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A conversation with Lou Brutus-Sonic Warrior
This episode we are joined by the iconic voice of rock radio Lou Brutus. We discuss his new memoir SONIC WARRIOR: My Life As A Rock and Roll Reprobate (Tales of Sex, Drugs and Vomiting at Inopportune Moments), and are entertained by many crazy and hilarious stories from his decades in the music business. We also dig into Lou's photography, his philosophy on conducting interviews, his thoughts on the future of the music industry, and more.  SONIC WARRIOR: My Life As A Rock and Roll Reprobate (Tales of Sex, Drugs and Vomiting at Inopportune Moments) published by Rare Bird Books includes a forward by Corey Taylor, and chapter illustrations by Alan MacBain. This collection of insane-but-true stories will be available everywhere April 14th, 2020 in physical, e-book and audio book formats. Head over to and order your copy.   
58:09 03/29/2020
Adam Leader Returns
We're back from our hiatus with special guest and friend Adam Leader. Adam returns to the show to discuss all things In Search Of Sun, including the new single Rhythm, the innovative accompanying video, future plans for the band and the forthcoming album. Topics also include his solo project Leader, his upcoming horror film Hosts, work with Richard Oakes and Dark Fable Media, and much more. 
65:21 03/03/2020
Danny Hayes-2019 Aftershock Festival
This episode host Evil talks with Danny Hayes at the 2019 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California. Danny is one of the founders and partners of the Danny Wimmer empire that is responsible for the American festival circuit that includes Northern Invasion, Chicago Open Air, Sonic Temple, Rock Allegiance, Louder than Life, Bourbon and Beyond, Hometown Rising, The Big Ticket, Welcome to Rockville, Fort Rock and of course The Aftershock Festival. Evil and Danny discuss the inception of DWP, his relationship with Danny Wimmer, the future of DWP festivals and much more.  
09:16 11/15/2019
Santa Cruz-Aftershock 2019 Day 1
This episode we talk with Archie Cruz, and Joe Perez of Santa Cruz at the 2019 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California. Host Evil has fun and lots of laughs with the Finland rockers as they discuss all things Santa Cruz and Rock n Roll.      
10:20 11/14/2019
BRKN Love-Aftershock 2019 Day 3
This episode we have a short chat with the guys from BRKN Love at the 2019 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California. A fresh band with a classic sound that captured the audience the moment they took the stage. Host Evil has some fun with the guys and gets to know more about their formation, music and future ambitions.  
07:16 11/14/2019
Fire From the Gods-Aftershock 2019 Day 3
This episode we talk with Richard Wicander of Fire From the Gods at the 2019 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California. We discuss the band's evolution, their new album American Sun, working with Zoltan Bathory, integrity in music and more.
09:11 11/14/2019
The Hu-Aftershock 2019 Day 3
This episode we chat with Mongolian Hunnu Rock band The Hu at the 2019 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California. Our associate producer Russel "Dungeon Master" Robinson sits down with Gala, Jaya, Enkush, Temka and translator Tuga to discuss the band's unique style of music, influences, cultural differences, and gets a lesson in throat singing.  
08:04 11/14/2019
Fishbone-Aftershock 2019 Day 2
This Episode we chat with bass legend John (Norwood) Fisher of Fishbone at the 2019 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento California. Norwood and host Evil discuss the band's 40 year run, their formation, influences, musical revolutions, "Nut-Meg", advice to aspiring musicians and more.  
20:52 11/13/2019
The Crystal Method-Aftershock 2019 Day 3
This episode we visit with Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method at the 2019 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento California. We discuss the departure of Ken Jordan, different festival crowds, the future of The Crystal Method and more.  
13:11 11/13/2019
Sick Puppies-Aftershock 2019 Day 2
This episode we sit down for a short conversation with Emma Anzai, Mark Goodwin and Bryan Scott of Sick Puppies at the 2019 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento California. We discuss the band's history, the upcoming album, pre-show rituals, challenges of the music business and more.  
13:30 11/13/2019
Philip H Anselmo and the Illegals-Aftershock 2019 Day 1
This episode we have a short and fun conversation with Derek Engemann and Joey Gonzalez (Blue) of Philip H Anselmo and the illegals at the 2019 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento California. We discuss the band's brutal sound, illegal activities, their other music projects and interests, and more.
08:45 11/12/2019
Dropkick Murphys-Aftershock 2019 Day 1
This episode we sit down for a short chat with Tim Brennan of the Dropkick Murphys at the 2019 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California. Tim and HB host Evil discuss mistaken identities, the band's party and fight songs, happiness, lost Gear, upcoming music and more.
10:58 11/12/2019
DED-Aftershock 2019 Day 1
We kick off season 5 with a short conversation with the guys from DED at the 2019 Aftershock Festival in Sacramento California. Joe Cotela, David Ludlow, Kyle Koelsh, and Matt Reinhard started off day one of the festival with their unrivaled energy and unique brand of "Fresh Metal", fueling their fans and making new ones. We discuss past transgressions, their musical journey so far, the new look, the upcoming album, the future of Ded, and more in this short but sweet conversation. 
11:49 11/12/2019
Melted Vinyl Returns
This episode we are again joined by the young men of Melted Vinyl, the Los Angeles based rockers that have a classic sound with modern sensibilities. Sam Kritzer, Wolfgang King, Alex Bender, and JT come back on the show to discuss the bands progress, their new EP "Lights We Chase", opening for Vince Neil and Jefferson Starship, Playing iconic rock venues, their videos, relationships, talking pets and much more. 
50:58 06/17/2019
Max Roxton and Bo Jahson of 7 Mazes Return
This episode we are again joined by German metal madmen Max Roxton and Bo Jahson of 7 Mazes. A band who has managed to write and record an album that is in our opinion the perfect balance of heavy and melodic, 7 Mazes are ready to reinvent the metal you love.  We discuss all manner of things including the new album Revelations due to drop 05/24/2019, their recent American tour, upcoming videos, upcoming live shows and much more. Hear the brand new unreleased track "Paralyzed" from the new album at the end of the conversation before it's release exclusively here on Honest Brutality.
53:11 05/20/2019
A conversation with Ethan York of Cold
Ever wonder what it would be like to join a band you've loved for your entire life? This episode we are joined by Ethan York, and he tells us exactly what that feels like. The 22 year old Michigan native is the newest drummer for the iconic Alternative rock band Cold. York crossed paths with the band in 2014 at the age of 17, and through a very unique set of circumstances took the stage and played their song "Just Got Wicked". This is documented on the subsequent DVD and album "Cold Live". January of 2018 Cold front man Scooter Ward made the official announcement that York was taking the throne and joining the line-up in time for the release of Cold's new album and supporting tour. Join us as we discuss the events that led to this Rock n Roll dream come true, the new album, tour and much more.  
48:44 05/06/2019
A conversation with Christian Sturgess and Simon Robins of Flight of Eden
 We have been exploring the British metal scene from the outset of the show, discovering one great band after another. This week's guests Christian Sturgess and Simon Robins of Flight of Eden are yet another example of amazing music from the region, and may in fact be raising an already high bar.  Flight of Eden are a metal band originating from Reading, blending progressive influences with a crushing modern metal sound. Join us as we discuss the bands inception, style, influences, direction, band mates Kurt Jones and Gualter Couto, their recent EP "Transition", the upcoming (as of yet officially untitled) LP "Inferno", upcoming music videos, upcoming live shows, questionable hairstyle choices, and much more.  Flight of Eden Facebook Flight of Eden Bandcamp Flight of Eden Spotify Flight of Eden YouTube
45:06 04/29/2019
A conversation with Marzi Montazeri (Heavy As Texas / Exhorder)
For our 200th episode we are joined by special guest Marzi Montazeri. Notorious for his ground breaking work with groove thrash progenitors Exhorder, Montazeri takes us through the trials and tribulations of his musical evolution, tumultuous childhood, time with members of Pantera, and the Randy Rhoads Remembered experience. We also spend some serious time discussing the origins, and music of the recently formed Super Group Heavy As Texas, featuring the talents of Montazeri and vocalist Kyle Thomas (Exhorder). The duo recruited drummer Anup Sastry (Marty Friedman, Jeff Loomis, Skyharbor) and notable engineer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Collier (Korn, Prong, Winds of Plague) on bass for the recording, and later added full-time members Lenwood Sonnier on bass and James Goetz on drums. The bone crunching new self-titled album dropped April 19th via Crunchy Western Records and is available on all the major music platforms.  
72:47 04/23/2019
A conversation with Jørgen Abrahamsen and Rudi Golimo of Tonic Breed
This episode we make our first journey to Norway for a visit with Jørgen Abrahamsen and Rudi Golimo of Tonic Breed. A hardworking metal band that has been honing the art of thrash since 2006, and show no signs of slowing down. Join us as we discuss their music, the Norwegian music scene, day jobs and much more on our 199th episode.
36:16 04/15/2019
A conversation with Liliac
For our 198th episode we are joined by Liliac. A Los Angeles based rock band with tons of talent and a unique story. Liliac is composed of siblings Samuel, Abigail, Melody, Ethan and Justin with ages ranging from 20 to 11 years old. The tight knit group is overseen by their father and music producer Floren Cristea, who has helped them hone their craft. We talk with the entire family and discuss family life, ambitions, their appearance on the CBS show "The World's Best", the album "Chain Of Thorns", the viral video of their DIO cover "Rainbow In The Dark", and much much more.
55:21 04/07/2019
Quinton Lucion Returns - Red Method
 We cover a lot of ground this episode with one of our favorite UK guitarists Quinton Lucion. He recently joined members of Defiled and Meta-Stasis to form the heavy hitting band Red Method. We discuss this formation, their upcoming appearance at this year's Bloodstock, their intense music videos and we also find out why he's the only guy in the band wearing a mask. Join us for a conversation with a good friend, an amazing guitarist, and one hell of a human being on his fifth visit to the show and our 197th episode.  
67:36 04/01/2019
A conversation with Kendall Johns of Dead Crown
This episode we are joined by Kendall Johns of Dead Crown. Hailing from Portland Oregon, Dead Crown are making some noise on the metal scene and we are listening. Kendall fills us in on their formation, music, recent signing to Stay Sick Recordings, live shows, his art and much more. Dead Crown Website Dead Crown Facebook Dead Crown Instagram Dead Crown YouTube Dead Crown Spotify   
54:51 03/25/2019
A conversation with Alfonso Civile of Heartsick
This episode we are joined by Alfonso Civile. The outspoken front man of the Midwest metal outfit Heartsick takes time out while grocery shopping to talk all about all manner of things. Including the new album "Sleep Cycles", unusual nicknames, mutual support within the music community, rock star pretenses and much more. Don't miss what has become one of our most memorable conversations yet.   Heartsick Homepage Heartsick Facebook Heartsick Instagram Heartsick Spotify  
62:17 03/11/2019
A conversation with Bryan Kelso and Caleb Fairchild of Imperial Skies
This episode our guests are Bryan Kelso and Caleb Fairchild. Two thirds of an emerging metal powerhouse hailing from Indiana, Imperial Skies. Join us for a discussion about the band, their music, unique approach to the modern music market, and much more.
54:17 03/04/2019
A conversation with Fools' Brew
This episode we are joined by Jarrett O'Cooley, Diggs McNasty, Cormander, and Timmy D of Fools' Brew. The Chicago based quartet tells us all about their unique brand of "Beer-Soaked Metal", their history, future plans and much more. 
52:18 02/25/2019
A conversation with Statement
This episode we are joined by Denmark, Copenhagen rockers Jannick Brochdorf, Niels Alex, Lars le Fevre, and Martin Poulse of Statement. Since 2014 this straight ahead, no fills rock n roll band has been working relentlessly, on the road and in the studio. In anticipation of the 3rd full length album "Force Of Life", we sit down with the band to discuss their music, outlook, antics and much more. 
46:06 02/18/2019
Ivan Pavlakovic of Disconnected Returns
This episode our friend Ivan Pavlakovic of Disconnected returns to the show. Ivan fill us in on the details of their European Tour with Tremonti, the reality of buy on packages, life on the road, Disconnected's future plans and much more.
60:34 02/11/2019
A Conversation with Chad Nicefield of Wilson
This episode we are joined by Chad Nicefield of Wilson. Chad shares his personal journeys that helped shape the new iteration of the band, the inner workings behind the new album Tasty Nasty, what it's like to do the Shiprocked Cruise, and much more. 
52:49 02/04/2019
A conversation with Richie Cavalera
Incite frontman, Richie Cavalera returns to join Honest Brutality for this episode of the podcast. Cavalera takes some time out of his busy schedule to talk about the details of the new album "Built To Destroy", touring with Soulfly, the measure of success, his future band and much more. Incite Bandcamp Incite Spotify Incite Facebook
48:05 01/28/2019
A conversation with Brandon Mendenhall and Sebastien Paquet
This episode we are joined by guitarist Brandon Mendenhall and director Sebastien Paquet to discuss the new documentary film Mind Over Matter. The film chronicles Brandon's life with with cerebral palsy and his undying passion for music. A passion so strong that he overcame a paralyzed left hand, bullies, and stereotypes in pursuit of his rock n' roll dream. Join us as we go behind the scenes and discuss the this award winning, motivational, inspiring and very metal movie with the men that lived it, and much more.  Mind Over Matter The international award-winning film Available digitally and on DVD January 25th 2019  Pre-order now at Mind Over Matter On Facebook
51:16 01/21/2019