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Join CHEK News Political Correspondent Rob Shaw and a lively panel of guests for a weekly breakdown of all of the news in B.C. politics, with analysis and commentary that helps make sense of the latest stories in and around the B.C. legislature.


#76 - David Eby hits the ground sprinting
Did new Premier David Eby hit the high bar of expectations by unleashing a flurry of announcements on housing, crime and affordability during his first week in office? How did those files land, what does it mean for BC's political landscape and what happens next? Our panel breaks it down. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jillian Oliver and Jeff Ferrier.
22:13 11/25/2022
#75 - Health care crisis: Doctor deal and overdose report
BC signs a new deal with family doctors, but will it be enough to actually get the million British Columbians who don't have a doctor paired up with a physician? An all-party committee of MLAs releases a report into the overdose crisis, but will it change anything? And John Horgan spends his last week as premier in the legislature. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jeff Ferrier, Jillian Oliver and Allie Blades.
33:18 11/04/2022
#74 - Eby's new swearing-in date, team and 100-day plan
David Eby has set a date to formally become BC's 37th premier, but the Nov. 18 timeline raises the question: What's taking so long? Plus, we look at Eby's transition team, new senior staff, and 100-day plan for his premiership. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Katy Merrifield, Jeff Ferrier and former BC Green strategist Sarah Miller.
23:05 10/28/2022
#73 - Premier-designate David Eby, and DQ'd Anjali Appadurai
The BC NDP disqualifies leadership candidate Anjali Appadurai, awarding the position and premiership to David Eby. But boy, was it a messy process. Our panel breaks down the DQ report, decision and fallout. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Katy Merrifield, Jeff Ferrier and Jillian Oliver.Recorded Oct 21, 2022
38:37 10/21/2022
#72 - BC NDP blame Greens for 'hostile takeover,' prolific offenders, and Horgan exit interviews
Oct 14, 2022 -Are the BC Greens behind a takeover of the BC NDP during the leadership race, by encouraging members to take out dual memberships with the NDP to vote for environmental candidate Anjali Appadurai? The NDP think so, but our panel breaks down how that argument fails. Plus, two BC cabinet ministers head to Ottawa to appeal for help on prolific offenders and drum up allies to put pressure on the feds for action. And we take a look at Premier John Horgan's early exit interviews, and why the most popular premier in decades is leaving with so little fanfare or discussion of his legacy. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Katy Merrifield, Jillian Oliver and Jeff Ferrier.
31:33 10/14/2022
#71- BC legislature returns, new NDP poll, and the legislature cat!
The BC legislature returned for the fall session, and the last one under Premier John Horgan, but it didn't go well for the NDP government in the first week on the major issues involving health care and crime. What can the government do to flip things around and what's with the growing disconnect between reality and rhetoric in the house? Also, Speaker Raj Chouhan gets the legislature a cat... just not the cat it was looking for, in a story that goes viral across the country. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jillian Oliver and Jeff Ferrier.
22:20 10/07/2022
#70 - Prolific offenders report, Horgan's approval numbers and BC NDP leadership race
A long-awaited expert report into street disorder and prolific offenders contains sweeping recommendations, so why is the BC NDP so focused on playing petty political games on the issue? Premier John Horgan's final public approval poll shows an extraordinary five-year run of popularity. Plus, a look at the latest developments in the BC NDP leadership race and the question of why candidate David Eby appears to be sleepwalking through the competition. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jeff Ferrier and Jillian Oliver.Recorded Sept. 23, 2022
31:40 09/23/2022
#69 - Queen's funeral holiday, UBCM, BC NDP leadership controversy
Premier John Horgan faces a public backlash over his decision to create a half-holiday for the funeral of Queen Elizbaeth, why did he make this decision and what could have been done differently? The Union of BC Municipalities wraps up its annual meeting with the province on the ropes over rural healthcare, and other issues. Plus, BC NDP leadership candidate Anjali Appadurai faces a new set of controversies for her campaign, what's going on here and will it have an impact on the race? Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jeff Ferrier and special guest panelist Allie Blades from Mash Strategy.
51:58 09/17/2022
#68 - Premier's affordability package, tentative labour peace
Premier John Horgan unveils his long-awaited affordability package, to help British Columbians combat rising inflation and interest rates -- but it's targeted to a small group of people, and is it enough? Also, the government inks a tentative deal with the BCGEU, but not all members are happy at the compromises made. Plus, we take a look at allegations facing BC NDP leadership candidate Anjali Appadurai's campaign, and the difficult position that the resulting investigation has placed on the BC NDP. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jeff Ferrier and Jillian Oliver.
48:57 09/09/2022
#67 - Labour deals, BC's surplus, rural healthcare and toxicity in politics
BC appears to have inked tentative deals with major unions, and solved the ongoing strike - what does that mean for labour peace in the province? The government closes the books on last year's budget with a stunning fiscal turnaround, but does being left with a surplus during a time of crises put the NDP in the best position politically? Rural mayors band together to push for healthcare improvements as their ERs and ambulance systems collapse. And BC's three party leaders come together to decry the rising toxicity in politics - but how do we actually solve this? Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jillian Oliver and Jeff Ferrier. Recorded September 2, 2022
57:59 09/02/2022
#66 - BC NDP leadership, John Rustad, Surrey South and legislature CATS!
The coronation of David Eby as BC NDP leader and premier hits a snag with the entry of climate activist Anajali Appadurai into the race - what does this mean and how has it changed the dynamic? Nechako Lakes MLA John Rustad is ejected from the BC Liberal caucus and immediately endorses a BC Conservative in the Surrey South byelection, but will that make a difference in the race? And, should the BC legislature adopt a cat in order to bring harmony and peace to provincial politics? The answer is yes. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jeff Ferrier and Katy Merrifield.
41:43 08/26/2022
#65 - A deep dive into the premiership of John Horgan
It's a Matter of Confidence reunion this week on Political Capital as Global BC's Richard Zussman joins Rob Shaw to discuss Premier Horgan's five year tenure and pending retirement. How has Horgan changed over the past decade, what has it been like covering his government and what could his legacy be as he leaves the job? Tune in.
49:46 08/05/2022
#64 - David Eby enters (and already wins?) the BC NDP leadership race
The worst kept secret in BC politics is out: David Eby has launched his campaign to be premier. We break down how he did it, his overwhelming caucus support, what it means for both him and the government, as well as our predictions for the last half of the year. Political Capital is taking a summer break and will be back in late August. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Katy Merrifield, Jillian Oliver and Jeff Ferrier.
41:58 07/22/2022
#63 - Premier Horgan's fight for health care funding, inflation and NDP leadership
Premier John Horgan clashes with the Prime Minister on health care funding, following a meeting of 13 provincial and territorial leaders in Victoria. The PM puts his elbows up and attacks Horgan on the issue - what are the ramifications of this and can a health funding deal still be done? Also, with the Bank of Canada hiking interest rates one percentage point this week, what pressure is the province under to respond with affordability rebates and how would that look? Plus, Finance Minister Selina Robinson mulls entering the BC NDP leadership race to challenge David Eby. Host Rob Shaw is joined by guests Jillian Oliver and the Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer.
31:10 07/15/2022
#62 - Is David Eby (unofficially) the next premier of BC?
David Eby looks to have a stranglehold on the BC NDP leadership race, after Ravi Kahlon drops out. Does that mean the race is over? And what does that mean for the NDP party and government? Plus, premiers across the country gather in Victoria to argue for a boost to health care transfers. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jillian Oliver and Jeff Ferrier.
22:40 07/08/2022
#61 - Premier John Horgan resigns
In a special edition of the podcast this week, we discuss Premier John Horgan's announcement he is resigning as leader once a new person is selected this fall. Was this a surprise? What does it mean for both the BC NDP and the BC government? And how will the leadership race shape up in the months ahead? Katy Merrifield, Jillian Oliver and Jeff Ferrier break it all down.
43:06 06/30/2022
#60 - Museum backtrack, Horgan's future, and housing affordability
The NDP executes a billion-dollar backtrack on the unpopular Royal BC Museum project, but is the damage already done? Premier Horgan hints at his potential retirement, but is it genuine and what does it mean for the next few months? Plus, housing affordability spirals into several reports, panels, rent caps and more. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Katy Merrifield, Jeff Ferrier and Jillian Oliver.
22:37 06/24/2022
#59 - Money laundering report and Premier Horgan's declining popularity
The long-awaited public inquiry report into BC's money laundering scandal is complete, so what does it mean for solving the actual problem and how will parties look to capitalize or play defence based on the findings? Plus, two new polls by Angus Reid show the premier's popularity sliding, how much of this is due to the deeply unpopular museum and what other factors are at play? Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jillian Oliver, Jeff Ferrier and two special guests this week — This is VANCOLOUR host Mo Amir, and former BC Liberal politico Barinder Bhullar.
26:21 06/17/2022
#58 - School deferrals, heat dome deaths and BC Liberal name change
The BC government is under fire for saying it doesn't have the money to approve numerous new major school projects this year, at a time it's pushing forward with the $1-billion Royal BC Museum. Is this just political theatre, or a major problem for the government? Also, the coroner releases a report into last year's 619 deaths related to the heat dome, and we take a look at the response. Plus, BC Liberals gather in Penticton to consider changing the party's name - good move, unnecessary or too little too late for the opposition party? Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jillian Oliver and Jeff Ferrier.
26:26 06/10/2022
#57 - Decriminalization, spring session ends, Premier Horgan's future
BC receives historic permission from Ottawa to decriminalize possession of small amounts of illicit drugs, but is it enough and why did the feds water down the province's original proposal? The spring session of the legislature ends, and we take a dive into what was accomplished and the political dynamics as MLAs head out to the summer BBQ circuit. Plus, is Premier John Horgan considering retiring? Host Rob Shaw is joined by Katy Merrifield and Jillian Oliver this week to break down all the latest in BC politics.
22:28 06/03/2022
#56 - Royal BC Museum controversy continues
The BC government, facing a huge backlash over the $1 billion Royal BC Museum project, unveils the business case to defend itself — did it help or hurt the issue? We take a deep dive into the museum project, and whether the issue will stick around or is a flash in the pan, and what might happen if critics successfully tie it to larger concerns about the government. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Katy Merrifield, Jeff Ferrier and Jillian Oliver.
23:45 05/27/2022
#55 - Museum backlash, Kevin Falcon's first week, royalty review, clerk verdict and more
BC's $1 billion museum replacement plan turns it an enormous political controversy - what happened here and what are government's options to fix this crisis? Plus, a look at BC Liberal leader Kevin Falcon's first week in the house. And the panel touches on BC's oil and gas royalty review changes, former clerk Craig James's guilty verdict and a health care protest outside the legislature. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jeff Ferrier, Jillian Oliver and Katy Merrifield.
22:53 05/20/2022
#54 - Gas prices, US draft abortion decision, and BC legislature proposal
BC politicians spar over helping high gas prices, what can actually be done by the province and how does the government manage both the issues of climate change and affordability on a file like gas prices? Plus, provincial political parties address the fallout of the leaked US draft Supreme Court decision against abortion rights. And, MLA Rick Glumac proposes to his fiance on the floor of the legislature - our panel weighs in on if any of us would have the courage to follow through with a public proposal! Host Rob Shaw is joined by Katy Merrifield, Jillian Oliver and Jeff Ferrier.
26:11 05/13/2022
#53 - Falcon wins byelection, youth overdose bill and Maclean's last show!
This week the panel dissects Kevin Falcon's byelection win in Vancouver-Quilchena and looks forward to the Surrey South byelection, plus a discussion on the youth overdose stabilization bill that the premier once used for justification for an election but has now cancelled. Also discussed is an environmental lawsuit by the Sierra Club, new race-based data legislation and a new review of prolific criminal offenders. It's Maclean's last show on the panel as he transitions into a post-journalism career, and he walks us through his time on both sides of the media and politics at the BC legislature. Jeff Ferrier and Jillian Oliver also join host Rob Shaw.
39:21 05/06/2022
#52 - The premier's f-bomb, the family doctor crisis and crime concerns
Premier John Horgan makes waves with his use of the f-word on the floor of the legislature, the government faces rising pressure on the family doctor crisis and urban mayors demand action to fix the catch and release justice system. Plus, a discussion about the pros and cons of making law and order a political issue. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Katy Merrifield, Jeff Ferrier, Maclean Kay and Jillian Oliver.
37:59 04/29/2022
#51 - Vaccine cards lifted, card check legislation, byelections and LNG vs climate
BC has dropped mandatory vaccination cards, as promised, but it has left some people anxious and others (like BC Green's leader) worried the move is a mistake - did the province strike the right balance? Also, new legislation will make it easier to organize a union, exposing an age-old ideological fight in BC that is set to play out again. Plus, a look at two byelections in the province, and a deep dive into LNG Canada's expansion plans and whether BC can accommodate them in its climate change strategy. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jillian Oliver, Maclean Kay and Jeff Ferrier.
48:43 04/08/2022
#50 - Human Rights Commish on masks, cooling off period in real estate and federal CASA
Should BC's Human Rights Commissioner be wading into the debate on public health orders by asking Dr. Henry to restore the mandatory mask provision? Will a new bill on cooling off periods on real estate make a difference in the market? And how do we reconcile new polling showing Premier John Horgan and his government's popularity is high but people are furious about affordability issues? Plus, a discussion about the Confidence and Supply Agreement between the federal NDP and Liberals, with lessons learned from BC's CASA. Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jeff Ferrier, Katy Merrifield, Jillian Oliver and Maclean Kay.
48:16 04/02/2022
#49 - BC's expert COVID review, minimum wage and daylight saving time
BC has hired an expert panel to review how it did on COVID-19, but what does it accomplish when public health decisions and economic aid programs are excluded from the scope? Does BC even want to review those areas, and should it? Also, the province's minimum wage goes up and is now linked to inflation, the right move or another blow to businesses still recovering from the pandemic? Plus, the US senate has passed a bill that could end daylight saving time by 2023 - will BC follow suit and should it act on its own if the US house of representatives subsequently kills the idea before it becomes law? Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jeff Ferrier, Maclean Kay and Jillian Oliver.
30:54 03/18/2022
#48 - COVID masks dropped, gas prices and a new overdose report
BC has dropped masks as part of its new COVID pandemic plan, is the right move, too much too soon and how is it resonating with the public? Plus, Alberta has offered tax relief on high gas prices, putting BC in a bind on the issue - what should government do and what are the political risks on its approach? A new report on the overdose crisis moved Premier John Horgan to strike an all-party committee to examine the issue, but what will that do and is it enough? Host Rob Shaw is joined by Jeff Ferrier, Maclean Kay, Katy Merrifield and Jillian Oliver.
44:12 03/11/2022
#47 - BC's Ukraine/Russia response, COVID-19 reopening, BC Ferries
What role if any does a province like BC have in responding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and were the province's actions on liquor, land titles, divestments and immigration the right moves? Plus, BC moves to weekly COVID-19 data which raises the questions about whether health officials should scrap weekly public briefings and if they do what kind of information vacuum is created. Also, a new bill gives government more control over BC Ferries, what's behind it and is it the right move? Host Rob Shaw is joined by Maclean Kay, Katy Merrifield and new panelist Jeff Ferrier of Hill and Knowlton to discuss the week in BC politics.
36:00 03/04/2022