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Diving into conversation with change makers and go-getters, Ann Smith and her guests inspire listeners who seek more from their professional and personal lives.


Season 2, Episode 45: Malia Spencer, Reporter at the Portland Business Journal
A PR pro and a journalist? It's a tale as old as time. On this week's episode of #AllShineNoFlash, Ann sits down with Portland Business Journal’s Malia Spencer to discuss her perspective on being a woman in journalism, how AI is affecting the communications industry and reasons to feel optimistic about Portland's community and future. She also dives into her favorite tip for PR pros (hint: you can look it up), advice for aspiring journalists and why it's not always a bad idea to let people underestimate you.
36:40 9/13/23
Season 2, Episode 44: Tess Payne, director of community engagement at DoveLewis
If you thought dogs were man’s best friend before, wait until you hear this conversation!  In today’s episode of All Shine No Flash, Ann speaks with Tess Payne, director of community engagement at DoveLewis, Portland’s highly respected and renowned emergency and ICU animal hospital. They discuss the impact DoveLewis has made in its 50 years of operation, from the exceptional veterinary care to their canine therapy teams, pet loss care groups and very own blood bank, which is supported by more than a team of volunteer dogs and cats. After this episode, you’ll be sure to thank your vet during your four-legged friend’s next visit.
33:29 8/15/23
Season 2, Episode 43: Blake St. Onge, managing principal at Cresa
On the newest episode of #AllShineNoFlash, Ann interviews Blake St. Onge, managing principal at Cresa, a commercial real estate agency. Despite his day job, Blake doesn’t hesitate when he says his most important title is “Dad.” He talks about prioritizing time with his wife and three boys and how he’s been able to shape his life so that certain hours of the day are dedicated to family. Blake also dives into what businesses are looking for in the current real estate market, changes since the pandemic and what trends are being seen in Portland and beyond.
40:16 8/1/23
Season 2, Episode 42: Skip Newberry, president and CEO of the Technology Association of Oregon
In our latest episode of All Shine No Flash, Ann interviews Skip Newberry, president and CEO of the Technology Association of Oregon. They dive into Oregon’s tech industry, opportunities and challenges for companies doing business here and why Skip is optimistic about what he’s seeing at the state’s legislative level.
36:49 7/19/23
Season 2, Episode 41: Nora Sheils, co-founder of Rock Paper Coin
Can you hear the wedding bells? It's the newest episode of #AllShineNoFlash! This week, Ann sits downs with Nora Sheils, co-founder of Rock Paper Coin, a software platform designed for the wedding and events industry. Nora dives into the details of what led her and her sister-in-law to go from wedding planners themselves to tech startup entrepreneurs. She also gives a sneak peek into what it's like to work with wedding industry titans and what trends are top of mind for brides this year.
38:17 7/5/23
Season 2, Episode 40: Damola Omotosho, CEO and founder of CardCraft
Managing “day jobs” at Intel and Microsoft and “side gigs” building businesses from scratch is not for the faint of heart. In today’s episode of #AllShineNoFlash, Damola Omotosho, CEO and founder of CardCraft, shares his story of working at some of the world’s largest tech giants while also being a serial entrepreneur. ‘D’ offers insight into what it means to be a Black entrepreneur in America and how the power of creating connection is a common thread throughout the businesses he has founded.  
31:59 6/21/23
Season 2, Episode 39: Brian Hennessy, CEO of Talkoot
How does one become the head writer at a company like Adidas? And then how does one go from that to creating an AI platform? On the newest episode of #AllShineNoFlash, Brian Hennessy, CEO of Talkoot, dives into how his writing career ultimately led him to develop an AI product storytelling platform for e-commerce retailers. Hennessy gets into the details of being introduced to AI, its pros and limitations and what its ever-evolving nature means for us writers.
45:36 6/7/23
Season 2, Episode 38: Shannon Evers, chief executive officer of Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington
Thin Mints®, Somoas® and Tagalongs® are an annual tradition for many Americans, but Girl Scouts are about a whole lot more than cookies. Today on #AllShineNoFlash, Ann interviews Shannon Evers, chief executive officer of Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington. As someone who was a Girl Scout growing up and now has a 20+ year career with the organization, Shannon has witnessed its evolution and growth over the years to keep pace with girls, while never losing sight of its mission of championing girl ambition.   
27:27 5/24/23
Season 2, Episode 37: Dan Bruton, Owner and Founder of Agate Executive Communications
In this week's episode of #AllShineNoFlash, Dan Bruton, owner and founder of Agate Executive Communications, poses the question: If you're not being yourself in your profession, then why the hell are you doing it? Originally hailing from Southern Oregon, Dan focuses on creating custom communities for individuals in leadership roles to grow personally and professionally. Listen in as Dan shares more about what executives are craving post-pandemic and the power that comes from simply letting our guard down and being together.  
30:12 5/10/23
Season 2, Episode 36: Julie Harrelson, Managing Director of Cascade Seed Fund
On this episode of #AllShineNoFlash, we’re learning how to start planting seeds for success with Julie Harrelson, managing director of Cascade Seed Fund, an early-stage investment fund in the Pacific Northwest. Julie gives us industry tips for growing your roots in entrepreneurship and discusses her hopes for future generations to break the glass ceiling in venture capitalism. 
23:09 4/26/23
Season 2, Episode 35: Kevin Richards, Founder of RECS
 If you’ve never aspired to be a professional pickleball player, you just might have a change of heart after listening to our newest episode of #AllShineNoFlash! This week we sit down with Kevin Richards, founder of RECS, the Portland-metro area’s largest indoor pickleball facility.  Kevin shares his professional insights on the world of pickleball, including debunking the myths of the sport, why it can be a particularly beneficial activity for seniors in the community and the best ways to begin introducing yourself to the game.
28:33 4/12/23
Season 2, Episode 34: Emily Corning, Founder of Hustle & Heart Homes
We’re diving into this episode of #AllShineNoFlash and discussing Portland’s housing market, personal wellness and choosing happiness over comfort with Emily Corning, founder of Hustle & Heart Homes. Emily talks about how following her gut led her to leave a traditional sales job and start a career in real estate, where she has experienced immense success through the personal relationships she builds and commits to with her clients, partners and team. Listen in as Ann and Emily talk about how prioritizing self can truly transform us – on both the inside and out. 
34:48 3/29/23
Season 2, Episode 33: Chantelle Dockter, Licensed Professional Counselor
Grab a comfy seat and your favorite stress ball for a therapeutic new episode of #AllShineNoFlash! Chantelle Dockter, a licensed professional counselor, sits down with Ann to share insights on post-pandemic mental health, what it's like having a large clientele of first responders (hint: it includes all-night ride-alongs) and steps people can take when they’re ready to work with a therapist. 
40:19 3/15/23
Season 2, Episode 32: Cy Cain, Co-founder and CEO of Straightaway Cocktails
If you’ve flown on Alaska Airlines in the past few weeks, you might’ve noticed a fun new addition to the beverage cart. On today’s episode of #AllShineNoFlash, we sit down with co-founder and CEO of Straightaway Cocktails, Cy Cain! Join in as Cy shares his passion for creating and enjoying great craft cocktails and why bringing Straightaway to the skies was always part of the plan. Maybe even enjoy a Straightaway Nitro Gin Fizz or an Oregon Old Fashioned as you listen. Cheers!
30:34 3/1/23
Season 2, Episode 31: Josef Reiter, Owner of Botanica Floral Design
Things are blooming on our newest episode of #AllShineNoFlash! Josef Reiter is the founder and owner of Botanica Floral Design, a lush flower, plant and home-decor shop in NW Portland. Prior to moving to Portland, Josef spent 21 years in New York City working as a professional singer and dancer, performing in a diversity of Broadway shows including “Beauty and the Beast” and “A Christmas Carol.”  In this episode, Josef talks about what inspired his vision to open a floral shop, his decision to move to Portland and how the pandemic was an opportunity to brighten people's days. 
25:21 2/15/23
Season 2, Episode 30: Susan Iskiwitch, Assistant Director in Television and Film
Learn all about what it takes to make in Hollywood with our newest episode of #AllShineNoFlash!  Susan Iskiwitch, assistant director in television and film and member of the Directors Guild of America, has had the opportunity to work on the sets of many of today’s most recognized shows and films, including The Morning Show, Grey’s Anatomy, Euphoria and the soon-to-be-released Barbie movie.  In this episode Susan shares how she followed her dreams from St. Louis to Hollywood and offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her role, famous friends and what she’d love to work on next (hello White Lotus!). 
22:22 2/1/23
Season 2, Episode 29: Mac Prichard, Founder of Mac's List and Prichard Communications
On this episode of #AllShineNoFlash we talk with Mac Prichard, owner of Prichard Communication and Mac’s List. Mac’s List, which started off as a way for Mac to find careers for his colleagues, became a leading job board in Portland and the Pacific Northwest. Meanwhile, Prichard Communications is one of the city’s most respected PR firms, and after more than 15 years in business, Mac will officially close the agency’s doors at the end of 2022. Listen as we sit down with Mac and discuss how he got his start in communications, why election campaign work is similar to entrepreneurship and how it’s going to feel to focus on running just one business moving forward.
33:54 12/21/22
Season 2, Episode 28: Sarah Jolley, Strategy Consultant and Former Nike Executive
This week on #AllShineNoFlash we’re joined by Sarah Jolley, strategy consultant and former senior executive at Nike. Sarah’s career at Nike spanned 15 years and took her around the world to China, Amsterdam and back home to Oregon. As a senior merchandiser, she was critical to new-store openings, product rollouts and corporate partnerships. In 2021, Sarah hopped off the corporate train to start her own consulting business where she brings her real-world experiences and know-how to fellow leaders. We talk about her career journey and zest for life that has fueled her success. 
58:43 12/7/22
Season 2, Episode 27: Maryam Taheri
Enjoy our latest episode with Maryam Taheri, founder of Brave Care and certified executive coach. We talk about starting a business in 2019, navigating VC funding rounds in a virtual world and the significance of doing both as a woman of color. Through her own personal coaching experiences, Maryam discovered her passion for working with women leaders and the impact that can be gained by breaking through barriers to reach new levels of success and fulfillment.
47:21 11/23/22
Season 2, Episode 26: Jaime Gennaro, founder of Practica Consulting
This week on #AllShineNoFlash we welcome Jaime Gennaro! Founder of Practica Consulting, Jaime uses her skills to elevate her clients’ confidence and goals in their professional lives. Jaime shares how she pivoted through a nontraditional career path in a successful and inspiring way, and how the compilation of her experiences (both personal and professional) led her straight to business coaching.
48:14 11/9/22
Season 2, Episode 25: Lisa Herlinger, founder of Ruby Jewel
On this week’s episode of All Shine No Flash we welcome Lisa Herlinger, founder of Portland’s ice cream sandwiches that we all know and love: Ruby Jewel! Lisa shares how her love for ice cream turned into a successful company, her passion for sourcing local ingredients and the meaning behind the Ruby Jewel name.
29:36 10/26/22
Season 2, Episode 24, Heyke Kirkendall-Baker
This week we are welcoming Heyke Kirkendall-Baker, President and Founder of NW Employer Solutions and Parity Software, to the #AllShineNoFlash podcast. Born out of her own incredible story of perseverance and hard work, Heyke shares her passion for pay equity and how she is making an impact through her organizations. She also dives into the ways the pandemic altered how businesses view (and need) HR, and what employers should plan for in the next 12 months. 
36:19 10/12/22
Season 2, Episode 23: Shawn Busse, CEO and Founder of Kinesis
In our latest episode on #AllShineNoFlash Ann is joined by Shawn Busse, CEO and founder of Portland-based marketing firm Kinesis. The two of them dive into the benefits of being together in person, ideas for go-forward teambuilding and why business owners are starved for connection and learning.
39:17 9/28/22
Season 2, Episode 22: Karina Aldredge, Founder of Sacred Elements
This week we welcome Karina Aldredge, founder of Sacred Elements, to the #AllShineNoFlash podcast. Karina shares how a goal of connecting with the natural world shaped the evolution of her business and the person she is today. Karina provides helpful suggestions for those who are interested in exploring their appreciation for nature and creating special spaces in their homes. Intrigued to know more? Listen to the episode here!
41:37 9/14/22
Season 2, Episode 21: Ana Chaud, Small Business Coach & Advisor
This week we welcome Ana Chaud to the #AllShineNoFlash podcast. Ana is an executive coach, startup advisor and the CEO of Lodestar, a small business accelerator. Ana talks about her own entrepreneurial experience as the founder of Garden Bar and why working with small business owners is so fulfilling. Her zest for life and commitment to doing what she loves is evident in how she chooses to blend her professional and personal life into one inspired, successful experience.
47:25 8/31/22
Season 2, Episode 20: Stacey Rawley, Fitness Enthusiast
This week we are excited to welcome Stacey Rawley, fitness enthusiast, strength trainer and the kind of friend we all want to have. Stacey shares why strength training changed her life and how she flipped her mindset when it came to body image and being a woman with muscles. Listen to our latest podcast episode and be inspired! #AllShineNoFlash
44:00 8/17/22
Season 2, Episode 19: Angela Earl, VP of Global Marketing at RFPIO
Tune into our latest #AllShineNoFlash episode for a conversation with Angela Earl, Vice President of Global Marketing at RFPIO. Angela shares insight into her career journey as a woman in the technology industry, how she defines marketing and the power that comes in living for life’s most meaningful moments. Clink the link in our bio to listen!
30:27 8/3/22
Season 2, Episode 18: Molly McCabe
This week we are excited to welcome Molly McCabe, advocate for lupus research, art collector, former opera singer and owner of the new, stunning Ellen Browning Building in SE Portland. She shares her story of being diagnosed with lupus and founding the nonprofit Molly's Fund Fighting Lupus. She also discusses the impetus and vision behind the Ellen Browning Building, her world-class art collection (@thelobbyatellenbrowning) and insight into her next big project.
32:21 7/20/22
Season 2, Episode 17: Kyle Hildebrant and Ryan Durant, Founding Partners of OVO
This week we are excited to welcome Kyle Hildebrant and Ryan Durant, founding partners of Portland-based branding agency OVO, to the #AllShineNoFlash podcast. Kyle and Ryan model what it means to know what you want in business and turn that vision into reality.  Their successful 17-year business partnership has resulted in an agency that attracts global clientele and great talent, all while making time to celebrate and have fun.
36:21 7/6/22
Season 2, Episode 16: Mark Mohammadpour, Founder and Owner of Chasing the Sun Health Coaching and Ann Smith, Founder of A.wordsmith
This week we are lucky to welcome back Mark Mohammadpour for his second feature on the #AllShineNoFlash podcast. Ann and Mark discuss their most recent collaboration, a presentation given at the PRSA Counselors Academy about the hot topic of workplace best practices, listening to your gut (and heart) and retaining great talent. 
32:16 6/22/22

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