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The Breakdown is a fast-paced, dynamic talk radio show that is full of life, energy, and the pursuit of happiness.Much like bread is the delivery system of butter, Aaron dispatches the daily news and viral stories with sarcasm, humor, real life examples, and most importantly - solutions to what's plaguing man kind. No topic is off-limits as he endeavors to ask the questions that get you kicked out of Bible study and sent to therapy.Listeners enjoy the topical discussions and the dynamic style of Aaron Barker as he seeks to provoke everyone – Christian and non-Christian alike – to challenge societal norms and think through tough issues we all face. If you would like to learn the art of annoying friends and alienating people - you've come to the right place.Family friendly; fun; energetic; humorous; provocative, The Breakdown with Aaron Barker a force to be reckoned with in talk radio. Join Aaron Barker in Asking the Questions That Get You Kicked Out of Bible Study and Sent to Therapy.Break your conditioning. Seek truth -John 8:32.


The Next Global Pandemic 01:31 01/26/2022
Breaking the Rose Colored Glasses 01:31 01/25/2022
Opposing God's Word is Not Smart 01:31 01/24/2022
The Breakdown with Aaron Barker - 20220123 116:00 01/23/2022
The Breakdown with Aaron Barker - 20220109 116:00 01/16/2022
The Breakdown with Aaron Barker - 20220109 111:43 01/10/2022
Shoot to Kill Orders on January 6 01:27 01/05/2022
Honored or Smeared? 01:31 01/05/2022
Censoring the Wrong Information 01:31 01/03/2022
The Breakdown with Aaron Barker - 20220102 115:59 01/02/2022
The Real Great Reset 01:40 12/28/2021
The Breakdown with Aaron Barker - 20211226 115:55 12/26/2021
Misplaced Confidence 01:31 12/24/2021
Executive Malpractice 01:31 12/22/2021
Extremist Lives Matter 01:34 12/21/2021
The Vaxxed and the Vaxxed-Nots 01:31 12/20/2021
Will Santa Biden Increase COVID Measures for Christmas? 115:57 12/19/2021
They Picked the Wrong Week to Quit Masking 01:40 12/17/2021
Guard Your Package From The USPS 01:37 12/16/2021
Don't Adopt The Language of the Left 01:30 12/15/2021
Criminals Are Becoming A Protected Class 01:52 12/14/2021
Joe Biden Doesn't Care About Your Opinion 01:39 12/13/2021
Freedom in Christ is the Answer to Our Social Issues 116:00 12/12/2021
Jussie Smollett Proves BLM is Obsolete 01:36 12/10/2021
Nine Judges Don't Rule 320 Million 01:40 12/09/2021
What Fauci Wants, Fauci Gets 01:52 12/08/2021
Dust Off That Bible 01:36 12/07/2021
Only Some Criminals Are Bad - the Rest Are Victims 01:31 12/06/2021
School Shootings Are About Guns - But Not How You Think 116:00 12/05/2021
COVID Camps Coming To Your Neighborhood 01:27 12/03/2021