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This Week in Heresy is a podcast that explores the margins of progressive thought, social justice, and religion. I share the stories of those who are different, on the margins, or doing spiritual and social justice work that just doesn't get a voice in today's media. The people I interview have a different take on spirituality, humanity, religion, and sexuality. They are clergy and laity from Pagan, Christian, Judaism, and many other traditions. They are also human beings with very human stories trying to make the world a better place.


TWIH Episode 81: Planting the Church Unusual with Darnell Fennell #radicalinclusion #blacklivesmatter 43:19 06/30/2016
TWIH Episode 80: Learning from Where You're At with Pat Mosley #hb2 44:50 06/29/2016
TWIH Episode 79: The Needles and the Compassion Done with Denise Cicuto #orlando 47:17 06/24/2016
TWIH Episode 78: The Magick of Pagan Music with Sharon Knight 48:32 05/17/2016
TWIH Episode 77: The Politics of the Body with Irene McCalphin 52:49 04/21/2016
TWIH Episode 76: Being Heathen with Cara Freyasdaughter 45:48 04/04/2016
TWIH Episode 75: Called by Kali with Chandra Alexandre 42:58 03/30/2016
TWIH Episode 74: The Polytheist Death Guild with Rebbeca Lynn Scott 44:31 03/15/2016
TWIH Episode 73: Paganism and Shinto with Megan Manson 43:34 03/09/2016
TWIH Episode 72: Honoring Death with Robin Griffith 53:16 03/01/2016
TWIH Episode 71: Creating Interfaith Families with Rabbi Mychal Copeland 61:16 02/23/2016
TWIH Episode 70: Hospitality and Sacrifice in Asatru with Alf Herigstad 49:56 02/15/2016
TWIH Episode 69: Dirt Heart Witch with Jenya T. Beachy #pantheacon 54:51 02/11/2016
TWIH Episode 68: The Unnamed Path, Gender Identity, and Body Image with David Shorey and Chase Powers #pantheacon 59:07 02/11/2016
TWIH Episode 67: What's So Funny About Being Pagan? with Angus McMahan #pantheacon 55:37 02/03/2016
TWIH Episode 66: Wholeness and Humanness with Laine DeLaney #pantheacon 62:46 01/26/2016
TWIH Episode 65: Being Intentionally Inclusive with Shauna Aura Knight #pantheacon 69:03 01/06/2016
TWIH Episode 64: Tradition, Secrecy, and the Life of a Public Witch with Storm Faerywolf 63:28 12/23/2015
TWIH Episode 63: Druidism, Accessibility, and Music with Elly Hadaway 46:07 12/14/2015
TWIH Episode 62: Taking a Third Path: Being an Atheist Pagan with Esther Bamberg 51:47 12/08/2015
TWIH Episode 61: Women of the Wall with Rachel Cohen Yeshurun 47:54 11/30/2015
TWIH Episode 60: Challenging the Articles of Faith with Dr. Matthew Becker 60:19 11/23/2015
TWIH Episode 59: Women and the Mormon Church with Debra Jenson 68:32 11/16/2015
TWIH Special: Podcasting As Ministry #ThanksPodcasting @libsyn 09:12 11/16/2015
TWIH Episode 58: Baptist, but not That Kind of Baptist with Paul Schneider 60:13 11/10/2015
TWIH Annual Samhain Special: The Descent by Mage of Machines 68:31 10/26/2015
TWIH Episode 57: Atheism, Science, and Culture with Maria Vorontsova 39:07 10/05/2015
TWIH Episode 56: Embracing the Seeker with Davie Floyd #tfam 41:44 09/08/2015
TWIH Episode 55: Multi-Faith Education and Dialog with Denise Cush 43:59 08/31/2015
TWIH Episode 54: The Dynamics of Awareness with Deborah Blake 61:23 08/18/2015