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Spill The Soup: The Jewish Teen Podcast

Welcome to Spill the Soup, where host Marley Comito gives insight into the life of a teenager in these incredible times. I really want to make this podcast serve as a way for young adults, parents, and others to be able to connect to today’s teenagers and the voices of Jewish Gen-Z in a unique and personal way. Spill the Soup will help me share what it’s like to truly be a teenager in today’s ever-changing world with those who feel a disconnect from the teenagers they know to bridge that gap and help them gain a greater understanding than ever before.


3. Fear of FOMO: Balancing School & Social Life
How does a college student balance classes with a social life, work, Judaism, and taking a moment to breathe? This week Marley welcomes her "big sister" Rachel Hale, who has a monster schedule, but explains how she compartmentalizes things to get it all done, be productive, and occasionally get a decent night sleep.
28:00 3/8/22
2. Covid On Campus
Covid is everywhere, but how do you cope with the risks on a college campus when you're away from home? This week Marley brings on her friends Lily Solomon and Jessica Paul to discuss the timing of each of their positive tests, and how that's changed their approach to campus life.
35:27 2/22/22
1. Meeting The Roommate
Marley has made the transition to college life. But what's it like to live in a small dorm room WITH someone else? Marley and her roommate, Melanie Gubernik, discuss "roommate dating," making friends, and adjusting to life on their own away from home.
27:00 2/8/22
Season 2 Trailer: We're Back!
Marley's back! After a busy summer of work and getting ready for college, host Marley Comito sets up season 2, talking about the challenging adjustment of going from high school to college, learning to live with a roommate, finding a place to fit in on campus, balancing school and social, and so much more. Anything you want to hear about this season? Let us know! E-mail the show at
04:04 1/25/22
8. Celebrating Pride
Marley and her guests this week, Jaden Lehman and Zach Greenwald, kick off Pride month by talking about the coming out, the support they've found within the Twin Cities Jewish community, and offer tips to parents and allies alike.
35:23 6/2/21
7. Opening Up On Mental Health
In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Marley and her guests open up their mental health ups and downs: When they recognized their struggles, how to talk (or not) with peers, and some important advice for parents.Lots of shoutouts for the @realdepressionproject on Instagram.
45:13 5/18/21
6. Teens Take On Social Justice
How do three Jewish teens in Minneapolis be active in social justice, and why is it important? Plus, Marley and her guests Zoe Bohrod and Sadie Yarosh take an uncomfortable look at racism within the Jewish community.
28:40 5/4/21
5. College Decision-Day Anxiety
It's almost college Decision Day for high school seniors, but don't discount the anxiety that comes along with it. From the application process to finances to roommate searches, what do college-bound kids (and their parents) need to know? Marley Comito discusses with Sadie Yarosh and Brooks Shragg.
39:58 4/20/21
4. Juggling Judaism With Being A Teen
On this week's show, Marley talks with Adin Zweigbaum and Jonah Smith about how and why they observe Judaism how they do, and if it will continue in college. Plus the trio discuss their profound Israel trip experiences.
21:44 4/6/21
3. Feminism & Self-Expression
This week Marley talks with Bella Rosenblatt about her passions of singing, songwriting, the arts, and her groundbreaking activism. Plus, Bella talks about working on the jGirls Magazine editorial board, and how you can be a part of it.Sponsored by Herzl Camp and the Herzl In The City Virtual Benefit (
25:06 3/23/21
2. All Zoomed Out
The past 12 months have been a challenge for everyone. But for high school seniors, this year has cost more than many realize. From lost school opportunities to additional pressures when it comes to applying for college, what don't adults realize about the challenges teens are facing this year?
30:12 3/9/21
Bonus Episode: Meet Marley!
As a bonus episode, get to know host Marley Comito in her interview with TC Jewfolk editor/podcast producer Lonny Goldsmith. The interview originally ran on TC Jewfolk's Who The Folk?! Podcast on Feb. 22.
27:05 3/4/21
1. Social Media Positives & Pitfalls
Marley Comito and her guests Alexis Horowitz and Jessica take a deep dive on the pros and cons of social media, which apps they love (and REALLY hate), and how it has evolved in their eyes over the past decade.
42:34 2/23/21
Coming Soon: Spill The Soup!
Coming soon: Spill The Soup: The Jewish Teen Podcast with Marley Comito. Marley will cover some of the pressing topics today's teens are facing and what it’s like to truly be a teenager in today’s ever-changing world.
01:00 2/10/21