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The Cool Table podcast is THE place to sit and chill and chat about all things pop culture: books, movies and TV, and the fandoms that love to hate them. It's more than just a tongue-in-cheek way to describe our gang and our place on the internet or a self-deprecating way to describe what we bring to you. It’s an all-inclusive hangout meant for everyone who ever needed a place to sit and just fangirl away, without having to wade through the crazies to get there. Relax, you found your people. We’ve been saving you a seat at right here.


Hangoutlander: Go Tell The Barbs That We Are ... 97:44 01/18/2022
The Way Down with Two Ex-Evangelicals 60:00 10/28/2021
Loki Episode 6: For All Time Always (And Until Season 2 At Least) 63:09 07/16/2021
Loki Episode 5: Journey Into Mystery 60:08 07/13/2021
Ice Planet Barbarians: We Tried To Tell Y'all 43:13 07/06/2021
Loki Episode 4: The Nexus Event (and the gasps heard round the world) 65:53 07/02/2021
Loki Episode 3: Lamentis-1 (Button-downs, feeling full and always more shipping) 56:59 06/27/2021
Loki Episode 2: The Variant 58:01 06/22/2021
Loki Episode 1: Glorious Purpose (Therapy, Calvinism and Shipping) 96:04 06/11/2021
The French Open: We Love Tennis and Mess 75:50 06/08/2021
Good Night, Mare of Easttown 74:15 06/05/2021
Choose Your Own Mare of Easttown 62:30 05/27/2021
Retrospective: Falcon and the Winter Soldier 82:27 05/22/2021
A Two Gasp Episode of Mare of Easttown 59:37 05/19/2021
It Should be Mare of Easton Instead 62:20 05/16/2021
Nobody is Clean in Mare of Easttown 57:06 05/09/2021
Solving Mare of Easttown 48:47 05/02/2021
Grisha Book Club: Six of Crows 54:29 04/20/2021
Men In Kilts Finale with Women in Sweats 38:41 04/19/2021
Book Primer: The Great-Greats 37:22 04/14/2021
Grisha Book Club: Shadow and Bone 30:57 04/08/2021
Bridgerton Book Club: An Offer From a Gentleman 56:55 03/24/2021
A Hangout of Witches 9&10 79:36 03/19/2021
A Hangout of Witches 7&8 47:09 03/18/2021
A Hangout of Witches 5&6 63:51 02/25/2021
A Hangout of Witches 4 37:15 02/23/2021
A Hangout of Witches 3 57:36 02/19/2021
Men In Kilts Meet Women in Sweats 32:32 02/18/2021
Bridgerton Book Club: The Viscount Who Loved Me 46:27 02/16/2021
It's Not Hard, Marge 41:11 02/15/2021