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OJ & Carlos Gossip With The Chat
Topics: Joey C smacks Ray DeVito (and needs your money to get to Vegas).  Ray doesn't know what to do with Joey. Steel Toe enters a new realm of hell. KB shows emotion. Taratino talk. Why did Shuli have Ray on the network in the first place? From the April 7 2024 'Oj in the Morning' show.
82:40 4/7/24
Adam's Gone
An edited clip from Adam's final minutes before he retired as the producer of the 'Misery Loves Company' podcast.  Visit
04:56 4/6/24
The New Road House Sucks Ray DeVito
Spears and Carlos provide the definitive review of the new 'Road House' while plotting to kill Ray DeVito and deprive Dominick Sin of their First Amendment rights.
53:23 3/31/24
Coen Bros Tier List, Hackverse Cold Takes (Audio)
Back from the dead with a 5 a.m. livestream: Coen Bros Tier List Shuli says Carlos is a weird dude Atlantic City shows Kevin Brennan is the king of all this Win by 2 kid finds a groove with Dr Chow Aaron's dishonest debate with Lemmi
52:11 2/17/24
Scorsese Tier List, Ray Calls In, Kevin Brennan In The News, Movies W/Tanks
The audio version of a unplanned members-only livestream from Jan. 6, 2024.  
41:03 1/9/24
2023 Hackverse Awards (Audio)
Streamed live on New Year's Eve 2023, the hosts reveal the 'Best of the Hackverse,' as voted upon by 300 people who participated in an Insufferable Bastards end-of-the-year poll. Was 2023 the Year of the Tookie? The Onion? The Shuli? The Angry Red-Faced Irishman? Listen to find out. Hacka hacka!
76:55 1/1/24
(Audio) Ray DeVito On Lost Love, Buffalo Strippers, Shuli Egar, Opie & Kevin Brennan
Audio from a recent Insufferable Bastard appearance on Ray DeVito's 'Rock Bottom Podcast.'
44:50 12/5/23
Thanksgiving With Chad Zumock (Audio)
We went live on YouTube to talk about Chad Zumock's latest dust-up, only to be joined by the Z-Man himself in an unplanned interrogation. Happy Thanksgiving, Hackverse.
43:11 11/23/23
Enabling Ray (Audio)
Carlos Danger complains bitterly for 70 minutes about comic Ray DeVito sharing private communication with the Hackverse.
72:13 10/29/23
Review: The Chad Zumock MLC Therapy Session (Audio)
Chad. A therapist. An angry Irishman surprisingly into self-reflection.
15:36 10/22/23
The Karl From WATP Interview (Audio)
We interviewed Karl Hamburger from 'Who Are These Podcasts.' This is that interview, which we originally aired within an 'Insufferable Bastards' YouTube livestream.
48:45 10/21/23
Karl From WATP Talks Kevin Brennan, Steel Toe's Future (Audio)
Karl from 'Who Are These Podcasts' makes his debut on Insufferable Bastards to find out why Carlos is in love with 'Misery Loves Company' host Kevin Brennan. Plus OJ & Carlos try to breakdown Phil Elmore's alleged attempt to cancel a Stuttering John comedy show. Originally aired as a YouTube livestream. This is the audio-only version, which we still release out of habit. We're also releasing a separate, bonus episode with just the Karl interview, FYI.
85:00 10/21/23
Cardiff And Ray Talk Chad-Kevin Affair
From Oct. 12, 2023. Sorry to be late with the old-school version of the podcast.
71:11 10/18/23
We Make Tookie Boring (Audio)
Tookie joined us on Oct. 8 to talk about his rise, and hopefully very soon fall, as King of the Dabbleverse. Then Carlos whines about no longer being interested in Dabbling. Chatters bail us out. Some other stuff happens, too, I just don't remember because this was recorded Oct. 8, 2023 on YouTube but we forgot to release it as an audio podcast.
64:15 10/18/23
(Audio) The Aerie Jane Interview!
Aerie Jane, the real Ray DeVito whisperer, makes her first appearance on the podcast. We talk about the Ray-Pat Dixon drama, clear the air about our own issues, and then laud the great Obnoxious John.
69:05 9/23/23
(Audio) Pat Dixon Reacts To Ray DeVito's MLC Therapy Session
The great Kevin Brennan had a shrink interview comic Ray DeVito on the 'Misery Loves Company' podcast and a super chat from comic Pat Dixon nearly broke Ray's brain. Pat reacts to that and to the 'Nobody Likes Onions' #FreePatDixon movement. Support Brennan: Support Dixon: Support Ray: Support The Onion:  
58:01 9/21/23
Ray On The Streets (Audio)!
A livestream from El Horrible gave us a chance to see comic Ray DeVito touch strangers in the streets; Carlos isn't a fan of the "DG turns on Stuttering John" fictional storyline; Patrick Melton does a better job explaining Carlos than Carlos. Guests: Matt from Mondo Creepy & Franklin Scheckler. This is the audio from our weekly YouTube livestream; sent to all the podcasting platforms.
51:18 9/16/23
Audio: Revisiting Cardiff Electric's Controversial 'Misery Loves Company' Appearance
This week we talk about the criteria for 'Dabbler of the Week' but forget to name one. Then we talk about Stuttering John getting emotional, Rebar noticing Ray DeVito and YouTube's issue with The Shuliverse. And we go back and watch clips from Cardiff Electric's infamous appearance from earlier this year on Kevin Brennan's 'Misery Loves Company' podcast. Guests: Obnoxious John, Mondo Creepy Matt, comic Ray DeVito
85:07 9/10/23
(Audio) Shuli Egar Confronts 'Drunk on Cringe'
Background: The Shuli Network linked to a video from Nobody Likes Onions that made fun of Drunk On Cringe, a Dabbleverse/Hackverse clip channel. Drunk on Cringe asked Shuli Egar to remove the link, inciting a Twitter beef between the two, during which Shuli accused Drunk of trying to blackmail him.   Cringe vowed revenge.   This week The Shuli Network was pulled from YouTube for a community guidelines violation.    Drunk on Cringe went online to say that he has been reporting various Shuli Network videos. He agreed without notice to appear on this podcast's YouTube livestream on Sept. 1 to talk about his quest for vengeance.    Shuli was watching live and asked to join the stream. He did so about 23 minutes into the interview.
64:30 9/2/23
(Audio) Dabbler Of The Weak!
Audio version of the Aug. 27 livestream that went on for far too long. Stevie Lew and Ray DeVito join the fray to summarize a devastating week in whatever the hell all this is. Plus 'Dabbler of the Week.'
109:11 8/27/23
Ray's Drama Derails The 'Show' (Audio)
Obnoxious John and Carlos Danger are joined by Dr. Chow to talk about whether Chow's 'Simply Good' podcast with Aerie Jane is a work. Then fresh-off-the road standup comic Ray DeVito jumps on the stream to explore The Shuli Network drama he has with a Dabbler formally known as 'Uncle Rican Mami.' Things go awry. This is episode no. 326.
95:38 8/8/23
We Pledge Allegiance To Ray DeVito (Audio Only)
This podcast is in the Ray DeVito business from now until death. Whose we're not sure.
92:19 8/5/23
The Gutterverse Press Conference
Shuli Egar hosted a press conference on Aug. 2 to talk about whether Ray DeVito's 'Rock Bottom Podcast' should be tossed off The Shuli Network YouTube channel. Various bottom-feeding podcast hosts acted as the press corps, including Quadfather Derek, Lil Mir, Dr. Chow and, from this podcast, Carlos Danger.
51:17 8/4/23
Late Night With Shuli Egar, Ray DeVito And Obnoxious John
'Carlos' went live on YouTube with OJ after 12 a.m. on Aug 2 to talk about the Dabbleverse only to be joined by former 'Howard Stern Show' staffer Shuli Egar and 'Misery Loves Company' regular Ray DeVito in separate interviews. In between we checked in on a guy live-streaming from his hospital bed in an emergency room. Enjoy.
86:03 8/3/23
(Audio) Kevin Brennan Deserves Your Love
Carlos argues the Dabbleverse was too hard on Kevin Brennan after the Irish-American Catholic comedian suggested Stuttering John cancel his 'Who Are These Podcasts' appearance an hour before John was scheduled to be on. No one seems to agree with Carlos.
73:43 7/29/23
Comic Ray DeVito Burned Us, The Joke Man Documentary Is Good
(audio) We react to 'Who Are These Podcasts' vs Ray DeVito, then gush over the new Jackie The Joke Man documentary. Audio is from our weekly YouTube livestream.
75:09 7/22/23
(Audio) Kevin Brennan Is The Dabbler Of The Week
Irish Kevin Brennan had our favorite clip of the week. Ray DeVito confessed his love for 'Carlos Danger' and took it a little too far. Ski Mask goes for the quick cash. Does Carlos have a body like an Adonis? Revisiting Ray's meat. A quick one while he's away. Video here:
40:13 7/17/23
Dabbleverse Gossip With The Great KC Armstrong
Former Howard Stern staffer KC Armstrong invited 'Carlos Danger' and 'Obnoxious John' onto his YouTube livestream to get an update on the recent insanity of Armstrong's former co-worker Stuttering John and the Dabbleverse. This is the audio from that interview, republished with KC's permission.
45:05 7/12/23
(Audio) Wait, Shuli Isn't The Dabbler Of The Week?
Carlos argues Shuli won the week that was but is outvoted by jealous co-hosts Spears and Obnoxious John. Plus, neither Melton nor Brennan appreciate low-level 'fancasts;' Ray DeVito sorta DID 'build a grill;' the real Ray news of the week; Alex Stein goes to war with Carlos; a classic 'Drunk on Cringe,' and Chad Zumock keeps Steel Toe in check.  Oh yeah: Stuttering John stuff, too. Video of this episode is on YouTube:  
90:43 7/9/23
Just When You Thought Chad Zumock Was Out (Audio)
Too many things happened this week in the Dabbleverse, starting with Stuttering John, the man who inspired all, returning to YouTube. This is an audio-only version of a YouTube livestream that is publishing on all major podcasting platforms. Watch the video here:
79:33 7/2/23

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