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The podcast focusing on the connection between human rights and environmental issues.


The Threat of Eviction - Protecting the rights of those living on the road with Juliet Murray 54:45 06/30/2022
Scarring the Earth - Other Sides of the War in Ukraine with Kate Liashchenko & Anastasia Laznya 33:32 04/21/2022
Igniting Conflict: Ukraine v Russia with Kate Liashchenko 53:00 02/24/2022
Perspectives in Taiwan with Ray Chang 45:39 02/17/2022
You're not crazy, the world is: Our end of year chat. 31:19 12/30/2021
Fleeing, not only from persecution with Alphonsine Kabagabo 39:57 12/22/2021
Life in Limbo. Trafficked: Siva's survival story from Sri Lanka to England 53:07 11/24/2021
The Colombian Civil War and Peace Process with Paola and Mary 46:45 07/21/2021
The Ethnic Conflict and Peace Process in Sri Lanka with Ovida Dias Gunasekara 46:53 07/14/2021
Deviant Leisure or Political Freedom? The History of Berlin's Clubbing Scene with Philipp Reimann 52:05 06/09/2021
Mexico's Border Crisis with Frank Hernandez 45:27 06/02/2021
Are we chilling in Orwell's 1984? - Media, Migration & Identity with Melis Omalar 55:22 05/26/2021
Creating Climate Justice with Roxane Chaplain 45:27 05/19/2021
Love and Rage - XR in Portugal with Cheila Collaço Rodrigues and Inès Deroche Rios 57:54 05/12/2021
Secrets of Russia with Russia's Anonymous Heroes 35:40 05/05/2021
Fighting Corruption and Fostering Inclusion in the Czech Republic with Marketa Fišarová 48:09 04/28/2021
Frozen Conflict: Ukraine's Coal Crisis with Kataryna Liashchenko 53:18 04/21/2021
Creating a Circular Economy in Ukraine with Vlada Melnychuk and Olja Brusko 23:28 04/14/2021
Roma Rights with Fil Sys 53:36 04/07/2021
Introduction to EarthRights Series Two 02:16 03/29/2021
The Need for an Ethical Recovery from Covid-19 with Dr Venkatapuram 54:05 02/24/2021
A Green Recovery from Covid-19 with James Melling & Carolyne Culver 44:51 02/17/2021
OIL or LIFE with Miles Rudgley 44:57 02/10/2021
Corporate Sustainability with Curtis MacGeever 37:23 02/03/2021
The Language Of Climate Change 36:59 01/27/2021
Human Rights Issues In Cuba 45:45 01/20/2021
Fast fashion, human rights and the environment 47:13 01/13/2021
The Connection Between Human Rights And The Environment 34:14 01/06/2021
Introduction to EarthRights 02:46 12/02/2020