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Join hosts Beth, Marq and Vanessa as they share all the secrets of their favorite place: Disneyland Paris. Twice each month, you'll get guest interviews, trip planning tips, guides, and much, much more! The Dedicated to DLP Podcast is a D2DLP production. Our theme music is Evening Melodrama by Kevin MacLeod and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License ( Source: Artist: Music promoted by Royalty Free Music Additional theme music: Annual Pike Competition by Jon Björk, under license from Epidemic Sound, Commercial Plan. Source: Artist:


196: Park Pals
Disneyland Paris is promoting its values of friendship, respect, and excellence through the Disneyland Paris Quest 2024, a two-day games fest that celebrates fans of all backgrounds. The new Alice and the Queen of Hearts show at Walt Disney Studios is receiving mixed reviews, with some praising its energy and surprises, while others find it confusing. In News, Construction work is ongoing at Adventure Bay and the expansion of Walt Disney Studios, with the addition of a frozen land, a Rapunzel Spinner ride, and an Art Deco restaurant. Disneyland Paris has renewed its cooperation agreement with the department of Seine-et-Marne, focusing on employment, training, professional integration, environment, sustainable development, housing, and transport. The Disneyland Paris mobile app now offers services like mobile check-in, digital magic pass, and digital keys for Disneyland hotel residents, allowing them to prepare for their stay and enjoy the parks without going through reception. Features include mobile check-in, the digital magic pass, and the digital key. We discuss the convenience and time-saving benefits of these features, as well as the potential limitations, such as relying on a charged phone. Finally in Love our Listeners, Ulrich gives us the idea of connecting Disneyland Paris visitors to meet up and explore the park together. We call it DLP Park Pals!   Don't forget you can also watch this episode on YouTube. In fact, you should definetely see the first two minutes. Then just let it play in the background, it's good for our algorythms :-)  
54:40 6/6/24
195: TTPD
This episode starts with an apology. That should be a fixed segment by now. You see, it's not easy being Podcast hosts. But we do manage to cover topics such as Disneyland Paris' environmental initiatives, upcoming events and shows, new scenes in sponsored attractions, and the retirement of Disney Dreams. We also mention a free cowgirl musical event in Disney Village. In Love our Listeners Beth and Marq discuss Nadene's excellent trip report to DLP from Down Under, who talks about the attractions, food, and accommodations she experienced during her visit. And suddenly we realize there not enough places to have a cup of tea in DLP.  And for all you Disney executives and DLP event planners listening in, here's the link you've been looking for:        
47:05 5/14/24
194: DAW, So Much News!
In this episode of the Dedicated to Disneyland Paris podcast, Marq and Beth discuss the April 12th, 2024 announcements from Disneyland Paris. Starting with the renaming of Walt Disney Studios Park to Disney Adventure World, they share their thoughts on the new name and discuss the potential confusion with Adventureland in the other park. They also discuss the upcoming changes to the Studio One building and World Premiere Plaza. There’s the upcoming Rapunzel Tangled Spin attraction, The Regal View restaurant (and Lounge!) and the new Disney lifestyle shop and Disney home store in Disney Village. Davy Crockett Ranch bungalows are getting a facelift and then we get the actual news about Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland. If you were expecting more, don’t forget there’s still D23 in August with the possibility of more announcements for Disneyland Paris. We also address listener feedback regarding the background music in the podcast.   We always encourage you to share your thoughts on DLP, the show and Disney life in general.   Takeaways:  - The renaming of Walt Disney Studios Park to Disney Adventure World has sparked mixed reactions among fans. - The addition of the Twilight Garden and the retheming of the Studio One building are exciting changes coming to the park. - World Premiere Plaza will lead over Adventure Way to Rapunzel Tangled Spin and the Regal View restaurant with views of Adventure Bay. - Disney Village will undergo a transformation with the addition of a new Disney lifestyle shop and Disney Home store. - The Davy Crockett Ranch bungalows will be relooked with a Ducks and Junior Woodchucks theme. - The Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland show will bring new entertainment to Disneyland Paris. - Listener feedback regarding the background music in the podcast has been divided, with some enjoying the immersive experience and others preferring a podcast without background music.   00:00 Introduction and April 12th Announcements 18:41 Adventure Way and Adventure Bay 29:04 Davy Crockett Ranch and Other Updates 36:04 New Shops in Disney Village   Find our website at
59:26 4/14/24
193: Back To Wonderland - April 1st Looks!
We’ve been waiting impatiently to share this episode with you and the embargo has finally been lifted! Not one but two exclusive previews await you in this packed episode, including our returning news and segments in which we talk about four-legged friends, a new meet and greet area, an additional way to visit the Disneyland Hotel, and a starry opportunity for InsideEars members to provide valuable feedback to the resort. The main topic of this show is a discussion with our good friend Stuart from @DLPTipsforIrish about our experience seeing the bran new 'Alice and the Queen of Hearts, Back to Wonderland' show. It’s Bonkers. But that’s not all, as you’ll find out in the last part of the episode when Niels from NielsCapturingParks joins us to lift the veil on another exclusive experience we had. It’s all happening here folks! 00:00  Introduction and News 03:12 Disneyland Hotel Access 06:04  InsideEars Members Feedback 06:26 Love Our Listeners 13:35 Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland - 1st Looks! 34:50 Exclusive sneak preview with Niels
45:59 4/1/24
192: From Rope Drop to Drone Drop
In this episode of the Disneyland Paris podcast, we start by discussing the potential successors to Bob Iger as CEO of Disney. The four names floated are Josh D'Amaro, Dana Walden, Alan Bergman, and head of ESPN James Pitaro.   In the D2DLP News segment we check out the first character pictures released for Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Back To Wonderland, the new show coming to Disneyland Paris soon. There's also talk of a Mandalorian and Grogu movie, directed by Jon Favreau, souvenir silhouettes available at the park and various merch items.    However Love Our Listeners takes up the bulk of this show, with missives from Alexandra, Kim, Nadene and Don. We answer their questions about the preferred viewing area at DLP starting March 28th, and the top rides to do at rope drop in each park. We also mention the benefits of staying in a Disney hotel for early access to the parks. Additionally, checking the Disneyland Paris app for Premier Access options to skip the lines for popular attractions can be very useful. Overall, it's helpful tips for maximizing time and enjoying the parks at DLP.   Takeaways: Bob Iger is set to step down as CEO of Disney by 2026, and favourite successors include Josh D'Amaro & Dana Walden. Disneyland Paris is introducing a new show called Alice and the Queen of Hearts, Back To Wonderland. A Mandalorian and Grogu movie is in the works, directed by Jon Favreau. Staying at a nearby accommodation like the great apartments of NC Conciergerie can be a convenient and cost-effective option for visiting the park. It's important to be flexible and roll with the punches when things don't go as planned during a Disney vacation. The LoL segment of the podcast provides valuable information for first-time visitors to Disneyland Paris.  Rope drop Crush's Coaster in Walt Disney Studios Park and Big Thunder Mountain in Disneyland Park. Check the Disneyland Paris app for Premier Access options to skip the lines for popular attractions. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Disney Succession 01:08 Possible Heirs to the Disney Kingdom 03:08 Alice and the Queen of Hearts Back to Wonderland 06:13 Discoveryland Theatre and Together Musical Closure 06:52 News 10:03 The Mandalorian and Grogu Movie 10:54 New Merchandise and Silhouette Art at DLP 13:06 NC Conciergerie  18:05 Love Our Listeners: Kim's Trip Report 21:29 Hotel Experiences 22:31 Highlights of the Visit 27:32 Preferred Viewing Area and Rope Drop Strategy 35:52 Rope Drop Priorities 40:37 Listener Feedback and Conclusion   This Episode of the Dedicated to Disneyland Paris Podcast is brought to you by NC Conciergerie. For more info follow them on Instagram    You can also view our latest podcasts on YouTube    Find our website at  
44:09 3/25/24
191: Somewhere in Europe
We start with a mysterious turn of phrase from Disney CEO Bob Iger, and continue with an observation from Marq about the similarities of a fireworks display in Castellón, Spain with that in Disneyland Paris, proceeding to the latest good news out of DLP (this is a positive episode!), with an engaging Love Our Listeners segment enhanced by Jen and Karla, before going down the rabbit hole that is the little information we have about the Alice & The Queen of Hearts: Back to Wonderland show which will start "in Spring" 2024.   Remember you can now also watch our podcast episodes on YouTube!    
60:04 3/9/24
190: What Went Wrong?
Even as Disney theme park fans we sometimes have to ask the inevitable questions. A month after the reopening of Disneyland Hotel Paris, what are guests writing in the reviews of their stays? If there is an overarching downward trend in star ratings, what could be the cause? Where have people felt let down during their stay at DLP's most epensive hotel? We also have a lovely segment of Love Our Listeners where we even help a family from Down Under prepare for their Easter visit. And don't worry if at first you think you've tapped on the wrong podcast link. The cold open is all part of the show 🙏🏼  Oh, and from now on you will also be able to see your favourite Disneyland Paris podcast on Youtube, one day after it goes out to all aural platforms. Thanks for listening, feel free to subscribe, review and leave nice comments. Or not so nice ones if you feel we've in some way insulted the good people of Wales. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook or Bluesky and read tips and guides on our website  
74:31 2/24/24
189: Pardon My French, Sam4God
Bienvenue Dedicated to DLP fans, we've got a wonderful episode for you. Hot on the heels of the Disneyland Hotel Paris re-opening, we welcome a very special guest who has not only stayed there but is one of the most prolific and joyous Disney vloggers of our community, Samar aka Sam4God! In a wide-ranging discussion we look at her journey as a Disneyland Paris fan, her in-depth travel vlogs including to Tokyo Disney Resort, and how she manages to keep briniging the content we all crave. She's open, honest and enlightening so this is one episode you do not want to miss! We also have yet another edition of our fan-favourite segment entitled Pardon My French, because some corrections are in order, and then corrections on those corrections while the show is happening. It's been a crazy fortnight.  The D2DLP Podcast is a Dedicated Studios production, and Dedicated to Disneyland Paris are official Insidears social ambassadors for Disneyland Paris. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook or Bluesky and read tips and guides on our website
76:58 2/7/24
188: Disneyland Hotel Paris - C'est Magnifique?
Bienvenue dear listeners! We are honoured to welcome you into our sonic soundcsape of opulence as we discuss the re-opening of the Disneyland Hotel Paris. Join your host Marq, concierge Beth and sommelier Vanessa to hear all about the newly re-imagined 5-star hotel above the entrance gates of Disneyland Park. We also have a very special dispatch sent in by our guest host Stuart from DLP Tips for Irish who actually stayed there on Day One, and we read listener letters from Lara and Alexandra. There are some very useful tips for first time visitors, as well as frequent guests, so be sure to download for your work, school or DLP commute.  The D2DLP Podcast is a Dedicated Studios production, and Dedicated to Disneyland Paris are official Insidears social ambassadors for Disneyland Paris.  Follow us on Instagram or Facebook or Bluesky and read tips and guides on our website  
69:49 1/29/24
187: First Visit of 2024
January 2024, Disney Electrical Sky Parade makes its first ever glorious appearance above Sleeping Beauty's castle and Beth was there to witness it and give us her verdict. Don't worry, we will give you spoiler warnings when we start discussing it, even Vanessa took her headphones off for that bit. But that's only a small part of this episode which is so full of our agents' experiences at Disneyland Paris during the first days of the new year, including cocktails, corn dogs, cold snowy flurries and even leftover christmas spirits! Did everything go smoothly on our first outing to the resort? How much did the Tourism Tax at Disney hotels go up by? And what will the future hold that we can legally talk about? Find out, maybe, on Episode 187 of The Dedicated to Disneyland Paris Podcast!  Feel free to follow Dedicated to DLP on Instagram FB and BlueSky, or send your listener mail to D2DLP is a Dedicated Studios Production and Dedicated to DLP are InsidEars social ambassadors for Disneyland Paris.
69:16 1/14/24
186: LOL Holiday Jamboree
Christmas is nearly here and team D2DLP is keeping things extra festive with a deep dive into the listener mailbag.  It turns out that people are in fact listening, and they have questions. Lots of questions. These include, but are not limited to:  Where is the best fireworks viewing spot? What is a fun place at DLP for having a cocktail? What the heck is a jamboree? Why is that restaurant over there on fire?   Marq, Beth and Vanessa answer these « burning » questions to the best of their collective abilities and also launch into an in-depth discussion of the new Brasserie Rosalie dining location at Disney Village. This restaurant stirred up contoversy among the team.  Is a motorised chandelier really enough to qualify a place as "family-friendly"?  Have a listen and decide for yourselves.   Maybe the team can’t take you walking in a winter wonderland, but they CAN make you feel like you’re at Disneyland Paris, thanks to a detailed trip report provided by one of their top listeners. Jen sent a full accounting of her November trip and shares her list of pros and cons and even a top tip for getting though a long, cold, wet day at DLP. In this episode, Beth also says "Isengard" when she meant to say "Asgard". If anything like this happens again, she'll be promptly shipped off to a LOTR podcast.   The D2DLP team wishes all their lovely listeners a happy and healthy holiday season. Marq, Beth and Vanessa will be back in two weeks with a 2023 roundup and a look ahead at 2024. In the meantime, please follow Dedicated to DLP on Instagram and Facebook. Or send your own questions, remarks  and trip reports to   No actual country bears were harmed in the making of this podcast.
60:36 12/18/23
185 - Cozy Christmas Vibes
Vanessa, Beth and Marq try to maintain the cozy christmas vibes during this episode of the Dedicated to Disneyland Paris podcast which covers some bits and uncovers others. We're being vague on purpose so as not to attract attention, even though Vanessa vehemently denies she and her 3-month old baby are spies. There is DLP news and we do indeed talk Christmas, so the title is justified. Send us an email at if you know how to say "The Muppets" in French, and we will start a campaign to get them into the resort. You can now also follow us on Bluesky and of course Instagram & Facebook. For the full archive go to our website 
37:29 12/4/23
184: Worlds of Frozen
What can we expect in our Frozen land, The Kingdom of Arendelle, when it opens in Disneyland Paris sometime in 2025? Well, there was a great preview this week from Hong Kong Disneyland, which opened its World of Frozen on the 20th of November 2023. With Tokyo Disney Resort  following in June 2024, a smaller Frozen land as part of their Fantasy Springs expansion, Marq and Beth carefully examine the evidence and weigh the possibilities against their own chaos of speculations. Join us on this ride through a wormhole and back as we skate the icy lake of predictions and opinion around Walt Disney Studios' version of Arendelle. Our pre-emptive apologies to the people of Scandinavia. There's also Disneyland Paris news and another edition of Love Our Listeners (L.O.L.) with letters from Jen and Ollie.  Feel free to follow Dedicated to DLP on Instagram and FaceBook , or send your listener mail  to    
64:45 11/21/23
183: Winter Wonders
A chill is in the air, but spirits are warm and cozy as the D2DLP team contemplate the delights of wintertime at Disneyland Paris. In this info-packed episode, you'll get all the details of the 2023 Enchanted Christmas season, as well as the special passholder night planned for November 30, 2023. The January 2024 schedule is also covered, including the new Symphony of Colours experiences.  Vanessa shares her top tips for keeping warm when the parks get frosty and Marq coaches everyone on how to get the best photos when snow starts to fall on Main Street.  And finally, Beth tries to make her peace with Autopia.  All this and more awaits! So, have a listen and remember to follow Dedicated to DLP on Instagram, FaceBook and X. Listener mail can be sent to   
45:50 11/3/23
182: Spooky Reviews
D2DLP hosts Marq, Beth and Vanessa all love Disneyland Paris. But some people seem to find it full of terrifying food, soulless cast members and lackluster attractions. Harsh? Maybe. Funny? Definitely!  So why not join in as our intrepid trio wade into the spookiest depths of Disneyland Paris park reviews? Just FYI, the D2DLP Ghost Host  says that for a top-notch listening experience, enjoy this episode with a good pair of stereo headphones! Remember to follow D2DLP on Instagram, Facebook and The Dreaded X. All listener mail can be sent to the team at  
58:17 10/22/23
181: Chillin' with the Villains
Halloween season is upon us once again, and following the Villanous Night at Disneyland Paris we tell tales of evil encounters and run down our top 3 Disney Villains, in movies and at DLP. Vanessa makes a radiant return to the show, now as a full-time mum, we attempt to answer another listener question, and of course we relay the main news items from the past 2 weeks.  For those of you who have asked following our discussions about accommodations around Disneyland Paris, here's the link to NC Conciergerie, our favoured off-site apartments provider: As always you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook or on our website Thank you for listening!
59:12 10/3/23
180: Only Royals in the Building?
Winter 2024, a majestic building that stood uninhabited for 3 years will once again open its gates. But many questions remain unanswered. That's why Beth and Marq link up across continents, an entire ocean and endless fields of cows to bring you this very special edition full of news and royal enlightenment, as the veil has finally been lifted on... concept art and details for the renovated Disneyland Hotel at Disneyland Paris. We even answer one of your questions about Meal Plans! Buckle up (the ones on your velvet shoes of course), because this episode is not for the faint-walleted. Or is it? All will be revealed! (or will it?). Only one way to find out! The Dedicated to Disneyland Paris Podcast is a D2DLP production. Nutella is delicious.   
61:29 9/14/23
179: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Out! Part 3
Want to visit Disneyland Paris, but not fussed about having the Disney stamp of approval on your lodgings? Marq, Vanessa and Beth are here to take you through the good, the bad and the ugly of non-partner, off-site hotels.  This is the third (and final!) epsiode of their series on all the options available for stays in and around DLP. You'll also hear about an upcoming, delightfully evil new park event coming up in September and other bits of assorted news from the summer news desk here at D2DLP.
52:23 8/25/23
178: Throw Another Mouse on the Barbie
Welcome to the Dream House...of Mouse! Marq and Beth are here with the latest Disneyland Paris news and also their hot takes on one of this summer's coolest films. You'll also get to hear about how Mattel, Barbie and Disneyland Paris came together for a brief, glorious moment back in the 1990s. Also- last episode's talk of annual passes sparked some listener feedback. Have a listen as we read out some mail and and see what you think! As always, you can find Dedicated to DLP on Instagram, Facebook, and the bird-turned-into-an-x app. All listener mail can be sent to us at  
39:50 8/11/23
177: Pass, Present & Future? + Fans of Wonder- Jens from Mausgebabbel
Out with the old and in with the new! A fresh line of annual passes for Disneyland Paris has just launched, sweeping away all that came before,  and the D2DLP team is here to walk you through it all. This episode also has a fun interview with the soothing voice behind the legendary Mousegebabbel podcast- Jens! He has lots of interesting things to say about the US and Japanese parks and how Paris stacks up.  You won't want to miss this one! 
76:25 7/21/23
176: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Out! Part 2
We continue our guide of the Disneyland Paris area accommodation options with Part 2: The Partner Hotels. Off-property, but official, these are places that are a little further afield, but still let you book packages with park tickets. Beth, Marq and Vanessa will also talk about the latest park news, as well as more listener feedback.  Please join Dedicated to Disneyland Paris on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Any comments can be sent to us at  
48:52 7/2/23
175: Hotel, Motel, Holiday Out! Part I
You know what they say at closing time on Main Street, USA- You don't have to go home, but you can't sleep here! (though those beds up in the Robinson Family Treehouse do look comfy!) The fact is, there is loads of choice as to where to stay during your Disneyland Paris visit. Luckily, the D2DLP team is here to help. This episode is a full guide to the on-property, official, owned by Disney hotels at DLP. These are the ones that keep you "in the bubble", surrounded by Disney magic. Beth, Marq and Vanessa will also talk about the latest park news, as well as some listener feedback. (And Marq has a karaoke moment, which is not to be missed!) Please join Dedicated to Disneyland Paris on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Any comments can be sent to us at
61:41 6/16/23
174: Baby Magic & Fans of Wonder - chatDisney
This episode is a very special guide for all you moms and mothers to be who want to be at DLP. What are the perks when you're pregnant, what should you avoid? Where is the Baby Care center? We also have the perfect companions for this show, Mercedes and Tash from chatDisney, who are our Fans of Wonder. You will not be dissapointed, even as a prospective baby dad!   Join Vanessa, Beth and Marq every two weeks for the Dedicated to DLP podcast by subscribing to the show on your favourite podcast or streaming platform, and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our website
72:40 6/3/23
173: Picking Up The Mouse Droppings
A lot of Mouse business in this episode, Marq, Vanessa and Beth discuss the latest breaking news from Disneyland Paris and from across the pond, because what gets dropped in Florida has repercussions for the whole Disney World. This is bookended by DLP top tips at the start and a review of the Disney 100 exhibition in Munich by Vanessa in the second half of the show.  Subscribe to the Dedicated to DLP podcast to get the latest show in your player every two weeks, and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our website 
57:32 5/20/23
172: Sassy Raccoons + Fans of Wonder: Arvid
In this episode we welcome Arvid from Travel to the Magic in our ongoing Fans of Wonder series, celebrating Disney's 100th anniversary. Arvid's an avid traveller who together with his wife has been to all the Disney Parks around the world, so a great way to get his opinion on how Disneyland Paris stacks up against the rest. Before that we bring you the latest DLP news which includes spicy rangers and sassy raccoons, even there where you wouldn't expect them.  Join Vanessa, Beth and Marq every two weeks for the Dedicated to DLP podcast by subscribing to the show on your favourite podcast or streaming platform, and follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our website    
44:01 5/5/23
171: Dreams! Gala! Action! + Fans of Wonder - Stuart
If you're looking for an introduction episode to the Dedicated to Disneyland Paris podcast, this would probably be a great one to start with. It's a whole journey starting with Beth, Marq and Vanessa actually meeting up live at Market House Deli on Main Street U.S.A., discussing that very special Gala Dinner event for DLP and D23 fans on the 12th of April 2023, followed by the return of Disney Dreams! And if that wasn't enough to fill your ears with Disneyland Paris magic, we've also got a wonderful conversation in our second Fans of Wonder series, this time with Stuart from Disneyland Paris Tips for Irish! If you don't already, you can follow his excellent advice on Instagram or Facebook @disneylandparistipsforirish or the website A shoutout to NC Conciergerie where we booked our accommodation in nearby Serris, @ncconciergerie on IG or a call away at +33 645 39 20 52. Sustenance on our first evening ordedred at Nonna & Nonno Val d'Europe via Ubereats or directky at +33 1 61 10 53 46. Love what you hear? Leave a review, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and check out our website
93:45 4/23/23
170: Fans of Wonder - Capturing Disney Parks Niels
As you know Disney is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and Team Dedicated to DLP want to mark this in our own way by chatting with other Disneyland Paris and Disney fans about their connection with the parks, the community and the company. And here it is, the first installment of our Fans of Wonder series, which kicks with a very special guest indeed. Niels from Capturing Disney Parks and co-host of the Air Magique podcast joins Vanessa and Beth to talk about what it means to be a Disney and specifically an avid DLP fan.  Before that Marq and Beth discuss the latest news, and it's all leading up to our trio's first collective trip to DLP for the 31st anniversary (or the 30th Grand Finale), and 5th year of Insidears! Love what you hear? Leave a review, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and check out our website  
48:49 4/8/23
169: Do You Want to Build a Theme Land
Does the idea of a new land (or two!) at Walt Disney Studios make your heart sing? If so, that's music to our ears, as the D2DLP team is here this episode with some ideas about the future of that big space at the back of the park.  As always, there is a bit of recent news, including the visit of Disney company brass to the French parks. And we also mark the passing of Disney Legend Rolly Crump.  Crump was featured in episode 1 of "The Imagineering Story" on Disney Plus and has written several books about his time with the company. And why is April 12, 2023 a day to watch out for? Listen and learn.... and follow Dedicated to DLP on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The website features reviews, news and more DLP fun at
39:52 3/25/23
168: A DLP Walk on the Mild Side
Feeling not so fast and not terribly furious? We have you covered! This episode, Beth, Marq and Vanessa discuss how to enjoy a Disneyland Paris trip at a more leisurely, non-thrill-seeking pace. We all know people who won't or can't go do loops on Space Mountain but there is no reason for them to forgo a fab trip to DLP! The team gives suggestions for attractions, locations and shows that deliver fun without delivering an over the top adrenaline rush. There are also tips on which rides seem mild, but actually have some alarming surprises. You'll also find a bit of park news, along with a shout out to one of our lovely listeners.  If you'd like to hear your own name on air, all you need to do is write a positive show review on Apple Podcasts, Google, or wherever you listen.  Please follow Dedicated to DLP on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And remember- the podcast is out twice a month now, so there is more to love! Our website is:  
53:12 3/11/23
167: All Day Chakalaka
Big news on the restaurant front at Disneyland Paris these days and Marq, Vanessa and Beth are here with the latest info. There is a lot to get through, from a new menu at Hakuna Matata to the total transformation of a classic Disney Village dining spot.  Luckily , this episode they have help from a very special "guest".    If you enjoyed this installment, please leave a review/stars for it on your podcast app. It helps feed the all-important algorithm and steers other DLP fans this way! Also please remember to follow D2DLP on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  And why not pop over to the website at:
42:58 2/25/23

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