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Mom Bosses Abroad

To all the moms who are Mom Bosses in one way or another… Whether you are staying home and raising your little ones, running your own business, pursuing a corporate career, or working that side hustle, you are absolutely, 100% a Mom Boss. And if you’re doing all of this while living abroad, well, you’re simply fantabulous all the way! Join Des and Iva as two business besties who are borderline obsessed with building a global tribe that is unapologetically authentic in how we embrace our roles as moms and mom bosses having REAL WORLD conversations about all things motherhood. They live by the motto: “You have to do it yourself, but you can’t do it alone.” Iva Perez currently lives in Singapore. When she is not helping fellow mompreneurs redefine their own rules and dismantle their old limiting beliefs through her RTT practice, you’ll find her tackling bath time and bedtime with her two children and sometimes yelling: “Don’t put your hand inside the toilet!” Desiree Bonau is a mom of a 4 year old with her second one on the way and currently calls Kyoto, Japan her home. Originally from Germany, she has spent most of her life abroad and does not really know what it’s like to be rooted anymore... Each and every episode is bursting at the seams with valuable, actionable advice and insights that truly pack a punch. After all, feeling empowered to make confident and smart choices for you and your family gives you total BOSS status. You in?


Words that win | How to get the internet to saddle up, pony up, and want to ride off with you into the sunset... before they even meet you Part 1 Ep 36 30:42 06/23/2022
Avoiding Burnout | Having It All, Doing It All & Enjoying It All Ep 35 45:52 06/16/2022
Beyond Financial Freedom | Building a Business on Your Own Terms and Timeline Ep 34 36:52 06/09/2022
Banish the Ickiness | Copywriting that Connects Ep 33 37:10 06/01/2022
Making Regular Deposits | Habits that Support Your Brain Health Ep 32 39:28 05/27/2022
Empower Yourself | Why Self-Love is Not Selfish Ep 31 32:52 05/19/2022
All-Inclusive | Benefits of Keeping a Global Perspective in your Business Ep 30 32:11 05/12/2022
Dot the i's and cross the t's | Get started with Patents and Trademarks for your Business Ep 29 38:03 05/05/2022
Charm Their Pants Off | Creating Killer Content That Sells Ep 28 39:02 04/28/2022
In the Right Place | Being Money Savvy with your Investments Ep 27 33:08 04/21/2022
Bouncing Back Post Baby | Diastasis Recti & Safely Working Out Again Ep 26 36:46 04/14/2022
Tap Away! | The Transformational Power of EFT Ep 25 33:50 04/06/2022
Tapping into Originality | How to become a TEDx Speaker Ep 24 34:10 03/31/2022
Missing Out | Why It Pays to Use Pinterest to Grow your Business Ep. 23 31:45 03/24/2022
Cool, calm and collected | Being Authentic as an Introvert and Thriving Ep 22 34:42 03/17/2022
Lacking a Green Thumb? | Using Permaculture Gardening For Simple Living Ep 21 37:09 03/10/2022
Building Connection | Talking to Your Kids About Sex Ep 20 41:15 03/03/2022
Without the Baggage | Pricing Your Services the Right Way Ep 19 39:43 02/24/2022
Busy Much? | The Art of Being Un-Busy and Having Enough Time ep 18 39:16 02/17/2022
Making The Right Move | Tales of Resiliency and Military Relocation Ep 17 34:03 02/10/2022
The WOW Factor | Creating an Epic Client Experience Ep 16 31:50 02/03/2022
It’s Crystal Clear | Gaining Clarity On How You Show Up in Your Business Ep 15 38:42 01/27/2022
It’s All in Your Head! | Neuroscience of Entrepreneurial Success Ep 14 34:18 01/19/2022
It’s That Simple | Setting Up A Business That Works For You ep 13 31:22 01/13/2022
Food for Thought | Behavioral Problems in Kids Linked to Diet Ep 12 37:55 01/06/2022
Make It Fun | A Systematic Approach to Money Management Ep 11 38:20 12/30/2021
Family Time | It’s the Most Wonderful Time (Christmas Special) Ep 10 34:34 12/23/2021
Give me a R.E.A.S.O.N | Decluttering Done Right Ep 9 34:51 12/16/2021
The Dream Life | Thriving abroad as a family ep 8 36:52 12/09/2021
Without a Manual | Building a Successful Business During a Pandemic Ep 7 32:58 12/02/2021