Pox in Backyard Chickens
Today's episode is part of our "Summer Series on Keeping Your Backyard Flock Healthy and Happy in the Warmer Months." You can read our blog posts about each of our summer series here: Wilma's Summer Series Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
13:44 6/6/22
40 Flystrike in Poultry: Keeping our Chickens safe during summer
Flystrike is a nasty condition that can be fatal if left untreated. Learn the signs, treatment options, and how to keep the fly's to a minimum.  Also mentioned:The Chicken Health Handbook The Chicken ChickFollow Wilma The wonder Hen Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
16:15 5/23/22
39 How To Keep Your Coop Clean with Mother Clucker's Mobile Chicken Wellness Spa
Todays episode is all about cleaning chicken poop! Just kidding. But kind of not. We speak with Jodi of Mother Clucker’s Mobile Wellness Spa. Facebook: Mother Clucker’s Mobile Chicken Wellness Spa Jeff and Jodi StartedMother Clucker Mobile Chicken Wellness& Spa when they noticed that there wereso many different needsfor the ever growing backyard flockcommunity that just were not being met,they began developing and haven't lookedback! Giving every Peep and Clucker thecare they give their very own.Above and beyond our many valuable services, we have worked hard todevelop a line of products made from natural ingredients, locally sourcedand some even grown right at Mother Clucker HQ!Services⭐️ Coop Deep Cleaning including Pest ChecksSpecialized Coop Cleaning Services for mites/LiceMonthly Services, small upgrades and repairsHerbal Flock Wellness ProductsFirst Time Flockers Classes and much more!Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
58:55 5/16/22
38 Heat Stress: How to protect your backyard chickens during the summer heat!
Today's episode we dive into heat stress and our backyard flock. Know the signs of heat stroke, what to do, and tips to help keep our chickens cool this summer.Book mentioned:Gail Damerow : The Chicken Health HandbookThis link is associated with my amazon affiliate account and  we do make a small commission.Blogs:The Chicken Chick: Cluckers: The Wonder Hen Blog: Zoom Meeting: the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
15:10 5/2/22
Fatty Liver Syndrome: Common Cause of Death in Poultry
I lost Miss Sassy on Easter morning.1. Common illnesses in chickens. 2. Fatty Liver Syndrome is more common than one would think.3. Keeping a healthy dietary and exercise balance.4. Does genetics play a role?5. Experimental supplements for at risk groups.  We also have an interview with our veterinarian coming soon on this subject. Thank you for supporting us! Follow us here:  Fatty Liver Syndrome the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
13:06 4/18/22
36 Common Reproductive Issues In Laying Hens
Today's guest is my longtime mentor and friend. Jennifer joins us as we discuss common reproductive issues in laying hens. We touch on egg yolk peritonitis, implants for hens, lash eggs, potential overuse of antibiotics, flock management, and general chicken keeping tips. Follow Jennifer here:  InstagramTikTok Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
45:03 3/21/22
Protect Your Backyard Flock From H5N1
Today's podcast episode is the audio from our most recent Holler Gang Zoom Meeting.  Our guest speakers are Marissa King  of of Suburban FarmerWe dive into what H5N1 is, how it spreads, and how we can protect our own poultry. The full video zoom meeting can be found on our YouTube channel How To Protect Your Flock From H5N1You can find more information on our blog along with links to all the websites mentioned in this episode. Wilma The Wonder Hen BlogBio Security is key to keeping our flocks safe! *At times the audio fades in and out. You have to remember this was audio from large zoom conference. Thank you for all our listeners. We would greatly appreciate if you would share this with a friend, consider make a small donation through our link, or leaving us a review. "Where education fuels compassion."Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
91:55 2/22/22
34 Homesteading In The Holler with Cat: How To Get Started On A Smaller Scale
Today we talk with Catherine on how she and her husband started their homestead. Simple ways you can live the life you want, with purpose. Tips ad idea  you can implement, even on a small scale. You can follow Cat here: previous episode on "What not to do when adding chickens."  can be found  here: follow Wilma for more content:'d love for you to be a part of our podcast. You can email us your questions or inquires:wilmathewonderhen@gmail.comPlease consider being a partner and help support the show! Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
31:03 2/7/22
33 Hen Survives Hawk Attack! How to deter hawks, helping an injured bird, and the hot topic of free-ranging.
Today's episode we get an update on Cocoa after a hawk attack, ways to prevent hawks, and protecting your backyard flock! These tips seem simple but can be helpful. We’re going to implement several of them within our own backyard. Hawk's are federally protected. The best we can do is to discourage them from coming into our backyards.Recently, several of our friends within the chicken community have lost one of their beloved pets to a hawk attack. My heart breaks for them. We’ve always free-ranged our flock and I share my honest opinion on the subject. Within this episode you’ll find tips from a local wildlife officer!  I’m deeply grateful that Cocoa has survived. We’d love to hear what tips or tricks you use to deter predators? Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
20:11 1/18/22
32 Chicken Keeping How To: Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier with Melissa of Feathers and Fashion
This week's guest is Melissa Shifler, BA, CADC, CFRS, CRSSDirector of Cap-5 Medication Assisted Recovery Services (MARS) Program Melissa has worked in the drug and alcohol field since 2003. She first worked as an Addictions Counselor for 13 years, and as a Clinical Supervisor for six years.  Eventually she was promoted to the Executive Director position of a licensed treatment facility that provided individual, family and group therapy. Melissa is skilled in counseling, assessment, intervention and supervision.  In May of 2016 Melissa began working for the RASE Project and since that time she has excelled in service delivery and supervision of the largest program that RASE Project offers; the Medication Assisted Recovery Services (MARS) Program.  As the Director of the CAP-5 MARS Program she provides oversight and supervision to Recovery Coordinators and Regional Supervisors.  Her strengths involve problem solving, decision making, leadership and time management.  Melissa obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Shippensburg University and is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADC), Certified Family Recovery Specialist (CFRS) and a Certified Recovery Specialist Supervisor (CRSS).  Melissa started her chicken keeping adventures in March of 2019. Listen in as we discuss how her chicken keeping journey started, tips for new chicken keepers, and things she would've done differently. "Where education fuels compassion." Education is the key to helping our flocks live out healthy long lives. You can follow Melissa't forget to follow Wilma here:  Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
34:35 1/10/22
EP31 2021: A Flock Of A Year
Listen in as we speak with Rai of her favorite things, lessons learned, and dreams for the future.Chicken keeping is a rewarding adventure. We must continue to be open to learning all we can about our flocks. I've made many mistakes along the way. I'm not ashamed to admit I've lots more to learn, even after 10 years. Wilma and The Holler Gang would like to thank you for your support in 2021. We're super excited for the future. We're forever grateful. Melissa Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
35:05 12/28/21
Ep 30 Chatting Chickens with Ashley from Artemisia Ink Studio Arts!
This week's guest:Ashley Flagg is a fiber artist and chicken mama from Connecticut whose family has kept a backyard flock of hens for well over a decade, and loves them like the spoiled pets they are. Sharing the joy of caring for them online during the past year has been a source of connection in disconnected times, and there is always more to learn. Follow Ashley: the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
50:16 12/13/21
EP 29 DeafChick:You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Own Chickens
Today's guest is Melissa, AKA DeafChick! Melissa is  an advocate for herself and a Disabled Rights Advocate for others. Topics include:1. Fighting to keep her companion chickens.2. HOA covenants and backyard chicken keepers.3. Tips for keeping healthy chickens.Follow Melissa Instagram: the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
50:14 12/5/21
EP 28: Confessions of a Chicken Newbie
On this week's episode with sit down with Chicken Mama Mary.  Mary shares with us the painful story of having Marek's disease in her flock.  Follow Mary:INSTAGRAMTIKTOKSupport the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
47:59 11/9/21
EP 27 Chicken Mama Raising Quail
This week we talk Coturnix quail, Miss Pumpkin causes a stir on Instagram, and our upcoming Holler Gang Community Zoom meeting!Heath King for our Zoom Community:Holler Gang Zoom Meeting Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
12:59 11/2/21
EP 26 The Best Backyard Chicken Keeping Resources
Today's episode is all about chicken keeping resources. What you need to know before trusting random information on the internet. There are other reliable sources that I didn't mention in the episode.  But I've listed a few of them below.  Please do your own research and decide what's best for your own flock.  Online Resources can be found on our blog: of Avian VetsAmerican Poultry AssociationLivestock Conservancy Gail Damerow BookCovid Cluckers The Chicken ChickI do earn a commission on links connect to our Amazon account. I would recommend the books listed with or without an affiliate link. Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
15:11 10/19/21
EP 25 Rob The Chicken Coop Builder
On Today's episode I sat down with Mr. Rob, The Chicken Coop Builder. The man behind Wilma The Wonder Hen's chicken village. He's a man of few words and the reason why chicken math is exploding over here on the Heifer Farm. Listen in as his shares some of the most important tips when building your own chicken coops. I hope he'll return for more in-depth interviews. *This was a remote interview at a job site, so there's a little background noise. We apologize in advance. You can follow Wilma: Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
15:03 10/4/21
EP 24 Chickens Are A Lot Of Work!
Today's episode we discuss the challenges we face as chicken keepers.  Have you ever been told chicken keeping really isn't that hard? Telling someone new that chicken keeping is a breeze is not helping their current struggles. Be careful with your words. Listen in as I struggle through my seasonal allergies! Ha! 1. What is a molt and how you can help you flock through it.2. The debate of adding artificial lighting to your coops to prolong egg laying during a molt.3. Chicken mishaps and common things that do happen to the best of us.4. Omlet auto door and our real review.5. Upcoming Wilma's Holler Gang Community.Our affiliate links: Purchasing from our links goes towards the upkeep of this podcast and The Heifers! We appreciate you so much!  Omlet USA auto doorGrubbly FarmsFollow Wilma hereCheck us out Support the show“Where education fuels compassion.”
17:17 9/27/21