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Do you love travel? Are you always searching for the absolute best experiences? Join us each week for an insightful chat with some of luxury travel’s most iconic people. We’ll interview travel experts like Robert Bowe who has been part of the guest experience at Ashford Castle for 33 years; Jamie Gaymer, the lead conservation manager at an ultra-luxe safari lodge; or the Owners and General Managers of some of the world’s top hotels like Amangiri, Canaves Oia, and Zannier Hotels. You’ll leave each episode with an Insider appreciation for new destinations, luxury travel, and all the heart that goes into creating these magical experiences. Luxury Travel Insider is hosted by Sarah Groen, an expert in luxury travel. Sarah has traveled to 100 countries and all 7 continents, is a contributing travel columnist for CEO World Magazine, and is the owner of Bell & Bly Travel, a top travel advising firm working with executives and entrepreneurs.


Argentina | Maita Barrenechea: From Buenos Aires to The End of the World
Today we’re diving into the special country of Argentina. Spanning from the tropics all the way down to Antarctica - this magical landscape has something for everyone. Here you can hike some of the tallest mountains in the world, learn and dance tango with locals, cheer on the Argentinian soccer team, and sip some of the finest wines in our hemisphere.  My guest today is the very accomplished Maita Barrenechea, Argentinian entrepreneur and philanthropist, and my partner in the county.  We talk about everything from fly fishing and glaciers, to cowboy culture and steak.  Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
40:35 09/21/2022
A Birthday Episode | Luxury Travel Insider: Celebrating Our Second Anniversary!
I started working on the concept for Luxury Travel Insider in May 2020… right about when my business Bell & Bly Travel was falling apart due to Covid. It was a completely devastating time for our industry.  My team and I spent our days unraveling trips we had worked so hard to plan and our clients had been so highly anticipating. My friends, hoteliers and destination experts, were closing their doors without knowing if they’d ever open them again.  With some free time on my hands, I couldn’t just sit and wait. I had to feel I was doing something to help my travel industry family. I had always wanted to tell travelers about the insider stories that I am so privileged to hear every day… but I wasn’t quite sure how. Being a podcast lover and needing a project to keep my mind occupied, I decided to give it a shot. I read a quote one day that said, “you have to be willing to be bad at something in order to get good at it.” So I held that up as my mantra and I dove in.  Guests on the show were all too happy to have an excuse to talk about their love of travel and destination instead of belaboring the issues facing us all from Covid.  The show took off, and we started to have guests asking us if they could appear on the show.  Today we are the top podcast on luxury travel and I honestly could never have anticipated this. In listening back to the nearly 150 episodes I cried, I got goosebumps, and I laughed.  In today’s episode I’m compiling for you some of our favorite moments from the show. Bits that inspire me, remind me that humans are truly good, and showcase the fact that travel makes the world a better place.  I hope you enjoy this anniversary episode of Luxury Travel Insider. Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
51:44 09/14/2022
Four Seasons | Ben Trodd: Personalized Luxury, Private Jet Trips, and Building Communities
My guest today is Ben Trodd, an SVP of Global Sales and Marketing at the amazing Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. While you may have heard of these gorgeous properties dotted around the world, what you might not know is that founder Isadore Sharp started off by building a motel in Toronto. Mr. Sharp says something profound about the company that we discuss in this episode. He says, “There was no vision, there was no grand dream – but there has always been a consistent thread, and that is service.” So while Four Seasons Hotels are now set in gorgeous locations and high design buildings, the only way to describe the brand is that it’s more of a feeling.. The consistent service, the ability to be yourself… that keeps many of its loyal guests (myself included) coming back for more.  Ben and I discuss amazing locations around the world, the Four Seasons Private Jet experience, how they’re using technology to drive service, and more.  Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
47:01 09/07/2022
Vienna & Prague | Expert Panel: The Fairytale Cities of Europe
I’m excited to whisk you off today to two of my favorite cities in Europe, Prague and Vienna. I think the travel world sometimes forgets that Vienna was once the center of European power, while its sister to the north is the birthplace of bohemian culture.  To paraphrase Karl Kraus, while the streets of other cities are paved with asphalt, the streets of these two cities are quite literally paved with culture.  Here to discuss Vienna and Prague with us are Gwen Kozlowski, my partner in the region, and Kamila Karen, one of the top local guides in all of Prague.  Both Gwen and Kamilla tell tear-inducing stories of families during the war, share wistful images of coffee shops and pubs, and truly impart a sense of what it’s like to visit this part of the world.  Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
40:06 08/31/2022
Passalacqua | Owner, Valentina De Santis: The Crown Jewel of Lake Como
We have a very special guest joining us today, our first repeat guest on the show, in fact! You may remember Valentina de Santis who joined us to discuss her famed hotel Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como.  Well she’s back! And this time to tell us about the jewel box of a hotel that she just finished building called Passalacqua. This revival of an 18th century villa, might be one of the most stunning properties I’ve ever had the luxury of staying in. And on top of that, the family owned atmosphere, relaxed vibe, and local community truly bring to life the concept of dolce far niente. Valentina and I chat about everything from the insane amount of Murano glass adorning the hotel, to the Italian craftsmen that designed every tiny bit, to the local gelateria owner who moved to the village for love. You’ll also get a smattering of celebrities, famous opera composers, and of course all of Valentina’s charm.    Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn  
50:13 08/24/2022
Peru | Silvia Rico: PachaMama, Indelible Experiences, and a Layer Cake of Cultures
Today we’re discussing the country of Peru, and all the riches it has to offer. While many people think of Peru synonymously with Machu Picchu, the country is twice the size of Texas and has so much more to offer.  After exploring the incredible culture of the Incas and modern day Peruvians living in the Andes, you can also visit the Amazon, enjoy some of the top restaurants in the world, and learn about any of the other FIFTY indegenous groups dotted across the country.  My guest today is my partner in the region, Silvia Rico. Her passion for bringing the experience of Peru to life is contagious. Silvia and I discuss everything from Ayahuasca, to a full out party on the Inca Trail, to the humility that visiting a place like Peru can instill in you.  Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
38:02 08/17/2022
Hospitality Expert | Chris Adams: Designing the User Experience of Luxury
Today’s show is about hospitality, the great change that is underway at hotels, and how Covid and generational shifts are changing what it means to be luxury.  My guest today is the CEO and Founder of Ellis Adams Group, a consulting firm specializing in helping luxury hotel brands design jaw dropping customer experiences, build memorable hotel spaces, and keep up with new trends.  Chris tells personal stories of his time working in hotels and crazy experiences helping new hotels open. We also dive into everything from QR codes, to the Ladies & Gentlemen of the Ritz Carlton, to pink elephants.  Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn  
40:12 08/10/2022
Cuba | David Lee: Experiences Transcending Politics
Ernest Hemingway once said, “In order to write about life, first you must live it.” And as we all know, he went to live his life in the vibrant country of Cuba.  Now, Cuba has both dramatically changed and stayed the same since Hemingway departed in 1960, but nonetheless it still offers one of the best travel experiences in the world. Here you can combine authentic interactions with locals, great food, beautiful beaches, and of course all the rum and cigars you can stomach.  Joining me today is the always intriguing David Lee, Owner and Founder of Cultural Cuba, our partner in the country. David and I chat about everything from the politics and legalities of entering Cuba to grabbing a bite with a local Cuban entrepreneur, and all the amazing experiences in between.  Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
47:38 08/03/2022
Explora Journeys | CEO, Michael Ungerer: An Ocean State of Mind
Our guest today is Michael Ungerer, the CEO of Explora Journeys, one of the best known travel companies that has yet to formally launch!  If you haven’t heard of Explora yet, you soon will. They are pioneering a new niche in ocean going travel, so much so that they don’t actually refer to it as cruising. The family owned company has started from scratch, learning from tens of thousands of next generation luxury travelers what they might want in a mega-yacht experience.  Explora Journeys launches in 2023 with Explora I, where you can expect a focus on health and wellness, truly immersive experiences, anchoring near off the beaten path destinations, and the largest suites in the industry.  Michael talks to us about the vision for the company, some fun tidbits of what it’s been like to grow a new luxury brand during Covid, and a few insider hints at what to expect next.   Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
34:20 07/27/2022
Luxury Living | Darcy Guttwein: Bringing Five Star Luxury Into Your Home
Today we’re mixing things up a bit to hear how you can bring the luxury hotel experience into your own home.  Darcy Guttwein has spent two decades building a lifestyle concept she calls Hotels to Home. She’s traveled the world taking inspiration from luxury hospitality brands and figured out a way to incorporate many of the aspects that you love about traveling into the everyday.  Darcy and I discuss simple and affordable “hacks” to creating this lifestyle, all the way to elaborate and elegant changes that can be made to the home.    Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn  
37:17 07/20/2022
Digital Nomading | Expert Panel: Continuous Travel, Discovering the World, and Tips for Working Remotely
I’m so excited today to be speaking with two amazing travel and remote work experts, Matt Kepnes and Dan Andrews. Matt is the founder of the successful blog, Nomadic Matt and is a New York Times bestselling author of two books. Dan hosts the successful podcast, Tropical MBA, co-founded Dynamite Circle to connect and empower digital entrepreneurs, and also founded Dynamite Jobs.  Both of our guests have spent years as digital nomads. This episode is a bit of a departure from our typical shows but I think it holds some golden lessons and amazing insights for us all.    Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
43:24 07/13/2022
Singita | Meet the Guides: Zimbabwe
This time I’m taking you to Singita’s Pamushana Lodge in remote, Southeast Zimbabwe. Perched high on a sandstone ridge, overlooking a shimmering lake full of hippos, this is one of the most inspirational safari destinations I have ever had the privilege of visiting.  The lodge is set on the Malilangwe Reserve which is now famous for its rhino and ecological conservation efforts, its absolutely awe inspiring anti-poaching team, and of course the world class service of Singita.  Since I’m in the field for this episode vs. sitting in the studio, you’ll hear some of the sounds of an actual game drive, and enjoy an authentic conversation with our accomplished guide Tengue and the Lodge Manager, Valerie. Both are local Zimbabweans and I was truly honored to spend this time with them.  We discuss so much in this episode from the area’s spectacular growth in rhino population, to specialty cocktails, to hyper-inflation, to Zimbabwean culture. I hope you’ll enjoy this exciting episode of Luxury Travel Insider.     Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
39:34 07/06/2022
(Rerun) Resplendent Ceylon | Owner, Malik Fernando: 50 Shades of Green, Sri Lanka's Stunning Diversity, and An Accidental Hotelier
Our guest today is Malik Fernando, Founder and Managing Director of Resplendent Ceylon, a collection of luxury boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. It’s hard to even call Malik’s properties hotels. They’re more like beautiful places to rest your head wrapped into a full on experience of living life and diving into Sri Lankan culture. From the palm fringed shores of Cape Weligama, to relaxing on a working tea plantation in the mountains, to being on safari at Wild Coast Tented Lodge - you can’t get more immersed than this. Malik’s father is a famous figure in Sri Lanka, having founded Dilmah Tea which is exported to over 100 countries around the world. When Sri Lanka opened up to tourism, Malik noticed an increasing number of tea drinkers reaching out to ask to come visit… so he renovated some bungalows and invited them to come along. Today his 3, and soon to be 4 hotels are the top luxury options in the country. Malik and I discuss why Sri Lanka is such an underrated destination. He also tells insider stories about the building of the lodges, their passion for community development, and why true luxury is about feeling pampered AND being immersed in the local culture. See photos, show notes, and listener perks HERE. Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
32:33 06/29/2022
Kempinski | The Ladies In Red: Proposals, Parrots, and Curating Lifelong Memories
Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
35:23 06/22/2022
Vietnam | Expert Panel: A Story of Resilience, Glorious Food, and 50 Million Motorbikes
Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
52:41 06/15/2022
Auberge Resorts & Hotels | CEO Craig Reid: Creating Memories Through Hospitality
Today we’re diving into the world of Auberge Resorts with CEO Craig Reid. Whether you are skiing in Aspen, horseback riding in Costa Rica, or harvesting mushrooms with the chef before dinner - Auberge delivers an experience based kind of luxury that’s hard to find anywhere else. Craig had a long career at some of the most storied brands in luxury travel. In talking to him, you can sense that coming to Auberge was like coming home to what he feels is the heart of hospitality - simple every day pleasures, luxury in the form of thoughtful gestures, and cultivating meaningful experiences for guests.   Craig and I chat about off the beaten path destinations, historical landmarks, Bob Hope, and much more!  Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn  
46:16 06/08/2022
Israel Reopens! | Rerun: A Country of Contrasts, The Meaning of Kabbalah, and the Dazzling City of Tel Aviv
Today we’re diving into the paradox that is the country of Israel. In such a small nation you can be surrounded by tech entrepreneurs, holy men and women from multiple faiths, geopolitical conflict, world class nightlife, and natural wonders like the Dead Sea AND the Mediterranean Sea.  To try to unravel some of this beautiful complexity, we have three guests on our show today. My friend and partner in the region, Yoav Gal - an expert in luxury Israel itineraries; Eyal Riess - a Rabbi in the mystical Jewish tradition of Kabbalah, and Libbi Cohen- an expert in Tel Avivian history, culture, and nightlife.  We discuss everything from Israel’s new cultural revolution, to spiritual experiences in caves, to Bauhaus architecture - and of course hummus!  Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn  
53:43 06/01/2022
Ireland | Crothúr Murphy
Today I’m whisking you away to experience the greenest of countryside, the freshest of salt air, and the purest heart of hospitality. A visit to Ireland will give you all this and much more.  My guest today is Crothúr Murphy, a long time expert not just in tourism to Ireland, but in the history, culture, and soul of its people. Crothúr grew up here and has been showing his country off for nearly 30 years - which if you can imagine, takes a whole pot of passion at the end of the rainbow to do and do well.  Crothúr and I discuss how Irish culture survived through 800 years of English rule, fairies and fairy trees, how to feel like a local, and more.    Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
45:58 05/25/2022
Psychedelics Travel | Medicine Journeys in a Luxury Setting
If you’ve been paying attention to the mental health and wellness space, you know that psychedelics have burst onto the scene in a big way. Major universities like Johns Hopkins, Yale, and Berkeley are studying their effects on PTSD, anxiety, depression, and more.  Many guides and shamans in this space describe the use of psilocybin, MDMA, and other substances together with integrative therapy sessions to be equivalent to years and years of traditional therapy.  And now, these plant medicine journeys are making their mark on luxury wellness travel.  My guests today are Robert Grover and Gary Logan who provide private luxury retreats and create profound experiences for clients.  We discuss their experience with these medicines, their guiding philosophies, and how they orchestrate a comfortable luxury setting. For more accessible information on the science of psychedelics I can also highly recommend the Michael Pollan interview on The Tim Ferris Show.  Last but not least, though the substances discussed on this episode are showing great promise in the clinical studies, they are not legal in the United States and many other countries. Luxury Travel Insider and I are not condoning any illegal activity.    Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn  
37:57 05/18/2022
Southeast Asia | Aman: Balanced, Understated, and Dramatic
My guest today is Tom Rutherford, the Regional Director for three gorgeous Aman hotels in Southeast Asia - Amansara in Cambodia, Amantaka in Laos, and Amanoi in Vietnam.  When you head to this region of the world, especially away from the hustle and bustle of the major cities… time just seems to slow down. Here there is enough time for the Laotian farmer to tend to the animals, the crops, break bread with his neighbors, and honor his family. There’s enough space on the beaches of Vietnam to quiet your mind, and enough grounding history in Cambodia to inspire you to get back to your purpose for being.  Combine this atmosphere with the Aman ethos for wellness, beautiful architecture, and some of the best service in the world and you’ll understand why guests come back to these gems over and over.  Tom and I chat about all of this, plus why now is a phenomenal time to be visiting Southeast Asia.    Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
32:04 05/11/2022
Travel Insurance | The Most Important Travel Purchase You Never Think Of
We’re talking about travel insurance and other forms of travel protection. I can’t tell you how many myths abound about this aspect of travel - from thoughts that claims don’t get paid anyway, to not fully understanding why it’s so important.  We insure our cars, our watches, our dog’s vet bills - and even though luxury travelers are spending MUCH more on their trips than on these items… they don’t all insure.  Over the past two years in my business I can’t tell you how valuable having travel insurance has been for our clients in the know.  So today I’m welcoming Shannon Lofdahl and Ross Thompson, respective CEOs of Travelex and Covac Global. We did our best to illustrate this topic through some interesting stories and historical context.  Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
44:52 05/04/2022
Antarctica | Patrick Woodhead: Modern Explorers, Luxury Camps, and Untouched Wilderness
Today we find ourselves on “The Ice” deep in the heart of Antarctica. And I mean the interior of Antarctica, land of majestic mountains, the Emperor Penguin, and the magnetic south pole.  Though you once had to go on months long expeditions to reach these destinations, you can now fly five hours on a Gulfstream from Cape Town and experience all the Great White has to offer from the comfort of a luxury camp.  Our guest today is Patrick Woodhead - founder and CEO of White Desert, the logistics and hospitality company that can make all this happen. But Patrick’s vision for White Desert comes from his years of being a true explorer, visiting some of the most remote places on the planet.  We chat about what it takes to be an explorer, how all of us can infuse that spirit into our daily lives, some of Patrick’s craziest experiences, the Antarctic experience, and baby Emperor Penguins. Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
48:56 04/27/2022
SeaDream Yacht Club | President, Bob Lepisto on Yachting vs Cruising
Today we’re chatting with Bob Lepisto, President of Sea Dream Yacht Club. SeaDream owns two mega yachts, each with about 50 cabins. The biggest no no when talking about SeaDream is to call it a cruise!  Bob has been with the company for 20 years so we get to chat about the history of the cruise industry and how with SeaDream they wanted to start something different. Something where you wouldn’t have to organize your own yacht and all the work that goes along with that, but where you’d still get the yachting experience.  SeaDream sails around the Caribbean and Mediterranean and gets you access to gorgeous spots that you couldn’t otherwise see on a cruise ship. The company is famous for its super friendly crew and world class cuisine as well.  Bob and I talk about some of his favorite destinations, parties in the mid-Atlantic, and a few insider tidbits as well.  Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn  
47:15 04/20/2022
Amalfi & St. Petersburg | A Belmond Panel on Cocktails & Caviar
We’re shaking it up today with a panel of food and beverage experts from one of our favorite hotel brands, Belmond! Together we’ll explore the skill and hard work that goes into creating some of your favorite drinks - from the shorelines of Italy to the palaces of St. Petersburg.  Our guests today are: Tommaso Mansi and Nikita Yurin. Tommaso is the head bar manager at the stunning Belmond Caruso hotel situated along the Amalfi Coast. He is also a local and an expert in lemon production, one of the key ingredients in any good cocktail in this region.  Nikita is the head vodka and caviar sommlier at Belmond’s luxurious hotel in St. Petersburg, Grand Hotel Europe - a spot which also boasts the oldest continually used restaurant in all of Russia.  What I love about this episode is hearing Nikita and Tommaso speak so passionately about their crafts. Imagine all that passion poured into something as simple as a drink or a set of caviar. To me it demonstrates another way that people in the hospitality industry show real love and caring for their guests.  Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn  
39:00 04/13/2022
Spain | Elena Florez: A Country of Festivals, Tapas, and Unspoiled Landscapes
Imagine looking up at a blanket of stars, the sound of the ocean lapping, and the smell of sea air mixed with sweet pine. Then picture another scene - crowds squealing with excitement, bulls rushing by, and a cup of sangria refreshing your soul.  Today we’re discussing the country of Spain - a place so diverse it may as well be a hundred different destinations in one! Whether you’re here to focus on world class gastronomy, experience local festivals, or just relax in the sun, this dynamic country has it all.  Our guest today is Elena Florez, our partner and Spanish luxury travel expert. Elena explains for us how Spain became such a melting pot of cultures, how that’s affected the country today, and describes some fabulous destinations and experiences.  Make up a plate of jamon and manchego, and enjoy this fun chat with Elena Florez.  Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
42:32 04/06/2022
New Zealand Reopens!| Owner Southern Crossings, Sarah Farag: Don't Miss the North Island, A History of The Luxury Lodges, and The Story of a Junior Ranger
Today we’re discussing the iconic destination of New Zealand. Known for sweeping vistas, life-giving hiking, sumptuous food and wine, and ridiculous adventure activities. Though famous for towns like Queenstown - the real magic of New Zealand happens when you get to have vast open spaces all to yourself. With the right planning and guides, that can happen quite easily! Our guest today is my friend Sarah Farag, Owner and Director of Southern Crossings New Zealand. The company has been around for 34 years and hosts everyone from your everyday traveler to celebrities and royals. Sarah is also the only New Zealander recognized as a Conde Nast Traveler Specialist. Sarah and I discuss her favorite destinations, what makes Kiwi hospitality so memorable, and some unimaginable wow moments they’ve created for travelers like you. See show notes, photos, and listener perks HERE. Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn  
31:04 03/30/2022
Villa Rentals | Laura Blair: Exclusivity, Customization, and Privacy as the New Luxury
Today we’re talking about a particular type of travel that is gaining popularity around the world - villa rentals.  In the past this kind of travel was reserved for the uber wealthy and very well connected. Finding amazing villas in Italy or San Tropez was a nightmare, and imagine renting something so expensive sight unseen or with one photo sent you  in black and white and via fax machine!  Then came the advent of home rental websites which have really opened up this type of travel to the every day person… but for our luxury travelers, these options that have not been vetted by a professional are often not suitable.  Enter the world of vetted villa rentals. I spend a lot of time working with partners who personally inspect villas around the world so we can provide them to our clients. I wanted to bring on one of those experts to talk through what makes this kind of travel special.  Laura Blair founded In Villas Veritas before the rise of online home rentals and shares lots of insider tidbits with us.  Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
28:45 03/23/2022
France | Coquillade Provence: A Cyclists Paradise, Blooming Lavender, and 10 Centuries of History
Today we’re headed to Provence in Southern France to be well, soak up the sun, and inhale the scent of lavender.  This special region has so much to offer, from intense outdoor activities to easy bike rides, to impressionist history, and of course a refreshing glass of rose’.  Our guest today is Alain Bachmann, the GM of a special property near Luberon called Coquillade. This gem was originally built in the 11th century and much of that history is preserved. Today, it’s a haven for all kinds of travelers, from those who are training for cycling races to those who are just here to enjoy the gorgeous countryside and the spa.  Alain and I discuss what makes Provence so special, why artists like Van Gogh were taken with the area, and some of the special foods you might find on a journey here.    Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
31:40 03/16/2022
Switzerland | Mario Wuersch: Stunning Vistas, Glamorous Ski Villages, and Discovering the Country by Train
Today we’re touching down in the Alps… the Swiss Alps to be precise. In this most stunning of landscapes we’ll encounter over 7,000 lakes, four different spoken languages, some of the world’s best chocolate, and an abundance of charming villages and towns.  Switzerland is a mecca for cultural tourists, spa goers, and anyone who appreciates the majestic outdoors.  My guest today is Mario Wuersch, Swiss himself and an expert in luxury travel to the country. Mario’s company has been around since 1865 and we discuss what travel was like back then, how it’s evolved, and discover some insider tips about visiting.    Learn more at   Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
37:37 03/09/2022
Windstar Cruises | Chris Prelog: Cruising the Black Sea, Luxury Sailing Yachts, and The Joy of Exploration
Our guest today is Chris Prelog, President of Windstar Cruises - a small ship cruise line that focuses on sailing vessels… yes.. With actual sails!  Imagine yourself on deck of one of these magical ships, pulling out of port, the 1492 Conquest of Paradise song playing, sails unrolling, and heading into the open ocean. What nostalgia for a time gone by! Except on Windstar you’re also met with every modern comfort, fabulous destinations like Tahiti, The Black Sea, Iceland, and the Mediterranean, and an in depth exploration of the world.  Chris and I chat about the special bonds formed between guests and crew members on small ship sailings, the role of communities in sustainability, and the massive operation behind a sailing vessel this large.    Learn more at Connect with me on Social: Instagram LinkedIn
36:28 03/02/2022