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Scale Your Joy is for the “smart with heart” high achiever looking to ditch the corporate grind and sidestep the “hustle hard” startup scene to design a life and business they love. Scale Your Joy is hosted by Kaneisha Grayson, a Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School grad, author, essayist, avid traveler, and self-made entrepreneur. Each week, she shares her personal experiences and advice on crafting a life and building a business that not only showcases your formal education and credentials, but authentically represents you, creates positive social impact, and is highly profitable. If you want inspiring stories and practical strategies that will help you live more authentically, take more risks, be resilient in the face of adversity, make more money, and experience more joy, this show is for you. Be sure to join Kaneisha every quarter on a two-hour Ask Me Anything call— just for podcast listeners that leave a review. Find out more at


19. How to Find and Keep a Mentor with Dr. Kerry Ann Rockquemore 70:32 12/07/2021
18: Entrepreneurial Intervention: Asia Small of The Purpose of Prep 47:32 11/09/2021
17: Balancing Creativity and Business with Aleksej Aarsaether 51:27 10/05/2021
16: Black Girls Must Die Exhausted with Jayne Allen 60:01 09/07/2021
15: My Answers to 10 Vulnerable Questions 30:41 08/17/2021
14: 5 Money Mistakes I Made in My Million-Dollar Business 26:22 08/10/2021
13: From Buyer's Remorse to Decider's Delight 23:40 08/03/2021
12: Season 1 Finale: Grief & Gratitude During Covid-19, Adult Female Friendships, and Your Career as a Calling with Reshma Kirpalani 48:29 04/27/2021
11: Take the LEAP with Me (Lifestyle Entrepreneur Assessment Profile)! 22:01 04/20/2021
10: The Burnout Avoidance Inventory: Beliefs, Behaviors, and Breaks 33:12 04/13/2021
9: Clarify Your Life Vision, Simple Business Plan, and Core Values 30:31 04/06/2021
8: Self-Care, Grief, Friendship, First Generation Wealth, and Queer Intersectionality with Jonathan Jimenez 65:04 03/30/2021
7: Stop Delaying Your Dreams and Choose Yourself in Life, Love, and Business 25:58 03/23/2021
6: Hire an Extraordinary Executive Assistant: A Conversation with My Executive Assistant 75:34 03/16/2021
5: Pick the Perfect Name For Your Podcast, Book, Business, Blog, or Brand Using Kaneisha’s Perfect Title Principles 35:58 03/09/2021
4: Millennial Prepper Tips from the Texas Snowpocalypse: A Conversation with Lisandra Rickards 71:02 03/02/2021
3: Decrease Doubt and Anxieties with an Assumption of Permanence 31:43 03/02/2021
2: Grow Your Side Hustle with Kaneisha's Coaching Business Cycle 29:39 03/02/2021
1: Humble Beginnings, Hard Things, and the Habit of Joy 49:07 03/02/2021
Start Here: Welcome to Scale Your Joy! 01:05 02/23/2021