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Join two Victoria, BC restauranteurs as they share the secrets of the industry.Bread & Butter is a peer-driven collective aimed at providing resources and tools for improved levels of performance, peer accountability, learning & growth, political advocacy along with guidelines for operating businesses and managing lifestyles that are meaningful and lasting.We believe that the hospitality industry has not been working for all stakeholders for a long time and that the cracks have been blown wide open by the COVID-19 crises leaving most business owners struggling to survive and concerned about the future.Bread and Butter also believes that we can work together to develop a better way forward with the creation of a progressive community committed to holistic improvement as our foundation.Sponsored by Big Wheel Burger: bigwheelburger.comLearn more about the Big Wheel Burger Community Foundation:


#61 Business advice with John Reese
John Reese from Table Nine Coaching joins Calen and Sam to share some business advice.
74:54 12/7/23
#60 Balancing Work and Passion
Sam and Calen discuss the balance between work and passion projects; food sustainability; making emotional decisions in the workplace; and how owners can sometimes get in their own way...
58:31 11/30/23
#59 Ceba loan with Maryanne Carmack and Cristen DiCarolis
Maryanne Carmack from the Roast and Cristen DiCarolis from Pizzeria Strada join us in this podcast to talk about the Ceba loan and the consequences.
60:57 11/16/23
#58 Milk products and texture changing?
Sam and Calen dive into the texture of milk changing, is the change in weather affecting the quality of the milk?
50:20 11/9/23
#57 Housing and Apps
Join us in this conversation about housing in Canada and the housing services apps available. Are apps affecting the city's housing situation?
65:19 11/2/23
#56 Collaboration
This episode focuses on collaboration with other businesses and how to keep business relationships.
57:15 10/19/23
#55 Dairy products and restrictions
Sam and Calen dive into the conversation about dairy products and the legal limitations for small businesses to sell their products in the store shelfs. They also talk about Calen's involvement in the program
45:56 10/12/23
#54 Prices and expectations
Prices are important, coffee, products and rent keep changing. In this opportunity Calen and Sam discuss about prices, customer's expectations and much more!
68:58 10/5/23
#53 - Job Descriptions
In this episode, Sam and Calen explore the critical role of employment contracts in the modern workplace. Join our hosts as they delve into the significance of job descriptions, discussing their benefits for both employers and employees.
47:39 9/21/23
#52 - Business, life and global warming
The bread and butter collective get introspective in this episode discussing family matters, house crisis, global warming and much more!
55:08 9/14/23
#51 - Be all that ends all
Calen and Sam explore the terms of having a good business contract with specific terms and what effect that would have in life, partnerships and business.
64:27 8/3/23
#50 - Expenses VS Revenue
Managing a restaurant involves controlling expenses and revenue to ensure profitability. Factors such as market changes, competition, high costs, and economic downturns can lead to closure. Sam and Calen delve into what happens when profitability is reduced and a restaurant closes.
54:04 7/27/23
#49 - Disappointment
Sam and Calen discuss disappointments in business and life as entrepreneurs. They empathize with each other's struggles and reflect on the challenges of everyday life and bet.They also explore personal sacrifices and societal expectations. Despite the disappointment, they leave the conversation with newfound determination, knowing that disappointment is a stepping stone to growth and success.
27:22 7/20/23
#48 - Hospitality
Calen McNeil and Sam Jones explore the meaning of hospitality as it relates to the food and beverage industry... and beyond. They discuss the philosophy of a good customer experience and how it translates to other industries — such as health care. And how energy (whether positive or negative) is contagious.
46:00 7/6/23
#47 - The empowered hour
Sam and Calen talk about how empowering employees helps avoid micromanaging and problem-solving, Sam gives advice on some of the experiences he has had to empower his employees.
58:00 6/30/23
#46 - Calen in Vegas
Calen visited Las Vegas and talked about gambling in business. He compared his losses and dived into the feeling of possibility while creating a business and much more!
22:43 6/15/23
#45 - Mental Health in the Workplace
Sarah Lambert, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, chats with Sam and Calen about resources and techniques for approaching mental health conversations in the workplace.
43:03 5/25/23
#44 - Get Back to Basics!
There's plenty to get distracted by when running a business. Keeping up with the latest trends, being pulled in 100 directions... Never underestimate the importance of taking a step back, and getting back to the basics of why you're in the industry to begin with. Keep your business plan in sight for yourself and your employees, write them in clay and not stone so that you can stay flexible.
48:43 5/18/23
#43 - Exiting a location
Sam and Calen recall past and present café and restaurant locations that ultimately needed to be closed. Learn about their experiences and lessons learned.
53:59 5/11/23
#42 - Opening a new location
Calen describes his experience opening a new Big Wheel location on the West Shore.
24:44 5/4/23
#41 - Assessing the Living Wage
Joined by Victoria councillor Dave Thompson, and Anastasia French of Living Wage for Families BC, Sam and Calen dive deep into why the living wage is set where it is, and look into how the system could improve to support hospitality businesses, and what ecomonic changes could be made to assist folks so the living wage isn't so high. (Hint, it's housing costs!)
45:01 4/27/23
#40 - Perceptions and Impressions
The guys chat about how the perception of Victoria is becoming tarnished by 'gaslighting' and other negative talk that could lead to a narrative of the city being a dangerous place. The Bread and Butter Podcast is hosted by Sam Jones of 2% Jazz and Calen McNeil of Big Wheel Burger in Victoria, BC Canada.
61:46 4/20/23
#39 - Living Wages
Sam and Calen discuss concerns over the living wage vs minimum wage in BC. The guys also go on to discuss the economic impact of minimum wages, and addressing the housing issues in Victoria.
45:20 4/13/23
#38 - The cost of doing business
Sam and Calen take a closer look at how the true cost of items, labour, and various other factors are broken down for their businesses. Explaining why prices are what they are, and why there is still not much net profit to be made. The Bread and Butter Podcast is hosted by Sam Jones of 2% Jazz and Calen McNeil of Big Wheel Burger in Victoria, BC Canada.
33:23 4/6/23
#37 - Waste Goals (Pt.2) Reacting to a proposed Victoria Bylaw
Part 2 of the guys reacting to the new proposed Victoria dining bylaw. The bylaw is looking at limiting 'waste' in the hospitality industry. Sam and Calen voice their concerns from the perspective of hospitality business owners. We talk about the importance of limiting our impact on Victoria's landfills, and prioritizing composing and carbon neutrality. The Bread and Butter Podcast is hosted by Sam Jones of 2% Jazz and Calen McNeil of Big Wheel Burger in Victoria, BC Canada.
23:54 3/30/23
#36 - Waste Goals(Pt.1) Reacting to a proposed Victoria Bylaw
A new proposed Victoria dining bylaw is looking at limiting 'waste' in the hospitality industry. Sam and Calen voice their concerns from the perspective of hospitality business owners. The guys talk about the importance of composting, and carbon neutrality over trying to cut down on waste by forcing businesses to use dishes and not allowing take-out containers.The Bread and Butter Podcast is hosted by Sam Jones of 2% Jazz and Calen McNeil of Big Wheel Burger in Victoria, BC Canada.
24:11 3/23/23
#35 – Year end review and wrap-up
Sam and Calen revisit discussed topics, guests, policy and more in this season end review and wrap up.
80:20 12/1/22
#34 – Community building and place making. The impacts decisions have on the future of Victoria
Sam and Calen talk with Franc D’Ambrosio of D’AMBROSIO architecture + urbanism about his past contributions and plans for placemaking in future Victoria.
60:11 11/25/22
#33 - Hiring & Firing, Navigating this aspect of employee management
The people we hire, the reasons we hire them, and why it's good sometimes for both sides to move on. Hosted by Calen McNeil of Big Wheel Burger, and Sam Jones of 2% Jazz in Victoria, BC.
32:20 11/17/22
#32 - Blowing it up and seeing where it lands
Sam and Calen chat about making scary changes to pivot and grow your business and dealing with the fallout.
69:25 11/10/22