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Late to Grid Motosports Podcast

This podcast is about everyday motorsports. Whether you autocross, enjoy track days, enter endurance races or race with SCCA/NASA - this is the podcast that covers the topics you are interested in. Friends since high school, hosts Bill Snow and John Thorne both have careers in the automotive industry and they enjoy everything about motorsports and cars.The topics covered include getting on track, how to get involved in local racing, and learning more about the motorsports industry.The name? John & Bill always seem to rushing to get their cars done, then hustling to get the track and hence, are Late To Grid.


The Boreens! Autocross, SCCA, and Life in Motorsports 52:19 04/30/2022
Marlon Sumlin - B-Spec Driver, NASA Great Lakes Instructor, Rad Air Motorsports Manager 43:16 04/16/2022
Betsy McIntyre - Women In Motorsports, Autocross, Time Trials, And Getting On Track 44:33 04/09/2022
Vinnie Taibi - Autocross, Time Trials, and the Indy SCCA Region 50:01 03/30/2022
Jimmy Peters from Resolute Motorsports Club 31:52 03/22/2022
Chris Ludwig from LMS-EFI is an ITS Champion and Engine Management Guru 53:07 02/26/2022
Dave Lancaster Talks SCCA Enduro, Neohio Updates & His Racing 40:55 02/19/2022
Dan Schlosser & Eric Vukich - Pro Kart Concepts 56:46 02/12/2022
Michael Ribas, Professional Development Coach & Indy 500 Winning Mechanic 56:59 02/06/2022
Aaron Quine SCCA Trans Am, IGT Porsche Driver, and a Good Guy 48:29 01/29/2022
Andrew Rains from APEX Pro & Former Pirelli World Challenge Driver 66:58 01/22/2022
David Kalb Jr. Sprint Car Driver & National Karting Champion 37:46 01/16/2022
Dana & Bill from the ChampCar Endurance Series & Bill Shares Updates On The RX-7 75:43 01/09/2022
IMSA MX-5 Cup & Michelin Pilot Challenge Driver Luca Mars 39:58 01/03/2022
Late To Grid: E32 - Aaron Johnson - Part 2 (SCCA, Life, and Racing) 47:44 12/25/2021
Late To Grid: E31 - Aaron Johnson SCCA EProd S2000 Racer 73:36 12/18/2021
Late To Grid: E30 - Bill's at PRI and interviews a few industry insiders 39:34 12/12/2021
Late To Grid: E29 - Bill's SEMA Recap 24:16 11/07/2021
Late To Grid: E28 - We talk Miatas with Jim Tramontano, Spec Miata Driver & Dave Peters, HPDE Driver 61:16 10/30/2021
Late To Grid: E27 - Reed Kryder Former IMSA & SCCA Racer - Driver Coach & Race Shop Owner 49:20 10/23/2021
Late To Grid: E26 - Neohio SCCA Time Attack Recap/Interviews 19:28 10/18/2021
Late To Grid: E25 - Coyote Black - SCCA EP Racer & Passionate Motorsports Guy 58:46 10/16/2021
Late To Grid: E24 - Gabe Gutierrez - NASA AIX Driver & Advice Guru 53:59 10/07/2021
Late To Grid: E23 - Greg Lester - SCCA Road Rally 35:01 09/23/2021
Late To Grid: E22: Mike Puskar - Carbotech Brakes 42:06 09/11/2021
Late To Grid: E21 - Mike Kubiak - SCCA Time Trails Racer 39:37 09/06/2021
Late To Grid: E20 - Special Edition: Time Trial Weekend Preview with Dave Lancaster 20:05 08/28/2021
Late To Grid: E19- Greg Maloy, SCCA Super Touring Lite Racer 36:45 08/20/2021
Late To Grid: E18 - 7 Tips To Get Ready For The Track 18:55 07/24/2021
Late To Grid: E17 - Josh Reinard - Reinard Racing & SCCA Formula Mazda Driver 55:28 07/17/2021