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The State Of Work is about finding your place in the changing world of work, as an individual or an organisation. Each episode, we'll dive into some of the benefits and limitations we face when it comes to remote and flexible work. And take a look at how we work, how we hire and manage people, and how we live in this increasingly global workplace. The State Of Work is brought to you by, a global employment and remote work platform.


How a tech recruiting platform boosts employee satisfaction, productivity and retention 31:08 11/16/2021
How payments innovators Currencycloud mastered the shift to remote-first work 34:03 11/01/2021
Success Story: Nicole Gottselig 19:53 10/25/2021
Can hiring remote talent solve the tech skills shortage? 41:14 10/19/2021
Success Story: Christina Voll 21:21 10/11/2021
Designing creative solutions for optimal remote work environments 37:57 10/05/2021
Success Story: Fernando D'Imperio 18:45 09/27/2021
How to manage payroll for globally distributed teams 45:15 09/21/2021
Success Story: Sibylle Greindl 13:16 09/14/2021
How investing in leadership training creates a more successful organization 43:39 09/07/2021
Success Story: Sandra Redlich 19:24 08/30/2021
Can HR automation software help to boost employee engagement? 38:04 08/24/2021
Success Story: Sebastian Gellwitzki 15:11 08/17/2021
How to navigate local taxes when scaling your business globally 35:46 08/10/2021
Success Story: Halley Bennett 20:24 08/03/2021
Best business practices for hiring, onboarding and working with freelancers 35:52 07/28/2021
Building the HR toolkit of the future: The story behind Merge 30:33 07/12/2021
How a Fintech-as-a-Service platform is disrupting global mass payments 28:56 06/28/2021
Demystifying remote work: Compliance for the new normal 42:02 06/15/2021
Creating growth: Tips for effective remote product management 35:16 06/01/2021
Estonian e-Residency: The easiest way to start and manage a company in the EU 38:51 05/19/2021
Key insights and tips for building and scaling a business remotely 35:00 05/06/2021
How to engage your remote team by building a community-first culture 37:28 04/19/2021
How radical transparency can improve productivity for remote teams 41:09 04/08/2021
Overcoming remote working challenges in the creative industries: Film 41:33 03/22/2021
How remote-first businesses and freelancers can minimise their compliance risk 38:22 03/11/2021
Attracting and recruiting talent during a global pandemic 58:45 02/24/2021
Rural innovation, digitization, and countryside coworking 51:20 02/09/2021
Investing in global-first startups with Cédric Waldburger 49:30 02/09/2021
Introducing: The State Of Work 02:40 01/21/2021