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Finding Your Right Mind — with Vanessa Potter

Join my 'consciousness road-trip' where I delve into the many ways we can help ourselves live less frenetic and stressed-out lives. With regular guests, I'll discuss different 'mind practices' from mindfulness, yoga, compassion, bodywork, forest bathing psychedelics — no practice is off bounds. I'll talk about the science behind each practice, what it's really like to experience, the pitfalls and challenges and how we can discover our own wisdom. If you want to find out what made me quite so curious about mind and body practices, check out my book "Finding My Right Mind: One Woman's Experiment to put Meditation to the Test", (Welbeck 2021) Got questions or topics you'd like me to cover? contact me at


Go Jauntly: Walking a different path... 46:11 06/12/2022
Street Wisdom: Take the first step... 55:12 05/21/2022
Lil Stevens: Casting light on fossils, ferns and the prehistoric legacy of Dino Island. 47:06 05/07/2022
Joanna Bristow-Watkins: The inside scoop on Forest Bathing 46:35 04/25/2022
Emily Finch: Using Art to see the Wood from the Trees 38:33 04/12/2022
Louise Montgomery: Digging into our relationship with nature 53:15 03/27/2022
Stefan Batorijs: The language of nature and a cathedral made of trees. 64:57 03/12/2022
ParkBathe: Rewilding, conservation and thinking like an Environmentalist. 55:10 02/19/2022
Conservation BONUS: Ways to improve your life AND the planet 17:20 02/19/2022
Blue Health: Watery delights and Secrets of Crystal Palace Park 60:29 02/05/2022
ParkBathe Bonus: Delights of Crystal Palace Park 10:21 02/04/2022
ParkBathe Bonus: Engaging Children with Nature 06:27 01/22/2022
Mother Nature: Connecting Children to Nature. 36:26 01/22/2022
ParkBathe: Coming to our Senses 48:25 01/08/2022
Senses BONUS: tips and ideas to stimulate your senses. 10:57 01/08/2022
ParkBathe: Geeking out on Trees. Why forests are SO good for us. 37:28 12/11/2021
Tree BONUS: Fun ways to learn about and engage with trees! 13:47 12/10/2021
ParkBathe: Nature's de-stress revolution 36:35 12/10/2021
ParkBathe BONUS: Make your own Reed Diffuser ! 05:08 12/10/2021
ParkBathe: The Science of Forest Bathing. Why it’s Not New-Age Nonsense. 54:01 12/10/2021
Forest Bathing Audio Guide 22:37 11/04/2021
Series 3 - ParkBathe 06:08 09/02/2021
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