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Diving into conversation with change makers and go-getters, Ann Smith and her guests inspire listeners who seek more from their professional and personal lives.


Season 2, Episode 22: Karina Aldredge, Founder of Sacred Elements
This week we welcome Karina Aldredge, founder of Sacred Elements, to the #AllShineNoFlash podcast. Karina shares how a goal of connecting with the natural world shaped the evolution of her business and the person she is today. Karina provides helpful suggestions for those who are interested in exploring their appreciation for nature and creating special spaces in their homes. Intrigued to know more? Listen to the episode here!
41:37 09/14/2022
Season 2, Episode 21: Ana Chaud, Small Business Coach & Advisor
This week we welcome Ana Chaud to the #AllShineNoFlash podcast. Ana is an executive coach, startup advisor and the CEO of Lodestar, a small business accelerator. Ana talks about her own entrepreneurial experience as the founder of Garden Bar and why working with small business owners is so fulfilling. Her zest for life and commitment to doing what she loves is evident in how she chooses to blend her professional and personal life into one inspired, successful experience.
47:25 08/31/2022
Season 2, Episode 20: Stacey Rawley, Fitness Enthusiast
This week we are excited to welcome Stacey Rawley, fitness enthusiast, strength trainer and the kind of friend we all want to have. Stacey shares why strength training changed her life and how she flipped her mindset when it came to body image and being a woman with muscles. Listen to our latest podcast episode and be inspired! #AllShineNoFlash
44:00 08/17/2022
Season 2, Episode 19: Angela Earl, VP of Global Marketing at RFPIO
Tune into our latest #AllShineNoFlash episode for a conversation with Angela Earl, Vice President of Global Marketing at RFPIO. Angela shares insight into her career journey as a woman in the technology industry, how she defines marketing and the power that comes in living for life’s most meaningful moments. Clink the link in our bio to listen!
30:27 08/03/2022
Season 2, Episode 18: Molly McCabe
This week we are excited to welcome Molly McCabe, advocate for lupus research, art collector, former opera singer and owner of the new, stunning Ellen Browning Building in SE Portland. She shares her story of being diagnosed with lupus and founding the nonprofit Molly's Fund Fighting Lupus. She also discusses the impetus and vision behind the Ellen Browning Building, her world-class art collection (@thelobbyatellenbrowning) and insight into her next big project.
32:21 07/20/2022
Season 2, Episode 17: Kyle Hildebrant and Ryan Durant, Founding Partners of OVO
This week we are excited to welcome Kyle Hildebrant and Ryan Durant, founding partners of Portland-based branding agency OVO, to the #AllShineNoFlash podcast. Kyle and Ryan model what it means to know what you want in business and turn that vision into reality.  Their successful 17-year business partnership has resulted in an agency that attracts global clientele and great talent, all while making time to celebrate and have fun.
36:21 07/06/2022
Season 2, Episode 16: Mark Mohammadpour, Founder and Owner of Chasing the Sun Health Coaching and Ann Smith, Founder of A.wordsmith
This week we are lucky to welcome back Mark Mohammadpour for his second feature on the #AllShineNoFlash podcast. Ann and Mark discuss their most recent collaboration, a presentation given at the PRSA Counselors Academy about the hot topic of workplace best practices, listening to your gut (and heart) and retaining great talent. 
32:16 06/22/2022
Season 2, Episode 15: Chelsea Bieker, Author
Welcome back to the #AllShineNoFlash podcast! Join our latest conversation with Ann and bestselling author Chelsea Bieker. They discuss Chelsea’s newly released book “Heartbroke” as well as her critically acclaimed debut novel “Godshot.” Having always had her sights on being a fictional author, Chelsea shares how she channels her own personal pain and love into her stories and what advice she has for fellow aspiring writers.  
31:53 06/08/2022
Season 2, Episode 14: Sara Fritsch, President of Schoolhouse
Meet Sara Fritsch, president of Schoolhouse, in our latest episode of #AllShineNoFlash. She talks about the process of leading a company through an acquisition, how she ascended to the role of president at Schoolhouse and about what it means to create boundaries that allow for you to enjoy all aspects of life. 
23:43 05/11/2022
Season 2, Episode 13: Steph and Jimmy MacDonald, Co-Founders, Authenticity50
Do you want to support Made in the USA products but don’t know where to start? Meet Steph and Jimmy MacDonald the co-founders of Authenticity50, a 100% American-made textile company. Steph and Jimmy share their entrepreneurial journey which started on Kickstarter and led to the front page of the LA Times. From learning the literal ins and outs of sheet manufacturing to forging life-changing partnerships with farmers, weavers and sewers in small towns across the country, this story truly reflects the American dream.
40:55 04/26/2022
Season 2, Episode 12: Betsy Cross, Founder and Director of Product & Design, Betsy & Iya
Tune into our latest #AllShineNoFlash episode for a conversation with Betsy Cross, founder and director of product and design at Betsy & Iya. Betsy talks about the journey that inspired her beloved jewelry brand, the power in making business personal and how a great pair of earrings can cause us to come alive. #Betsy&Iya #SmallBusiness #PDXsmallbiz
43:29 04/14/2022
Season 2, Episode 11: Amy Weeden, CEO of Propeller
Tune into our latest #AllShineNoFlash episode for a conversation with Amy Weeden, CEO of Propeller. Amy shares how her love of travel and cultural understanding fueled her career path in management consulting. We also talk about Amy’s approach to growing Propeller both fast and effectively and how to win in today’s fight for great talent. #Consulting #Changemanagement #Workadvice
28:59 03/30/2022
Season 2, Episode 10: Whitney Casares, Founder of Modern Mommy Doc
Tune into our latest #AllShineNoAFlash episode to meet Whitney Casares, founder of Modern Mommy Doc, a platform dedicated to helping moms prevent parenting burnout and improve their own well-being. Whitney is also a private practice pediatrician, two-time American Academy of pediatrics author and spokesperson, wife and mother of two. Ann and Whitney talk about communication practices parents can implement to maximize quality time, the evolution of working moms during the pandemic and how to set healthy boundaries in different areas of your life.   
45:17 03/16/2022
Season 2, Episode 9: Kate Gaertner, Founder and CEO of TripleWin Advisory
Welcome back to our latest episode of #AllShineNoFlash featuring Kate Gaertner, founder and CEO of TripleWin Advisory and author of Planting a Seed: Three Simple Steps to Sustainable Living. Kate has worked in media, tech, financial and fashion spaces, all the while dedicating large portions of her craft to encouraging corporate and personal sustainability. We talk about getting curious about climate change, every day healthy living tips and her commitment to connecting sustainability with personal values to create greater understanding and change amongst all people. #SustainableLiving #CorporateSustainability #CareerInspo
33:01 03/02/2022
Season 2, Episode 8: Dave Yewman, Owner of DASH Consulting
You don’t want to miss the latest episode of #AllShineNoFlash! In this episode, Ann sits down with Dave Yewman, owner of DASH Consulting and co-author of Weekend Language. With an established career in the journalism and PR industries under his belt, Dave is now a highly sought-after presentation and media training consultant. Listen to learn about the importance of getting to the point, the pitfalls of “winging” public speaking and why it’s critical to be prepared for every possible interview question. #Storytelling #MediaTraining #WeekendLanguage
43:24 02/16/2022
Season 2, Episode 7: Elise Mitchell, Executive Leadership Coach
In search of some inspiration for your next business move, life adventure or personal mantra? Elise Mitchell is leadership coach with an affinity for good advice and great stories. Tune in to this week’s #AllShineNoFlash podcast to hear her discuss what it takes to build and sell a business, how to break out of the workaholic mindset and why understanding neuroscience is key to great leadership. #Entrepreneur #Inspiration
40:57 02/02/2022
Season 2, Episode 6: Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog
Have you ever walked around a city and wondered how buildings come to have giant, vibrant murals on their walls? In this episode of #AllShineNoFlash, look no further! Ann sits down for a conversation with dream team Roxy Prima and Phoebe Cornog, co-founders of @Pandrdesignco, a mural and graphic design business based in Southern California. Phoebe and Roxy have painted more than 225 murals all across the United States and even in a couple extra countries! Tune in to hear about their design process, dream project destinations and how they manage to inspire artists and business owners across the globe. #Mural #PANDRdesignco #CustomArt  
24:34 01/19/2022
Season 2, Episode 5: Arlene Lord
Happy New Year! Tune into the first episode of the #AllShineNoFlash podcast of 2022 with Arlene Lord, principal designer and founder of Lord Interior Design. Arlene and Ann discuss how the pandemic has changed the way that people utilize their living space, the importance of curating home decor that brings you joy and what Arlene’s dream interior design project looks like. We hope this episode inspires you to claim your space and make your house feel like home in the new year! 
32:35 01/04/2022
Season 2, Episode 4: Katherine Johnson
Tune into the latest episode of the #AllShineNoFlash podcast with Katherine Johnson, founder of True Self Leadership Presence Consulting. Katherine and Ann talk about first impressions, the power in dressing authentically and the great closet purge of 2022. It’s a perfect conversation to round out the year and get motivated for what lies ahead.
45:28 12/22/2021
Season 2, Episode 3: Denise Bentele
Tune into the latest episode of the #AllShineNoFlash podcast with Denise Bentele, president and CEO of Common Ground Public Relations in St. Louis. Denise candidly shares an incredible story of manipulation, deceit and fraud that she experienced at the hands of her former CFO, and the resulting FBI criminal investigation that led to a 21-month prison sentence.  Denise details out the lies, red flags and psychological toll and offers tangible advice for fellow small business owners.
52:15 12/08/2021
Episode 2: Suzanne Stevens
Tune into the latest episode of the #AllShineNoFlash podcast with Suzanne Stevens, editor-in-chief at the Portland Business Journal. We talk with Suzanne about how relationships are so critical to strong journalism, her experience as a female reporter, authentically covering the state of Portland and why print media isn’t going away anytime soon.
45:39 11/24/2021
Season 2, Episode 1: Parker Lee
Join us for the latest episode of the #AllShineNoFlash podcast with Parker Lee, global managing partner at Territory Global. From being a national-touring musician, managing talent at Caesars Palace and leading Bay Area tech startups to writing a book and starting his own consulting company six years ago, Parker has done it all! Tune in as he shares more about his ever-changing career journey, today’s war for great people and how prioritizing family always pays off.
38:58 11/10/2021
Episode 30: Tobin Floom
Join us for the latest #AllShineNoFlash Episode with Tobin Floom, an amazing Portland-based artist who creates one-of-a-kind pieces that combine his own photography with digital painting. Tobin offers insight into his own artistic process, finding inspiration around the world and making a living by doing what you love.
28:00 10/26/2021
Episode 29: Dr. Paul Conti
Join us for the latest #AllShineNoFlash conversation with Dr. Paul Conti, CEO of Pacific Premier Group, psychiatrist, consultant and author of the new book “Trauma: The Invisible Epidemic.” Paul provides insight into the types and impact of trauma, how traumatic events in his own life charted his medical career and the special bond he shares with Lady Gaga.
29:14 10/08/2021
Episode 28: Megan Bigelow
Join us for the latest #AllShineNoflash conversation with Megan Bigelow, director of reliability engineering at VMWare and founder of PDXWIT (Portland Women in Tech). Tune in to hear Ann and Megan uncover the challenges that face women in the technology space and how that reality fueled Megan to become an impassioned advocate for equity and inclusion while also taking charge of her own career and life. Link in bio to listen!
28:46 09/28/2021
Episode 27: Dean Mundy
Join us for the latest #AllShineNoFlash podcast conversation with Dean Mundy, associate professor and public relations area director at the University of Oregon. From communications roles in corporate America to finding a passion for academia, Dean opens up about his love for teaching, navigating students through a pandemic and what to keep in mind when pursuing a career in PR.
40:04 09/14/2021
Episode 26: Alexis Davis Smith, Julie Frisoni and Ann Smith
Join us for the latest #AllShineNoFlash conversation with founders of PRecise Communications (Alexis Davis Smith), Frisoni PR (Julie Frisoni) and our own A.wordsmith (Ann Smith)! As public relations veterans they have seen many changes within the industry, but none quite like what the last year and a half brought. Tune in to hear what’s happening in their individual markets (Atlanta, Phoenix, and Portland), plans for returning (or not) to the office, ways to stay relevant for clients and approaches for recruiting and retaining great talent.
53:25 08/31/2021
Episode 25: Neeta Singh
Join us for the latest #AllShineNoFlash conversation with Neeta Singh, founder and owner of Neeta Naturals. Former Miss Bhopal 2001 and a Miss India Finalist, Neeta now resides in Ashland, Oregon, where she runs @neetanaturals, an Ayurvedic beauty and wellness company. Tune in to learn more about how to become your healthiest and best self on this week’s episode! 
35:33 08/18/2021
Episode 24: Jackie B Peterson
Join us for the latest #AllShineNoFlash conversation with Jackie B Peterson, strategic advisor and instructor at Portland’s Small Business Development Center and author of “Better, Smarter, Richer.”  A small business coach with a passion for helping people make a living doing what they love, Jackie walks us through taking the entrepreneurial leap, being rewarded for your value and the power of a positive mindset.  
41:27 08/04/2021
Episode 23: Rachel Brice
Join us for the latest #AllShineNoFlash conversation with Rachel Brice, a professional belly dancer and instructor who has traveled the world preforming, including with the Lollapalooza 2003 music festival! Rachel shares some of the historical origins of belly dance and its many styles and forms (likely different than what you imagine!) that are celebrated around the globe. You can find more videos of Rachel  on IG and her Tiktok @rachelthebrice and on her website at 
40:02 07/21/2021