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The Airgun Geek's podcast is dedicated to sharing our personal experiences and enthusiasm for the sport with other airgun enthusiasts. Through engaging discussions and expert insights, we aim to provide valuable tips and tricks to help our listeners improve their skills and enjoyment of the sport. We are committed to fostering a community of passionate and knowledgeable air gunners and to promoting the sport of air gunning. #AvantLink #276425


FX DRS Reveal: Exclusive with Johan Axelson + Ballistol Giveaway & DIY Maker intro
Hello Fellow Airgun Geeks,      In this groundbreaking episode of the Airgun Geeks Podcast, we sit down with Johan Axelsson, a pivotal figure behind FX Airguns of Sweden, for an exclusive reveal of the innovative DRS Airgun. Johan, alongside his father, has propelled FX to the forefront of airgun innovation. The DRS marks a significant departure from traditional designs, eschewing the conventional air reservoir beneath the barrel for an ingenious utilization of space around the barrel. This episode offers a deep dive into the DRS’s unique features, the thought process behind its development, and what it signifies for the future of airgunning.We also have exciting news for our community! The winners of the much-anticipated Ballistol giveaway will be announced. Tune in to find out if you're among the lucky ones to take home our fantastic prizes.But that's not all – we're also thrilled to introduce "The DIY Maker," a brand-new YouTube channel dedicated to all the DIY enthusiasts out there. Whether you're a seasoned maker or just starting, this channel promises to be your go-to source for creative projects and insider tips.  @TheDIYMaker1  Join us for this exhilarating episode as we explore the cutting-edge of airgun technology, celebrate our giveaway winners, and embark on a new DIY journey. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review. Follow us for more updates and exciting content on #AirgunGeeks #FXAirguns #DRSAirgun #BallistolGiveaway #DIYMaker #AirgunInnovation #ShootingSports #AirgunHuntingFX DRS PRO: First Shots & Initial Setup - It's a Numbers Game! [Part 1] DRS PRO: Fine-Tuning for Precision & Consistency [Part 2] New FX DRS Classic Straight Out The Box Review the show
53:07 4/6/24
2024 Airgun Hunting Explored! Chris Turek & Rick Rehm Break New Ground
Hello Fellow Airgun Geeks," Dive into the future of airgun hunting in this riveting episode of the Airgun Geeks Podcast, now also available on YouTube! Join us as we explore the cutting-edge developments and breakthroughs set to redefine the sport in 2024. We're thrilled to host two of the most influential figures in the airgun community, Chris Turek from Up North Airgunner and Rick Rehm of Shooter1721, for an exclusive look at what's new and noteworthy.  Whether you're a seasoned hunter or new to the game, this episode is packed with insider insights, expert opinions, and a peek into the challenges and advancements shaping the future of airgun hunting. From the latest gear and technology to legislative updates and conservation efforts, we've got it covered. Don't miss out on this comprehensive guide to everything airgun for 2024. Tune in now to stay ahead of the curve and enhance your airgun hunting experience!  #AirgunHunting #AirgunGeeksPodcast #ChrisTurek #RickRehm #HuntingInnovation #2024Trends"Support the show
88:07 3/25/24
Giles Barry Unleashed Inside Airgun 101 & Beyond
Hello Fellow Airgun Geeks,Dive into the exciting world of airguns in this captivating episode of the Airgun Geeks Podcast, featuring the legendary Giles Barry from The Airgun Gear Show. As a key figure in the airgun community and a driving force behind Airgun 101, Giles shares his unique insights, thrilling experiences, and the latest innovations shaking up the airgun world. From his early days to becoming a YouTube sensation, Giles discusses the journey, the joy of educating and entertaining airgun enthusiasts, and what the future holds. If you're passionate about airguns, looking for expert advice, or simply curious about the man behind the camera, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in to get up close and personal with Giles Barry, and discover the magic of airguns like never before on Airgun Geeks.Visit our sponsors! the show
64:25 3/11/24
Global Airgun Adventures: From Michigan to Shenzhen and Beyond!
Hello Fellow Airgun Geeks,     Join us on a thrilling episode of 'The Airgun Geeks' as we take you on a winter journey unlike any other! In this special episode, titled 'Global Airgun Adventures: From Michigan to Shenzhen and Beyond,' our very own wandering geek embarks on a fascinating trek across the globe, visiting Michigan, South Carolina, the vibrant cities of Nantong and Shenzhen in China, the dazzling lights of Las Vegas, and gearing up for the much-anticipated IWA show in Germany. Discover how each destination ties back to the airgun community, offering unique insights, experiences, and connections that resonate deeply with our viewers and listeners. Whether you're an airgun enthusiast eager to learn about the global scene or simply love the thrill of travel and adventure, this episode is packed with stories, tips, and behind-the-scenes looks into the world of airgun aficionados.Don't forget to support our sponsors who make episodes like this possible. Let them know you saw them on 'The Airgun Geeks' and help us keep bringing you content that connects, informs, and entertains. Subscribe, like, and share to not miss out on any of our global airgun adventures. Your next journey begins here!"Airgun Geeks affiliate links! Using them is FREE for you, and helps us out directly.10% off at The Airgun Depot! with email list signup! our discount code geeks10 for 10% off at Right to Bear so you can protect what matters most to you!Support the show
72:47 2/27/24
Crosshairs United: The Airgun Geeks Explore the Convergence of Firearms and Airguns
Hello Fellow Airgun Geeks,     Kickstart 2024 with a bang as 'The Airgun Geeks' dive into the fascinating crossover between firearms and airguns in our latest episode, 'Crosshairs United: The Airgun Geeks Explore the Convergence of Firearms and Airguns.' This groundbreaking discussion sheds light on the evolving landscape of outdoor sports, where the precision of airguns meets the power of firearms. In this episode, we unravel the shared passions, technologies, and practices that unite firearms and airgun enthusiasts. Discover the cutting-edge advancements that are blurring the lines between these two sectors and how both communities benefit from this unique synergy. Whether you're an expert marksman, a casual backyard plinker, or someone interested in the broader world of shooting sports, 'Crosshairs United' offers invaluable insights, tips, and discussions tailored just for you. Join 'The Airgun Geeks' as we feature interviews with industry insiders, compare gear, and debate the latest trends impacting both airguns and firearms. Learn about the role of airguns in firearms training, the increasing popularity of airgun hunting, and the future of competitive shooting. Don't miss this engaging episode filled with expert knowledge, enthusiast stories, and a shared love for all things related to shooting sports. Subscribe to 'The Airgun Geeks' on YouTube, and immerse yourself in the ultimate resource for airgun and firearms aficionados. Engage with us through comments, share your experiences, and become part of a community where precision and passion meet. Like and share to help us grow and bring you more content on the convergence of firearms and airguns in outdoor sports. Here is a link to protect yourself with Right to Bear and keep what matters to you safe and sound. sure to use the exclusive discount code geek10 at check out for 10% off!  Please know that the Airgun Geeks do benefit in a small way financially and your purchase helps us do what we do. Support the show
62:14 2/14/24
A Newcomer's Journey into Airguns: Kayla Nevius' Story
Hello Fellow Airgun Geeks,Welcome to a thrilling episode of the Airgun Geeks Podcast, where we journey into the heart of precision shooting and outdoor adventures. Today, we shine the spotlight on Kayla "Airgun Wonder Woman" Nevius, a dynamic force reshaping the airgun landscape.🌟 About Kayla Nevius:🔹 From Novice to Trailblazer: Follow Kayla's extraordinary ascent from a beginner in the airgun world to a name that resonates in the community. Discover how she's challenging norms and inspiring a new wave of enthusiasts. [#AirgunJourney #TrailblazingTalent]🔹 Kayla's Insights and Inspirations: Delve into her unique approach to airguns, her influential role, and her dedication to fostering a vibrant airgun culture. [#RoleModel #AirgunInfluence]🔹 Techniques, Tales, and Tools: Kayla shares her captivating airgun discovery stories, top gear choices, and favored shooting methods. Gain invaluable tips and insights from her experiences. [#ShootingSecrets #GearTalk]🗣️ In This Episode:Prepare for an engaging, in-depth conversation that goes beyond mere target shooting. Explore the passion and precision that Kayla brings to the airgun world. Her story isn't just about hitting targets; it's about striking a chord in the hearts of enthusiasts and novices alike. [#DeepDive #AirgunPassion]🔔 Join Our Community:Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a leading figure in the airgun community. Subscribe for more episodes that unite, educate, and excite airgun enthusiasts around the globe. [#Engage #AirgunCommunity]✨ Hashtags for Engagement:#AirgunAdventures #PrecisionShooting #AirgunInspiration #NewcomerToNotable #AirgunInsights #OutdoorPassion #KaylaNevius #AirgunGeeks #SubscribeNow #AirgunPodcastSupport the show
73:14 12/11/23
Airgun Optics Odyssey - Zooming into the Right Choice audio only
Hello Fellow Airgun Geeks,Join us on this episode of The Airgun Geeks Podcast, where we take a deep dive into the world of airgun scopes! 🎯 Whether you're a seasoned sharpshooter or a budding backyard marksman, finding the right scope can be a game-changer for your airgun experience.In this optics odyssey, your hosts Pat and Bill explore the expansive universe of airgun scopes. We dissect the latest offerings from top manufacturers, share our honest insights on what features we're loving, and discuss the nuances that might not hit the mark. 🌟From reticle issues to magnification magic, no stone is left unturned as we cover everything you need to make an informed decision. We've scrutinized the product lines of renowned scope companies, revealing the pros and cons that can affect your precision and enjoyment.And for those with a taste for the exclusive, we have a special segment that's sure to pique your interest! We're thrilled to feature an interview with David, the esteemed president of UTG. He'll be introducing us to the much-anticipated Integrix line – UTG's leap into high-end optics designed with the discerning airgun aficionado in mind. 💼Get ready to unlock the potential of your airgun with insights on:🔭 Cutting-edge scope technology and design💡 Essential features for various shooting disciplines🏅 Hands-on reviews of the latest and greatest in airgun opticsPlus, we'll discuss how to align your scope choice with your shooting goals, ensuring you hit your targets with unparalleled precision.Don't miss out on this treasure trove of information! Subscribe and tune in to "Airgun Optics Odyssey: Zooming into the Right Choice" for a clear view of what the world of airgun scopes has in store for you. #AirgunGeeks #AirgunScopes #OpticsOdyssey #PrecisionShooting #UTGIntegrix #ScopeSelection #ShootingSportsRemember, the right scope can elevate your shooting to new heights – let's find yours together! 🎥🎙️Support the show
78:36 11/20/23
Shhh...We're Talking Silencers! Ft. The Wisconsin Airgunner & Tom from Impulse Air
Hello Airgun Geeks,🔇 Welcome to another mind-blowing episode of "The Airgun Geeks!" Today, we're diving deep into the fascinating world of airgun silencers, and who better to join us than PJ Clarke, aka "The Wisconsin Airgunner," and Tom from Impulse Air? 🔇🤫 Ever wondered what makes a silencer so... well, silent? Or why you should even consider adding one to your airgun setup? Hold onto your ear muffs, because we're about to spill the beans on everything you've ever wanted to know! 🤫🎯 **What You'll Learn:**- The science behind silencers: Why they work and how they're made!- Legal must-knows about owning and using airgun silencers.- Personal experiences: Stories and insights from our expert guests.- How to choose the RIGHT silencer for your airgun.- Myth-busting: Common misconceptions about airgun silencers DEBUNKED!🔊 **Special Guests:**- PJ Clarke "The Wisconsin Airgunner": With years of airgun experience under his belt, PJ is here to share his wisdom and passion for all things airguns!- Tom from Impulse Air: An innovator in airgun technology, Tom will give you the inside scoop on what to look for in a high-quality silencer.👇 Don't forget to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE for more top-notch airgun content! And, let us know in the comments which topics you'd like us to cover next. 👇🤐 Now, enough talking. Let's get quiet! 🤐DonnyFL - Air - the show
79:50 11/6/23
Eydin Hansen Talks Notos: Why This is the Airgun You've Been Waiting For!
🎯 **Welcome to another explosive episode of the Airgun Geeks Podcast!** 🎯Hey, Airgun Enthusiasts! Buckle up because this episode is jam-packed with airgun goodness that'll leave you craving for more! 🤩🌟 **What's in Store?** 🌟1️⃣ A knee-slapping, laugh-out-loud discussion between your beloved hosts, Bill and Patrick. We drop some knowledge bombs, all while trying not to shoot our eyes out! 🎉2️⃣ An exclusive, jaw-dropping interview with the airgun guru himself, Eydin Hansen from Umarex! He spills the tea on the latest airguns, tech, and maybe even some secret squirrel stuff. 🐿️3️⃣ Last but not least, Bill takes you on a behind-the-scenes journey to the Pyramyd Air Cup 2023. Get ready for the ultimate airgun showdown and a one-on-one chat with Eydin that you won't want to miss! 🏆So grab your popcorn 🍿, sit back, and enjoy the airgun extravaganza! Trust us; this is one episode you won't want to let fly by! 🚀**Don't forget to SMASH that like button, SUBSCRIBE, and ring the BELL 🔔 so you never miss an episode!**Email addresses for our ongoing contest! And just to reach out for business, or pleasure! (Use this one, it's fortified with awesomeness...)Notos Plenum Kit on eBay- Rail - - Notos - Forge - www.targetforge.netSupport the show
63:15 10/23/23
Plastic, Metal, Air: The 3D-Printed Airgun Accessory Revolution
Hello Fellow Airgun Geeks,       From the number one Podcast in the Airgun space Patrick and I are delighted to bring you this episode on 3D printing and what additive manufacturing means to you as an avid Pellet Pilot. We have an exclusive interview with a pioneer in this space and he shares a rare peek behind the curtain for all to see. It's a chunky episode, but some of you guys like em thick... Also new in this episode is an auto generated text overlay we are experimenting with, in the comments we'd love to know what you think about it. It's not 100% accurate yet, so forgive the errors. For the TRULY devoted that have read this far, if you send an email to either Patrick at or Bill at and include your mailing address you will get a limited edition Airgun Geeks sticker in the mail FOR FREE! I think I'll get more requests than Patrick will, but we are NOT competing, well ok, maybe we are... WRITE US, or rather write me, don't tell Pat I said that...Shhhh...Quality Vendors in the Additive Manufacturing Space:Custom Air Rifle Magazines - Design - Rail - Mag Loaders - geeks, #airgungeeks #airgun podcast #airrifleshootingSupport the show
63:36 10/9/23
We meet Cecil Bays from Hatsan and discuss the new non lead slugs from Zan!
Partick and I are delighted to bring you this episode of the Airgun Geeks Podcast. This episode is the culmination of of recordings done across the United States, PA, UT, and CA! We hope you enjoy meeting Cecil Bays from Hatsan USA, he is a great guy and a heck of a pellet flyer. Zan, the projectile scientist, has really upped his distribution game and has developed non lead slugs that uncork a lethal level of accuracy for certain pesting missions. Grab a coffee, or a road soda and share a moment with your Airgun Geeks!Support the show
26:09 9/25/23
Airgun Geeks Interview with Rick Rehm
Hello Fellow Airgun Geeks,                  In this episode we get an opportunity to take in some really soulful words from a standout in the trick shot world, Rick Rehm himself. What he shares has power far beyond the world of Airguns and we are grateful he shared his light with us, AND YOU. We also look at a possible solution for areas that still do not have an active Field Target club. The solution isn't for everyone, but it sure could pay off handsomely for the right guy or gal. Jump in, get involved!Our new email;;Check out Target Forge for all your Target or GX Compressor needs to use our coupon SUPERGEEK10 for a 10% discount before you checkout!!! Support the show
28:40 9/18/23
Interview with " The Lord of Lead" - Joe from Predator international
Hello Fellow Airgun Geeks,    This episode we were able sit down with man himself the Lord of Lead Joe from Predator international. So sit back and enjoy! Check out Target Forge for all your Target or GX Compressor needs to use our coupon SUPERGEEK10 for a 10% discount before you checkout!!! Support the show
37:36 9/11/23
Palm Beach Airguns Interview and Pyramyd air Cup 2023
Hello fellow Airgun Geeks,Bill and I had the opportunity at R.M.A.C. to sit down with Joel from Palm Beach Airguns and the Pyramydair Cup 2023 Recap!  Check out out Remember to use our coupon SUPERGEEK10 for a 10% discount before you checkout!!! Support the show
59:23 8/28/23
Neil Clague Interview
Hello Airgun Geeks,  Bill had the pleasure to sit down with the legendary Neil Clague AKA the hush maker. Sit back and listen to an awesome conversation. Check us also on our YouTube channel Forge Targets Visit us today and see what innovative home range equipment setup looks like! to use our coupon SUPERGEEK10 for a 10% discount before you checkout!!! Support the show
46:36 8/14/23
RMAC 2023 News and a TED BEIRS EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! Airgun Geeks Podcast
 Welcome to another episode of the Airgun Geeks Podcast! In this episode we cover how Patrick did at RMAC, how he gave me my first letter in the Notos Challenge (A big fat "G"!) and if that was not enough, how about an in depth discussion with the one and only Ted Beirs of Ted's holdover fame! Grab the beverage of your choice (Coffee if your driving!) and deep dive into the Airgun World with Patrick and I. Support the show
58:38 8/1/23
What Magazine do you use?
Hello Fellow Airgun Geeks,  Bill and I talk about the magazines we use with our airguns and the options out there! So, sit back takes notes and learn. Please keep the conversation going on the Airgun Geek Facebook Page.Visit us today and see what innovative home range equipment setup looks like! to use our coupon SUPERGEEK10 for a 10% discount before you checkout at Target forge Targets!!! Support the show
46:39 4/25/23
Catching up with Son's of the Flag
Hello Fello Airgun Geek's,  Bill and I had the honor of catching up with Scott and Zach from Son's of the Flag. We find out if Zach is competing and how he is going to take the trophy! We have a great conversation on how life has been treating them over the past year!  Visit us today and see what innovative home range equipment setup looks like! to use our coupon SUPERGEEK10 for a 10% discount before you checkout at Target forge Targets!!! Support the show
43:43 4/10/23
Rise of the Notos and other fun bits!
Hello Fellow Airgun Geeks,Join Patrick and I on another odyssey into the exciting world of adult airguns and the ethos that surrounds it. Patrick and I have a lot of fun bringing this Podcast to you, grab a coffee, listen or watch and join us for a little while.Links from this episode:UTG Bus Buster Scope - High Rings - Umarex Notos Carbine - Magazines and magazine loaders - "The Iguana Hunter" products - Notos mag holder plus by Target Forge - us today and see what innovative home range equipment setup looks like! Remember to use our coupon SUPERGEEK10 for a 10% discount before you checkout!!! Support the show
76:17 3/27/23
Catching up with PJ / The Wisconsin Airgunner
Hello fellow Airgun Geeks,We get to sit down with PJ and find out how Shot Show was and what he found interesting.  HO w did he do such a great job on kicking out videos of Shot Show so fast. We learn about the new Diana XR200 .30 and what PJ's first impression is. We talk about the new airgun line DonnyFL is selling The Niksan line of airguns.   Any questions on the topics talked about please send an email to Airgungeeks@gmail.comSupport the show
97:15 2/27/23
Inetrview with Airgun Pro shop
Hello Airgun Geeks,  Today I had the opportunity to sit down with the owner Tyler from Airgun Pro Shop here in Ohio. We go over many airguns he sells and services.  We technical with The Evanix Rex and many other airguns. Make sure to check the website out at  Also make sure to check out Target Forge targets for your target needs. Support the show
48:45 2/13/23
We're Back
Hello Fellow Airgun Geeks,This episode Bill and Catch up on where we have been and what we have been up to. We talk about Shot Show 2023 and all the new airgun stuff that came out. Like the new Umarex Notos, FX True Ballistic Chronograph and The Skout Epoch . So, sit back and enjoy! Support the show
80:44 1/30/23
Talking airguns with Joe Dorrian
Hello Airgun Geeks,   This episode we have the pleasure of getting to know who Joe Dorian is. Check out the podcast and find out his journey and what he does for fun! Support the show
66:08 12/5/22
Travis from DonnyFL Interview
Hello Airgun Geeks,   This episode I sit down with Travis from DonnyFL and get to know hime better. We talk about the new Compressor DonnyFL has put out called the Little Foot and Bigfoot compressors. Support the show
76:30 10/24/22
H&N Pellets Interview
Hello Airgun Geek,  This episode we get the opportunity to talk to Jorge from H&N Pellets and Gerhard from Air-hunter Gerhard. Make sure to check out his YouTube channel. We learn about H&N history and where they are going in world of Slugs. So, sit back and enjoySupport the show
87:25 9/26/22
Sons of The Flag
Hello Airgun Geeks,  This episode we get to know all about the foundation Sons of The Flag and what they do. We get to meet Scott Ash who is 1 of the many Task force members for Sons of The Flag. We also get the honor of meeting Zach Sutterfield who is the Burn Survivor Ambassador for Sons of The Flag.  We sit down and get know Zach's Family and how they worked thru the difficulties of Zach's injuries physically and mentally.  We learn what Scott does and how he makes a difference daily for many burn victims and in his daily Job. Check out Sons of the Flag and help support a great a cause that changes lives - out all your Target needs at Remember to use our coupon SUPERGEEK10 for a 10% discount before checkout!!! It helps you and support the Airgun Geek Podcast. Support the show
75:05 9/12/22
Life of an Airgunner
Hello Airgun Geeks,   Bill and I talk about what we have been up to. We go over the different type of Air tank bags on the market. Changes to the Podcast and a new Airgun I discovered. The Barra 1100z! Check out all your Target needs at Remember to use our coupon SUPERGEEK10 for a 10% discount before checkout!!! It helps you and support the Airgun Geek Podcast. Support the show
48:48 8/30/22
Compressor Filters and HPA Valves is there a difference
Hello Airgun Geeks,   This episode Bill and I talk about the necessity of an output filter. The types there are and which ones we recommend. We also go over the various types of HPA valves on out Scuba, SCBA and Carbon Fiber tanks.  Check out all your Target needs at Remember to use our coupon SUPERGEEK10 for a 10% discount before checkout!!! It helps you and support the Airgun Geek Podcast. Support the show
80:46 8/17/22
Chronographs, Do You Need 1???
Hello Airgun Geeks,  This episode we discuss the Why, When and Need for owning a chronograph. We discuss the types that are available and the costs of getting 1. So, sit back take notes and enjoy the Podcast.  Check out all your Target needs at Remember to use our coupon SUPERGEEK10 for a 10% discount before checkout!!! It helps you and support the Airgun Geek Podcast. Support the show
75:59 8/8/22
Interview Thayne Simmons from Saber Tactical
Hi Fellow Airgun Geeks,   We had the pleasure to sit down with Thayne Simmons from Saber Tactical. Sit back and enjoy on how Saber Tactical got its start.  We also had many great discussions on who is Thayne Simmon and what Saber Tactical is up to. Check out  Remember to use our coupon SUPERGEEK10 for a 10% discount before checkout!!! It helps you and support the Airgun Geek Podcast. Support the show
75:39 8/1/22