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Millions of women are shifting the economics in our country and creating jobs and opportunities for others – on their own terms. Recent research shows that women-owned businesses are increasing at a rate of five times the national average. It all sounds promising but the facts are, ONLY 2% of women-owned businesses are breaking into the ‘two comma club’ in revenue. Ladies, it’s time to dig deeper and talk candidly to the women who are rocking their profits. Each week, I’ll showcase today’s thought leaders, renegades, mavericks, pathfinders and of course, women who are flexing their moxie muscle. I’ll find out about their biggest challenge, their best productivity tips and what they did next when they discovered they were on to something Big.


Hormones & Health with Dr. Anna 25:40 05/25/2022
Fran Maier – From to Baby Quip 29:50 05/04/2022
Pity or Power? 20:46 04/27/2022
Finding Joy Every Day – Rituals Reap Riches 17:44 04/06/2022
Finding Joy in Your Social Media with Emily Raiber 28:27 03/02/2022
Courtney Feider – Unpacking the Power of Enneagram 29:41 02/16/2022
Finding Joy Every Day – Why It’s An Essential Key to Your Success 19:58 02/02/2022
Renee Fraser – Founder & CEO of Fraser Communications and Advocate for Women on Boards 29:35 01/19/2022
Lorraine DiGiovanni – The Spiritual Advisor for Women Entrepreneurs 27:32 01/05/2022
Jen Cox – The Tie-Dye Ninja & Founder/CEO of Momma Osa 31:06 12/01/2021
Sandra Sucher - Growing Businesses Through the Power of Trust 29:06 11/10/2021
JJ Ramberg - From MSNBC to GoodPods, JJ Ramberg’s Entrepreneurial Journey 21:04 10/27/2021
Michelle Seiler Tucker – Exit Rich - How to Sell Your Business Like a Boss 30:06 10/13/2021
Celebrating Our Four Year Anniversary with the Best of She's Got Moxie 28:51 10/06/2021
Lindsay Pinchuk – Finding the Motherlode Through Motherhood 38:25 09/08/2021
Noelle Randall – From the Basement to the Real Estate Boardroom 28:10 08/25/2021
Victoria Song – Making the Impossible Probable 33:01 08/11/2021
Carla Green – Why Writing a Book Could Give Your Business a Big BOOST 31:44 07/28/2021
Jean Brownhill – THE Matchmaker for Home Renovations 38:17 07/14/2021
Esther Crawford - Selling Her Squad App to Twitter 40:20 06/23/2021
Amber Duncan - Serial Entrepreneur & CEO of Shop Jackie 28:38 06/09/2021
Elise Rosenstock – From The Kitchen Table in Cleveland to 1M on QVC 36:29 05/26/2021
Jessica Chang – Transforming Childcare in the US 34:44 05/05/2021
Coco Meers & Marcy Vermillion - Introducing Women to the Power of CBD 36:36 04/28/2021
Charlene Simon - The Art of Juggling Soaps, Cosmetics & Cupcakes 25:09 04/14/2021
Wendi Weiner – The journey From a Lucrative Career as a Lawyer to Becoming The Writing Guru 27:15 03/24/2021
Linda Rose – Get Acquired for Millions! 45:17 03/10/2021
Alli Webb & Meredith Quill – Hearts Be Still. Meet Becket & Quill Jewelry 33:37 03/03/2021
Jesse Draper Unplugged - Getting Real About What it Takes to Succeed With The CEO & Founder of Halogen Ventures 25:10 02/24/2021
Melissa Vitelli - From Fashion Photographer to Co-founder & CEO of Jar Goods 30:00 02/17/2021