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Conversations on Clubhouse and beyond -- to capture and share many of the live discussions and events featuring, hosted, or co-hosted by a16z partners (with outside voices too). Many of these different discussions and events take place on the social audio/ drop-in chat app Clubhouse; to attend those in real time or sign up for the app please visit As a reminder, all content posted here is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon as legal, business, investment, or tax advice. Views expressed are those of the individuals and not the views of Andreessen Horowitz, please see for more. To learn more about the broader a16z Podcast network and shows, please visit


Ken Griffin on Unfettered Conversations with A and Z 19:50 12/03/2021
a16z Bio #20: How useful is real world data in medicine? 39:03 11/14/2021
a16z Bio #19: Going B2C2B in Digital Health 54:22 10/29/2021
One on One with A and Z #12: What is the most misunderstood area of markets? 19:24 10/18/2021
Good Time Show: Performance with Purpose with Indra Nooyi 38:17 10/06/2021
One on One with A and Z #11: How much rare knowledge is there? 14:23 09/28/2021
Good Time Show: What It Takes to Survive with Lyft Founder John Zimmer 51:38 09/08/2021
a16z Bio #18: What will it take to cure diabetes? 52:07 09/03/2021
a16z Bio #17: Proteomics and Product around a Technological Breakthrough 43:50 08/31/2021
One on One with A and Z #10: The Impact of System Design on Culture 18:37 08/25/2021
Capital Markets #1 with MSCI CEO Henry Fernandez: What goes into an index? 56:55 08/23/2021
Good Time Show: Metaverse + Crypto 59:54 08/18/2021
a16z Infra #6: The Cost of Cloud vs. Repatriation 58:32 07/27/2021
Good Time Show: a16z's Journey with Crypto and Crypto Investing 51:31 07/19/2021
a16z Infra #5: Category Creation with Armon Dadger (HashiCorp) and Stephen Mullaney (Aviatrix) 49:50 07/16/2021
People Behind the Product #3: What's Next in Retail? 19:03 07/14/2021
4B with Margit #9: What Exactly Is Growth Hacking? 65:04 06/23/2021 The Why, The What, and The Who 79:13 06/22/2021
One on One with A and Z #9: The Big Questions around Remote Work 64:03 06/18/2021
Good Time Show with Plaid CEO Zach Perret 40:17 06/18/2021
a16z Bio #16: Digital Health for Complex Care 69:19 06/17/2021
Good Time Show: DAO Primer 94:14 06/15/2021
a16z Bio #15: The mRNA Revolution with Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel 67:51 06/11/2021
Boss Talk #15: Copycats, Inventors vs. Operators. Hiring SDRs, and more 60:13 05/28/2021
GTM #2: Product-led Marketing 59:18 05/24/2021
Boss Talk #14: New Media Models with Substack 58:31 05/21/2021
People Behind the Product #2: Collectibles Comeback 53:40 05/20/2021
NFT Virtual Summit (full audio) 121:11 05/19/2021
a16z Bio #14: How do we safely deliver more gene therapies? 74:52 05/18/2021
Boss Talk #13: Book Club for Bosses 59:09 05/14/2021