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This is a podcast of two friends telling stories that just might go downhill fast.


Season 1 Ep 2, SUPing, Cat, Siri
Rheannon and Tamara talked about teaching a cat to go stand up paddle boarding. Making Siri call them by a nickname and life with a brand new kitten. Taking a kitten home for the first time has a lot more moving pieces that one might think.
41:36 6/1/18
Season 1 Ep 2, Engagement, T-money, Awesome Possum, SUPing Cat, Underwear, Stories, Comedy
This episode kicks off the podcast and there is a good chance we are going to share some stories that go downhill fast.  We talk about how Rheannon proposed. Tamara learns about a feature on  the iphone utilizing the nicknames T-money and Awesome Possum that blows her mind.  We discuss what it would look like to have a SUPing Cat. And we wrap it all up talking about underwear.
49:18 6/1/18
Season 1 Ep 3, Bullshit, San Diego, Traveling
Tamara makes up a game called Bullshit.  In the game they each take turns telling a story and the other has to decide if it is a true story or bullshit. The pair talk about San Diego and traveling.
41:36 6/8/18
Season 1 Ep 4, San Diego, Diapers, SUPing
Tamara attempts SUPing while in San Diego.  After struggling with that she tries kayaking, and well that goes downhill fast too.  Neither Tamara or Rheannon have children and they discuss the need for technology to alert when there is a dirty diaper before they have kids.  Has to be a better system for diaper checks than just smelling your kids butt.
49:20 6/15/18
Season 1 Ep 5, Cats, Bullshit, Weddings, Bears and Go-go Dancers
What do cats, bullshit, weddings, bears and go-go dancers have in common?  Rheannon and Tamara tells stories about then all that go downhill fast. Tamara shares a story of the only time she has run for her life from a bear.  To be clear that was no actual bear sighting, but the way Tamara tells it there was a grizzly bear closing in on her as she hurdled a camp fire. 
35:50 6/22/18
Season 1 Ep 6, Dating, Dating Apps, Dating Profiles, Fly Fishing, Bro's
The whole online dating thing can be challenging.  Dating apps and dating profiles can be a lot of work. Tamara opens up about the difficulty of dating in a small town. Rheannon does her best to update the profile mostly  looking for fly fishermen and swiping left on  bro's.  Will the update to Tamara's profile help her find her soul mate? 
39:00 6/30/18
Season 1 Ep 7, Camp, Bears, 4th of July, Fly Fishing, Dating Profile
Getting an update on the how the dating profile went this last week.  Tamara maybe didn't find her soul mate, but there is a story that ends up going downhill fast. Stories from camping, bears, 4th of July, and fly fishing.  
50:56 7/13/18
Season 1 Ep 8, Weeding, Movie Reviews, Swing Dancing
Tamara and Rheannon talk about weeding, which Tamara has a unique tactic for weeding.  Tamara watches a lot more movies than she does swing dancing. Rheannon on the other hand does more swing dancing than movie watching.  This makes for interesting movies reviews and Tamara's missteps from dancing. 
57:26 7/20/18
Season 1 Ep 9, Dancing, Gas Station Murder, Road Trip
Tamara steps way out of her comfort zone to go swing dancing and takes the hardest dance class she has ever taken.  Ok, it was the first dance class she ever took but even Rheannon agrees that it was a very advanced beginner class.  On the drive home Rheannon and Tamara managed to freak themselves out as the stopped at a murder looking gas station.  Gotta love a  road trip!
49:38 7/27/18
Season 1 Ep 10, Chicken Vests
Rheannon and Tamara catch up on their week and all the happenings.  Big update is the addition to chickens at Rheannon's house.  Tamara makes the recommendation of chicken vests to tell the chickens apart.  Clearly Tamara has not spent a lot of time around chickens. 
41:58 8/10/18
Season 1 Ep 11, Apple Watch, Escaping Chickens, Butt Eggs, Trash Pandas
Rheannon shares that zucchini pasta is a glitch in the matrix, and Tamara of course loves references to The Matrix. We learn that Tamara watches a lot more movies than Rheannon which leads to some very vague descriptions of movies from Rheannon. Tamara is in a competition with friends with sharing apple watch workouts even if she forgets about it, but she is upset that her apple watch seems to be off with the distance.  Rheannon tells about the problem of escaping chickens (Cow being the problem chicken) and the difficulties of naming the chickens. Leaping lizard chickens keep things interesting. There is the discussion of can you eat butt eggs even after they have been washed. Finally Tamara tells a story of walking the dog to come across a family of Raccoons. She maybe a full dialog with the trash pandas before going on her way. 
46:16 8/17/18
Season 1 Ep 12, Good Weed, Freeloading Chickens,
Rheannon does her best to teach Tamara about farm animals. She also tells Tamara all about the freeloading chickens she has on her hands.  After a few days of eggs the chickens are now phoning it in.  Tamara and Rheannon are really excited about having a listener from Austria, and Tamara ends up quizzing Rheannon on continents.  Rheannon talks about her animals getting along and how that could relate to how she raises her future kids. 
43:20 8/24/18
Season 1 Ep 13, We are back, Seattle Traffic, Endings, Not a Pickup Line
Tamara and Rheannon are back at it after a week break. Rheannon tells stories from her time in Seattle, which is a city she compares to the wild wild west. Tamara talks about the hitting traffic in Seattle and the nightmare of traffic when your maybe not used to it. Sitting in a bar Tamara thinks she is getting hit on...she wasn't.  What could have been a pick up line, but it really really wasn't. 
40:05 9/7/18
Season 1 Ep 14, Hamilton Longfellow, Fly Fishing, Poor Man's Moscow Mule
Tamara has wanted a dog for year and shares how she came up with the name Hamilton Longfellow. Rheannon and Tamara talk fly fishing all while drinking a poor man's Moscow Mule.
48:38 9/14/18
Season 1 Ep 15, Bo Hamilton Longfellow, Razor Blade, Fly Fishing, Bears
Tamara talks about Bo Hamilton Longfellow, which yes might be the most obnoxious name for a dog.  Then Rheannon and Tamara talk about razor blades, fly fishing, and bears.  The bars happen to be the part of fly fishing that scares Tamara the most.
43:52 9/21/18
Season 1 Ep 16, Bo Update, Seattle One Big Game of Chicken, Quiz
Tamara shares an update on Bo.  Rheannon talks about Seattle One Big Game of Chicken, and then the pair take a quiz.
43:47 10/1/18
Season 1 Ep 17, Beyonce, Sea Lions, MMA
Tamara tells stories from seeing Beyonce in Seattle. Rheannon talks about Sea Lions and her new found love of MMA.
53:39 10/12/18
Season 1 Ep 18, Perfect 36 points, fly fishing, Downers
Tamara talks about growing up having to clean her room to 36 points.  Tamara and Rheannon talk about fly fishing.  Then Rheannon shares an idea for a name for the listeners downers.
53:01 10/19/18
Season 1 Ep 19, College Game Day, My Favorite Murder, Sleep, Land SUPing, ERGing
Tamara shares stories from College Game Day and going to see My Favorite Murder Podcast live in Seattle.  Rheannon tried teaching Tamara to land SUPing, and then Tamara taught Rheannon how to erg. 
63:15 10/26/18
Season 1 Ep 20, Going back to 20's, Voting, Save the Dates, Wedding Dancing, Fog Horns
Tamara and Rheannon discuss what it would talk to go back to their 20's and how important it is to vote.  Rheannon has a creative idea for her save the dates and Tamara is pretty convinced that it is going to go downhill fast.  The friends discuss dancing at weddings and just how bad it would be to train a cat using a fog horn.
64:47 11/2/18
Season 1 Ep 21, Pot Filler, Downhill Nation, Downhilli, Downhillus, Downhillian, Laser Tag
Rheannon describes how things go downhill quickly when the pot filler is knocked off the wall.  We got our first email with a recommendation for a name for our fans Downhill Nation, Downhilli (singular), Downhillus (plural), Downhillian (to describe a situation that goes downhill fast). Tamara tells a couple of stories from  laser tag that just might go downhill fast.
51:33 11/9/18
Season 1 Ep 22, Waterfall, White Water Rafting, Wedding Speeches, Finger Condoms, Suits
Tamara tells the story of going over a waterfall on a  white water rafting during her toast at her friends wedding and she retells that story on the podcast this week. Rheannon shares her thoughts on finger condoms, which other folks maybe calls a ring. 
57:09 11/16/18
Season 1 Ep 23, Hot Chocolate, Dog Proofing, Haricut, Wedding Hair, 80 Ounces of Water, Parking Garage, 18 Kids and Counting
Rheannon & Tamara discuss how bad John Wayne has been lately and the new 80 ounces a day water challenged inspired by Jo Rogan's sober October.  How parking garages are sketchy and dangerous and overly aggressive. Whether or not you should have kids in bunches.  Also Tamara get's super excited for hot chocolate and a poor plan to try and figure if she is allergic to hazelnuts. 
64:03 11/23/18
Season 1 Ep 24, Broken Glass, Hazelnuts, New Mic, After.....noon
Rheannon & Tamara discuss high quality ski pants, the affects of drinking 80 ounces of water a day to avoid getting punched in the face.  There are some questions about how Tamara's next haircut will go. Updates from getting a new podcast mic, wearing headphones, and random glass breaking.  Tamara's less than scientific hazelnut allergy test.  
63:12 11/30/18
Season 1 Ep 25, Tamara's Haircut, Ashe Guadalupe, Socks, Pillows, Underwear
This week's episode has Tamara getting excited for a hair cut from Rheannon.  Who yes has no experience cutting hair, but what could go wrong? We get an update about Ashe Guadalupe who got a little banged up.  Tamara has to weigh in on how much is too much to spend on socks and underwear and can you have too many pillows.    
56:55 12/7/18
Season 1 Ep 26, Mini Episode - Tamara gets a haircut
Tamara asked for a hair cut from Rheannon and was very confident until it got started.  Once Rheannon's girlfriend is not supervising Tamara quickly loses confidence and it all goes downhill. Very simple questions like trying to agree on how big is an inch or is the goal to cut the hair straight takes a serious tone. Rheannon bounces back and tries to navigate the hair cut conversation as a good hair cut should have.  Will Tamara get set up on a date? Will her hair get cut?  Will it all go downhill fast?
25:53 12/10/18
Season 1 Ep 27, Professionalism, Chickens, Drugged Cat, Watching Movies
Tamara and Rheannon talk about the difference of professionalism expectations between men and women.  Tamara manages to get Rheannon pretty fired up about dress codes and a shirt with a collar, AKA a polo. Even if koozies is a hard word to say (for both Tamara and Rheannon), we are still excited to have them up on on the website. Tamara loves painting and tries to talk Rheannon into letting her help paint in the next remodel project. Update on the chickens and the poor drugged cat. Both Tamara and Rheannon's families will watch movies over the holidays and they have very different opinions on movies, specifically Tamara liking Marvel movies and Rheannon less so.  
56:41 12/14/18
Season 1 Ep 28, Guess the Drink, Squirrel Encounter, Lady Dr., Trivia, Happy New Year, Getting Lucky
This episode will go downhill fast as we start the episode off with a game of Guess the Drink.  Tamara has prepared two drinks with mystery ingredients and Rheannon has to do her best to guess what is in each drink.  Nothing like a stand off with a squirrel, but luckily Tamara wins this round. A trip to the Lady Dr. is never a fun trip, and a trip to a new doctor has the potential to go down hill fast.  This weeks episode was recorded after trivia and just might go downhill fast. We end season one with a Happy New Year's and some parting words of "wisdom".  
82:25 12/21/18
Season 2 Ep 1, New Year, Dandillion Wine, Movies, The Big Lebowski,
This episode is kicking off the New Year and season 2.  To start the year off trying new things Tamara and Rheannon try homemade Dandillion Wine.  The holidays include watching so many movies.  Rheannon shares her new favorite movie The Big Lebowski, and talks about the other movies she watched that fell short. Tamara rang in the new year with a hot tub that was a wee bit too hot.  
60:32 1/4/19
Season 2 Ep 2, Skiing, Sweat, Kids and Cell Phones, Saunas
This week's episode Tamara and Rheannon talk about the upcoming ski trip. Tamara is hoping to coast downhill will very little sweating. Rheannon is going to be prepared with a mid day sock change, due to the foot sweating. Time will tell which one is right, and Tamara might literally go downhill fast.  Rheannon tells Tamara all about the filters on kids phones these days which is bananas.  Tamara shares the story explaining why she is scared of, or at least very cautious of not getting trapped in a sauna. 
76:00 1/11/19

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