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The Mind, Body and Soul in Healing

A conversation with experts in cutting-edge fields related to mental health, physical wellbeing, and spiritual sustenance. A look at what our future holds for us.


Disability, Psychotherapy, and Resilience with H. Penny Mishkin, MS, OTR 53:23 08/06/2022
Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy for Physical Symptoms with Allan Abbass, MD 49:56 07/22/2022
Probiotics Added to Antidepressants Improve Outcome: New Preliminary Research with Anna-Chiara Schaub (Basal, Switzerland) 31:58 06/24/2022
Does Religious Commitment Improve Academic Performance? (Sometimes) with Ilana Horwitz, PhD 56:25 06/10/2022
A Physician with Metastatic Cancer Takes Psilocybin with Pradeep Bansal, MD 60:40 05/13/2022
Babies' Laughing and Joking: When and Why with Gina Mireault, PhD 54:05 04/29/2022
Mothers, Daughters, and Food with Judith Rabinor, PhD 51:51 04/15/2022
The Neurology of Religious Belief with Andrew Newberg, MD 50:50 04/01/2022
Intergenerational Secrets and their Discovery in Psychotherapy with Galit Atlas, PhD 42:21 03/11/2022
When Someone You Care About Has an Eating Disorder with Judith Brisman, Ph.D. 54:52 02/25/2022
Polyvagal Safety, Sociality, and Health with Stephen Porges, PhD 56:21 02/11/2022
Psychedelic Psychotherapy for PTSD: New Research with Ingmar Gorman, PhD 64:52 01/28/2022
The Challenges of Raising Adolescents with Erica Komisar 52:37 01/14/2022
Oxytocin, Love and Developmental Trauma with Sue Carter, PhD  60:04 12/17/2021
The Psychology of Coaching: Working with Global Leaders Under Intense Pressure with Rachel Ellison 51:14 12/03/2021
The Psychology of Magic and its Use in Wellbeing with Gustav Kuhn, PhD 42:49 11/19/2021
Listening and Prozac: Integrating Psychotherapy and Medications with Peter Kramer, MD 42:07 11/05/2021
What is the Placebo Effect and How Can it be Harnessed? with Joe Kossowsky, Ph.D. 57:21 10/22/2021
History and Culture Matter for Depression with Jonathan Sadowsky, PhD 50:42 10/08/2021
Varieties of Attunement and the Spectrum with Edward Brodkin, MD and Ashley Pallathra, MA 56:46 09/24/2021
Breathing, the Vagus Nerve, and Compassion with Patricia Gerbarg, MD 47:41 09/10/2021
Therapeutic Approaches to Chronic Pain with Michele Cohen, LCS 50:16 07/30/2021
Hoarding and Psychotherapy with Stelios Kiosses 44:17 07/16/2021
Zen and Psychotherapy with Robert Waldinger, MD 45:38 07/02/2021
Managing Separations from Your Young Child with Erica Komisar 53:11 06/18/2021
A Gynecologist/Psychoanalyst Treats Amenorrhea with Claudia Spadazzi, MD 39:32 06/04/2021
A Psychotherapist Struggles with New Motherhood with Andy Cohen (Johannesburg) 44:10 05/21/2021
Psychobiotics and the Future Treatment of Depression with Scott Anderson 59:50 05/07/2021
How to Raise a Loving and Creative 30-Year-Old: Findings from Research with Nathan Szajnberg MD 52:32 04/23/2021
What is Dynamic Psychotherapy and Does it Work? with Jonathan Shedler, PhD 51:46 04/09/2021