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The Slater Hayes Podcast is designed to highlight the everyday occurrences of life via poetry and social commentary. They are poignant, insightful pieces that address all facets of the black experience with the desired outcome of evoking thought and conversation. Each piece directly or indirectly addresses various topics as experienced through the unique perspective of blacks. Each piece directly or indirectly addresses various topics as experienced through the unique perspective of blacks. Episodes are to be published each Sunday.


"Rooted in Love"
Father's Day....that day when  the feelings of those who seek to convey their true emotions oftentimes falls flat; bereft of what is truly intended and what is deep within one's heart.More likely than not, that recurring gift of a necktie, socks or handkerchiefs are used as a symbolic gesture to express those words that seem to never find life-seemingly stuck somewhere within a brain that formulated the words, a heart that welled up as it formed an agreement with one's brain, and one's mouth. How do those eloquent and heartfelt words become suddenly caught in one's throat when attempting to allow them to flow past one's lips."Rooted in Love"are some of the thoughts I had of my dad as I prepared this piece years ago so that my wife Marjorie could share them with her dad. I must admit, I was somewhat jealous/envious over the years as I witnessed the love that was shared by Marjorie, and her sister, Janet, towards their father.  It was truly a BEAUTIFUL relationship to witness, to experience, as they heaped words of love upon him. You see, my expressions of love for my father were oftentimes conveyed through acts. I can truly say that this was learned behavior because that was the manner by which my dad expressed his love; through relentless hard work and providing those things referenced in "Rooted in Love"It took me years to understand that and move our relationship past all that I learned from him. It took me years to understand that the way he expressed love was by his actions(actions that were not always pleasant) and not his words.I am so happy that I was able to move our relationship into one that was filled with joyful firm handshakes and the occasional hug-the simplicity of sitting with one another and laughing and joking about mundane things that, as I now recall were FILLED WITH SEEDS of WISDOM.My wife's dad exhibited his love from both perspectives and, as an educated man, shared with me through his actions how both could be done. He also IMPRESSED upon me that my dad shared "what he had."I thank GOD for my dad, Herman Veal, Sr. and all that he taught me. I thank GOD for my wife's dad, Robert W. Green, and all that he taught me.I was extremely fortunate to have had both of these men in my life.I can only pray that what I have conveyed to my son, Jamil, and ALL the other young people that I have encountered is worthy of them grasping and possibly utilizing along their journey.OUR SPIRIT...LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
02:28 6/16/24
"I Witness"
So many that resemble us, those of the WELL-KNOWN variety are now seemingly selling their souls...selling US out in order to further their aspirations of continuing or furthering their fame.Do not come at me with the age's old mantra of ...we are not a monolith, because I ain't going.It's amazing how you are hopeful, prayerful even, that we act as a monolith when there is a new movie, a new record release, a new television show.Now that it is time to take a stand that is benficial for those you once extolled as  YOUR PEOPLE, we find that you are now SELLING US OUT!! You are now seemingly unconcerned that the many admiring fans that you picked up along the way are latching on to every utterance that proceeds from your mouth."I Witness"addresses the singular individual that is crucial in insuring that the hopes and dreams of others are not unduly influencing our journey. We must become educated regarding the oftentimes bewildering positions that those whom we hold in high esteem espouse. Check yourself. Do not become a victim of that which YOU KNOW is sheer and utter lunacy.OUR SPIRIT...LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
02:28 6/9/24
 The proverbial horse left the barn quite some time ago.Initially, there were those who sought to return it to its' rightful place, all to no avail.Now, those who were secretly desiring that the horse would not be captured and contained have been emboldened and are seemingly willing to engage in armed battle to ensure that it is never again confined."Remnant"is a piece that was inspired by the political occurrences within this country. Yes, it is intentional that I do not use OUR country because it is abundantly clear that there are those among us that desire that WE never experience the inherent rights granted to us as human beings. Nor do they want us to experience those rights allegedly guaranteed by the constitution.WE MUST acknowledge that there is ill intent in the minds of many directed towards us.I pray that we don't become so complacent and indifferent that we fail to exercise our RIGHT TO VOTE in order to counter this blatant attempt to deprive US of all that was attained through the BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS of our ancestors.***Thank you, Aunt Lois, for encouraging me regarding the importance of who is reached and what is accomplished through the Spoken Word. I am so happy that you called me and shared that my words reminded you of your dad, RT Arnold. I am proud to carry on his legacy.We lost you on May 20th. May your spirit REST in the arms of OUR LORD.We love and miss you!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
02:11 6/2/24
"The Noises of Love"
As an observer, I now trulyrealize that..."The Noises of Love"are demonstrated in similar ways irrespective of whether you are an observer or a participant.__________________________________________________________________________________________***REPUBLISHOn yesterday we celebrated family-the Dulaney family. Specifically, the children of Louise/Whitey. It was a marvelous time as we had an opportunity to share..."The Noises of Love"with family from near and far.  This wasn't an event that was orchestrated and conducted at a fancy restaurant or resort-this weekend we showered love upon each other in the backyard of the home of my niece, Brittany and her husband Tee. Thank you'll for opening and sharing your home. A fabulous time was had by all and my sisters, as usual, provided a feast for kings and queens. There was boundless LOVE and each time we get together I am even more impressed by the relationship that has been INTENTIONALLY CULTIVATED among my nieces and nephews. I salute my siblings for their intentionality in ensuring that these relationships were fostered among my great nieces and nephews. Those that could not attend...WE MISSED YOU!!LET'S ALL DO OUR BEST to make it next time!!! Church on Sunday?For CERTAIN. There is a reason for this LOVE!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!_______________________________ The celebration of Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. Though I penned this piece during our Thanksgiving gathering of 2021, it was published during the Easter season of 2022.  Prior to the funeral service of my dear cousin, Edith.The words and sentiment contained within this piece are timeless.I pray that each listener will recall the precious memories of family gatherings and the love that was exuded during those times.Now, go and share the love, as you and yours revel in "The Noises of Love"***BTW...we are getting together again as family this Thanksgiving...yaaayyyyy!!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!____________________________I penned this piece at the time of our last family reunion during the 2021 Thanksgiving season. The importance of familial relationships is undeniable. The resurrection of familial relationships is just as important.  The celebration of this Easter Season, I feel, is a very apropos time for the publication of this piece I entitled..."The Noises of Love" is a testimony of the joy, love and spirit of closeness that is demonstrated when family members get together under the banner of family.I have come to realize that relationship, especially with family members, is something that needs to be willfully and carefully nurtured even though there is a sharing of the same blood and upbringing. I assume my share of the responsibility for failing to nurture those relationships with my sisters, brother and the numerous nephews, nieces, cousins...ALL those with whom I share DNA.  More importantly, the past memories that helped to mold us should be the impetus for us continuing to desire to establish moments that create those special memories that are revisited each time we get together.Regrettably, most of those times are at the loss of a beloved family member. Unfortunately, the loss of my dear cousin, Edith, will, undoubtedly, be the next time where family will gather.  Past stories will be re-told and revised, memories that create joyous laughter reshared and recollections of her sweet spirit will be recounted. On this day of RESURRECTION, and the day of her pending burial, let us be mindful of those relationships that are in need of being restored through the conscious decisions we make to breathe fresh life into each.LET ME
01:43 5/26/24
Many believe it is that one thing with which we are left when everything around us is in turmoil or crumbling.  Many grew up hearing the familiar phrase, "it'll be better tomorrow." Many grew up sitting among numerous others on church-filled pews listening to the various ways that it is manifested and evidenced, in combination with a modicum of faith.Irrespective of how one learns about it or experiences it, the ability to look towards THE POSSIBLE is always contained within ..."HOPE"...the mere concept of it is what oftentimes keeps many of us engaged in this journey.I, as a believer, know that my HOPE emanates from HE Whom I worship. My LORD and SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST.No, this is not an attempt to proselytize. I am simply passing along what was on my heart and urging YOU, my listener, to find, and develop a personal relationship with that thing, deity, or person which/who is able to usher you through these and pending harrowing times.AIN"T no one or nothing like mine though!!!OUR SPRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
01:59 5/19/24
"Over Exposure"
I see you; WE SEE YOU, now the question is indeed, DO YOU EVEN CARE?Your actions are being repeated and obviously there is an air of unconcern regarding the "OVER EXPOSURE"that those of a similar ilk are encountering. For instance, look at what has now been exposed in my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi and its' surrounding area. Persons that were long ago reported as missing are now being discovered in unmarked graves.  Sure, there has been a modicum of accountability, but it has not deterred others from operating from behind the same veil.I SEE YOU leaving untold numbers fighting for their lives in ICU.The current political climate that has provided the perfect segue for the lack of morality to become manifest is rising, and as always MY PEOPLE are victimized.Is the heat from the bright lights of exposure not enough to quell this stench that is running rampant within society?WE SEE YOU!!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
01:34 5/5/24
"...trippin' "
Originally published as the 22nd episode during the first year of podcasting, the prevalence of..."trippin" has not diminished. In fact, there appears to be an EVEN MORE concerted effort to return US to times of yesteryear.I occasionally return to previously published episodes, not because of a lack of content, but because there are specific pieces that, regrettably, highlight what WE continue to endure.***I also like to do a self-assessment of the improvement in my delivery and quality of the episodes I deliver to my listeners, weekly.    BTW...THANKS!!!OUR SPIRIT...LIVES!!!PEACE!!! ______________________________________________________________________________________________In case you have not noticed...there is a concerted effort to return US to a time when the questions that I pose in this episode were exactly what those in power expected us to encounter...daily.  Each was deemed par for the course."...trippin"is my honest attempt to highlight blatant acts of racism that are cast upon MY people. Yes, some people would like to consider them minor inconveniences. Trust me, there is nothing minor about being treated as mere intrusions upon the lives of those that project attitudes of superiority.If you take note, the music that was chosen to accompany this piece was an intentional attempt to highlight the belief by the supposed "mainstream" that we should just accept these daily occurrences and proceed merrily about our way.I SHALL NOT. I shall continue to question and challenge those things that I know and perceive to be obvious acts of racism. NO, not in attempt to create ugly scenes or cause grief for those that MAY mindlessly engage in these acts simply due to unwitting indoctrination. Conversely, i raise my voice in order to highlight specific acts-in REAL TIME. For the sole purpose of informing the willing and unwitting perpetrators about the egregiousness of their actions and to serve notice that they will no longer be tolerated, nor accepted, in silence.OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
01:37 4/28/24
"No Fruit Here"
This piece illuminates what pervades the mind and illustrates the wicked desires of MANY who seek to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.It is now time out for dancing around the subject and possessing fear that speaking out will only further foment the hatred that has been systematically loosed in the last several years. A hatred that was seemingly under control, but set free by a conductor filled with and spewing venom and vile vitriol.Many are in full support of what is being purveyed and are advocating on his behalf by seeking to revise history, proselytize others, and perpetuate the diminishing and outright destruction of rights that had been attained through blood, sweat, struggle, and oftentimes the loss of life.What those who operate from this mindset are discovering is that there is ..."No Fruit Here"...the system of old that sought to subjugate and hammer MY people into a position of acquiescence is finding that we look the same but are far from ready to willingly comply and return to a time when we were treated as less than human; viewed as no more than an accoutrement that allowed its owner to crow about personal status.Well, at least MOST of US.Women, ALL WOMEN, are not prepared to be returned to a time when they were thought to be representative of their true nature-fulfilling their calling-by being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.There are many other groups that find themselves in the crosshairs of an onslaught that is steeped in deprivation.What was truly intended when that guy rolled out the previously used ethnocentric slogan of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is being fulfilled. He has stoked the embers of WHITE NATIONALISM. I purposely left out the word CHRISTIAN, because NO TRUE BELIEVER would find themselves operating from a mindset that totally obliterates the second highest commandment..."thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself."Now, allow me to be crystal clear so that you may come to understand, there ain't,... NO FRUIT HERE!!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE
01:38 4/21/24
"Garbage In"
Let's see ...heretics continue in their perpetual quest to diminish and adulterate THE WORD.Racists, who think they are not RACISTS, continue to revise and diminish history by proffering ideas that slavery, inherent human and civil rights should not be granted to all people, especially BLACKS.Revisionists seek to ban long accepted reading lists, and close off the minds of our youth whose only resource for them to broaden their horizons is through the vivid imaginations captured on the pages that contain other's journeys.THE LIST is infinite.What seems to be more infinite is that there are MANY who voraciously seek to take this..."Garbage In"and proliferate it throughout a seemingly accepting culture; filled with those who are hell-bent on protecting personal privilege.There is no facet of life that does not seem to be incurring the persistent and concerted assault of those who are non-accepting of change.Their reality seems to be warped. However, there seems to be an inexplicable reality that many are anxiously awaiting to ingest the garbage that appears to be interminably growing, daily.ARE YOU ONE?OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
01:30 4/14/24
"I Hear a Symphony"
If only we all would come to the understanding that our lives are so much better when we are of one accord with those within our individual circles and those who are members of the huge group that influence or impact our lives daily.Sure, one can operate from the perspective of a soloist and journey through this life with an "I" and "my " mentality. One can achieve tremendous success by doing so.  One can also become consumed with the "I did it myself" mentality and find oneself exhibiting extreme selfishness that oftentimes leads to discord, loneliness and depression."I Hear a Symphony" addresses the beauty of what is achieved when we allow our individual desires to become enmeshed within the beauty of what is achievable as a group. A group that is oftentimes better served when led by one GLORIOUS conductor. I can hear the outcry from many as I write this..."I don't need nobody telling me how to do nothing...I got this".While expressing this, simply think of how that favorite tune would sound if only it had your favorite instrument within the band.  Pretty weak...huh?Let me be clear. I am not advocating for one to dismiss one's personal desires. OUR GREAT CONDUCTOR does not desire that our gifts be ignored.I am simply expressing that one should recognize that the pursuit of individual achievements become more attainable when they become a part of and are designed to serve more than oneself. Now, play with fervor and think of the beautiful music that emanates from you as a part of the awesome symphony that seeks to evoke change within your home, community and within.***HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BEAUTIFUL sister, CAROL!!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
02:09 3/31/24
"Lessons From Ton Le Sap"
God has blessed Marjorie and I to be able to travel to a number of countries throughout the world (moreso  she than I). In various countries we have witnessed the day-to-day living of the inhabitants of the countries visited.During our most recent travels we had the opportunity to witness the hustle and bustle of Hanoi in North Vietnam.  the laid-back city of Hue, located along the Huong River, in central Vietnam-just 5 miles from the South China Sea, and the difference in the politics of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)., located in South Vietnam.We were also blessed to be able to visit Cambodia. This is where I was filled with an intense desire to document what I was seeing as juxtaposed to what I live and observe as an American."Lessons From Ton Le Sap"was inspired by our travels up and down a portion of Ton Le Sap Lake. There we witnessed the indigenous people go about their daily lives that consisted mostly of fishing. In fact, it seemed that their entire existence was dependent on Ton Le Sap. This was ultimately conveyed to us by our tour guide. There was a difference in their manner of living that was quickly observed and highlighted. We were told of the level of cooperation that exists among those we encountered.  For example, the individual harvests of fish are combined and picked up daily by a local company without contentiousness over the amount of one's contribution. Children piloted boats up and down the lake delivering classmates to and from school. Floating homes were anchored in spaces that are individually owned, but there seemed to be no easily identifiable markings that separated the adjacent homes. The natives of Ton Le Sap are living in a community that is predicated on cooperation among the group. If one's boat is larger and creates a bigger wake, then the pilot of the larger boat willingly pilots his or her boat to the side, slowing down to allow the smaller vessel to proceed. This, all done without the use of verbal communication or horns.It was simply inspirational observing the level of cooperation and the level of community. It led me to think about what would be possible within OUR community(ies), the nation, if the same level of "village" think were prevalent in America.I pose a question at the end of this piece. Ruminate on its' words!Personally, I am left to wonder and remain HOPEFUL!!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
01:30 3/24/24
"Twisted Recall"
...and may I  also add the changing of definitions in order to create false equivalence. For example, look into how the definition of racist has so dramatically changed, and to whom it now applies.However, I remember.That is why  it is incumbent upon US to teach our youth the  stories of  their ancestors; Those whose shoulders on which we stand.If we do not then we allow our history to be ERASED by the "Twisted Recall" of those who would relegate US and our past to total and complete irrelevance!!We, US, cannot sit idly by and allow that to happen!!!Love your child by sharing the richness of our culture , our history.Encourage your child  to become involved in the affairs of the community that reflect OUR HERITAGE.It is through those things , and of course others, that we then can continue to boldly proclaim that...OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
02:03 3/17/24
"That Special Place"
"That Special Place"My desire is that all married couples seek to attain and maintain that place reserved for their special someone. It takes work.  But, doesn't everything in this life worth having require work?OUR SPIRIT LUVES!!!PEACE!!
02:07 3/9/24
"Flutter", the initial episode of the fourth season, that's right the fourth season of The Spoken Word with Slater Hayes.I was inspired to write this piece when I encountered a leaf that was caught up in a crosswind that would not allow it to descend to the ground. As I watched it seemingly for an eternity, I took note of the presence of the beauty and the serenity that surrounded me.  It was abundantly clear to me that EVERYTHING that I observed was there on each of the previous times that I had walked over this bridge. Only this time I was drawn, drawn to take note and appreciate the beauty with which GOD has gifted each of us.I encourage ALL of my listeners to slow down, take in, and appreciate each of the tremendous blessings with which we are gifted each and EVERY DAY!!! It will truly make your hearts "FLUTTER"OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
01:49 3/2/24
"seeKING 2"
This piece...take note of the history that is  being  recounted through this tribute to Congressman John King. "seeKING"is also a memorial tribute to Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr..As you listen, please understand that the impact of those on whose shoulders we stand are being continuously evidenced through the ascension of Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, and now, Kentanji Brown Jackson.Yes,  their achievements are more notable. However, make no mistake, those of us who go about our daily dash engaging in activities, professions and events that uplift, are a part of an ever evolving legacy.Remain vigilant, diligent and encouraged!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!PEACE!!!
01:56 2/25/24
"Center Eye"
All I can say is that there is NO BETTER piece with which to end my third season.  This piece, my initial venture into podcasting, spoke, and continues to speak, to the political events that are occurring, RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES.In some ways I have become disillusioned.Disillusioned that so many of US have decided to become quiet, OR ACCEPTING, of what is transpiring. Our zeal seems to have waned as it relates to the energy that is necessary to maintain a movement that was and is rooted in righteousness.Disillusioned that so many seem to have accepted the bombardment of lies that seem to grow more and more pervasive each day.Disillusioned that SO MANY CHOOSE to REMAIN QUIET!!We are indeed ..."Center Eye"and the back side of this storm may indeed be even more cataclysmic than what we have already experienced.Though I have grown to be disillusioned, I have not given up the battle. I shall continue to walk in a path of righteousness with an understanding that "Someone is Always Watching" and that oftentimes all one needs is to see and hear the strength that exists within another.VOTE!VOTE!! VOTE!!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!PEACE!!!__________________________________________________________________________________________Update- June 3, 2021Initial Publication- February 12, 2021This piece, my first to be published via podcast, is apropos considering what is occurring in state legislatures throughout the land. Listen closely, as this movement is assuming the characteristics of the storm  that is the crux of right wing fringe groups. There are also those that are attempting to give the potential devastating effects of the movement to suppress the vote of MY PEOPLE short shrift(read as Mitch McConnell, among others)-thus granting tacit approval for the continuation of the efforts by those intent on relegating MY PEOPLE to the point of insignificance.Our Spirit Lives!!!PEACE!!"Center Eye" was composed as I was completing my early morning walk through one of the local parks. The serenity of the deer , the dew and the fog that hung over the water stirred me to the allegorical content of this piece, especially in contrast to the racial tension that confronts persons of color at this point in time.
01:52 2/11/24
"Better Know Your Seed"
This piece...I went DEEEEP into the vault to find this piece after I became knowledgeable that my current path mirrors that of the grandfather I never knew. I remember it pouring from me and at the moment of writing it finding myself thinking-"where did this come from"?I invite you to listen to it. I invite you to ruminate on it.I give you my permission, as if you really need it, to ponder, what the heck is Slater Hayes talking about? When it strikes you, if you even care, think about the seeds of the numerous families that were adulterated by those who professed disdain for every aspect of our existence. Think about the individual lives that were forever changed Think about...well allow your minds to carry you, one does not have to travel far, to the myriad events that lead to the stripping away of various layers of our seed. Only for those engaging in the assault on our persons, our mental well-being, our heritage-to never seemingly attain contentment with all they caused to be laid bare. I desire that..."Better Know Your Seed" evokes thought and inspires the listener to self-reflect on all that is within that continues to propel us to prosper in the many endeavors that we pursue. Self-reflect on those things that are intentionally imposed by others, or self-imposed, to present obstacles to our becoming fully ripened-in preventing us in achieving OUR FULL PURPOSE...RUMINATE ON IT...OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!PEACE!!! 
01:17 2/4/24
Them People Dangerous
NO, IT IS NOT TOO EARLY TO START IMPRESSING UPON YOUR FRIENDS THE NEED TO VOTE!!The following is one of the reasons why.They are gathering once again. This time however their numbers include MORE THAN A FEW of those whose skin contains quite a bit of melanin. It appears that a number of my brown skinned brethren and those that closely resemble me have fallen for the entreaties of the ORANGE-SKINNED snake oil salesman and his sycophants. Don't be disillusioned though. There is still time to change the minds of those who are considering casting a vote for those representing the MAGA movement and to recruit those who consider voting an exercise in futility. It is still possible that they will become illuminated to the fact   that the MAGA movement DOES not and WAS NOT intended to include them. I SAY THIS....GET YOUR MINDS RIGHT...HOIST YOUR PANTS...PREPARE YOURSELF and ALL THOSE within your sphere to ...VOTE!!!VOTE!!!VOTE!!!IT IS CRITICAL!!!______________________________________________________________________________________This piece was penned on the evening of what was, and is, a day that will throughout the annals of time, live in infamy.The day of which I speak is January 6, 2021.You see , on that day, those among us who desire to maintain the privilege that they envision slipping away allowed all their fears and anger to erupt. Led by an assortment of those whose very existence is steeped in hatred and animus- they exercised what they believe to be their inherent right. The Boogalo Boys, The Proud Boys, The Oath Keepers,  Qanon-they all came to together and left us all to surmise that..."Them People Dangerous"Unfortunately, there are those among us who do not profess an allegiance to any of the previously identified groups and are as equally dangerous.What is far more disturbing is that those of their ilk are now on the precipice of being voted into positions of power that could ultimately rock the very foundation on which this republic was established.Let US, those of us of every ethnicity, who desire that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness remains available to Us all stand up and make our voices heard. Let US exercise our right and cast out those whose very existence seems to be based on, among numerous other things, denying an essential element of a democracy.Vote! Vote!! VOTE!!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!PEACE!!!
01:42 1/28/24
"Rubber Trees All Around Us"
This piece was originally published on 03-06-2022.Frederick Douglas in his historic "What the Black Man Wants" speech delivered before the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, just days before the end of the civil war recognized that the Black man is faced with many obstacles. Chief among those obstacles is the prevalence of a " malignancy of hatred' that is being perpetuated from generation to generation among whites. We, as a people, must recognize that silence regarding those things and actions that rob us of our inherent rights must be addressed at the time of their occurrence. Too often we assume that someone else will address the issue and it is allowed to fester and evolve into something that far exceeds its' life expectancy.Ruminate on the following..." No class of man can, without insulting their own nature, be content with any deprivation of their rights". (F. Douglas-"What the Black Man Wants", 1865)The level of our desire to experience life in the same manner, with the same freedoms, as others has not diminished.Certainly, impediments, and the ill intent of others, has negatively affected generations of MY people. Generations, who were oftentimes travelling along this journey, in hopes of experiencing the American dream oftentimes saw their dreams violently interrupted by many who were hell-bent on preventing such lofty desires."Rubber Trees All Around Us"was written as a testament to the many that were unwillingly sacrificed and those who daily make a choice to painstakingly identify and overcome those obstacles (rubber trees) that are intentionally designed and constructed to prevent US from living our best lives.So many have acquiesced and abandoned their dreams-leaving the unfulfilled aspirations of their forefathers to remain adrift-consumed by the abyss of denial, non-inclusion and the perpetual intimidating threats of violence wickedly veiled in a desire to return to years past.Our enduring spirit has positioned us to recognize that  we are more highly considered than the ANT-aware that when facing inconceivable adversity- to  remain firm  in the foundational knowledge of  that which is inherently  ours through a birthright of HE that provides eternal...HOPE!! OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
02:02 1/21/24
***REPUBLISH***This piece...ohhh, this piece!!!This piece was written to pay tribute to those that comprised my village.Even though I am the author,  listening to it causes  emotions to  well up inside that are  really too hard to describe with mere words.  As I reminisce about the respective impact of each person, a specific story oftentimes comes to mind. From the Sunday school teachings of Mrs. Tony, at Greater Fairview Baptist Church, who recognized and highlighted God's gifts in each of the rambunctious youth within her charge, to  the teachings by  example from my father to never leave a project undone, to the quiet love  heaped upon me and my siblings by our mom as she prepared daily breakfasts -oftentimes enduring excruciating pain. The foundation set in place by those mentioned, and others, as a part of  my village, has proven to be critical in the development of who I am. All of their teachings, their experiences, and more importantly, THEIR UNFAILING LOVE prepared me and left me... "Grounded"I encourage each listener of this episode to " play it " and then "play it back" and think of those who were instrumental in your development.  In addition, think of the many things that were imparted unto you that can prove to be a vital cog to the many persons, known and unknown, that are dependent on you for their personal development.Our Spirit Lives!!PEACE!!!
01:43 1/14/24
"Look Away...This Ain't Your Dixieland"
"Look Away...This Ain't Your Dixieland"Black men-for so long having to look away for fear of the repercussions.WE KNOW THAT GAZE!!!That GAZE intent on inflicting fear!!!WE KNOW THAT GAZE!!!That GAZE delivering that intimidating message-You are being watched!!!BLACK MEN...WE KNOW THAT GAZE!!!BLACK MEN-we are NOT victims-ONLY VICTIMIZED!!BLACK MEN-WALK IN RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
02:07 1/3/24
"It's In Me"
"It's in Me"The identifiable, the unidentifiable, and yes, that part that no one, sometimes even I, am able to pinpoint. I have listened to the stories regarding my personality. "You acting just like Snow"(my father). Sometimes conveyed with an animus that has been harbored for FAR TOO LONG by family.Sometimes conveyed with a sense of unfamiliarity. As if there is a part of me that has been left secretly cloaked within the inner recesses of my being since I entered this world. I know my last remaining maternal aunt continues to express to me that what I am now expressing through this platform is simply a re-creation of her dad, R.T. (the military changed his name to Artee to conform to governmental practices).Whomever is conveying their beliefs regarding what they see pouring out through my personality and past and present actions are probably ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!! I am not seeking to run from either.You see I am the result of all that has been poured into me over time and obviously the result of the genes that created me.HOWEVER, there is also something that is within me of which no earthly man has control, and it is being manifested for such a time as this. Don't allow your past experiences and encounters with me to close your eyes and ears to those things that emanate from me at this time. You see, I honestly feel that my true heritage is what is being evidenced NOW!!  A heritage that is continuing to be established and manifested through an intense desire to allow HE to do what was intended through and for me...this BLACK MAN!!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!PEACE!!! 
01:21 12/17/23
The abstract nature of this piece was written JUST AS I WAS INSPIRED to write it. Have a listen ans allow your mind to revisit past periods of time during your childhood, your teenage years and presently.If it fills with circumstances that shaped each specific period, then consider us of a like mind. "Mindscaping""takes me there". Wherever your "there" is, allow this piece to transport you there and think of the wondrous impact that you will now have WHEN you revisit those special places in time.Don't forget though, when you get there...RADIATE!!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
01:19 12/10/23
There are NO WORDS to describe the emotions of those involved in the events that lead to and is leading to the horrific loss of loved ones in the Middle East.I invite everyone involved to take a pause and think of the futures that are being pre-determined for those for whom you express love."Heritage"is my attempt at inspiring a spirit of change that is necessary so that the little one's MAY LIVE!!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
02:40 12/3/23
"Between The Ears"
What great profession did you envision yourself holding when you were a child-even as a young adult? I can almost guarantee that the predominant number of us did not become fixated on one profession during the earlier stages of our lives.What I can guarantee is that there were many."Between the Ears"is a piece that was inspired as I reminisced on my past and the numerous experiences I have had with a plethora of school children and incarcerated individuals during my many "jobs" and ultimately my career.Our desires or dreams of fabulous careers is oftentimes influenced by what we see within our communities, the books we read, the fabulous fantastical tales of others, or the foundation that was laid through THE WORD.Our seeking to become what we envision, I feel, is in large part, determined by the number of obstacles that we allow to thwart our dreams. Those obstacles are oftentimes manifested through the negative words of others as they espouse what can be done and what should be done based on where and what they perceive as your destiny.Undoubtedly, there are those who envision success when they encounter our youth and there are those who envision anything but success.  Therein lies the problem. It seems that as I experience my personal walk, I have begun to notice that more and more adults are inclined to speak negatively to children and young adults about what they perceive as far-fetched aspirations. How can we expect our children, those who we view as lacking, to dream of something greater if they have not been exposed through the experiences contained within the written word and THE WORD?  How can our young adults grow in the knowledge that undesirable choices will be made but that there is THE WORD that will help them to overcome if they are never exposed to THE WORD?In summary, STOP expecting your children, your young adults, OUR FUTURE to dream bigger, to think bigger when we are not exposing them to the prospects of the GOOD LIFE contained within and through THE WORD!!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
01:07 11/26/23
"Where, Oh Where"
There is a simple but sincere question at the end of this piece.NO, it is not rhetorical.I know that situations change and the environment in which they opoerate has become exponentially more complex.However, it still leads me to pose a question, even in the title..."Where, Oh Where"It seems that, attitudinally, those donning the shields of law enforcement, have become more belligerent and confrontational over time. As I alluded to previously, I know that the world has changed. But even back in the "old days" law enforcement officers were confronted with a number of precarious situations. They, however, seemed to possess an innate ability to address each situation without escalating it.Maybe my expectations are too great. However, lowering my expectations is non-negotiable. How about attempting to raise those of those who are sworn to serve and protect.****Rest in Peace...ELIJAH McCLAIN!!!OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
01:20 11/12/23
If one can remove SELF from situations, then it will allow for "a real understanding" of the needs of others and become sensitive to the fact that we ALL desire similar things.___________________________________________________________________________________________ We have all heard the stories!! Whether they emanate from within your inner circle, or from that person to whom circumstance provides one the opportunity to "ear hustle". Often times, it pours forth from a personal desire that has been harbored -within.It sometimes sounds like this..."when I retire I'm moving back..."...I wish I could go back...""HOME"it seems our spirit is in a constant state of desire. A desire that is inexplicable but that we know is not being fulfilled by all those things we pour into it. I will not digress by providing examples of the myriad thigs to which I refer. What I do know is that each leaves a thirst...a thirst that continues to linger until we SATISFY the SPIRIT.The SPIRIT that was breathed into us at the onset of our being. That SPIRIT that perpetually hungers and provides that offramp, regardless of the circumstance that we carelessly involve ourselves. That SPIRIT that provides a place that is free of cynicism and condemnation.We all know the place to which I refer because we have heard the beckoning and experienced the heaviness of heart when we continue to stray or consciously choose to elude....THAT CALL!!Do NOT be dismayed. If you have thus far chosen to ignore it, take my word, it continues- becoming as clear as when mama screamed out and her voiced resonated oftentimes at the tenor that only you could hear...OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
02:19 11/5/23
"Take Your Warm-Ups Off"
STOP minimizing the importance of what you are capable of bringing to the table! STOP recognizing the importance of your singular voice-EVEN within your sphere of influence!STOP waiting for someone else to verbalize, or do, that which only you can say or accomplish!GET IN THE GAME!!!__________________________________________________________________________________________Innumerable opinions and justifications (read as excuses) for a lack of involvement inundate that place to which I refer in this piece that was inspired by speaking to friends, listening to neighbors and the panoply of overbearing pontificators that have found their way on to various networks. I envisioned myself as that coach nervously approaching each, wondering if they were indeed ready to display ALL THAT which seemed to be bubbling from within as they projected indifference, hurled insults and sometimes cast profuse adulation towards those engaged in battle. I could see the look of nervousness overtake many, but not all of them, as I approached. Afraid, no deathly afraid, that they would hear those words that would thrust them into battle and possibly change their lives forever. Those words..."Take Your Warm-Ups Off"those five words that have stymied the growth of so many along this journey.  I have learned that oftentimes many, though extremely well intentioned, do not possess the ability(ies) nor desire to actually be at the forefront of the hand-to-hand battle that occurs along their personal dash. Oftentimes they relegate themselves to the passivity of an onlooker to something they should ACTIVELY and aggressively engage. This should not be perceived as a knock on how individuals make conscious choices regarding their lives. Instead, utilize it to make a personal assessment of whether you, the listener, are an actual participant in what so many have come to refer to as the game.OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
01:39 10/29/23
Oftentimes, life, irrespective of our current circumstances or condition(s), provides that thing that tugs at our heart strings or provides a constant reminder that the time is now for change.Throughout scripture the number..."8"is associated with new order, creation and resurrection. I pray that this piece provides further impetus for SOMEONE-that one listener who is sitting on the fence and not sure as to their future direction-to go ahead and submit to that call for a new birth in their lives.A new birth that will allow for that abundance that is within to pour forth and touch the lives of those that are awaiting your arrival, NEW BEGINNINGS!OUR SPIRIT LIVES !!!PEACE!!!
01:33 10/8/23
"Never Intended for Everybody"
If this past week -past since whenever- is not indicative of the lack of concern for the everyday man/woman , then I don't know what is.The far right was prepared to bring the economy to a screeching halt simply because their puppeteer instructed them to do so.  They were prepared, among other things, to disrupt day care, end Meals on Wheels, delay airport travel, cease court proceedings-ahhhh, that's what 45 was after-to halt criminal proceedings. Unaware, that during previous budget issues, federal criminal proceedings continued-uninterrupted.But, let me get out of the weeds.Let me briefly address the numerous persons who seem to support the far right.They pretend as if their support is because of the border, crime, etc.- those things that are perpetually discussed by the pundits.The fact of the matter is that the real issue is RACE and ceding to others what they have forever thought was only theirs."Never Intended for Everybody"addresses the obstacles that those who have benefitted from privilege are willing to construct in order to maintain that privilege. It also addresses the glee that is derived by doing so.Many who wholeheartedly support the entitled efforts of the far right have been duped into believing that the purported financial benefits will trickle down to them-failing to understand that their circumstance will continue and leave them in the wake as collateral damage.  Thus, leaving them right alongside those for whom they possess tremendous disdain-PEOPLE of COLOR.The sad reality is that those who were willing to send the economy into a preventable tailspin were really not attempting to hide their real purpose. They have addressed it openly and many have removed the veil that once hid their motives. Have those with whom you come into daily contact done the same or are they continuing to hide behind some other pretense?#ishallnotbebamboozlednorhoodwinked OUR SPIRIT LIVES!!!PEACE!!!
01:35 10/1/23