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Hear from Harvard graduates, Olympiad medalists, charity founders, science fair winners, college admission experts and more. We get their practical tips and advice so you can do the same. This podcast is powered by Crimson Education - visit to learn how to apply to the world’s top universities and create your own extraordinary extracurriculars.


#19 Entering the Uber Hackathon and Insights From A Stanford Comp Sci Graduate 24:21 05/11/2022
#18 Career Planning Through High School with CGA's Head of Careers Counselling 29:28 05/02/2022
#73 CAO Scholarship Recipient and Duke Admit Shares Her Story 12:55 04/07/2022
#72 Teaching Tech To Thousands & Getting Into An Entrepreneurship Society 31:23 03/19/2022
#12 How I Got In - From South Africa to Harvard for Sazi Bongwe 29:20 02/19/2022
Long Overdue 2021 Wrap Up & The Shout Outs! 05:45 02/12/2022
#71 Cryptos, NFTs and Tips For Teenagers with the Young Investors Network Founder 30:22 02/08/2022
#70 Winning the World Schools Debating Championship with Matthew Anzarouth and Jamie Beaton 44:28 01/22/2022
#69 Creating Nuclear Fusion and Flamethrowers With Jackson Oswalt 32:18 01/15/2022
#68 How Self-Publishing Opens Up A World Of Opportunities 31:33 01/03/2022
Get A Shout Out For Your Organisation, Business, Website, Channel Or Club! 01:39 12/18/2021
#67 Starting A 50-Client Consulting Business In High School & How To Join Gen Z Consulting! 29:29 12/11/2021
#66 How To Build A Public Speaker Brand At 13-Years-Old 47:58 12/05/2021
#65 Win $1000USD With The Harvard Crimson Global Essay Comp! 14:40 11/26/2021
#64 Time Management, Art, Math Research & College Classes All At 16-Years-Old 39:53 11/22/2021
#63 Balancing UC Berkeley CS and an International STEM Org - LinkedIn Tips, College Tips and More! 34:43 11/13/2021
#62 Solving The Impossible With Arnav, Mikael and Aahaan 50:23 11/06/2021
#61 How Aditya Is Teaching Personal Finance To Thousands 32:19 10/30/2021
Our Guest Is Stuck In An ELEVATOR! Oh, and we're now on Slack... 03:59 10/23/2021
#17 How An Extracurricular Expert Evaluates Student Activities 20:01 10/16/2021
#60 The Winners of TGCC - The World's First Global, Virtual Case Comp For High Schoolers 35:30 10/08/2021
#59 How Will Got Into YYGS and Made Evatt Nationals On His First Attempt! 27:25 10/02/2021
#58 How This 16-Year-Old Got Internships Through LinkedIn and Built A Coding Community 40:02 09/25/2021
#16 How 'Name, Image, Likeness' is a Game Changer For Student Athletes 29:05 09/18/2021
#57 The CEO Of Revoteen Talks Connecting Teens To Opportunities 35:13 09/11/2021
#56 How Non-Profit Status Helped Sciencious Reach Thousands! 31:45 09/04/2021
#55 Interning at Musk's Neuralink, Blockchain, Making Luck and Studying at Stanford 50:35 08/28/2021
The AP Mini Series - Why AP Psychology is a Fantastic Foundation for College 27:03 08/21/2021
The AP Mini Series - How to Nail AP Calculus with Mr Simpson 20:44 08/14/2021
The AP Mini Series - How to Crush Computer Science A with Mr Chang 27:41 08/07/2021