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Small & Gutsy offers our listeners the opportunity to learn about the smaller, less known nonprofits and social impact organizations with revenues under $10 M. Our aim is to bring their stories to life, celebrate them, and further build their client, potential employee, volunteer, and funding networks. The goal of the Small & Gutsy podcast is to raise the visibility of this Big little social impact sector. Tune in as we interview a different organization so you can learn about them, maybe find a job, volunteer, or donate.


Small & Gutsy features Give Freely
What if you could financially support a nonprofit organization, doing what you personally believe contributes to making the world a better place, without actually spending even a dime? Sounds too good to be true, but this time it’s too good and very true! There is something in algorithmic data collection and internet savviness that makes even the most limited math student, me, understand the value of building a network of folks with shared values that frankly have the potential to become a movement. Give Freely is that movement. Give Freely is a browser extension designed to connect consumers with sellers and that connection leads to a donation to a charity of the consumer’s choice…pretty darn creative to say the least; Give Freely transforms online shopping into acts of kindness. They find coupons and redirect commissions from purchases directly to the user's chosen charity, turning everyday buys into charitable actions. Give Freely’s mission is to generate as many donations to non-profit organizations as possible.  They do this by leveraging the commissions that online stores pay them when users buy something at a partner site, as well as occasionally placing advertisements on sites that users may visit.  Give Freely is pioneering a movement for a more compassionate shopping future by blending shopping and giving (Frankly, two of my favorite activities, and for me, it makes shopping more enjoyable, knowing that it includes a charitable aspect) -They believe that everyday online errands can and should involve contributions to the communities the consumer cares about and this, of course, could lead to other everyday acts - they are just starting with shopping. Currently, they have over 10 thousand participating stores and a dozen or so influencers participating in and spreading Give Freely and, they have over a million nonprofits listed, Small & Gutsy is one of them.  Think about the old Amazon Smile but with significant improvements!! To sign up and learn more, check out  
48:48 11/21/23
Small & Gutsy features Born2Lead Foundation
Leadership is a huge topic that is often so tough to define;  I have read articles that state that leadership can be taught; I have read articles that say leadership is something that is just inherent in you, either you have it or you don’t; - that seems quite ominous  - almost like a weeding out process - like being chosen first or last for the basketball or volleyball team in gym class - why was that practice started anyway vs, just randomly assigning two groups of kids to just play? We all develop at different rates and why be penalized by perceived popularity or early athletic ability?  This must be so challenging for those who see potential in everyone and want to foster leadership in their communities where leadership perhaps is viewed as a privilege and should actually be an equitable opportunity like education - So, when we say leadership, do we mean the admirable qualities of a good leader? To define leadership by identifying good leaders and then trying to change our habits to improve our ability to be like that good leader…Isn’t that somewhat subjective? Do we mean the learning from leaders who have come before us and how they molded us and impressed upon us the value of being a good leader? Could those leaders be from our personal experience vs. those we may place on a public pedestal? Could it maybe foster a sense of community where leaders among us are recognized, encouraged, and often emerge as a surprise to them? Founded in 2021, Born 2 Lead Foundation  is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing an ecosystem of support based on lifespan development. Their mission is to empower individuals at every life stage by providing comprehensive programs, resources, and services that foster personal growth, well-being, and success. By following individuals throughout their life journey, they aim to create a seamless and continuous support system that meets their evolving needs. They provide a wide range of services from Early Childhood Enrichment to Elderly Car, and have programs that focus on each stage of life. I think they have 7 programs to date, everything from financial literacy to mentorship, college readiness, parenting, mental health. I am not sure there is anything they don't offer. Their goal it to empower and mentor individuals so that they have the skills and resources they need to be successful and make a positive impact in their lives and communities. For more information, check out their website:  
48:17 11/12/23
Small & Gutsy features Angel Flight West
Imagine you just heard the words, you have cancer or any other type of disease that needs treatment; I heard those words and my heart sank and my fear rose. However, I also knew that whatever medical care I needed would not be far away. I live in Los Angeles with some of the best medical care options; prior to that I lived in a suburb of Boston, also another amazing medical community. In fact, I often consult with an oncologist at The Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston while having my on the ground team, a combination from UCLA & Cedars here in LA- two teaching and phenomenal medical facilities treating my cancer with the most updated research and information. But, what if I weren’t so lucky…what if I lived in a rural area where access was limited or just not available…what could I do? We all need medical care and many of us live in areas that are outside of catchment areas of great medical care…what choices do we have then? And what options do we have if we don’t have the financial means to take us to those far away medical facilities? Transportation challenges create one of the most daunting barriers to healthcare—a barrier second only to the cost. Every day, Angel Flight West’s volunteer pilots fly people to their medical appointments at no cost to the passenger. On the ground, Earth Angels drive passengers from the airport to the medical facility, also free of cost. To learn more about volunteering or donating, check out their website:  
60:01 10/30/23
Small & Gutsy features A Sense of Home
How do you define ‘home’? - a place where you can let your hair down, be yourself, be safe, feel a sense of belonging? But what if that home were just an empty space, would you still feel the same? What if that home didn’t have your thumbprint, meaning your input on how it was decorated where you could truly find peace, knowing that this sacred space was a part of your caring community? It’s not the decorating and furniture per se, but what items that were chosen based on your preferences that make you feel you matter and are visible to both yourself and everyone who visits. What is particularly challenging is that many of those empty spaces are the first-time homes of aging out foster youth who have often experienced moving from place to place where they may not have had any sense of real belonging. Without this feeling of belonging and community, these young folks are at greater risk of becoming homeless and being part of a community that cares is the first step to ending homelessness. What began as a random act of kindness, has adapted into an incredible community. A Sense of Home has created more than 850 homes – helping more than 2,000 former foster youth and their children. A Sense of Home strives to prevent homelessness by creating first-ever homes for youth aging out of foster care with donated furniture and home goods. 50% of those struggling with homelessness are former foster youth. The homeless crisis can only end through prevention. To share a quote from one of their recipients: When my home is empty, I feel empty In 2014, Founders Georgie Smith and Melissa Goddard answered a call for help on social media from a foster youth who had aged out of foster care; responded by creating a first-ever real “home”. From there, A Sense of Home has grown into a community of its own with staff, volunteers, and dedication that reaches far and wide. To learn more about A Sense of Home, please check out their website:  
40:07 10/3/23
Small & Gutsy is INTERVIEWED by Fully Alive
THE TABLES HAVE TURNED for this Episode!! Fully Alive's Mary Meduna Gross interviewed me! I had the opportunity to share both about Small & Gutsy - its origins, and some personal details about my journey and a recent hiccup - Breast Cancer! Here are some Episode Highlights: How do you handle things when life throws difficult circumstances and challenges your way? In this episode, Laura Wittcoff shares her wisdom and insight to weather life's storms in the midst of making a positive impact and pursuing self-growth. How are we showing up when in difficult circumstances The possibility and good that comes from open mindfulness Social impact, meaning and alignment of our work Reciprocity of giving and appreciating others Mary is an executive wellbeing coach on a mission to empower conscious business founders to connect with their inner power so that their vibrancy will radiate positivity throughout their organizations.  Mary is engaging and fun and I encourage you to check out her podcast here and her website here Please reach out to me at with the name of any nonprofit or for-profit organization under $10 million in revenue with a social purpose or impact you'd like featured on Small & Gutsy
47:37 9/26/23
Small & Gutsy Interviews Sleep in Heavenly Peace
I remember putting my kids to bed at night when they were young - giving them the security and comfort of knowing that their worries should be about their little life, not the big issues of financially and emotionally supporting them, giving them a roof over their heads, food, clothes and the importance of having a safe space in which to sleep - a bed of their own which may seem like a privilege, that if we can, every child should be able to experience…I think it’s actually not a privilege, but a rite of passage in some ways or at least in our culture. A rite of passage is an event, ceremony, or experience that marks a milestone in a person’s life. Many are cultural, religious, social, and professional, across the globe, they range from an early age in some cultures, like Japan, as a 3-year-old girl, being allowed to grow long hair, and at age 7 shifting from a rope belt to an obi for their kimono, for a boy, at age 5 being allowed to wear a hakama, a formal garment - clothing for both represents entering into the formal stage of middle childhood. Various tribal rituals indicate the growth of an individual to the next level of development in eventually reaching adulthood. Rites of passage indicating milestones have also entered our social, educational and professional world with marriage ceremonies, funerals, 12-step programs, promotions, passing tests to the next level, certifications, graduations, licenses, too many to list; There are also many religious and spiritual milestones, from Deepak Chopra’s 7 stages of spiritual development to baptisms, to B’nai Mitzvahs..and so much more. One U.S. cultural rite of passage is something I hadn’t really thought about until I read about how my guest volunteers his time. This more typical rite of passage is moving from a crib or a parent/guardian’s/siblings/shared bed to one’s very own bed. This milestone represents so many things in our culture that often go unnoticed or unrecognized and are truly significant. Having the capability of sleeping independently by means of having the privilege of having one’s own bed begins to create a feeling of ownership over one’s self, the feeling of self-reliance which builds self-esteem. Having one’s own space becomes sacred, a spot that is theirs to set up, take care of, decorate, and love within the natural shelter of home - it is so much more than just a bed. For many parents or guardians who can afford beds, it becomes an automatic expectation and a feeling sometimes of moving forward for their child in healthy ways - even if they keep getting up in the middle of the night to sneak into their parents’ bed, but for a child who has never had the experience of transitioning at a very young age, this becomes a journey of self-reliance that can translate into so many positive steps toward independence that may not have been a previous more typical step due to financial constraints. Sleep in Heavenly Peace, our featured nonprofit organization believes that a bed is a basic need for the best physical, emotional, and mental support that a child needs.  They are a national organization, based in Idaho, but we are focusing on one of their growing chapters, in Texas; this is a response to the call of a national problem, one bed at a time, one town at a time. To learn more about Sleep in Heavenly Peace, check out their website:    
44:10 9/19/23
Small & Gutsy Interviews The Mattering Movement
What matters to you? It’s a different question than what makes you happy, according to our guest today whom I will introduce in a moment. Happiness stems from what really matters to the individual and many of us have lost our collective understanding of what matters means. But, it’s not too late - there’s hope for our youth and there’s hope for the rest of us! Finding out what matters to each of us is a very personal journey. To be seen, heard and valued so that each of us becomes a valued member of society and can give back is the essence of understanding what matters and in turn, guides us in seeing others and encouraging the concept of mattering for them.  Each of us has a uniqueness that once we intrinsically honor that, we are able to then actualize that and share our uniqueness in a positive way to others. However, when that is never offered or taken away through making us feel invisible, that we don’t matter, we make choices that can hurt us and society.  The Mattering Movement created and spearheaded by an incredible dynamic foursome, one of whom we will meet shortly is my guest today Jennifer B. Wallace, Chief Mattering Officer - love the title, is an award-winning journalist and author of the new book Never Enough: When Achievement Pressure Becomes Toxic – and What We Can Do About It.  She is a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post and appears on national television to discuss her articles and relevant topics in the news. She is a graduate from Harvard College, and began her journalism career at  CBS “60 Minutes,” where she was part of a team that won The Robert F. Kennedy Award for Excellence in Journalism. She is a Journalism Fellow at the The Center for Parent and Teen Communication at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Jennifer serves on the board of the Coalition for the Homeless in New York City, where she she currently resides. To learn more: check out their website:  
47:14 8/15/23
Small & Gutsy Interviews Hopeful Hearts Ministry
I try to remind myself to be hopeful in times when I feel the walls are crashing in around me, maybe because of some bad news, like anything that threatens my children, my family, my health, my livelihood, the relationships I love and care about or maybe because of the state of the country, the world; perhaps a tragedy that is far away but feels so close to home emotionally. Usually, an initial feeling of hopelessness appears when I feel I have no control over the situation and need to dig deep to find hope whether through some kind of action - which could be… taking time to reflect spiritualy, talking to friends and family, mindful deep breathing, taking a walk, being outside… I often feel the urgency and frankly the need to do something, anything that helps me find meaning in what I’m experiencing and most often it’s trying to make sense out of something that often doesn’t. Hope is such a beautiful expression and can mean so many different things to so many people…Researchers like Martin Seligman, the founder of the positive psychology movement, professes through over 20 years of scientific research, that hope reduces feelings of helplessness, stress, and depression and improves ones quality of life; being hopeful suggests that we look into the future and know somewhere that where we are, although it may feel devastating, or incredibly challenging or never changing, is not where we will always be; if you can stretch with me for a moment, Seligman also believes that hope may hold unrealized opportunities - that are often very tough to swallow in the moment; I did an episode about a family who lost their daughter diagnosed at 16 months with cancer - she fought for a year, not only did they NOT lose their faith, but they channeled it into a foundation to help others - Addi’s Faith Foundation. These situations are incredibly inspiring for me; when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I immediately roped in the friend who pushed me to get an ultrasound that ultimately diagnosed my cancer when my Gyn hadn’t recommended it - into sharing our stories so other women would get diagnosed earlier than I, and maybe not face the many treatments that I needed.  Desmond Tutu once said, “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness,”  and Winston Churchill said, “When you’re going through hell, keep going”. Hope gives us the strength to keep going, and continue moving forward. I often say to myself, what choice do I have? But, honestly, that is one way, I am hopeful - my choice is not having a choice, but to move forward, because hope is not blind hopefulness, it is constructive hope - it is the hope that there is a way forward. I am grateful to have that fortitude, but not alone, always with the help of family, friends, my faith, and community. Although hope may be subjective, it’s in all of us; sometimes, we have to dig deep, and often with the help of others and our personal faith; Two women who you will meet shortly used their personal stories to inspire others to reach for guidance and help within their faith and through the support of other survivors of trauma and sexual abuse. With an open heart, Hopeful Hearts Ministry founded in 2012 strives to alleviate the suffering and restore the self-worth of survivors of abuse. They are a faith-based ministry that supports the long-term recovery of survivors through peer support sessions, counseling, and public awareness. Hopeful Hearts Ministry offers counseling, support groups, healing yoga, breath work, healing books, bible study, and mostly a community of hope.  For more information, please check out their website:    
54:01 8/8/23
Small & Gutsy Interviews Addi's Faith Foundation
In 2007, Amber and Tony Bender faced the unthinkable; they heard the words, your daughter, Addi has a brain tumor. Addi was sixteen months old and underwent with her family a year of surgeries, chemotherapy, hope and heartache, and finally, the sadness of brave Addi needing to let go - I truly cannot imagine the anguish…. Established in 2008 in honor of their daughter’s loving spirit, Addi’s Faith Foundation was born. They vowed to carry on her fight by funding critical childhood cancer research and helping as many families as possible. Just like little Addi Faith, AFF strives to live big, fight hard, and love lots, and has for over 16 years. Addi’s Faith Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to ending childhood cancer. They fund childhood cancer research as well as provide financial assistance to families struggling to care for a child with cancer. They believe that there is a cure out there and together, we can find it. Please check them out:    
42:51 7/18/23
Small & Gutsy Interviews Creating Creators
Creating Creators Foundation is the nonprofit side of Creating Creators, LLC, the for-profit organization that partners with school districts to help guide and develop students and teachers to discover skills and talents of their own that help them define who they are to the world and by doing so, how they can contribute to an industry that perhaps felt unreachable to them. Creating Creators is comprised of experts from all the diverse mediums of the film industry. At their core, they empower teachers to use the different skills needed to create films as a tool for teaching while simultaneously helping students use those mediums such as storyboarding, script writing, acting, directing, and editing as tools for learning to help students discover their unique voices. They also create a bridge between students and educators to professional organizations to create a deeper understanding of the amount and value of skills in the entertainment industry. AND By facilitating opportunities through partnerships with professional groups such as studios, unions, and agencies, They are able to offer apprenticeships. What’s truly beautiful about Creating Creators is that it is not only building skills for students, but giving teachers a new lens figuratively and literally to enable student learning of the necessary skills that foster success  -  collaboration, critical thinking, writing, problem solving and more, AND by having this revenue source, they are able to support the Foundation side which then can provide students opportunities to serve as crew at film festivals as well as serve as one of the pipeline organizations with The Group Effort Initiative which exists to create real entertainment industry experiences to hopefully secure lasting careers for members of underrepresented communities within the entertainment industry. Now, That’s a win-win  
52:24 7/11/23
Small & Gutsy Interviews Waves of Recovery
Imagine hanging out on the beach with friends,  the sun is beaming, the waves are crashing and totally perfect, you have a beer or maybe a margarita or maybe a vape or a joint in your hand and are ready to party…this may seem like a typical scene for a lot of folks and, yet, it can also be a trigger for those who are in recovery or who want to embark on their recovery journey. Replacing those same scenarios with new meaning is key to staying sober. The insight, strength, and fortitude that folks engaged in recovery strive for every day help guide them to recovery, and help them stay in recovery…what is so important is replacing those old trigger places with new, healthy experiences while still participating in the fun aspects of life. Research suggests that exercising our bodies raises our endorphins and increases the serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine that are natural highs, enabling us to feel in general less depressed, happier, and less reliant on outside stimulants - we often become addicted because of our circumstances and the ease at which we can access drugs, alcohol, shopping, eating and other things that temporally ease our current uncomfortable state - and enable us to function or at least to appear as if we are functioning until we no longer can -  Our society is built upon the comparison factor which can lead to low self-esteem and at the extreme, even warfare - isn’t it the idea that someone has what we want that can lead to a battle, even it if ends up only being a perception? One of my sons recently shared that he cares very much about what society or his network thinks, but does not compare himself to anyone but himself - I thought how did I produce such a wise young man, where I am still struggling with this issue at a much more advanced age - These lessons need to be learned and repeated until they actually become integrated into our psyche and soul… when we spend time comparing, we lose sight of our own uniqueness, our own vulnerability and therefore, our ability to reflect upon what we need and want vs. what others might have. It becomes a distraction that can lead to feelings of inadequacy, and that leads to wanting to get rid of those feelings any way we can… Addiction is a battle one wages internally, and recovery is the armor that guides folks to stay sober - that armor is often supported by communities of folks who have been there before - there are numerous methods and each individual needs to find what works for them.  We know that getting support is significant in staying in recovery. Who would have guessed that surfing would be one such community? Waves of Recovery was founded by two courageous individuals who wanted to share their experience, wisdom, and belief that recovery is not just possible, but a way forward celebrating life by remaking or reworking old triggers into new healthy experiences.  
60:08 6/27/23
Small & Gutsy Interviews Abode Communities' Beyond Homes
Everyone wants a home, but a home is not a home without knowing you can support yourself in it, and be empowered to be part of a community - we are, in fact, all in this together. 55 years ago, in 1968, as a response to the discriminatory inequity in jobs, housing, and other basic rights exposed by the Civil Rights Movement, a group of folks founded Abode Communities in California, a nonprofit social enterprise. Abode Communities is truly reflective of its name, Communities; fostering a culture of housing inclusion by developing neighborhoods that empower the residents; this is about respect and sustainability - they believe that housing is a human right and in fact, we know it is a social determinant of health. This particular organization is outside of our Small & Gutsy vision as they have grown substantially beyond our $10 million dollar revenue limit, but what is a welcome addition to our Small & Gutsy Family is their housing stabilizing program which launched in 2020 (at least something positive and forward-thinking began in 2020), Beyond Homes is a resident services program, based on a wrap-around social service model which our guests will focus on in today’s podcast.  Beyond Homes is aptly named; it focuses on 4 core areas: ·   Empowering youth: areas that include: Social-emotional learning, mentoring, tutoring, after-school programming, scholarship, engagement,  ·   Building adult and senior capacity as in financial literacy, health and wellness, benefits assistance, aging in place, etc. ·   Create linkages in communities, meaning policy/advocacy, specialized referrals ·   Support housing retention, meaning household budgeting and maintenance, links to financial assistance,  and rent relief They have truly thought of everything to keep individuals empowered to have and keep their homes.
49:23 6/13/23
Small & Gutsy Features Event Safety Alliance
Remember your first concert, remember the excitement, the smells, the anticipation, remember being wowed by the band, remember standing up or maybe standing on your seat  ready to join in with the crowd as a familiar cord was struck on the guitar or keyboard and sing or scream along - almost forgetting that you’re an audience member - we get caught up in that glorious moment, but most of us don’t often realize how much preparation goes into those events and I’m not talking about the featured band or headliner, but those in the background that work tirelessly so we can be safe…Most of the time, we are, and sadly, sometimes things don’t work out as planned….Most of us assume that when we purchase tickets to a venue, that we are figuratively and literally purchasing the insurance that all the behind the scenes preparation has been carefully thought through and executed without a hitch and that we will be safe…we have put our faith in the hands of experts, but who are these folks? Safety at events became its own unfortunate headliner after the band, Sugarland was about to perform at the Indiana State Fair on August 13, 2011. A severe weather system with high winds moved through the Indianapolis area - a Powerful gust of wind toppled the temporary outdoor roof that had been erected over the Fair’s permanent main stage; large parts of the roof and supporting structure fell onto the folks gathered at the front of the stage - this tragedy left 7 dead and more than 40 others injured; Opinions ranged from an unforseable act of G-D to an avoidable consequence of human error. The fingerpointing encompassed everyone from the event’s organizers, crowd mangers, and roof technicians to safety inspectors and weather forecasters. A group led by Jim Digby, tour manager for the band Linkin Park, decided to take matters into its own hands and formed the Event Safety Alliance or ESA. This group is comprised of live-event industry professionals and is a non-profit membership driven organization dedicated to “life safety first”- I love that tagline- and promoitng THAT throughout all phases of event production and execution.  ESA’s mission is to help event professionals and participants be Empowered, Safe, and Aware of the reasonably foreseeable risks around them and they do this through Education, Skills training, and Advocacy.
47:09 6/6/23
Small & Gutsy Interviews Big Sunday
Big Sunday is the big equalizer in my book - it brings people together in service to others - I cannot imagine a greater mission.  Big Sunday was the brain child of  Founder and Executive Director, David Levinson, beginning in 1999 as a Mitzvah Day Project at his Temple  (Mitzvah meaning good deed as a way to repair the world) and with 200 volunteers that day, David imagined a much bigger purpose and embarked on opportunities to share giving back with 1000s of volunteers and in 2006, David was named California Nonprofit Leader of the Year. By 2009, Big Sunday had  50,000 volunteers participating in 500 projects that include numerous nonprofits, schools - the list has grown incredibly long as has the number of volunteers and projects and not only in California, but has truly gone viral, but in a very physical - get out there and help WAY.   There is something for everyone Big Sunday connects people through helping. They offer an enormous variety of opportunities and projects that unite people to improve lives, build community, and give everyone a sense of belonging. Their mission is simple and yet truly profound in that the magic formula is a combination of both building community and a sense of belonging that I believe everyone wants and deserves. To quote David, “Everyone wants to help if someone will only tell them how” Big Sunday does just that…
55:10 4/11/23
Small & Gutsy Interviews Jazz Hands for Autism
It's Autism Awareness Month! Jazz Hands For Autism, I just love the name, is a nonprofit organization that provides wrap-around artist education, development, promotion and placement for learners and aspiring artists on the autism spectrum enabling them to explore and express their talent. Services offered include: The Jazz Hands Concert Series: a semi-annual concert series and performance platform for neurodivergent artists, The Jazz Hands Musicians Academy: an individualized post-secondary music education and vocational program that prepares aspiring musicians on the autism spectrum for careers in music, and The Jazz Hands Junior Academy: in home and virtual music lessons taught by RBT  (Registered Behavior Technician) trained musicians and graduates of the Jazz Hands Musicians Academy Their guiding mantra is to create pathways that enable musicians on the autism spectrum to use their musical talents to obtain gainful work   
51:14 4/4/23
Small & Gutsy Interviews Stop The VOID
Today’s podcast is featuring an organization that is doing something significant to fight this catastrophic fentanyl poisoning epidemic. Stop The VOID was formed to bring to the public’s attention, through education, awareness and legislative advocacy, the immediate danger of sudden death associated with the use of illicit drugs laced with deadly fentanyl. Their purpose is to educate youth about the danger of sudden deaths associated with fentanyl poisoning. They have created educational materials, public service announcements in the form of documentary type films which quite honestly are hard to watch but incredibly important. They have talking points for educators and parents - their ultimate goal is to educate everyone about fentynol poisoning and about the dangers that abound on social media platforms where many of these drugs are purchased.  One of their key strategies is to get into every school system to share information; their website has stories of living victims, usually the loved ones left behind.  
39:27 12/22/22
Small & Gutsy interviews Teens4TeensHelp
My incredible guests today are a combination of parent and peer - incredible parents, Jeff and Kathy Long who saw their daughter suffering and felt helpfless to do something about it - although they tried everything and found that there were resources that were not accessible in one place or not accessible at all or if they were, they were adults sharing their professional and sometimes personal expertise with youth - they even wrote a book about their experience, A Parent’s Guide to Anorexia. This significant gap they discovered became a precursor to the organization featured today… We know, Our youth listen to their peers, so they came up with an amazing online resource that they will talk about in detail today, Teens4Teens Help provides an array of resources and support that are driven by youth needs rather than by adults and yet, the site is supported by professionals and adults in the field and those with personal experience. Their purpose is: to empower teens who are suffering from emotional and mental health issues to choose their own recovery. One of the things I love most about their website, is their driving mantra: We are a group of young people who faced serious mental health challenges. We chose recovery, you can too.​These are our stories…  
50:37 12/13/22
Small & Gutsy Unexpected Episode: Megan Witt Saved My Life
Ever wonder why people come into your lives at certain times? Ever wonder in hindsight, why you neglected to trust your gut or second guessed yourself? Well, this podcast, we hope will renew your faith in whatever it is that you believe..G-D, karma, luck, spirit or power animals, humanity, faith, signs, really amazing friends, the list is endless; I am here on Podcast 61 of Small & Gutsy to remind you that no matter how small or insignificant something may be, if it means something to you then it is BIG and you can be GUTSY about it. In my case, I was lucky! I had a super Gutsy friend who came into my life at just the right time and frankly, saved my life. Listen to her story and mine as we navigate the journey of Breast Cancer. Please check out Katie Couric media for her podcast, Next Question with Katie Couric and her newsletter: Wake-up Call.    
46:06 10/11/22
Small & Gutsy Interviews Points For Patriots
Points For Patriots provides the foundation for Patriot Fellows to build an athletic fundraiser in their community alongside Veteran Mentors to raise money for military families in need. AND, Along the way, Fellows and Mentors learn lifelong lessons in Wellness, Social Entrepreneurship, and Connectedness. Their long-term vision is to engage young people with Veteran mentors in all 50 states. Points For Patriots is bridging the military-civilian the divide. Listen to episode 60 and learn about the connection between tennis and post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. Check out their upcoming event on Sunday 9/11/2022 
52:09 9/6/22
Small & Gutsy Interviews Rainforest Flow
Rainforest Flow is a nonprofit that delivers clean water, sanitation, and hygiene programs to indigenous people in Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peru’s Amazon rainforest.  Their collaborative, integrated, and sustainable WASH  (water,  - sanitation - health) programs empower indigenous people to become stewards of their own health, their environment and their resources which ultimately provides them a sustainable future.  Since 2003, Rainforest Flow has collaborated with Peruvian health and environmental agencies and indigenous communities to deliver more than 64 million gallons of safe drinking water to four villages in this global biodiversity hotspot.  Rainforest Flow trains indigenous water and sanitation committee members to be leaders of their communities.  
61:22 8/31/22
Small & Gutsy Interviews Saffyre Sanctuary
The horse spirit animal represents freedom, adventurousness, mobility, independence, friendship and endurance. This majestic animal known for its beauty and stature has also endured pain, neglect and abuse through domestication and mistreatment for use in gambling, entertainment and sometimes, just pure gluttony. Esta Bernstein is the Founder of Saffyre Sanctuary, a horse rescue and rehabilitation program in the Los Angeles area that cares for horses that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected. They provide every opportunity for them to experience the possibility of enjoying a second career, or offer them a well-deserved retirement.
52:13 6/7/22
Small &. Gutsy Interviews The Lauder Employment Center (LEC)
Today’s episode highlights an incredible organization that is affiliated with JNF, Jewish National Fund, and yes, JNF doesn’t fit our criteria of being under 10 million dollars, but the affiliate organization, The Lauder Employment Center, known as the LEC certainly does - I chose to not only highlight them for this episode, but ask you to please consider a donation for my April 1st./April Fool's birthday  - Their mission is to diversify economic opportunities in Israel by providing career services through employee partnerships, training, resources, career counseling and actual internships that often turn into jobs for folks choosing to move to either the Southern or Northern part of Israel in order to reduce the overcrowding in the typical larger cities known as the triangle cities. Their current effort is to support the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees fleeing; donations are needed! THANK YOU!
65:21 3/29/22
Small & Gutsy Interviews Threads Worldwide
Threads Worldwide, a fair profit ( notice I didn’t say for-profit), social impact organization, was founded in 2011 by three women exemplifying Margaret Mead's words,“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  These women are, in fact, changing the world. They partner with artisans in developing countries by purchasing their jewelry and other handmade items,  creating a growing market for handmade goods to sell in a networked model in the U.S. Threads Worldwide educates all of us on the life-changing power of fair trade commerce.  
60:36 3/8/22
Small & Gutsy Interviews Visionary Women
Visionary Women is built on the belief that women do and should empower one another through inspiration, mentorship, leadership and yes, resources; They create opportunities through multiple channels to offer engaging conversations with innovative female leaders, and fund high impact initiatives to lift up women and girls.
53:12 2/28/22
Small & Gutsy Interviews Rapunzel Alone
Theater is one of those experiences that is enhanced by the audience around us - by the reaction, by the community interaction, by the sheer feeling of having others witness what we ourselves are experiencing - it makes it all that much more real, sometimes, magical, sometimes, devastating…but always human….and always leads to a conversation about the topic of the theater production on so many levels. Rapunzel Alone is an incredible collaboration between 24th Street Theatre & The Wallis to bring Children's Theatre with adult-like themes.  
58:58 2/7/22
Small & Gutsy Interviews The Survivor Mitzvah Project
The Survivor Mitzvah Project’s  goal is that no Holocaust survivor who has experienced the darkest days of human history will ever be cold, hungry, or neglected again. 100% of every dollar donated for survivors goes directly into the hands of a Holocaust survivor in need. As Founder, Executive Director and Awakened Humanitarian, Zane  Buzby shares, "we cannot do anything about the past, but we are in the position to write a more hopeful final chapter to the Holocaust, one of friendship, kindness and love".  
57:55 1/31/22
Small & Gutsy Interviews, Do-Gooder,Georgia Van Cuylenburg
How many of us as children had dreams of what we’d like to be, what our work might be when we grow up. Some of us knew quite early that we’d like to be doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, teachers, park rangers, pilots, chefs, builders; maybe some of us were involved in family businesses and imagined continuing that legacy, the list of options is vast, but few of us perhaps imagined that our life’s work and ambition was to spread positive messages for children around the world. Meet Do-Gooder, Georgia Van Cuylenburg
61:30 1/10/22
Small & Gutsy Interviews SparkShare
SparkShare’s goal is to empower young people to be the change agents in their own communities as well as in their own lives.Their 3 driving principles that guide their work are: Listening to young people articulate what holds them and their peers back from opportunity, connecting youth with the resources and organizations they need, so they can solve the problems they identify, and Building partnerships that enable youth and adults to work together to create positive, lasting change in their community.  
43:11 1/3/22
Small & Gutsy Interviews StartOut
StartOut is a community of LGBTQ+ founders, professionals and  their Allies with a national membership of over 17K. StartOut began in 2009 and has been the champion for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, promoting the successes of the LGBTQ community, as well as researching the economic impact of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs.
45:07 12/27/21
Small & Gutsy Interviews UR Community Cares
Recognizing the many challenges older adults face when beginning to experience declining physical and cognitive abilities, Michelle Puzzo and M.D. Birmingham decided to take action and founded UR Community Cares in 2019 in their home state of Connecticut. They built the UR Community Cares digital platform as a way to match those in need with those in the same community who are eager to help. UR Community Cares is dedicated to helping older and physically disabled residents stay safe in their homes and maintain quality of life.
44:01 12/20/21