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Welcome to Chats with the Chatfields - a podcast to expand your idea of what impacts veterinarians, pet owners, and basically all animal lovers in the galaxy - as humans! Hosted by Dr. Jen Chatfield and Dr. Jason Chatfield (they're not married, they're twins!), "Chats..." is the second podcast these veterinarians have created. Following their incredible success creating, "In other news...", and their nomination for a People's Choice Podcast Award, Dr. Jen and Dr. Jason are out of the Candi-verse and into the "Chat Room!" Join these unfiltered and genuine siblings as they invite their friends (and maybe some foes) to chat about interesting things from a slightly different perspective! To get in on the "chitty-chatty" email the fearless hosts directly: Or drop them a comment on YouTube channel! You can also find more about these two on Dr. Jen's YouTube channel: or on her website:


Ep 26: Diabetes is not a death sentence! Tips for diabetic pet owners 48:10 05/03/2022
Ep 25: You wanna take the dog where?! AND the cats?! Tips for traveling with your pets 46:55 03/30/2022
Ep 24: Blood transfusions in dogs and cats - yep, that's a thing! 55:57 03/15/2022
Ep 23: Better Cat Care? Yep, that's possible! 53:58 02/23/2022
Ep 22: Make your shots count! Vaccines, titers, and more! 53:17 02/03/2022
Ep 21: Feeling a bit EPM-ish? No? Perhaps your horse is... 53:29 01/11/2022
Ep 20: CBD is not THC...but, should you give it to your dog? 42:10 12/28/2021
Ep 19: Top 5 Animal Stories of 2021 30:07 12/14/2021
Ep 18: Got an itchy pet?? 50:00 11/30/2021
Ep 17: What do reptiles REALLY need to thrive? 54:14 11/16/2021
Ep 16: Drugs and Bugs: Did he take horse dewormer?! 31:16 10/18/2021
Ep 15: Grain-free? Grain-ful? What SHOULD you feed your dog for supper?! 44:21 09/14/2021
Ep 14: Them's the Rules: Bio containment? Viral escapes? What? 52:00 08/31/2021
Ep 13: Them's the Rules: Can we join your PACCC?! 49:48 08/16/2021
Ep 12: What happens in vet school... 37:25 07/26/2021
Ep 11: Heavens to Betsy! Vets do it ON THE PHONE?! 47:52 07/12/2021
Ep 10: What's that in your pocket? A pocket pet?! 50:35 06/23/2021
Ep 9: Luke Gamble...on a mission...possibly on a tuktuk? 55:57 06/16/2021
Ep 8: Innovation in veterinary medicine on display at VMX 2021! 18:06 06/07/2021
Ep 7: Disaster Preparedness tips for animal owners 47:25 06/06/2021
Ep 6: Chatfields' Differentials: Plagues of cicadas, AKC's breed rankings, and more! 34:39 05/17/2021
Ep 5: Cryptocurrency? Bitcoin? Animal Care?! 63:24 05/04/2021
Ep 4: Wait, boarding and grooming for pets is ESSENTIAL?! 47:47 04/20/2021
Ep 3: What exactly DOES the AVMA President DO? 36:59 03/29/2021
Ep 2: Politics, Religion, and Antimicrobial Resistance! 45:41 03/11/2021
Ep 1: BOOM! 2021 - New year! New show! 28:36 03/01/2021
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