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A sonic journey across New America that Illuminates Black Voices. Celebrating new conversations on wellness, entertainment, wealth, family and more.


Culture Outside the Lines f. Reyna Noriega
The cornerstone of our culture is Black art. What we create can define eras and fuel progress — but what happens when we're shut out from the art world? In this episode, visual artist, designer, and author Reyna Noriega speaks with us about investing in art, how we can deepen our understanding of ourselves and our world, and how we can empower Black artists to turn their creativity into capital.
19:56 7/20/24
Replanting our Legacy f. DeAnthony Jamerson
Black farming is making a comeback, and it's gaining popularity with the younger generation. This week, DeAnthony Jamerson — someone who has been carrying on his family's centuries-long farming legacy — joins us to talk about how we can find greener pastures in our everyday lives.
19:41 7/13/24
The Power of the Cookout f. Moe Cason
The cookout: the hallmark summer celebration our community looks forward to every year. And as we chat with Moe Cason, we'll discover the history behind the cookout, and how we can do good with good cooked food.
19:56 7/6/24
Healing the Community f. Coach Gessie
Can herbs be the key to healing our community's chronic illnesses? Health Activist & Founder of The Detox Now, Coach Gessie Thompson, joins us in this episode to talk about healing the hormonal imbalances BIPOC suffer with in silence.
19:57 6/29/24
Mind, Body and Soul for Black Men f. The Hosts of the Nice & Neat Podcast
More Black men are expanding their vision for our communities and are leaning into their power. In our Season 4 premiere episode, the hosts of the Nice and Neat Podcast join us to speak on the joys and challenges of cultivating friendships and how taking care of yourself — mind, body, and spirit — positions you for success.
19:25 6/22/24
Glimpse of the Soul Meditation f. Devi Brown
Resources:Watch More Than That on TVDevi Brown Well-BeingDevi Brown's Deeply Well Podcast
11:39 10/1/23
A Journey of Juneteenth f. Sam Collins III
In this country, the history of Juneteenth is skewed, one-sided, and incomplete.For this year's Juneteenth special, we're having an intergenerational conversation with Professor Juneteenth Sam Collins to unveil the hidden history of this newly nationally-recognized holiday.  Listen now as we find the missing pieces of the puzzle, illuminate the stories of our unsung heroes, and celebrate our resilience.Resources:Juneteenth Legacy ProjectNia Cultural CenterUnited States Color TroopsGalveston Historical FoundationAfrican American Civil War Museum
19:50 6/19/23
Safe Spaces for Black Men f. Mike Hill & Kier Gaines
For our Black men that carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and don't have the space to feel vulnerable, this one is for you.In our Season 3 finale, TV Host & Author Mike Hill, and Therapist & Content Creator, Kier Gaines, share what safe spaces can look like, the importance of therapy, and how our community can support Black men as they heal.Resources:Therapy for Black MenJust Heal Bro TourWalkGoodLAVerywell Mind
19:53 4/1/23
Black Futures and Beyond f. Mumu Fresh & Hannah Beachler
Our current realities inspire us to dream of a future where Black people are seen, honored, and celebrated in our humanity and for our gifts. In other words, Afrofuturism.This week, award-winning production designer Hannah Beachler & Grammy Award-nominated artist Mumu Fresh share how our imaginations bring us closer to this dream, and how artistry open doors of possibilities.
19:46 3/25/23
Building Communities to Last f. E. Buckles, Chike Ozah & Kimberly Dowdell
Climate change is no joke, but that doesn't mean there's no hope.Kimberly Dowdell, Edward Buckles & Chike Ozah share concrete disaster preparedness tips we can use to stay ready, and share their thoughts on what our institutions should do to protect those without the means to protect themselves.Resources:Katrina Babies DocumentaryHurricane Preparedness ResourcesSocial Economic Empowerment Design (SEED) Network 
19:41 3/18/23
House Hacking Ingenuity f. Carmeon Hamilton & Jewel Pearson
These days, everything costs too much. And as the cost of living goes up, more people are looking for creative ways to keep more money in their pockets.Jewel Pearson and Carmeon Hamilton join us on this episode to talk about how DIYing and tiny homes allow us to reimagine where we live, so we can transform them into spaces we love.Resources:Tiny House TrailblazersThe Bohemian BrandWork With Carmeon
19:52 3/11/23
The Creator Culture f. Angela Yee & Rhonda X
Owning a business has learning curves. But when a person becomes their own brand, it's a whole new ballgame.This week, Angela Yee and Rhonda X share business tips for Black creators, how they can stay ready for the future of social media, and the importance of giving them their flowers. Resources:RXVR BrandsNYC Small Business ServicesMastercard Small Business City
19:56 3/4/23
Black Love f. Jannah Handy + Kiyanna Stewart & Brittany + Reggie Cunningham
Black love is so much more than affection. It's rebellion, tenacity, and the seeds for joy like no other.This week, Jannah Handy & Kiyanna Stewart from BLK MKT VINTAGE, and Brittany Packnett-Cunningham & Reggie Cunningham join us to talk about the different kinds of Black love, its thriving existence, and more. Resources:Couples Therapist DirectoryTherapy for Black MenTherapy for Black Girls 
19:39 2/25/23
The Crossroads of Career and Parenthood f. Tina Meeks & Erica Campbell
While juggling career and parenthood may be easy for some, for others it’s a constant push and pull.In this episode, guests share how their personal needs shaped their choices, the different roles in parenting dynamics, and how our decisions leave lasting effects on our families. Resources:Her Life Sparkles BlogGet Up Mornings with Erica Campbell
19:53 2/18/23
Legacy in the Making f. DJ Envy & Dr. DeForest Soaries
Building generational wealth and a family legacy is a need for our community.  In this week's episode, we chat with DJ Envy and Dr. DeForest Soaries about what our ancestors did to get us where we are today. And what our efforts now will accomplish for future generations to come. Resources:DFree Online Academy - Life, Real Love: Life Lessons on Joy, Pain & the Magic That Holds Us Together by DJ Envy + Gia Casey - Money Podcasts:Earn Your LeisureBrown Ambition PodcastBlack Tech, Green Money
19:49 2/11/23
Fueling our Futures f. David Banner & Cari Champion
HBCUs are a catalyst for our community's progress, and drive us toward positive change.Tune-in as we chat with journalist and TV host Cari Champion and rapper and activist David Banner about the influence of HBCUs, and how they still empower our community.Resources: NNPA, Chevy's "Discovery the Unexpected" Program - Girls Dream Foundation -
19:46 2/4/23
The Awakening f. Dr. Ben Chavis & Nse Ufot
Our country has experienced racial reckonings multiple times over — and we're still fighting for change. We've come a long way, but we need more.In the final episode of our 2-part Juneteenth Special, we talk with Civil Rights Activist, Dr. Ben Chavis, and Community Organizer, Nse Ufot.Listen for an impactful discussion about protecting the progress we've made, and how Juneteenth could create dynamic change. Resources: We Are Each Other's Harvest: Celebrating African American Farmers, Land, and Legacy by Natalie BaszileForever Free: The Story of Emancipation and Reconstruction by Eric FonerOn Juneteenth by Annette Gordon-ReedJuneteenth: What You Need to Know | HistoryThe Black Harvest Fund
19:54 6/18/22
The Reckoning f. Young Guru, Lynae Venee, & Mike Muse
What does Juneteenth mean to us?Is it a celebration? A day of reflection? Atonement? Mourning? Or is it all of that and more?In this episode, we talk to Political Expert, Mike Muse, Grammy Award-Winning DJ, Gimel "Young Guru" Keaton, and NAACP Image Award Nominee, Lynae Venee, about the history of Juneteenth and how it translates to the reckoning of today. Resources:Stamped From the Beginning: A Definitive History of Racist Ideas by Dr. Ibram X. KendiChevy Real Talk Drives Real Change  Parking Lot Pimpin’ ChroniclesA History of the Dogon and their Ancient Science The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson
20:00 6/11/22
Together: Our Fav Place to Be f. Tanya Sam & Keshia Knight Pulliam
Somehow we have transcended and kept togetherness alive at home and on the road. In this episode, we talk about how tech, family and joy collide in the digital age.   Hear exciting new frontiers in everyday life, to get you up to speed on what’s next — to stay connected in your favorite places to be.    Resources: Keshia’s Kitchen  NFT Now Podcast  Women of World Art  ArtLanta Now  Black Code Collective Open Sea  /dev/ color
19:59 4/9/22
Run Me My Money: A Sports Herstory f. Jemele Hill & Angel McCoughtry
Black women in sports are showing up and showing out.  The energy, intensity, and the talent — in and outside of the arena — is something to witness.  But a lot of us haven't seen all that.   Tune-in as we talk with Emmy Award-winning Journalist, Jemele Hill, and WNBA Legend, Angel McCoughtry.   From media representation, to the history of the WNBA, to empowering young female athletes. We're getting into it all.   Resources: Jemele Hill is Unbothered Podcast Women’s Sports Foundation Play it Forward Sport See Her Greatness by Buick
19:44 4/2/22
“Leave That to Rinse!” f. Angel Gregorio & Dominique Drakeford
Tune-in as we talk leftovers, second-hand clothes, and bringing Black sustainability to the global conversation. It's more than glass jars and mainstream minimalism. It's about working with what you've got. And resourcefulness is in our roots. The Spice Kitchen Founder Angel Gregario and Non-traditional Educator Dominique Drakeford join us this week to talk about the small, big ways to live sustainably.   Resources: The Spice Suite  Zen in a Jar   Sustainable Brooklyn Melanin And Sustainable Style Oak and Acorn Brand The African Lookbook by Catherine McKinley 
19:56 3/26/22
Well-Seasoned f. Mr. and Mrs. KevOnStage & Bren Herrera
Black love is passionate! It's a commitment to putting in the work. Content Creators Kevin & Melissa Fredericks and Celebrity Chef Bren Herrera join us this week to dish on new ways to add flavor to your love lives. Listen as they share how to make love last, how to spice up date nights, and new ways to cook with creativity.   Resources: Culture Kitchen on CleoTV Black Girl Baking by Jerrelle Guy Soul Food Love
19:44 3/19/22
Growing Our Community f. Styles P & Hannah Wilson
We make do — but we deserve more than that. We deserve the best.   Yonkers Rapper, Styles P, and Urban Farmer Activist, Hannah Wilson, join us this week to talk healthy eating. Tune-in as they share nuggets of wisdom to shift our mindset and heal our bodies with healthy food.   Resources: Farmacy For Life - Hip Hop’s First Health Food Store Happy Cow Black Farmers Collective Soul Fire Farm Reparations Map
19:39 3/12/22
Family Style f. Devale & Khadeen Ellis
Family means different things to different people. It could be a soul tie, a community, or unconditional love. It's not always blue skies -- sometimes it's resilience and revolution, too.   In this week's episode, we're showing some reverence for family with dynamic duo Devale & Khadeen Ellis. They share fond memories, major parent energy, and family traditions that anchor them in the Black love we love to see.   Resources: Dead Ass Podcast The Ellises and The Time Machine: Why Do We Have to say Black Lives Matter –  Children’s Book Son of a Southern Chef Cookbook Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen Recipes
19:53 3/5/22
Rest is Resilience f. Nedra Tawwab & Chris Spencer
We all know the grind. Generational perseverance has made us stronger. There's a special kind of strength when we reclaim our rest. Therapist & NYT Bestselling Author Nedra Tawwab, along with Writer & Comedian Chris Spencer, talk to Gia about setting boundaries and listening to our bodies. Tune-in as we talk about delicious naps, the invigorating power of saying 'No', and more.   Resources: Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Tawwab Set Boundaries Workbook by Nedra Tawwab
20:00 2/26/22
Lift As You Climb f. Valeisha Butterfield-Jones & Angelina Darrisaw
There's just something about Black women in business. Our infectious passion, our perseverance and our ideas are unmatched. Plenty stands in our way — but that ends here. It's time to knock down barriers and lift as we climb. In this episode, Recording Academy Co-President, Valeisha Butterfield-Jones, and Founder & Career Coach, Angelina Darrisaw, talk about what it takes to cultivate success for Black women entrepreneurs.   Resources:WEEN Academy - Women in Entertainment Empowerment NetworkC-Suite Coach Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Startout
20:00 2/19/22
The Victory Lap f. Angela Simmons & David Gross
Running a business that succeeds is not a sprint, it's a marathon. It takes grit, tenacity, passion, audacity, and so much more.  Listen in as Business Mogul, Angela Simmons, and Investment Magnate, David Gross, share their come-up, what they've learned, and what it takes to turn your ideas into reality.   Resources: Angela’s Angels Foundation Own Your Own Vector 90 Coursera Udemy
19:57 2/12/22
Home/Land f. Green Girl Leah & Master P
Intersectional environmentalism, caring for our community, and Granny’s cookie tins. We're kicking off Season 2 by getting real about climate change with Eco-communicator, Green Girl Leah and Rap Icon, Master P. In this episode we talk climate justice, inclusion, and having integrity when nobody's watching.   Resources: The Intersectional Environmentalist by Leah Thomas Generation Green National Wildlife Federation Jerome Foster II's One Million of Us
20:00 2/5/22
Corner of Freedom Blvd. + Joy Ave. f. Baratunde Thurston, Marsha Music & Michaela Angela Davis
Today we’re showing up for Juneteenth 2021. With Detroit griot Marsha Music, host Baratunde Thurston, and image-activist Michaela Angela Davis. These are the voices of Black expression — told on the front porch with our future at the forefront. Join these icons for a celebration of our legacy as a People. From our family to yours, Happy Juneteenth!
39:57 6/19/21
Black Women’s Health f. Melanie Fiona, Dr. Brandi Jackson, Dr. Brittani James, Dr. Jessica Richardson, & Sasha Mitchell-Fuller
Black mothers and Black women are the heart and soul of the Black community. It’s important that we recognize disparities that are shortening our lives and inevitably taking away from our greatness. On this episode of More Than That, we are taking a microscopic look at Black Women’s health and self-advocacy — these systemic challenges must be overcome with the guidance of experts and careful awareness of Black Americans. Resources: The Institute for Anti-Racism in Medicine Helpful Pregnancy Information
19:51 4/10/21

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