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When Killers Get Caught: A True Crime Podcast

With decades of true crime and paranormal research between them Brittany Ransom and Brian Joyner dig deep into killers big and small, obscure supernatural stories and modern true crime mysteries. New Episodes every Saturday!


The Crime and End of Clifford Olson Jr and the Pope lick monster. 103:40 08/06/2022
The Beast of British Columbia(pt1) & El Sibon 113:23 07/30/2022
Judy Buenoano and Legends from New Jersey 134:20 07/17/2022
The sad shooter Charles Whitman Jr and The Enfield Horror 170:52 07/03/2022
France’s First Serial Killer & The Haunting of Elmwood Mansion 133:21 06/25/2022
A Very Pennsylvania Podcast: Gary Heidnik and the Ghosts of York 164:03 06/17/2022
A Peoples History of Mass Murder and the Aswang 115:30 06/09/2022
Charles Manson: Part II - More Helter, Less Skelter & St.John’s Dance 156:11 06/02/2022
Charles Manson Part I: The Man Behind The Monster 125:03 05/26/2022
Haunted Paintings- Dont Put Them In Your Bedroom 48:22 05/19/2022
Marcus Wesson's horrid vampire cult & The Dyybuk Box 160:15 05/12/2022
Who was Aileen Wuornos? & Baba Yaga 155:11 04/28/2022
The Bodies In the Barrels & spooky video games 143:03 04/21/2022
The Bayou Strangler: Ronald Dominique & Another water cryptid 159:04 04/14/2022
Rodney Alcala & Dopplegangers 158:38 03/31/2022
The hunt for the Grim Sleeper and the Apology Line 160:51 03/24/2022
Tommy Lynn Sells 20 year crime spree & the dangers of sleeping in strangers home 161:20 03/17/2022
Wayne Williams and the Atlanta Child Murders 79:21 03/03/2022
Young love gone wrong with Charles Starkweather and Caril Anne Fugate; What is Analogue Horror? 131:37 02/24/2022
Who were Bonnie and Clyde Really? Let's talk about Champ. 115:28 02/17/2022
Fred and Rosemary West: The Worst Kind of Love & Spectrophilia 134:59 02/10/2022
The Meanest Man In America: PeeWee Gaskins & Greek Monsters 134:17 02/03/2022
The Myth of Ted Bundy: Part II and Changelings 112:27 01/27/2022
The Myth of Ted Bundy Part I & The Dover Demon 121:21 01/20/2022
The Covid Episode: Robert Durst and The Roanoke Colony 107:27 01/13/2022
Anthony Sowell and the Dark Path that lead to the Cleveland Strangler 141:57 01/06/2022
Season Finale: The Lawson Christmas Massacre 113:21 12/17/2021
Robert The Doll- Always say goodbye 43:23 12/09/2021
Ronald Eugene Simmons and the Mockingbird Hill Massacre 110:46 12/03/2021
Charles Cullen claimed he was "helping" 135:33 11/18/2021