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Global stories from people sharing their groundbreaking adventures in justice, kindness, and humility. Join us on a journey of transformation in making our world a more just, more kind, more humble place… starting with ourselves.


Episode 23 - Helen Sworn - Founder & Executive Director, Chab Dai
Helen Sworn is the Founder and Executive Director of Chab Dai, a Cambodian non-government organization that seeks to end all forms of abuse and modern slavery globally by building a movement to empower communities, to strengthen systems, and to restore justice and well-being with survivors. If you’ve ever felt impassioned about something but have lacked the follow through to turn that empathy into action, Helen shares equipping tools to take that next step.  She walks us through the 5 Core Values of the Chab Dai organization, which are really transferable pillars for any NGO to operate effectively. We’re offered a unique look into Helen’s life.  Our journey takes us from her roots in northern England, into the corporate world and landing in the country of Cambodia – where in 1999 she launched an organization and movement that has changed (and continues to change) countless lives – the Chab Dai Coalition.  Helen shares impacting stories with us that are heartbreaking and heart restoring.  One cannot help but be both inspired and transformed from the power of her message. The work of Chab Dai is both a noble and uphill task, fraught with many obstacles.  Human trafficking is complex, fueled by issues like social inequality, culture and history, gender inequality, poverty, and economic disempowerment. With so many obstacles, the response must be a collaborative one. Chab Dai literally means … Joining Hands - translated from the Khmer language.  Join hands with us today as we hear from a world leader in today’s abolitionist movement...  On today’s episode of the 68 Culture Podcast.
65:05 08/02/2021
Episode 22 - Eugene Cho, Humanitarian|Author|Speaker|Pastor
Today’s guest is a global humanitarian, author, speaker, pastor, and visionary. Wearing many hats, he spends much of his time circling the globe speaking about the intersection of faith, justice, and leadership. He is the current President/CEO of Bread for the World and Bread Institute, a prominent non-partisan Christian advocacy organization urging both national and global decision makers to help end hunger – both in the United States and around the world. He is also the founder of One Day’s Wages (ODW) – a grassroots movement to alleviate extreme global poverty. ODW was initiated after he and his wife launched a Facebook group, Fight Global Poverty, and agreed to give $1 for every member who joined, up to $100,000. Within months more than 1,000,000 individuals joined. As a result in 2009, he ended up giving his entire annual salary, $68,000, when the US economy was in a significant downturn. Since its launch in October 2009, ODW has raised over $8 million dollars for projects worldwide. Eugene is also the founder and former Senior Pastor of Quest Church – an urban, multi-cultural and multi-generational church in Seattle, Washington. While at Quest, he was also the founder and Executive Director of the Q Café, an innovative non-profit community café. He’s been featured in multiple news outlets including Good Morning America, The New York Times, The Seattle Times, Relevant Magazine, NPR, ABC World News, Christianity Today, The Guardian and numerous other media outlets. For his entrepreneurial work and spirit, he was honored as one of 50 Everyday American Heroes and is a recipient of the Frederick Douglass 200—a list of 200 people around the world who best embody the spirit and work of Frederick Douglass, one of the most influential figures in history. A graduate of University of California and Princeton Theological Seminary, he was also the recipient of the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award from Princeton Theological Seminary. His first book, Overrated: Are We More in Love with the Idea of Changing the World Than Actually Changing the World?, was released in 2014.  His second book, Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk: A Christian’s Guide to Engaging in Politics, was released in March 2020. A third has just been released entitled, “No Longer Strangers – Transforming Evangelism With Immigrant Communities”.  He and his wife have been married for 23 years and have three children. Together, they live in Seattle, Washington.
58:28 05/05/2021
Episode 21 - Duane Guthrie, Pastor & Advocate
A question to consider as we listen to this episode: How would our lives be lived differently if today’s decisions were predicated retrospectively… from our death beds? Duane Guthrie is a husband, father, pastor, and world sojourner. In today’s episode, Duane takes us on a journey from being a business owner in Canada to a new life serving alongside the marginalized in Bolivia. From there, he takes us to the country of the Philippines – again beginning a new life in a new culture. Sharing transformative stories of life, including his providential encounter with senior leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Duane challenges us to both embrace and respond to the ‘disorienting dilemmas’ we all face in life. Prepare to be challenged… and possibly reassessing your life’s trajectory - on today’s enlivening and reflective episode of the 68 Culture Podcast. Note: Special thanks to Josh Snodgrass for his incredible acoustic guitar work in parts of this episode. More of his work can be found at
58:31 04/22/2021
Episode 20 - Terry Posthumus, Singer|Songwriter|Author|Speaker
Terry Posthumus is a Canadian Singer/Songwriter/Author/Speaker.  Terry is known for lyrics that are introspective, inspirational and  insightful. His appealing voice and his command of his instrument has captivated audiences near and far - with performances that have been described as “rootsy”, engaging and delightful. His passion for life, love, family, faith and justice is woven into the very fabric of his songs and stories. If you have ever been befallen by grief and loss or are facing them head on, this episode is for you.  Terry shares his journey with a raw vulnerability and inspiring transparency that offers unspoken comfort for times when there are no words.  He is a man well acquainted with sorrow.  One look at the painful events that are interwoven into his life and one would wonder and marvel at the idea that he would survive, let  alone thrive.  As a young boy, Terry's  father was killed instantly in an industrial accident. Terry’s story  includes the heart-wrenching loss of life of not one, but three of his  children and the death of his beloved first wife, Lorraine. Terry knows  loss, abandonment and brokenness, all too well. He has been, for all  intents and purposes, a childless father and a fatherless child.  And yet, the story doesn't end there.   To quote Terry, "I can't ignore or cover up the tragedies. They are an intrinsic part of the story and the effect of these things has shaped me into the person that I am today. Pain is a part of this life. This I know. But without pain, there can be no healing. Without darkness, there would be no need for light. If we weren't lost, we wouldn't need to be found. If I wasn't blind, there would be no need for the restoration of my sight. I have to talk about the hard parts. I must reveal the cracks, blisters and dirt for without these things, there is no story of grace."  Terry's story, though at times painful and tragic is just that, a continuing story of grace... and one interlaced with hope and joy!  You can hear it in his voice and feel it in his passion.  Together, we share a common bond of loss but far more importantly... the hope that excessively transcends loss.   Join us as we hear inspiring stories from a man who has faced the deepest of despair head on.  His music is shared as well as an inside look into his upcoming book, "Hope Unbroken".  His life story not only inspires hope but transforms lives... and continues to do so as he is a living testimony of what we would call - a 68 Culture life.
50:39 03/24/2021
Episode 19 - Dr. Steve Brown, President of Arrow Leadership
We live in a culture of unprecedented anxiety.  1 in 5 Canadians have reported ongoing high to extreme levels of anxiety.  Where is the peace? Regardless of nationality, worldview, or socioeconomic status, we all share a common bond - a search for peace and to be anchored.  Whether your worldview is Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or a host of other faiths and worldviews, there is something we can all agree upon.  No one has been talked about more the past 2,000 years than Jesus Christ.   Whatever your worldview, however long you have walked with or far from this Jesus, there are questions to be answered.  This episode isn't about the Jesus defined by what political tribe we claim, in what a celebrity leader, sociology professor, or fringe pastor defines Him to be, nor what our neighbor or family member claims.  When did you last stop... to eliminate the commentary, the politics, the noise and discover that maybe - our answer to peace is found beyond the external. Today's guest, Steve Brown has devoted his life to equipping leaders around the world as President of Arrow Leadership.  He's the author of Eight Key Practices for a Christian Leader’s Most Important Assignment, Great Questions for Leading Well, and free monthly e-resources at He has a book soon to be released entitled, “Jesus Centered”.  Where is the anchor in the storm?  What is the embodiment of Justice, Kindness, and Humility?  Stay tuned as we discover this and much more in today’s episode of the 68 Culture Podcast.
54:36 03/12/2021
Episode 18 - Cara Contreras - Founder & Director, Sutisana
Cara Contreras is the Founder & Director of Sutisana - all the way from El Alto, Bolivia.  Ever wonder exactly what is being done to not only combat human trafficking but provide sustainable alternatives for women entrapped in trafficking and prostitution in the most impoverished regions in the world? Today we find out! You don't want to miss the transformative stories and work that Cara Contreras shares on today's episode of the 68 Culture Podcast!  After arriving in Bolivia, Cara was quickly swept up by a vision for a therapeutic and vocational option for survivors of prostitution and trafficking. In 2010 she was part of the team that founded SUTISANA and has been committed to its success ever since. She’s worked in almost every part of the business and is now focusing on making SUTISANA a business that can grow and flourish in the future - independently of any one person. I had the privilege of spending a couple of days with SUTISANA back in 2017... discovering their work being a combination of noble, heroic, critical, and front lines - a story that must be told!  Join us on a journey from Ethiopia to Bolivia and discover the real Bolivia - in all its majesty and challenges through the eyes of Cara Contreras and the incredible, life transforming organization of SUTISANA.
46:04 02/09/2021
Episode 17 - Zak Koftinoff, Extreme Love
A former RCMP officer, Zak Koftinoff is a Canadian expat now residing in Cambodia. He was driven to a career with the RCMP after witnessing a bank robbery at the age of 10.  His career as police officer left him scarred and subsequently embattled with PTSD and various addictions.  Through a series of events, he came to faith at Tenth Church - an inner city community in Vancouver BC, Canada.  After leaving the force and through many journeys, he was called to pursue a life in Cambodia advocating for the vulnerable and trafficked. His current role with Extreme Love is overseeing a small team of young Cambodians who seek to intercept victims of human trafficking after they have been taken/sold from their families - but before they end up in exploitation.  The compelling work of Extreme Love is replete with both heartbreak and hope.  Zak's testimonial both inspires and prompts a search for the deeper questions of purpose within our own lives.   Join us as Zak transparently shares his journey of life and the incredible work that Extreme Love is facilitating in the country of Cambodia.  Your own perspective and priorities may well be set on a new course. 
55:10 02/01/2021
Episode 16 - Raju Bhagwat, Peace Building & Reconciliation
Raju Bhagwat is an equipper in Peace Building & Reconciliation.  Raised in India and a long time resident of Cambodia, his work experience covers Leadership Training, Community Development, Peace Building, and Reconciliation.  He conducted interfaith peace conferences in various cities in India, and peace camps for youth. He has also trained peace builders in Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. As Director of Advocacy with World Vision India, Bhagwat set up the departments for Govt. Relations, Justice and Peace Building. He holds a BA and MA in Sociology, B. Div. (major in Comparative Religions), and a research diploma from Oxford University, UK, in interfaith Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation. He is an ordained minister with the Church of North India. Currently, he is completing his doctoral studies in Forgiveness and Reconciliation. His dissertation focus is on reconciliation between Christian CEO’s in honor and shame cultures. Join us as Raju shares insights on how the practice of sustainable Peace Building & Reconciliation is founded on the pillars of Justice, Kindness, and Humility. Footnote Correction: Referenced paper is entitled, "Every household is an island" not "Every family is an island". 
49:50 01/11/2021
Episode 15 - Rob McKinley - Founder, 68 Culture Podcast
Rob McKinley founded the 68 Culture Podcast in 2020. Rob is just a regular guy, hailing from Canada who has experienced a diversity of cultures in a myriad of nations. Holding a Masters degree from Carey Theological College, he has spent many years working for International NGO's and is well traveled to many places in Asia, Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, and North America… Mostly Global South countries that continue to experience significant challenges with poverty and injustice. In Episode 15, Rob shares on the 2020 podcast year in review. We hear a summary of Season 1 guests, their work, and impact. A touching story is then shared of both hope and focus for us all - to start off 2021 with a renewed sense of purpose! This story is one that moves us towards emancipation from the present day entrapments we so often find ourselves drowning in. We’ll hear more about the launch of our new interactive website – where you can listen directly, follow on the platform of your choice, view guest bios, see how the 68 Culture movement came about, a brief bio on our host, a reviews section, ways to partner with us, voice mail feedback, have influence on future episodes, and more! Thank you to EVERYONE (listeners, guests, encouragers) for being part of the 68 Culture Podcast and movement! If you find these podcasts impacting you, please share on your social media and help change our world for the better! Looking forward to a 2021 graced with justice, kindness, and humility through and for us all! See you in Season 2!
13:04 12/28/2020
Episode 14 - Jared Brock, Film Documentarian & Author
Jared Brock is the co-founder of Hope for the Sold, an abolitionist charity that fights human trafficking. He is an author and film documentarian.  His films include: Red Light Green Light, Over 18, and Redeeming Uncle Tom.  His books include: The Road to Dawn, The Year of Living Prayerfully, and Bearded Gospel Men. His writing has appeared in TIME Magazine, Esquire, Christianity Today, Relevant Magazine, Huffington Post, Smithsonian Magazine, Writer’s Digest, The Guardian, and he is a frequent contributor to He owns no cell phone, is an anti-political, ambiverted, ENTJ, Enneagram 8, and spends his days synthesizing perennial knowledge into everyday wisdom – discovering the practical long-term principles that can cultivate human flourishing.  Join us as Jared shares from his personal journey, his work, and stories that will inspire and equip you to a deeper life of justice, kindness, and humility.  The inimitable Jared Brock on today’s 68 Culture Podcast.
50:50 12/21/2020
Episode 13 - Jobin Sam
Jobin Sam is a self-described sojourner who has found a treasure worth selling everything for.  He and his family reside in rural, northern Uganda. He has spent time in India, Malawi, Ethiopia, and Kenya but providentially found home - and deep purpose living in the margins with the poor and sick in rural Uganda.  Jobin has a background working in the NGO world but has elected to trod the path of incarnational living .  One of 'being' over 'doing'.  One of purpose over triviality.  Much of their time is spent with children and families afflicted by a progressive and fatal disorder known as 'Nodding Disease' which affects only children and is restricted to small regions of Uganda, South Sudan, and Tanzania. Join us as Jobin shares what life is like in rural Uganda living under Covid conditions, post Civil War/LRA society in present day Uganda, understanding the true meaning of blessing through the lenses of suffering, his poignant writings, numbering our days, and so much more.  His choices of living will leave you not only inspired, but on the path of reevaluating your own life.  Few people have I known that embody the interplay of Justice, Kindness, and Humility as Jobin Sam.  As you listen, you will hear one man's story... who has fully embraced - and is living the Pearl of Great Price.  Jobin Sam on Episode 13 of The 68 Culture Podcast.
54:22 12/14/2020
Episode 12 - Anu Canjanathoppil, International Justice Mission Canada
Anu Canjanathoppil is the Executive Director for International Justice Mission Canada (IJM). IJM works in the areas of: forced labour slavery, sex trafficking, sexual violence against children, citizenship rights abuse, police abuse of power, land theft and more.  They rescue victims, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen justice systems. Anu has 9 years of leadership experience with International Justice Mission. In Delhi, India she served as the Director of Operations and the Director of National Interventions, and in Chennai, India she served as the Director of Legal.  During her time with IJM, she worked extensively to impact the justice system by collaborating with state and local governments in India. She oversaw the training of more than 17,000 police, government officials, and NGOs on the rescue and rehabilitation of individuals trapped in slavery and bringing criminals to justice. As a result, 10,000 individuals have been rescued from forced labour slavery. Join us as Anu shares  on her own life as well as the pioneering, transformative… and challenging work that IJM is conducting globally. Reformation is occurring, piercing through the darkest expressions of humankind. Listen. Be amazed. Come alongside.
42:49 12/07/2020
Episode 11 - Jamie McIntosh, Compassion Canada
Jamie McIntosh is a Canadian human rights advocate.  He established the first international partner organization of International Justice Mission, bringing IJM to Canada in 2001.  He worked on the Advisory Council of World Vision China and later as World Vision Canada's VP of Programs & Policy and Vision Partners.  He served as Board Chair for VisionFund of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, CEO for Mercy Ships Canada, and is now the Executive Director of Partner Relations for Compassion Canada.  He holds a Masters Degree in International Human Rights Law from Oxford University.   Join us as Jamie shares personally - challenging and redemptive stories from the far reaches of India, Haiti, Somali, Bolivia and many points in between.  With a raw vulnerability of inspiration, tragedy and triumph in our tender world, Jamie encourages us all to live with purpose in making our world a more just, kind, and humble place.  
65:51 12/02/2020
Episode 10 - Kevin Knight, Manna4Life Cambodia - Part 2
Kevin Knight is  the co-founder of Manna4Life Cambodia.  Kevin's is a story from the  darkness of addiction to the light of purpose.  From Canada to  Cambodia... from emptiness to fulfillment. Kevin and his wife Leakhena run Manna4Life, a Cambodian  Non-Government Organization.  Manna4Life  truly understands and shares  the  hopes and fears, joys and disappointments of the people that they  have  set out to assist.  By entering the community as keen “learners”  rather  than possessors of all knowledge and solutions to the   community's issues, Manna4Life aims to empower the local people to  direct  their own, sustainable change. Join us for Part 2 as Kevin shares what he's learned in living with the poor in Cambodia... His first huge mistake, his understanding of  'mission', how impoverished people have defined kindness and humility for him, the practical out-workings of Manna4Life, and a cameo appearance from a surprise guest!
19:19 11/24/2020
Episode 9 - Kevin Knight, Manna4Life Cambodia - Part 1
Kevin Knight is the co-founder of Manna4Life Cambodia.  Kevin's is a story from the darkness of addiction to the light of purpose.  From Canada to Cambodia... from emptiness to fulfillment.   Kevin and his wife Leakhena run Manna4Life, a Cambodian Non-Government Organization.  Manna4Life  truly understands and shares the  hopes and fears, joys and disappointments of the people that they have  set out to assist.  By entering the community as keen “learners” rather  than possessors of all knowledge and solutions to the  community's issues, Manna4Life aims to empower the local people to direct  their own, sustainable change. Join us for Part 1 as Kevin takes us on a journey of faith and redemption from the Downtown East Side of Vancouver to the far reaches of the poorest in Cambodia.
25:25 11/21/2020
Episode 8 - Mark Buchanan, Author, Speaker, & Professor - Part 2
Mark Buchanan is a best selling Author, Speaker, Professor, and  Pastor.  He's authored 9 books, published numerous articles, and is a  contributing editor for periodicals such as Christianity Today and Faith  Today. In Part 2, Mark shares about his books, writing & speaking disciplines, and effective engagement practices in a culture divided...    This and much more in Part 2, with Mark Buchanan on the 68 Culture Podcast.
22:06 11/14/2020
Episode 7 - Mark Buchanan, Author, Speaker, & Professor - Part 1
Mark Buchanan is a best selling Author, Speaker, Professor, and Pastor.  He's authored 9 books, published numerous articles, and is a contributing editor for periodicals such as Christianity Today and Faith Today.  Join us for Part 1 as Mark shares... personally.  His upbringing, how he came to faith, his focused efforts towards First Nations reconciliation, and much more.   We then journey with Mark to the countries of Uganda, Bolivia, and Borneo where he experiences great insights into his own journey in the understanding of justice, kindness, and humility.
37:25 11/11/2020
Episode 6 - Ali Matthews, Canadian Musician & Advocate
Ali Matthews is a Canadian, multi-award winning recording artist.  She has been a  performing songwriter since her teens and has built a strong  following across Canada and beyond. She has released 9 critically acclaimed CD’s since 2000. Ali has yielded an impressive  collection of international awards. She holds the GMA (Gospel Music Association Canada) record as the artist with the most awards - 23 GMA Covenant awards and 49 nominations in 10 years.   She was a winner in the 2006 International Songwriting Competition, The Canadian  National Songwriting Competition, The Word Guild Canadian Writers  Awards and she was named Woman of the Year in the City of Stratford  for her outstanding contribution to the Arts.   Through her many talents, she has spent her career tirelessly advocating for the world's most impoverished people.
43:12 10/31/2020
Episode 5 - Brian McConaghy, Ratanak International - Part 2
Brian McConaghy is the founding Director of Ratanak International.  A former forensic  scientist with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, his is a compelling  story of triumph against all odds. From his early life in violence ravaged Northern Ireland, to being  instrumental in solving Canada's most notorious serial killer case of  Robert 'Willy' Pickton, Brian is as tenacious as he is compassionate -  overcoming numerous obstacles.  Notably, his work also brought one of  the most documented cases of a Canadian pedophile to justice when the  system was failing. Brian continues to advocate for the most exploited, marginalized, and  trafficked people in the country of Cambodia.   Join us for Part 2 as Brian illumines the dark world of human trafficking in Cambodia and SE Asia.  You will witness the transformative work Ratanak is doing to combat it.  Prepare to be changed as you not only hear stories of gross injustice but of incredible redemption and hope... in Episode 5 of 68 Culture.
32:49 10/27/2020
Episode 4 - Brian McConaghy, Ratanak International - Part 1
Brian McConaghy is the founding Director of Ratanak International.  A former forensic scientist with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, his is a compelling story of triumph against all odds.   From his early life in violence ravaged Northern Ireland, to being instrumental in solving Canada's most notorious serial killer case of Robert 'Willy' Pickton, Brian is as tenacious as he is compassionate - overcoming numerous obstacles.  Notably, his work also brought one of the most documented cases of a Canadian pedophile to justice when the system was failing.   Brian continues to advocate for the most exploited, marginalized, and trafficked people in the country of Cambodia.  Join us for Part 1 of this remarkable  individual whose life has affected untold thousands for the better.  His stories will leave you both shocked and amazed... Even better, inspired.
36:01 10/22/2020
Episode 3 - David Katz, The Plastic Bank Part 2
David  Katz is President and founder of The Plastic Bank, an innovative and  rapidly growing organization that's been making enormous global inroads  in poverty alleviation and environmental stewardship.  Join us for Part 2 as David discusses his experience on reality TV, meeting with Pope Francis and the praxis behind the movement of The Plastic Bank.
24:24 10/17/2020
Episode 2 - David Katz, The Plastic Bank Part 1
David Katz is President and founder of The Plastic Bank, an innovative and rapidly growing organization that's been making enormous global inroads in poverty alleviation and environmental stewardship.    Join us as he shares his journey from his earliest beginnings to affecting positive global transformation in partnering with some of the most influential decision makers on the planet... not only hear his story but join us in becoming transformed through it.
33:09 10/17/2020
Episode 1 - An Introduction To 68 Culture
Welcome to 68 Culture!  Join us on a journey of transformation in making our world a more just, more kind, more humble place… starting with ourselves. We are about Global stories from people sharing their groundbreaking adventures in justice, kindness, and humility.   In Episode 1, Rob McKinley walks us through what 68 Culture is and what to expect in future episodes.  Our podcasts (with the exception of this episode) are of an interview format.   68 Culture isn’t something we do. It’s a way of being… a movement, a conduit where people can inspire – and be inspired. An oasis where we can discover being the recipients – and conduits of change rather than agents projecting change on others.  Our Podcasts interview those with compelling stories of 68 Culture life. The vision of a 68 culture begins with the individual. The ethics of justice, kindness, and humility are at the core of a virtuous person and an equitable society. Most people can identify with the value of these three pillars. The 68 Culture is based on the triumvirate of justice, kindness, and humility. Equal in value and interdependent.  The essence of 68 Culture is not an organization but rather a movement. Our vision isn’t ‘our vision’. It’s one of humanity where everyone is a participant and no one is a spectator. It takes little effort to act in just ways, to be kind, and to walk in humility. And yet, it seems to be one of the greatest challenges humanity faces. It really is as simple as beginning now. In our day to day interactions, in our thought life, in our focus. Contrary to what society propagates, it isn’t all about me. It never was.  68 CULTURE subscribes to setting our own houses in perfect order before criticizing the world. Organic, positive, macro change comes to the world as we transform wholly from the inside out. Self examination isn’t easy when we’re honest with ourselves. When a wrong is committed against us, we want justice. When we commit wrongs, we want mercy... Yet, only through humility can our subjective inclinations for true justice and mercy thrive. Come join us on our journey of transformation in making our world a more just, more kind, more humble place… starting with ourselves.
18:14 10/05/2020