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Single M.O.M.S. Brunch

Hey there Moms & Entrepreneurs!👋🏾 Lequita Brooks here! I went from Social Assistance to Six-Figure Business Owner leveraging my social work skills to get paid from coaching, government contracts, and consulting. Started this podcast to combine my ❤ for Social Work and passion for moms that are Single; I even wrote a book, Poetry Therapy In Practice, for Social Workers to use when facilitating group therapy sessions for Single Moms and Women in underserved communities. Let's talk about Mom hood, Relationships, and Business. Grab your Mimosa, Eggs Benedict, or maybe even an Eggo Waffle and tune in to the #1 Podcast for Moms on Sundays at 11 am. Follow @LequitaBrooksLCSW on Facebook!


Your Life Fulfillment Plan 18:59 08/07/2022
Pivot for Purpose 17:25 07/31/2022
How To Start Getting Paid From Consulting 09:46 07/24/2022
Do Not Do Another Training If You Have A Plan 17:54 07/17/2022
Stick To Your Plan Even When You Feel Uncomfortable and You Want to Quit 20:36 07/10/2022
4 Steps To Design YOUR Vacation Lifestyle 16:49 07/03/2022
Cabo 🇲🇽 Edition: How To Forecast Your Money Goals for the Next Six-months in 6 Steps to Live A Vacation Lifestyle! 27:11 06/26/2022
Give Yourself Grace Single Moms on Father's Day 22:49 06/19/2022
How To Map Out Your MONEY GOALS Into Action Steps with A Plan in 4 Simple Steps; even if you don't know what money mapping is 20:44 06/05/2022
Do What You Have To Do For YOU So You Never Have To Settle Or Accept Mess! 21:44 05/29/2022
The 5-Step Blueprint To Have An Ahhhmazing Life As A Social Worker; even if you don't know your niche! 21:34 05/22/2022
DECIDE!!! 18:21 05/15/2022
How to Get Laser-Focused On One Money Making Idea in 7 Steps; even if you are all over the place. 22:45 05/08/2022
Monetize Your Expertise in 5 Simple Steps to Sell Your Services for Over $1500; even if you are not sure what to sell 21:21 05/01/2022
Therapists, Coaches, and Clinicians: Master The Art of Confidently Charging The Value You Add 21:30 04/24/2022
The Top 7 Reasons You ARE NOT Making The Money You Want In Your Coaching Business 29:07 04/17/2022
When Is The RIGHT Time to Quit Your Job; even if you were ready to quit 5 days ago! 26:32 04/10/2022
You Are Already Enough ___________‼️ ♥️ 23:40 04/03/2022
The Top 5 Things You Need To Know To Build Your Coaching Business; even if you don't know where to start 24:29 03/27/2022
How to Find & Apply for Government Grants To Attain Consistent Income In Your Business; even if you don't know anything about government contracts 23:04 03/20/2022
PSA‼️ Don't Shelter Your Kids‼️ 26:08 03/13/2022
How To Identify Which High-end Service to Sell Now for Over $1500 in 3 Steps; even if you have sooo many things you're great at 😏 25:20 03/06/2022
How To Use Your Expertise To Make Six-figures Selling High-end Services in 3 Steps; even if you don't know where to start 💰 22:53 02/26/2022
How To Go From Side Hustle to Six-figure Business Owner; even if you don't know where to start! 26:32 02/20/2022
It's No Blueprint When You're Called To Be The 1️⃣st! 17:25 02/13/2022
How I Went From Social Assistance to Six-Figure Social Worker Using Multiple Streams of Income 23:47 02/06/2022
Single Moms that are Social Workers...this podcast is dedicated to You! ❤ 30:29 01/30/2022
Get Clear About "Your New Baby" 24:27 01/22/2022
Give Yourself Grace 17:33 01/16/2022
Down For 1️⃣ Week 14:51 01/09/2022