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AIA American Influencer Association™ presents American Influencer Real Talk podcast! AIA Real Talk is a weekly podcast featuring your favorite influencers in beauty, fitness, fashion and lifestyle, giving you the behind the scenes stories you don't want to miss! Along the way influencers discuss how they got started, the struggle, the triumphs, and their outlook on the ever-changing industry. Our host Josh Skinner flawlessly uncovers the inspirational stories of each influencer and is sure to bring you never before heard... REAL TALK! If you are an influencer and would like to be on our show, please DM us on instagram @aiarealtalkpodcast or go to our website, and send us a message by clicking the "Contact Us" link.


Food with Soy
Get hungry because we have American Influencer Award winner Food with Soy on today's show!  Soy takes us on her journey through social media and her love of food. We cover everything from Good Morning America to creating a viral video that saved a small business during the pandemic.
25:40 10/12/22
Chris Equale (@HammyAndOlivia)
American Influencer Award nominee Chris Equale is on today’s show! Chris shares how his two Pembroke Welsh Corgis (@HammyAndOlivia) are bringing laughter and joy to their millions of followers. Chris also shares how a 911 operator reached out and said the @HammyAndOlivia account saved a life.
22:00 9/23/22
Joey Sasso
We're excited to have Joey Sasso from Netflix's The Circle. Joey talks about his time on the show and shares how The Circle propelled him to help and encourage others through social media. We also speak with television producer Lisa Freberg on working with Joey and other Influencers.
77:08 8/19/22
Christy McGinity
Christy McGinity shares how Little Women: LA gave her a platform to turn a negative into a positive. Christy also shares how she's speaking around the world about the importance of diversity and the misconceptions of people with disabilities. 
16:20 8/12/22
Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young
American Influencer Real Talk heads to Nashville for a special interview with Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young. We talk about American Idol, Ace's Grammy nomination, their time on Broadway and how social media has evolved for performers everywhere.
26:34 8/4/22
Lisa Schwartz
Lisa Schwartz shares her experience as a content creator, influencer and author. Lisa also talks about the early days of YouTube and her book, "Thirty-Life Crisis: Navigating My Thirties, One Drunk Baby Shower at a Time."
14:28 7/25/22
Pressley Hosbach
Pressley Hosbach shares her experience on Dance Moms, dancing with Justin Bieber, her clothing collaboration and how she hopes to inspire her millions of followers.
13:35 7/19/22
Jenn Aedo
Jenn Aedo shares how a viral TikTok video changed her life and made her believe in miracles. Jenn also shares how beauty and skincare helped her through postpartum depression.
20:00 7/11/22
Nita Danielle
It's time to go shopping with American Influencer Award winner, Nita Danielle. Nita explains how she became a fashion haul expert and used her platform to help others find their self confidence. Nita wants to help women of all shapes and sizes because she believes everyone deserves to feel and look fabulous.
15:59 6/30/22
Matt Slays
We're excited to have Matt Slays on American Influencer Real Talk. Matt shares his incredible journey of becoming an Influencer with his wife, Rebecca Zamolo. He also talks about his new book, The Game Master: Mansion Mystery.
11:08 6/22/22
Ve'ondre Mitchell
We're excited to have American Influencer Award winner for LGBTQIA+, Ve'ondre Mitchell! Ve'ondre shares how she found her authentic voice and used it to reach millions of followers. She also reminds us to be intentional, watch what we say and realize we all want to be loved, valued and appreciated.
14:38 6/15/22
Samuel Ray
Beauty expert and content creator Samuel Ray discusses the highs, lows and misconceptions of the beauty industry. You will be inspired as Samuel shares his journey to become bold, beautiful and fabulous!
12:34 1/26/22
Paytons.Makeup shares her extraordinary journey from her first viral video to being featured in Vogue Magazine! Payton also shares how she's using her platform and makeup to inspire her millions of followers.
14:24 1/13/22
Givefluencer - John & Niki
Have you heard of the term Givefluencer? It's when Influencers giveback to their community. Project Pop Drop's John Snyder and Niki Shadrow Snyder share how they're using social media to change lives and help end homelessness!
43:03 12/27/21
Kimberley Locke
Kimberley Locke kicks off the holidays with a special edition of American Influencer Real Talk! Kimberley has had eight Top 20 singles, five #1 dance singles and is the only artist to have a #1 holiday single on the Billboard charts 3 years in a row. Grab your hot chocolate and feel the holiday spirit!
23:16 12/1/21
Henry Vasquez (HankandHenry)
American Influencer Award winner HankandHenry shares his extraordinary journey from working at Target to creating HankandHenry Beauty, which focuses on artistry and compassion. HankandHenry also shares the touching story of how his Grandmother inspired him to believe he could do anything.
39:33 11/15/21
Carrie Esser
American Influencer Award nominee Carrie Esser (@makeupmadhouse) shares her experience as a finalist on Snapchat's Fake Up and how she's using her platforms to inspire creativity and beauty.
19:37 10/28/21
Eric Taylor
Salon Republic’s Eric Taylor shares the incredible journey of being instrumental during the pandemic by initiating the reopening of salons in California. Eric also shares how Salon Republic is creating a unique way for beauty professionals to be showcased.
31:07 10/7/21
Chase Benz
Award-winning Choreographer and Director Chase Benz shares how he went from living in a small town to working with Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Backstreet Boys and more. Chase's journey will encourage you to work hard and follow your dreams!
25:03 9/23/21
@ethanisupreme Tribute with Gerald Peters
American Influencer Award nominee @ethanisupreme was a passionate, driven, artistic and successful teen entrepreneur. Ethan inspired others to be their authentic self through social media and art. Join us as we remember Ethanisupreme with a special interview with Ethan's father, Gerald Peters.
89:29 9/1/21
Zach Dishinger
Teen makeup artist and entrepreneur Zach Dishinger shares how he created Formula Z Cosmetics to make a difference in the beauty industry. Zach believes makeup should be all-inclusive, empowering and a form of self-expression for everyone, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or race. Zach and Formula Z Cosmetics have partnered with The Trevor Project and The Phluid Project to educate, inspire and help people around the world.
19:24 8/24/21
Ryan Weeden
American Influencer Award nominee Ryan Weeden shares how experiencing September 11th in New York City changed his life and shifted his professional career to a hairstylist and entrepreneur.  
26:58 8/17/21
We have an American Influencer Real Talk exclusive with Kevin Wu and Leanne Simmons of Free Britney L.A! Kevin and Leanne explain Britney Spears conservatorship and why they got involved. We also send Josh and GloZell to Downtown Los Angeles to report live during Britney’s bombshell courthouse call.
47:05 8/10/21
Danielle Maltby
Danielle Maltby shares her experience on the hit television shows, "The Bachelor and "Bachelor in Paradise." Danielle also talks about her inspirational medical career and her hit podcast, "The WoMed."
20:25 3/24/21
Ryan Edgar
Singer and Songwriter Ryan Edgar shares his journey from America's Got Talent to writing songs for the hit television show, Empire. Ryan also gives us an exclusive on his new single, "Somebody Testify"
17:17 3/9/21
Perez Hilton
Perez Hilton has a candid conversation about being the Original Influencer! You will be inspired by Perez's personal and professional journey. Perez also chats about his juicy new book and his incredible story of meeting Jennifer Aniston!
46:12 2/25/21
Julia Dantas
Julia Dantas (Hulu's Glam Masters) shares how a life-threatening illness changed her life and prepared her for the beauty industry. We also have a special surprise for Julia from Glam Masters judges Kandee Johnson and Mario Dedivanovic and you don't want to miss it!
23:21 2/10/21
Clark Beckham
Clark Beckham shares his incredible journey from being the first runner-up on American Idol to writing his new album. Clark will inspire you to follow your dreams!
10:05 1/22/21
Lance Bass
Popstar Lance Bass has a candid conversation about the early days in *NSYNC, coming out publicly and the journey of starting a family with his husband. 
20:34 1/14/21
Chaun Legend
Celebrity Nail Artist and American Influencer Award nominee Chaun Legend shares his journey from Philadelphia to Hollywood and how social media was a game changer in his career. Chaun also shares some of his nail secrets! 
23:20 1/7/21