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We're not your average parenting podcast. And we don't have your average guests. We interview zookeepers (because talking to our teens sometimes feels like trying to wrestle a lion in its habitat), ringside announcers (aren’t parents everywhere taking one on the chin?), FBI hostage negotiators (to help us successfully negotiate a clean room), and many more. Because parenting is hard, and we want to make it easier with any advice we can get.


How to Support our LGBTQ+ Kids: A Conversation with Youth Outlook's Carolyn Wahlskog
We celebrate pride month with a conversation with Carolyn Wahlskog, LCSW (she/her), the Director of Operations and Programming at Youth Outlook, a nonprofit working to meet the ever-evolving needs of LGBTQ+ youth, families and communities.  We ask her how to support our LGBTQ+ kids, how we, as parents, can best handle conversations around LGBTQ+ issues, and how best to address the delicate moment when a teen or tween decides to come out. Find out more about Youth Outlook and Carolyn Wahlskog: a few more resources discussed in the show: ABC's of LGBT+: (Gender Identity Book for Teens, Teen & Young Adult LGBT Issues) Support the show
62:33 6/21/23
How to Improve Collaboration at Home with Deb Mashek, author of Collabor(h)ate
Dr. Deb Mashek, PhD is an experienced business advisor, professor, higher education administrator, and national nonprofit executive. Her new book, Collabor(h)ate*: Everything you need to know to build healthy and productive collaborative relationships at work *(even if you'd rather work alone), is out now. Mashek  was named one of the Top 35 Women in Higher Education by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, and has been featured in media outlets including MIT Sloan Management Review, The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Hechinger Report, Inside Higher Ed, Fortune, Reason, Business Week, University Business Insider, and The Hill. She writes regularly for Psychology Today.Support the show
64:31 4/12/23
Viorica Marian Talks About Her Book, The Power of Language, and Why We (and our Kids) Should Learn Another Language
On the premiere episode of Season 3, we talk to Viorica Marian, a Psycholinguist, Cognitive Scientist, Psychologist, and author of the new book (out this week): The Power of Language: How the Codes We Use to Think, Speak, and Live Transform Our Minds. Marian, who's known for her research on language, bilingualism, and multilingualism, tells us how being multi-lingual might just be our super power and why it's never too late to learn another language. Marian is the Ralph and Jean Sundin Endowed Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Professor of Psychology at Northwestern University, and is the Principal Investigator of the Northwestern Bilingualism and Psycholinguistics Research Laboratory. You can follow her here:Twitter: @VioricaMarian1Instagram: vioricamarian1Facebook: Viorica MarianLinkedIn: Viorica MarianTikTok: viorica.marian1 Support the show
48:32 4/6/23
Reviving Rock and Roll and Creem Magazine with JJ Kramer
JJ Kramer, the only child of CREEM Magazine's late founder, Barry Kramer, inherited CREEM at age four when his father died.  CREEM, published from 1969 through 1989  in Detroit, was an early champion of various heavy metal, punk rock, new wave, and alternative bands, and left an indelible mark on the music industry. JJ has made it his life's mission to revive CREEM and successfully did so in 2022. We talk to him about legacy, and what he's teaching his own kids about rock and roll!The winter issue of CREEM will be released December 15. Get 25% off your subscription today and up to 50% off apparel for a special Black Friday sale., check out the CREEM documentary on Amazon Prime: the show
62:01 11/21/22
Acting, producing, modeling, writing, directing, and running her own health supplement and skin care line: Lisa Varga does it all!
Lisa Varga is an award-winning actress, host, producer, and writer. She has over thirty years of experience in the entertainment industry, and has created a trusted brand name for herself in film and television, as well as in the health, beauty, and sports world. Ms. Varga has been successful in front of, and behind the camera, and is the CEO and owner of her own production company, Lisa Varga Entertainment.Her most notable acting roles in film and television include: “Homeland” (Showtime), “Game Time: Tackling the Past”, (NBC), “Marley and me”, (20th Century Fox), Ms. Varga was also a recurring host on HSN (Home Shopping Network) and is a model and spokesperson for several high end brands.Ms. Varga is currently involved in a feature film project called “Freedom” set to film in 2023.  She has the starring role in the film and is also a producer and she co-wrote the screenplay. She also has a new series in development called “Cowpunchers” about ranch life in America.Ms. Varga has her own skincare line and is working with a top manufacturer for vitamins and supplements to add to her new venture called Lisa Varga Health & Beauty. To give back, Lisa teaches acting classes and workshops to Hollywood hopefuls in small towns across America and Internationally.  Website: LisaVarga.comSocial Media @TheLisaVargaSupport the show
41:02 10/26/22
What's a mom of 4 to do? Oh, who knows...Maybe change drinking habits forever for the world?! Come check out our interview with Kara Goldin, Founder of Hint Water - Share and enjoy!
Kara Goldin is the Founder and CEO of Hint, Inc., best known for its award-winning Hint® water, the leading unsweetened flavored water. She has been named one of InStyle’s Badass 50, Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs and EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Northern California. She is an active speaker & writer and hosts the podcast The Kara Goldin Show where she interviews founders, entrepreneurs and other disruptors across various industries.Check out her memoir, Undaunted, a Wall Street Journal bestseller.  Undaunted will inspire you to move past your fears and defy the doubters. It doesn’t matter whether you feel confident; it matters what you actually do.Follow her on Twitter,  @karagoldin.Follow her on Instagram, @Kara.Goldin.Support the show
51:28 9/21/22
Want to be an entrepreneur? Check. Want to start a business later in life? Sure. Want to create the fastest-growing company in Canada? Hell yes! Check out our conversation with inspirational business
Board Member and Founder of Love Good FatsSuzie Yorke is on a mission to bring healthy fats back.A mom of 4 kids, eleven-time Ironman competitor and yoga enthusiast, Suzie spent years adhering to a low-fat diet only for her health to hit a wall in her mid-40s. After reading Nina Teicholz’s best seller, Big Fat Surprise, she immediately shifted to a high-fat, low-carb diet, and started to feel better within a few weeks. While she loved the benefits of her new lifestyle, Suzie found it challenging to find convenient, good-fat snacks. Seeing a gap in the marketplace and a huge opportunity to help others through food, Suzie developed Love Good Fats, a company that produces low-sugar foods loaded with good fats.Starting in 2017, Suzie led the launch and expansion of Love Good Fats to exceed $100million in Gross Revenues in a little over 3 years with sales in the largest Retailers across Canada and the US. Love Good Fats quickly became one of the fastest-growing bar brands in North America. As a 25-year veteran of the CPG industry, Suzie has worked at brand building companies such as Proctor & Gamble, PepsiCo, Kraft Heinz, Weight Watchers; also worked at two other hyper growth brands prior to creating her own rocket ship success story brand, at age 50. She is more so a unique, later blooming entrepreneur, who utilizedher accomplished marketing background, personal journey, and deep devotion and passion for health, to drive towards her Mission to spread the word that fat is back, and sugar is out!Suzie has been recognized several times since launching Love Good Fats, including the:- 2019 Mompreneur® Start Up Award- 2019 WXN Top 100 BMO Entrepreneur Award- 2020 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards Ones to Watch Award- Most recently, The Women of Inspiration 2021 Special Recognition Entrepreneur Award- 2021 RevolutionHer Entrepreneur Role Model Award- 2021 Globe & Mail Report on Business Top Growing Companies in Canada Award, placing in the coveted top #1 spot for 2017-2020 Revenues GrowthLove Good FatsSupport the show
35:49 8/16/22
Catching up with Ayeshah Abuelhiga/CEO of Mason Dixie Foods! Talking about PRIDE, DEI, and serving 12 million sandwiches per year...Amazing Ayeshah is the real deal! Enjoy!
You hungry? In need of inspiration? Want to know why Pride matters and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is important? Well, look no further because Ayeshah's got you covered! Going from a dream on paper to serving over 1 million meals per month (and growing), Ayeshah's refreshing, clear-eyed view on how to get things done is steeped in good ol' common sense...She talks the talk, and most definitely walks the walk. Strap in, have a listen, and enjoy! (And please spread the word while you are at it)Website - Mason Dixie FoodsInstagram - @masondixiefoods Facebook - Mason Dixie FoodsLinkedIn - Mason Dixie FoodsAyeshah's LinkedIn - Ayeshah AbuelhigaSupport the show
58:47 7/13/22
Jerry Won: One of the most prominent and important voices of the Asian-American community shares on how to flip the script on racism, how to get the next generation to be more inclusive, and what it's
Jerry Won is a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and host who has worked with some of the world's most recognized brands in corporate and higher education. He speaks on a variety of topics including authentic storytelling, personal branding, creator economy, and the Asian American experience in the workplace.He is the Founder & CEO of Just Like Media, an Asian American storytelling company whose award-winning podcast brands Dear Asian Americans, MBAsians, The Janchi Show and Asian Podcast Network have partnered with McDonald's, Focus Features and the US Census.Prior, he was a Senior Strategy Consultant at Accenture and sales leader at start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Jerry has a BS from USC Marshall and an MBA from Michigan Ross, where he served as President of the Student Government Association. He currently serves on the Marshall Volunteer Leadership Council and the Michigan Ross Sanger Leadership Center Advisory Board. Along with his wife Kyung and his two children, Jerry lives in Southern California.Jerry Won's WebpageDear Asian Americans PodcastSupport the show
67:07 6/23/22
Bill Harper - Marketing Soothsayer/Advertising Savant, spends time with us to give very grounded, sturdy, and extremely well-thought-out viewpoints on parenting, understanding your passions, and using
Bill Harper is the Cofounder, CCO and CEO of wmHarper a full-service creative agency dedicated to helping companies dominate their categories by helping them outthink, not outspend their competitors. He is an expert at launching, developing and revitalizing brands and has created integrated campaigns for a wide range of clients in both B2C and B2B categories. The tagline of his company is, "We Raise Brands Right". Bill shares with us his unique approaches to raising his children the same way he raises brands - By challenging them, making them think outside the box, and having their own ownership in the process. Truly a delightful chat and one we think you will truly enjoy!Visit Bill at his website to learn more!  Support the show
49:16 6/7/22
BrandMaster, Tech-whisperer Hillel Fuld joins us to to share just a small bit of his passion about Tech, paying it forward (or backward), and TikTok. Far-ranging, timely, and real, Hillel opens his he
Hillel Fuld, named Israel’s top marketer and “The man transforming Startup Nation to Scale up Nation” by Forbes, is a tech journalist, startup marketer, and technology expert.Hillel works with technology companies and accompanies them from idea to revenue. He also works with many leading tech brands as an influencer. These include Google, Oracle, Huawei, and many more.Hillel’s work has been featured in CNBC, Inc Magazine, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, TechCrunch, The Next Web, and many other leading tech publications.Hillel was recently named the 7th most influential tech blogger on the Internet, and among the top 100 most influential social media personalities across the globe.You can read more about Hillel’s work on his website:, you can learn more about Hillel by reading his Wikipedia: or by following him on Twitter: addition to Hillel’s work with startups and multinationals, his writing, and his online activity, Hillel also speaks publicly on various topics including marketing, entrepreneurship, Israeli tech, and his personal story and business philosophy.Hillel also has a tech vlog ( and a podcast ( cover tech news in general, and Israeli innovation in particular.What Hillel is most proud of is his family including his wife Racheli and his 5 amazing kids. He also takes pride that he has used his extensive network to help hundreds of people get jobs in the Israeli tech ecosystem.Support the show
56:19 5/26/22
Ever wanted to climb a mountain? How about all 7 of the tallest peaks on Earth? Lei Wang from did! Come listen how she changed her life to follow her passions, and how to climb
Lei Wang - Inspirational isn't strong enough of a word to describe her!In 2004, Lei, who grew up as a Beijing city girl who had no athletic training, set out to climb Mount Everest. She was on a promising career track in finance with an MBA from Wharton. But she was excited about proving that an ordinary person could climb Everest. That excitement empowered her to not only climb Everest but to become the first Asian woman to complete a journey to the summits of the highest mountains on each of the 7 continents and to the north and south pole, a feat called the Explorer’s Grand Slam. As she endured outstanding hardships and overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles, she made an astonishing discovery. She discovered that excitement is the driving force that motivates and empowers every one of us and the secret to innovation, peak performance, and extraordinary achievements. Today as a coach, speaker, author, and adventurer, she travels the world to ascend new summits and empower individuals and organizations to dream big, take a leap of faith, and tap into the power of excitement to realize their potential and reach the heights of success.Follow her to learn more!Lei's Social Media Links:Website: https://JourneyWithLei.comPodcast: Business Page:                       Personal Page: Public Page:                         Personal Page: the show
49:23 5/12/22
Tim Dooner, Icon of all things in the Transportation industry, shares his backstory with us - His road to sobriety, his TedTalk, following his dreams, and pouring gasoline on the passions of our child
Tim Dooner is a man with an incredible story, an outsized personality, and a very grounded and honest way of looking at life. Transparent, thoughtful, empathetic and REAL, Tim digs into all things inspirational and has an incredible, wide-ranging conversation with us. We are delighted to share it, so pass it on!Tim's Bio:Dooner is an award-winning content producer and host who is currently creating new podcasts, TV shows, newsletters and multimedia for FreightWaves. In under a year he helped build FreightCasts, the world’s largest logistics and supply chain podcast network in media. Dooner is a 16-year industry veteran who has held directors positions in operations, sales, consulting, and marketing. He has worked with FedEx, Reebok, Adidas, L.L. Bean, Hasbro, Louis Vuitton, and many more high level clients across the full spectrum of the supply chain. An accomplished podcaster/producer/host, Dooner has launched over a dozen successful podcasts including the acclaimed supply chain & logistics shows: The Shipping Pod and Consulting Logistics. He is a host and producer on WHAT THE TRUCK?!? FreightWaves Insiders, FreightCasts, and you can wake up with his FreightWaves Morning Minute News Briefs on Alexa, and all podcast platforms. Dooner was a featured speaker at TEDx Chattanooga.Please catch Tim on FreightWaves and all of the following:FreightwavesFreightwaves TVWhat The Truck?!?Back The Truck UpIG: @timdoonerLinkedInSupport the show
61:55 4/26/22
TikTok Sensation Cathy Pedrayes shares about her brand-new (And VITAL) book, what her Mom thinks of her 2.3M+ followers, and why Cyber is the biggest threat these days to our kids...Listen now!
So what keeps TikToker Cathy Pedrayes up at night (other than her brand new baby)? How to put out the most meaningful, important, and relevant safety tips out there for people of all types and ages! Super-aware, whip-smart, and downright engaging, Cathy shares the story of her iconic look of wearing a blue dress and pearls, how she became THE "Mom Friend" to not only her friends but to the over 2.3 Million followers she has on TikTok, and how she is dropping her brand-new and awesome book this week for everyone to have as a safety reference guide! Why listen to her? Because she has several videos out there on TikTok that has over 30 Million views and counting, and they are so very helpful to everyone. Super-smart advice, so darned good for teens, tweens, and everyone! Have a listen and enjoy!Follow her!TikTok: @cathypedrayesInstagram: @cathypedrayesAnd go RIGHT NOW and getHer New Book!!!Also, check out our other episodes at:What The Parent?Support the show
69:00 4/12/22
Jennifer Kolari of Connected Parenting tells us Why Gladiator kids may drive you crazy but will end up saving the world!
Jennifer Kolari is back and we couldn't be more pleased...With her thoughtful, excellent advice and insight, she shows us that having a gladiator child in your house doesn't have to mean every day is a fight to the death. Funny, engaging, and vulnerable, Jennifer shows us how to approach prickly teens with Love, Intention, and most of all, Ruthless Compassion. Have a listen and Enjoy!Website: Connected ParentingSupport the show ( the show
65:10 3/29/22
Respected business magnate, nationwide singing sensation...Tal Zlotnitsky has done it all. And now he's helping the world by helping us all intentionally work at the most human of emotions through his
Tal is a repeated success story in the world of Entrepreneurialism. However, his seeing how the whole world is at odds with each other over the past couple of years was his last straw. How could he help? By leaving the corporate life he created and delving into helping others grow and support the most common, yet greatest force in the universe, Love. Hear how he created this fantastic app to not only help people communicate better and be more real with their own feelings and needs, but how he worked with scientists to come up with ways to do what sometimes feels impossible - using Love to keep us together. Cue Captain and Tennille! Website: Our.LoveSupport the show ( the show
61:48 3/15/22
Bonnie Schneider: Uber-Respected National/International Meteorologist and Author of brand new book "Taking The Heat" shares how to deal with EcoAnxiety, how we all need a Plan for any event, and how s
Bonnie Schneider has done it all and seen it all...And she's been in the game long enough to know that things are changing, and from a meteorological perspective, changing for the worse. In her excellent new book, Taking The Heat, she delves into how Climate Change is having an effect on everyone's lives, how to see it for what it is, how we can best cope with it, and hopefully how we can learn to adapt and thrive. Funny, down to Earth, and just Real, Bonnie shares her insight and learning with us in a delightful conversation. Enjoy, and check out her links below! here are Bonnie’s socials:Facebook: Bonnie Schneider WeatherTwitter: @bonnieweatherInstagram: @bonnieschneiderWebsite: WeatherandWellness.comSupport the show
52:07 3/1/22
Anne Crossman - Homeschooling Expert schooling us on how we can all be the best possible teachers at home, without all of the angst! (Disclaimer - Life Lessons inside)
Anne Crossman, THE Expert on Homeschooling, gives us delightful tips and insight into what Homeschooling is, can be, and what it's all about. Super bright, resource-full, and driven to help all children, listen in on her fascinating story and life lessons!Follow her at: Instagram @HomeschoolExpertFacebook @TheHomeschoolExpertTwitter @HomeschoolExperthttps://homeschoolexpert.comAND of course, take a listen to our other episodes at What The Parent?Support the show ( the show
68:00 2/15/22
Pandemic Parenting (Never Ends) - Our discussion with the fabulous Drs. Zelechoski and Malloy on keeping our sanity during a pandemic, giving kindness to everyone (including yourself), and conquering
Dr. Amanda Zelechoski and Dr. Lindsay Malloy - Just your above average peeps who dedicate time and resources to help others just when we all need it.Back for another round to help us kick off Season 2, the uber-smart and always engaging doctors share their insight into the psyches of our kids during these trying times and give us the tools to help them. Their work is never done, and we are all so thankful that they are doing that work for the betterment of all!Check out their excellent, resource-rich website at www.pandemic-parent.orgListen to their awesome episodes on The Pandemic Parenting PodcastAND of course, take a listen to our other episodes at What The Parent?Support the show
57:55 2/9/22
Season 2 Trailer
Season 2 trailer (kinda)Support the show
08:11 1/21/22
Hollywood Producer/Legend Cindy Cowan shares her history, her mindset on being Fearless, and what the heck a Key Grip is on our final episode of Season 1!
Cindy Cowan has done it all...Literally. Tulane grad, Harvard Master's in Psychology, TV Reporter, World-Champion Equestrian, Hollywood Producer, Emmy winner, Oscar-nominations, and a relentless philanthropist, Cindy shares her story with us on our final episode of Season 1. What better way to say, "That's a wrap" than with a true Hollywood Legend? Approachable, kind, and extremely thoughtful, Cindy reveals to us the real work behind the scenes...Spoiler alert - Hollywood is not all glitz, glamour, and red carpets!Follow Cindy at:InstagramTwitterCheck out her new venture into Decentralized Film Financing where you can be a direct investor in movies! Mogul ProductionsAND of course, take a listen to our other episodes at What The Parent?Support the show
58:59 7/7/21
Tristian Williams - Corporate Leadership Strategist teaches our children how to change the world!
Leadership Strategist, Culture Changer, Utopian Visionary - Tristian has seen it all. Learn how he eschews the expected norm  in order to create his own destiny. Funny, grounded, and aspirational as well as inspirational, Tristian shares his story of growing up on the crazy streets of Chicago and making it to the top through intentional reinvention. Check out his book, Fruition Power, available now on Amazon - Links to the book and his social media presence below!Fruition PowerLinkedInInstagramAND of course, please check out other episodes at!Support the show
61:08 6/29/21
Today Show parenting expert Jordana Horn talks about feral kids & the return to "normal"
Today Show Parenting Expert Jordana Horn (and mother of six!) talks about a return to normal post-pandemic and how we can get our now-feral kids back out into the world. Jordana wrote a fantastic article about kids going feral during the pandemic in  The Washington Post. Her work has also been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Kveller. She's also the co-host of Call Your Mother podcast.  Support the show
81:19 6/10/21
Everybody stay CALM...With Amazing Family Therapist Jennifer Kolari of Connected Parenting
Join us for an immersive, captivating, and ultimately inspirational chat with Jennifer Kolari of Connected Parenting. Down to earth, hilarious, delightful (and incredibly insightful), listen to how parents can use the relatively straightforward yet extremely effective CALM method to connect and work with kids!DEFINITELY visit!Support the show
76:12 5/25/21
Biscuits and BadAsses - Hanging with the Biscuit Queen herself, Ayeshah Abuelhiga of Mason Dixie Foods!
Want to know how entrepreneurs get things started and why? Listen in to a fun, hilarious, and revealing conversation with Ayeshah Abuelhiga, CEO and Founder of Mason Dixie Foods! She talks about her beginnings, what it's like to jump out of the corporate boardroom and into the entrepreneurial trenches, and how kids (especially young ladies) can be trailblazers in their own right. Wicked Funny, Whip-Smart, and Real, Ayeshah breaks it all down for us to show how great biscuits and giving back can be the true measure of happiness.Go to to learn where to purchase all of their delicious offerings!Follow, like, and comment on all of their social media sites: IG, FB, & TW - @masondixiefoodsSupport the show
71:05 5/14/21
End a Standoff: Tips on brokering peace with your kids from a former top FBI Negotiator
A great and thoughtful discussion with Gary Noesner, former Chief Hostage Negotiator for the FBI. Yes, That FBI. He breaks down how he got involved in a career in the FBI, and how tricks of his trade can be used in your very own home to keep the peace. Funny, warm, and SUPER down to earth (for someone who's saved literally dozens and dozens of lives), Gary shares his viewpoints, teachings, and details on some of his more famous negotiations (ever head of Waco???) and how they work in everyday life as well. We are so happy to share this chat with you, and please visit Gary's website and buy his engrossing book, Stalling For Time!www.garynoesner.comSupport the show
63:54 5/6/21
Pandemic Parenting
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77:53 4/29/21
Living in a Zoo
An insightful and delightful chat with Dave Bernier, General Curator of Chicago's own Lincoln Park Zoo, a family favorite destination! Check out how animals parent much in the same way we do, and how much we love the zoo (mostly because we live in one ourselves).  Whenever in Chicago, please check out Lincoln Park Zoo!www.lpzoo.orgSupport the show
55:09 4/22/21
Ray Flores, Ring Announcer Extraordinaire
A fascinating conversation with Ring Announcer Extraordinaire Ray Flores, who simply calls life as he sees it. Warm, thoughtful, and heartfelt, Ray brings his incredible work ethic and professional fighting insight into every day mantras that he follows and shares. Follow him @SBRFlores on both Instagram and Twitter, and please check out his upcoming PPV shows on TMZ's Triller Fight Club! Buy your PPV now for the upcoming fights on 4/17/2021!!! the show
68:30 4/15/21
Sleep...Who needs it? (HINT: We All Do) An Excellent chat with Justin of!
A fascinating deep dive into sleep, why it's important, and how we can try and get kids to, you know, go to sleep and give Mom and Dad a little alone time to slam that bottle of wine. The Founder and Owner of, Justin Roethlingshoefer, uses his decades of being a Strength Trainer in the NHL, a Sleep-Study enthusiast, and a mentor and coach to high-powered athletes as well as CEOs to break it all down for us in a very uplifting and interesting chat.To learn more about Justin and his incredible work, please visit to find out more!#justownit#ownitSupport the show
64:06 4/8/21