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Listen to Conversations with Chris to hear stories from people from all walks of life. How they broke away from the mundane to create a business and life that they love. As a professional artist, ( business person I meet many incredible people. Their sharing of stories and knowledge has been invaluable to me, for business and personal growth. Now through my radio program and podcasts, I would like to share them with you!


Conversations with Chris Talking with Asher Packman
Over the last decade, Asher has grown to become a globally recognised mindset coach and meditation teacher. Combining heart intelligence with Eastern philosophies, shamanic practice and storytelling, he provides an approach that will connect you to the unlimited potential of your own true nature. After a series of significant life events, including the diagnosis of a progressive rare blood cancer, Asher shifted gears to focus on health and wellbeing. Now holding qualifications in leadership, coaching and mentoring, he is a certified HeartMath and Wim Hof Method instructor, as well as a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. He has further training in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), geobiology, epigenetics and the social psychology of sport.
58:17 01/27/2021
Conversations With Chris talking with Larissa Beattie
Larissa Beattie, also known as Saramatu is a high vibrational Energy Master and Trance Channel. Clearing away the debris of life, mental, emotional and physical, past, present and future. Being a conduit of light and working in service brings great joy to Larissa and an added bonus of presence and connectedness to self. Only a handful of people worldwide can access the energy, vibration and Light Beings that teach through her. It is part of her life's purpose to bring these energetic beings and teachings to you.
58:07 12/15/2020
Conversations with Chris talking with Pauline Nguyen
Pauline Nguyen’s story is that of survival first. Escaping war-torn Vietnam as a toddler, Pauline eventually made it to Australian shores after a year in a Thai refugee camp. Having jumped from the frying pan, Pauline was thrust into the fire – going on to suffer tremendous physical and emotional abuse until she was a young woman. It’s this staggering adversity Pauline now refers to as her training – rising from the ashes of her trauma to become one of Australia’s most sought after development coaches, a leading entrepreneur, an award-winning author and an international key note speaker.  
58:01 11/06/2020
Conversations With Chris talking with Emily Chadborne
Emily has years of human behavioural education behind her and her funny, zero bullshit approach to life, business, love and spirituality has given her the endearing reputation of being a pioneer of the new personal development world. She is at the forefront of the fresh wave of mentors and coaches who admit that life can be really clunky and messy and scrappy and who don't try to deny or ignore it. She is the go-to for those who want to ride the fresh wave of REAL and RAW personal development.
58:09 10/06/2020
Conversations with Chris talking to Lydia Bergantino of Wild Me
What Lydia loves to  do is help others find ways to improve themselves and their businesses. Lydia loves to watch people become empowered to be the best version of themselves and completely take ownership of their lives. Lydias life has not always been easy shes a great example of its not what you have but how you deal with it.  Lydia share her story and how shes helping others these days.
58:01 09/08/2020
Conversations with Chris talking with Nickolas Gurtler of Nickolas Gurtler Designs
Renowned for his considered approach to luxury interiors, Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design  is a boutique studio that creates bespoke, exciting and sophisticated interiors across residential, retail and hospitality projects.  Meet the man behind it all, Nicolas share his journey of building a business, where he finds inspiration and his joy of interior design.
58:01 08/11/2020
Conversations With Chris Talking with Tina Guile
n her late twenties Tina was diagnosed with uterus cancer.  Though her  kemo treatment, her kidneys where affected and within 5 years she was on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant.  Two transplants later and now in her sixties Tina shares her experiences her adventures and how she feels attitude is everything. 
58:03 07/21/2020
Conversations With Chris Talking to Susan Francis
Susan shares just some of her extraordinary story that she has now covered in her book The Love that Remains  An extraordinary memoir about secrets, life's shocking twists and unconditional love. After twenty years spent searching for her biological parents, 52-year-old Susan Hull unexpectedly meets the great love of her life - a goldminer named Wayne Francis. He is a gentle giant of a man, who promises Susan the world. Two years later, they throw in their jobs, marry and sell everything they own, embarking on an incredible adventure, to start a new life in the romantic city of Granada, where they learn Spanish and enjoy too much tapas. In love, and enthralled by the splendour of a European springtime, the pair treasure every moment together. Until a shocking series of events alters everything. Riveting, heartfelt and remarkably honest, Susan Francis The Love that Remains explores unconditional love and the lies we tell to safeguard our happiness.
53:47 07/01/2020
Conversations With Chris Talking with Shannon Chinn
Shannon specialises in helping people build healthy brain function using Cognitive Stimulation Therapy to protect against cognitive decline. She recognises the importance of exercising and keeping the brain healthy, sharp and active because it means being able to continue to have the capacity to make decision even at an advanced age, as well as continuing to live and age well.   Supporting people living with dementia and their family members to navigate the journey better and to live well is something extremely close to her heart. She’s on a mission to do whatever she could to reduce the risk of dementia across the globe.
58:03 06/19/2020
Conversations with Chris Talking with Kylie Chapman
Kylie’s story is an incredible one of resilience, fortitude and the never-ending quest for a life most only dream of. Having spent her whole life living without self-love and worthiness she eventually found a way to get to a place of joy and fulfillment. From IVF, divorce and being a single mum with no parents of her own, to business failure and being suicidal she has found a resilience and resourcefulness within her she never dreamed was possible. Now in her early 50’s Kylie is empowering and mentoring others in their quest for personal growth.
58:03 06/02/2020
Conversations with Chris Talking With Rosie Mckay
As a stylist and personal stylist/ shopper with almost 15 years experience Rosie believes there is absolutely no denying the feel good power of a well-styled outfit.  Rosie is a big believer that looking good and feeling good go hand-in-hand and a well-planned out wardrobe is key to always making sure you’re putting your best foot forward in every situation. Rosie’s aim of My Virtual Stylist is to empower you to feel your very best, most confident self in any scenario
58:08 05/27/2020
Conversations with Chris Talking with Nicole Webb
As a Journalist, Nicole spent 20 years in Australian television working as a Reporter, Producer and Presenter. A key player at 24 hour news channel Sky News for a decade, Nicole and her hotelier husband moved to Hong Kong in 2010. In 2014, they moved to Xi’an, North West China, where Nicole continued her work as the creative go-to-girl for anything media-related in the Asia-Pacific region.
58:07 05/19/2020
Conversations With Chris Talking With Sarah Gale from Wearing Your Worth
Former Project Runway Australia judge turned spirit activist, Sarah migrated from the competitive fashion-industry pioneering the journey into the aesthetics of the soul. She is an Accredited Coach and Founder of Wearing Your Worth®, a revolutionary program created to enable women to gain greater insight into their psychological relationship with their clothes and deepen their connection with their authentic Self.
58:06 05/05/2020
Conversations with Chris talking with Megan Jaworski Transformational Coach
Megan shares her story of living in Zimbabwe and India, establishing a charity ten years ago that educates children and young women in developing countries. As a mindset coach for life and business, She wants nothing more than to see women stepping into their purpose, building their dream business, creating meaningful relationships, enjoying their family, implementing powerful habits, and letting go of the stories and beliefs holding them back from living a life they truly love and desire.
58:05 04/27/2020
Conversations with Chris talking with Anjani Amriit
Anjani Amriit is a Soul Purpose Mentor. She is a genius at assisting conscious business owners, leaders and organisations, visionaries, emerging entrepreneurs to fully activate and align with their power, potential and purpose for greater impact, radical success, wellbeing and financial freedom.  
58:03 03/23/2020
Conversations with Chris talks with Mark Dailhou from Easy Health
With a degree in Physical Education and a Masters in Sports Studies through research in aerobic exercise, Mark has over 30 years experience in Health and Fitness. In his career he has worked as a PDHPE teacher, lectured in Human Movement and Recreation at university level, presented papers on “aerobic fitness” at a number of international conferences as well as presented health and fitness programs on radio.  However Mark’s main passion is as an Easyhealth presenter, where he has delivered his message of how easy it is to be healthy and that you do not need to be a fanatic to be healthy to corporations and organisations such as Pacific Waste, AMP, Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, Complete Engineering and the Central West Drug & Alcohol Service.
64:03 03/06/2020
Conversations with Chris talking with Kerrie Denton, Mindset Coach
Kerrie has over 20 years of experience as a women’s health practitioner and is highly trained in all aspects of healthy lifestyles and self-care.  Then a few years ago Kerrie had to face her own health challenge.  Kerrie applied all of her skills and techniques  to overcoming her own life battles, so she can honestly relate to what other people may be going through. Her coaching service is all about setting you up in the right frame of mind so you can then conquer and thrive in ALL areas of your life.
58:08 03/06/2020
Conversations with Chris talking with Shelley Rogers, Business Coach
Shelley is a strategic growth business coach, a mentor, a facilitator with Business Chicks and a global trainer for the Entrepreneurs Organization. She specializes in helping businesses with international expansion for large scale growth.
58:06 03/06/2020
Conversations with Chris Talking with Sandy Mclean The Outback Artist
Sandy McLean shares her journey of starting out as an artist, her love of painting and the different directions that, that has taken her on.  Creating beautiful product selling them worldwide, now driving around the remotest parts of Australia, holding workshops teaching kids the joy of painting
58:16 02/26/2020
Conversations with Chris Talking to Karen Baldwin Property Renovation Expert
Karen Baldwin has flipped and renovated 50 properties in the last 5 years.  Today Karen talks all things property.  She generously shares her renovating knowledge and how she has made a success of flipping properties and now shares her knowledge as a property renovator coach.
58:11 02/26/2020
Conversations With Chris Talking with Sharon Baldwin
Sharon Baldwin shares her story of how she reinvented herself after being a stay at home mum while her children were growing up, living with chronic fatigue and back issues.  To now living a life she loves and has designed to be exactly what she wants.  Creating a 6 figure income in the first year and becoming a new healthy vibrant person.
59:01 02/12/2020
Conversations with Chris talks with Cascie Kambouris founder of The Hope Institute
Cascie Kambouris shares her story of how at an early age she fell in with the wrong crowd started drinking, taking drugs, gets married at 18 and ends up in a domestic violence relationship.  All a far cry from where she is today, building a business that gives back to the community she understands so well. 
58:08 12/17/2019
Conversations with Chris talks with Paul Madder founder of Poverty No More
Paul Madder started Poverty No More after a friend took him to Manila in the Philippines and introduced him to the people who lived on dumpsites.  They scavenged for food and recyclable goods to keep themselves alive.  Paul was shocked by the way these people where living and decided he needed to help in any way he could.
58:34 12/17/2019
Conversations with Chris talking with Yvette Tarrant Grief Recovery Coach
Yvette Tarrant Grief Recovery Specialist shares her story of how the terrible loss of her husband Luke led her down a new path.  Yvette bravely shares her story of how she is turning tragedy into hope and healing for herself and others.
60:28 12/17/2019
Conversations with Chris talking with Leonie Fitzgerald founder of Wealthology
Leonie Fitzgerald is an advocate for financial freedom, a savvy property investor, a finalist in Women of Business Awards of Australia shares her path to prosperity which hasn’t always been an easy one.  Leonie helps her client pursue wealth through property creating amazing lifestyles
58:04 12/12/2019
Conversations with Chris talking with Style Curator Gina Ciancio
Gina Ciancio left her job 5 years ago to become an award-winning interior blogger with now over 50,000 unique visitors to her website every month.  Gina generously shares her journey, her passion for writing and all things interior and how she has turned that into a very rewarding thriving business.
60:21 11/27/2019
Conversations with Chris talking with The Two Design Lovers
Got quality furniture too good to throw away and find selling online a lot of hassle for not much return?   Well, Deb and Emilia of Two Design lovers seen a gap in the market and have created their own online business selling second hand designer furniture and excess retail stock. The ladies share their story of how and why they started the business they are so passionate about.
58:09 11/06/2019
Conversations With Chris Talking with Cathrin Machin
Cat Machin  the worlds highest crowdfunded space Artist,  shares her journey of being an artist and her love of space and connecting people to the bigger questions in life.
76:39 10/22/2019
Conversations with Chris talking with Judith Viado
With a sick son Judith made it her mission to find out what was making him sick and took on a massive task of elimination and research.   As the eldest of 10 siblings, Judith grew up in the Philippines and just knew she wanted so much more from her life.   Judith shares her passion for education and her mission to educate people about the toxicity in our cookware, so we can all make better choices and live healthier lifestyles.
63:07 10/17/2019
Conversations with Chris talking with Nick Bennett
Nick Bennett Performance Coach shares his story of business and personal, how losing his parents at an early age has shaped the person he is today and now gives him the insights to help the young athletes in his care
55:36 10/15/2019