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Each week on the podcast, I’ll be interviewing the world’s top experts in attraction, dating, communication, sex, and relationships, as well as coaching real women LIVE, through their real life dating challenges… that are probably a lot like yours!


Understanding Your Attachment Styles So You Stop Missing Out on Opportunities with the Great Guys With Tracy Crossley 41:21 01/21/2022
Do Not Do This! Top 2 Attraction Killers Explained: With Chris Gillis 38:28 01/15/2022
Why Some Women Attract Better Men Online with Less Effort With Mike Goldstein 36:14 01/14/2022
Masculine Energy and the Valentine's Day Gift Dilemma Solved: With Chris Gillis 37:50 01/08/2022
How to Heal Your Relationship with Money With Yael Trusch 38:55 01/07/2022
Can I Get Him to Commit? With Dr. Emily Owens & Chris Gillis 48:15 12/25/2021
10 Ways to Know if You Are Compatible with Your Guy With Dr. Colin Wilford 40:11 12/24/2021
Do You Still Fall for Mr. Potential? With Chris Gillis 42:01 12/18/2021
How to Break Up with the Almost Guy and Find Your Right Guy Now With Tarah 37:52 12/17/2021
The #1 Thing that Will Predict Who Digs You and Who Doesn't With Stacy McAlpine 45:53 12/10/2021
Why Don't I Want to @*"$ the Nice Guy? With Chris Gillis 37:00 12/04/2021
How Rejection Helps you Get What You Want with Men, Money, and Your Career With Sheri Salata 39:10 12/03/2021
Coaching April: How to Move On From a Man Who Doesn’t Meet Your Needs Even if it Feels Like Love 36:10 11/26/2021
Are You Being Strong or Are You Being a Bitch? With Chris Gillis 37:46 11/20/2021
How to Set Boundaries and Get Your Needs Met at Work, with Loved Ones, and with Men With Terri Cole 47:04 11/19/2021
How to Ask for Help When You Are in a Mood with Chris Gillis 42:50 11/13/2021
How to Open Up to a Guy You Like Even If It's Scares the ‘You Know’ Out of You With Michelle 36:24 11/12/2021
How to Spot an F-Boy — What Really Matters in a Man with Chris Gillis 39:23 11/06/2021
Surprising Foods for Better Sex, Balanced Hormones, and a Healthier You With Christine DeLozier 39:08 11/05/2021
In Our Hearts and Minds... We Knew That It's Time For The Dating Den To Expand 01:53 11/03/2021
How to Read a Man’s Body Language — 5 Signs That Mean He Is Into You With Blanca Cobb 39:27 10/29/2021
How Much Internet Stalking Should You Do Before You Go on a Date with Someone New? With Chris Gillis 37:47 10/23/2021
8 Easy to Fix Mistakes in Your Online Dating Profile That Are Sabotaging Your Chances at Finding Real Love With Sherrie Toews 39:45 10/22/2021
How to Finally Start Feeling Confident, Secure and Enough So Men See You as a Woman of Value POD Tour 39:18 10/15/2021
How to Know if a Guy is Ready for a Serious Relationship with Chris Gillis 46:21 10/09/2021
How to Use Conflict to Unlock Lasting Attraction and Intimacy with Men with Jayson Gaddis 44:51 10/08/2021
What To Do When He Starts To Pull Away with Chris Gillis 44:14 10/02/2021
Why Feeling the Spark Doesn't Mean He's the One & the One Thing to Look for Instead With Logan Ury 38:26 10/01/2021
How to Get a Guy to Open Up to You and What to Do If He Won't with Chris Gillis 37:44 09/25/2021
The One Type of Women Men Can’t Resist With Alex Howard 39:03 09/24/2021