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Episode 524: Half Human (Japanese: Jūjin Yuki Otoko}
The B-Movie Cast is back and this time we’re searching for the Abominable Snow man of the Himalayas. Only we couldn’t afford a trip to Napal, so we had to settle for John Caradine telling us all about how they found one in Nagano Japan! Join Mary, Nic, and Juan as we check out “Half Human” (original Japanese title: “Jūjin Yuki Otoko” meaning ‘Beast/Forest Man, Snow Man”. In typical 1950s fashion, when it was released in the US, they stuck some American actors into cut scenes and built the story around them. In this case John Caradine narrates the whole film as a flashback as told to him by a Japanese colleague. Get ready for a whole lot of walking around in the woods and a monster covered all over with fur, but still somehow suffering from male pattern baldness! The B-Movie cast crew did a double header on this one, checking out the original Japanese version from 1955 and the American release from 1957. So, grab your skis and get ready for some fun with “Half Human” on the B-Movie Cast!
111:55 4/28/24
Episode-523-The Woman In the Window
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
138:59 3/18/24
B-Movie Cast Episode-522-The Thing Revisited
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
172:41 2/13/24
Episode 521-Cash On Demand
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
132:30 1/7/24
Episode 520: Beyond Christmas (AKA Beyond Tomorrow)
  The B-Movie Cast is in the holiday spirit this year with a tale of death by plane crash, jealous murder, and holiday cheer! That’s right Mary, Nic and Juan are checking out “Beyond Christmas” AKA “Beyond Tomorrow”, a 1940 holiday tale of three rich old men living together in New York who decide to invite strangers into their home for Christmas and then come back to haunt them when the three dudes meet an untimely end in a plane crash! Beyond Christmas is no “Beyond Thunderdome”, but it’s definitely worth a little yule-tide love this season. So, toss your wallet out the window and see who your having Christmas dinner with on this episode of The B-Movie Cast!  
87:10 12/25/23
Episode 519: Beginning of the End
The B-Movie cast makes it big, really BIG when Mary, Nic and returning guest Bill Mize, check out the 1957, Bert I. Gordon classic “Beginning of the End”. Thrill to giant grasshoppers battling stock footage of the US military while trying not to fall off pictures of famous buildings! Yes, it’s some old school B-movie fun that features Peter Graves and a bevy of actors you’ve seen before, even if you don’t remember their names… don’t worry though, Mary wants to talk about each and every one of them! So, call your friends on your 1957 Chrysler New Yorker car phone and let them know you’re checking out “The Beginning of the End” on the B-Movie Cast!  
103:36 11/26/23
Episode 518: Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman
Even a podcast that is pure of heart and says it’s prayers by night may do “Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman” when the moon is full and bright… and it’s Halloween! Joining Mary and Nic this week is Mark Mawston! Mark has moved to a crazy new pad near Stonehenge and we’ll hear about that, talk about Lon Chaney Jr and Bela Lugosi together again in two of their iconic roles! Now let’s get ready to rumble as “Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman” on the B-Movie Cast!
185:28 10/21/23
Episode 517: The Giant Gila Monster (1959)
    The B-Movie cast hops in our souped-up coup and heads to the wilds of Texas. Mary, Nic and Bill Mize venture into a world of 30-year-old teens, alcoholic DJs and the sneakiest giant lizard you’ll never meet in Ray Kellogg’s 1959 classic “The Giant Gila Monster”. Hear Don Sullivan sing, see France’s 1957 Miss Universe entry Lisa Simone, watch a Mexican Beaded Lizard get miss-cast as a Giant Gila monster! It’s back to our B-Movie roots with this fun romp through a film produced by Ken (Gunsmoke’s Festus) Curtis. So get ready to hop in your hotrod and have some fun with the B-Movie Cast gang as we check out “The Giant Gila Monster”.   Related Links- Christopher R. Mihm Films Bill Mize’s new channel The Giant Gila Monster on The Killer Shrews on Prime- Joshua Kennedy films-
123:30 9/25/23
Episode 516: Looker
    The B-Movie Cast didn’t ask ChatGPT for anything about this one, instead we asked filmmaker Brian Cunningham to join Mary and Nic for the 1981 sci fi thriller “Looker”. This trip into the uncanny valley was written and directed by Michael Crichton. “Looker” has the honor of being the first film to show a solid looking 3D model of a human, getting to theaters just months before Disney’s “Tron”. It also asks the important question- “if we cut out all the key plot dialogue will Susan Dey still take her clothes off?”. Join the B-Movie Cast for this trip to the uncanny valley of plot holes with Michael Crichton’s “Looker” because we’ve got it all man, we’ve got it made.      Here are some related links to this episode: The following are some of Brian Cunningham’s AI generated documentaries on Amazon- The UFO Chronicles   Immortal Obsessions: A history of Vampires   Oh and don’t forget the action/comedy “Loss Prevention” co-written by Nic Brown   Here are some more links Mary asked me to post- This is the link about the subliminal message in the national anthem sign off subtitles. It's called A Strange, brief history of Subliminal Messages in Advertising. (note- do your own research- don’t believe every article on the internet… yes I’m talking to you Mary…)   This is the link from Brian Rosenquist about the blu-ray box set by Indicator films. 
151:02 8/20/23
Episode 515: The Norseman
    The B-Movie Cast crew put on their most historically inaccurate Viking helmets and dive headfirst into the little known Viking invasion of Tampa Bay Florida with the Charles B. Pierce epically bad action film “The Norseman” staring Lee “you’ll pay me how much to be in this film?” Majors in his most Viking-like role. Joining Nic and Mary for this historical mess is Eric Brooks, because who else would watch it with us? So, grab your horned helm, pop a cold one and get ready for “The Norseman” On the B-Movie Cast!
98:41 7/16/23
Episode 514: Kiss Me Deadly
The B-Movie Cast is going dark again with another visit to the world of film noir with the 1955 classic “Kiss Me Deadly”. Joining Mary and Nic in the seedy underworld of 1950’s LA is fan favorite Mark Mawston! So, get ready for Mike Hammer in the film that may have introduced the “anti-hero” and the search for the MacGuffin to end all MacGuffins… maybe literally, in a lose adaptation of Mickey Spillane's novel of the same name. Join the B-Movie Cast team as we explore the dark world of “Kiss Me Deadly”!
137:22 6/25/23
Episode 513: The Assassination Bureau
  Get ready for a killer B-Movie Cast when Mary, Nic, and special guest Bill Mize check out “The Assassination Bureau”. It’s half slapstick comedy, half political commentary and it has a heaping helping of Oliver Reed and Diana Rigg! So, hop in your dirigible and get ready for so fun with “The Assassination Bureau” on the B-Movie Cast
109:08 5/29/23
Episode 512: Mesa of Lost Women
    The B-Movie Cast is drowning in Spanish guitar riffs in this episode as Mary, Nic and Juan check out “Mesa of Lost Women” from 1953. This film has way more plot than story, gratuitous flamenco guitar, and a whole lot of actors who look like they want to be somewhere else! So, grab your bug spray and get ready to head south of the good movie border with “Mesa of Lost Women” on the B-Movie cast!    
116:28 5/8/23
Episode 511: The Narrow Margin
    The B-Movie Cast goes dark as we dive into the world of film noir! Mary, Nic and special guest Kenny B “Santitito“ check out the ultimate film noir...”The Narrow Margin” from 1952. Filled with twists, turns, trains, annoying children, mobsters, tough as nails cops, and all the good elements of a classic film noir! Grab your train ticket to ride and get ready to check out “The Narrow Margin” on the B-Movie Cast!   Links to watch the film and some commentary- watch them in order top to bottom!      
131:07 4/25/23
Episode 510: Wilczyca (The Wolf) 1983
    The B-Movie Cast takes another peak behind the Iron Curtain with the 1983 Polish folk horror/Werewolf film Wilczyca (The Wolf). Comrade Matt Kowalski joins Mary and Nic as they explore this atmospheric Eastern European gothic horror story. There’s lots of blood, guts, dark magic, surprising lesbian undertones and enough 19th century politics to make the Czar’s head swim. So put on your winter clothes, grab some off brand Vodka and get ready to face the terror of Wilczyca (The Wolf) in this episode of the B-Movie Cast!
132:55 4/2/23
Episode 509: The Shape of Water
  The B-Movie Cast continues to dip our feet into the pool of fishy films as we check out the 2017 fairytale for adults, “The Shape of Water”. Joining Nic and Mary for the show are fan favorite Eric Brooks and a new guest host, Mary’s neighbor Crystal Masterson. We also ask listeners to take a moment and remember the last of the Universal Monster actors, Ricou Browning, who passed away just after we recorded the show. Now grab your swimming suit and get ready to dive into “The Shape of Water” on this episode of The B-Movie Cast
161:00 3/14/23
Episode 508: Island of the Fishmen
The B-Movie Cast decides to get our feet wet this episode when we check out “Island of the Fishmen” (Italian: L'isola degli uomini pesce)! Joining Mary and Nic is special guest, is podcaster and cool man-about-town, Bill Mize. This Italian flick from 1979 had a bunch of walking-in-the-jungle scenes cut and gratuitous amounts of Cameron Mitchell added in, but it still flopped in the US. Even the often scantily clad Bond girl, Barbara Bach couldn’t save it. That said, the film boasts some surprisingly good special effects and more fishmen than Red Lobster on a Friday night. So, grab some tarter sauce and get ready for some fun with “Island of the Fishmen” on the B-Movie Cast! Check out Bill's Podcast here!
138:01 2/18/23
Episode 507: The Night Before Christmas 1961
The B-Movie Cast leaves our holiday decorations up way too long as we take a stab at Russian Orthodox Christmas holiday with a Soviet Era flick “The Night Before Christmas”, also known as “Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka” from 1961. Joining Nic and Mary for some very Nikolai Gogol Christmas fun is our resident expert on all things from behind the iron curtain- Matt Kowalski! So grab your favorite brew, put on your cold weather gear and tell the devil to “Get in my pocket Satan!” as we check out “The Night Before Christmas”! 
128:17 1/21/23
Episode 506: Krampus- 2015
The B-Movie Cast says this holiday season you’d better watch out because “Krampus” is coming to town! That’s right, Mary, Nic, and special guest Mark Mawston take a dive into the 2015 Christmas treat that is “Krampus”. It’s the dark side of the holiday with this 2015 Christmas horror-comedy from the creator of “Trick’R’Treat” Michael Dougherty. So grab your eggnog and hold onto your jingle bells for this wild sleigh ride into the frozen world of Santa’s dark shadow…”Krampus”!
155:01 12/22/22
Episode 505 Day of the Beast 1995
The Holiday season has The B-Movie Cast in a tizzy! So much so, that Mary picked the strangest holiday film I think she’s ever chosen… “Day of the Beast” (El Dia de la Bestia)! A Spanish horror film that launched the carrier of filmmaker Alex de la Inglesia. Juan and Nic join Mary for the this tripped out tour of Madrid as a priest goes on a mission to commit as many sins as possible because he believes this will help him stop the birth of the Anti-Christ! Spoiler alert- you need to watch this one before you check out the show! Now, grab a beer, some rosary beads and get ready to enter the Christmas miracle that is “Day of the Beast” on this episode of the B-Movie Cast!
134:00 12/17/22
Episode 504: Exterminating Angel - 1962
This episode of the B-Movie Cast, Mary and Nic are joined by Juan to take a look at a classic of Mexican Cinema, that somewhat defies description: “The Exterminating Angel” (Spanish: El ángel exterminador). It’s a 1962 Mexican surrealist film written and directed by Luis Buñuel. It tells a story we can all identify with, what do you do when your party guests won’t leave? Only in this case there is an unknown compulsion preventing these wealthy aristocrats from vacating the scene. Not only can these folks not leave, but other people can’t come in either. It’s surrealism at its best with as much backstabbing, in fighting, classism, and scheming as any reality TV show, only this one doesn’t let the players exit… oh and there’s a bear too because… why not? Check out “The Exterminating Angel” on the B-Movie Cast!
131:59 11/20/22
Episode 503: Halloween 1978
It’s Halloween and the B-Movie Cast is back with our annual Halloween special featuring photographer Mark Mawston! Mark suggested we do the Horror classic from 1978: “Halloween” and that’s when Mary and Nic realized… We’d never done it! When we got over the shock that we hadn’t, it was full scream ahead for one of Nic’s favorite films. Featuring Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, PJ Soles one of the most famous film scores ever, and the start of a whole lot of genre tropes!  Get ready for a look at what is possibly John Carpenter’s most iconic work, the original “Halloween”!  
197:39 10/26/22
Episode 502: It's Alive (1974)
After a longer than expected hiatus, the B-Movie Cast is back again! This time Mary and Nic are joined by gentle listener, and fellow podcaster Bill Mize! Bill took a break from board gaming and podcasting to join us for a family film of a different sort- the 1974 cult classic “It’s Alive”! Writer, director Larry Cohen works out some daddy issues in this film about a mutant, killer baby, and a father torn between his repulsion at the monster and his love for his child. It’s a better film than it should be, with social messages, character growth, and a couple of quick looks at FX master Rick Baker’s crazy killer baby suit! Get ready for some crazy baby physics and a lot of weirdness as the B-Movie Cast checks out “It’s Alive”!
155:53 10/4/22
Episode 501: Steve Vertlieb Interview
The B-Movie Cast is back from a brief hiatus following our 500th episode! This show is a bit different from most as instead of featuring a film, Mary, Nic, and Mark Mawston are joined by Steve Vertlieb! Steve is one of America’s leading film archivists and historians who is a true living link between the golden age of Hollywood and today! A cinema journalist and film music educator Steve is a bit different from some film historians. Many of them collect film memorabilia, Steve, collects friendships, memories and stories! Join us as we talk with Steve about some of his most memorable friends among many of Hollywood’s greatest directors, producers, actors, special effects masters and music composers! Steve is a true wealth of knowledge and we’re very lucky to have him on the show as we talk about everything from Ray Bradbury’s 16mm camera troubles to Ray Harryhausen and more!
206:49 8/22/22
Episode 500: A Clockwork Orange
Holy Cats! That’s right folks the B-Movie Cast’s 500th episode is here! Mary, Nic, and Juan are joined tons of listener feedback as we reflect on 499 episodes, Vince Rotolo’s legacy and more! In honor of Vince we also check out one of his favorite films- 1971’s “A Clockwork Orange”! So, gather your droogs and get ready for a ‘very special episode' of The B-Movie Cast!
245:00 7/31/22
Episode 499: Xanadu
The B-Movie Cast has finally done it. We’ve gone down the road less traveled… and we did it on roller skates. That’s right for episode 499 of The B-Movie Cast, Mary, Nic and special guest Steve Turek are getting our disco balls out and grooving into “Xanadu”. Steve was particularly well qualified to join us for this episode because… well honestly, Nic had a hard time finding anyone else! But, aside from his willingness to endure the sensory spectacle that is “Xanadu”. So, put on your best leisure suit, get out your roller skates and get ready for the film that dared to ask the question “Can Gene Kelly roller skate?” as we check out the infamous disc fever dream that is- “Xandadu”!
149:57 7/11/22
Episode 498: Gymkata
The B-Movie Cast is back and the countdown to our 500th episode continues! For film #3 in the countdown, Mary and Nic are joined by show favorite Michael Worth! The gang checks out “Gymkata” the most gymnastics filled rip off of “Enter the Dragon” that director Robert Clouse could come up with in his desperate attempt to recreate the lightning-in-a-bottle magic of his original work on the Bruce Lee classic! This film has everything you could hope for in a martial arts film shot in Hungary from rural villages filled with conveniently placed gymnastics equipment to the director employing the real residents of a local mental hospital to play a town full of crazies! So chalk up your hands and get ready to flip for the first… and last… film to claim to be the ultimate mix of Olympic gymnastics and martial arts- “Gymkata” on episode 498 of the B-Movie Cast!  
146:10 6/28/22
Episode 497: From the Orient With Fury
  The B-Movie Cast is excited to have special guest Dr. Adrian Smith with us for this episode. Adrian joins Mary and Nic and the gang checks out some Euro-spy fun with the blondest James Bond knock-off: Agent 077- Dick Malloy (Ken Clark) in “From The Orient With Fury” (AKA- Fury on the Bosphorus). When a scientist who’s invented a disintegration ray is kidnapped it’s up to zero-double seven to chase some clues all over Europe before the bad guys can sell the secret of the ray to the highest bidder! There’s lots of clumsy fighting, inept goons, and unnecessary roughness to the actresses… but hey, it was shot in exotic locations so that’s cool right? Grab your passport and get ready to see the sight with Dick Malloy in “From the Orient with Fury” on this episode of the B-Movie Cast!
120:10 5/29/22
Episode 496: Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold
The B-Movie Cast is back and the countdown to our 500th episode continues! For film #5 in the countdown, Mary and Nic are joined by Eric Brooks! The gang checks out “Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold”. This cheese-filled 80s action flick features some really bad ‘not-so-special’ effects as well as some of Hollywood’s best actors at their worst! The second film of a planned trilogy that managed to not only kill off its sequel, but also helped lead to the downfall of Cannon studios! Put on your adventure pants and get ready to take a ride with Richard Chamberlain, Sharon Stone, and James Earl Jones as they go searching for treasure and hopefully a better script in “Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold”.
148:56 5/16/22
Episode 495: For A Few Dollars More
The B-Movie Cast is back and the countdown to our 500th episode continues! For film #6 in the countdown, Mary and Nic are joined by show favorite Mark Mawston! The gang checks out one of the founding films in the ‘spaghetti western’ genre: “For A Few Dollars More”. This classic stars Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef as bounty killers after the infamous ‘El Nino’. Get your pasta sauce ready for this Spaghetti Western classic “For A Few Dollars More”.
190:47 4/25/22

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