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Drinking From Human Skulls

The show where host Doni takes on the world's most powerful institutions. Hint: they've been lying to us. Drinking From Human Skulls puts the news media, corporations, and politicians under a microscope. Spoiler alert - it gets ugly. Culture, and politics, and disinformation - oh my! Nobody is safe: the mainstream media, big business, right-wing loonies, and left-wing sillies. Join Doni as he reveals the truth behind the world's most troubling issues. Note: In the event that facts no longer matter, please contact the host so he may properly align with our new overlords. Until then - no tribalism, no ideologies, no political parties, no dog whistles, and no teams. Everyone deserves the facts. Part documentary, part historical record, each episode of Drinking From Human Skulls serves up a truth sandwich with a dash of comedy and a sprinkling of satire. Homepage:


The So-Called Covid Experts Have Failed 69:56 02/11/2022
Trudeau‘s Authoritarian Canadian Covid Regime 55:16 11/06/2021
The Covid-19 Lab Leak Cover-up 73:35 08/22/2021
The Lab Leak Hypothesis 78:56 06/18/2021
Is Covid Over? 67:22 05/28/2021
Canadian Covid Hysteria 65:37 05/18/2021
Vaccine Peer Pressure 78:03 05/04/2021
Covid Defiance 63:03 04/21/2021
Covid Shaming 64:07 04/01/2021
The Vaccine 74:49 03/16/2021
Political Science 52:35 02/23/2021
The Banning of The Right 68:39 02/14/2021
Covid Lies 79:20 02/08/2021
Alex Jones & Free Speech 40:57 02/05/2021
Origin Story 14:46 01/31/2021