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A Voice and Beyond

Welcome to A Voice and Beyond. This podcast is dedicated to self-care, professional development and personal growth. Our brilliant lineup of international guests include healthcare practitioners, voice educators and other professionals who will share their stories, knowledge and experiences within their specialized fields to empower you to live your best life every day. In the solo round episodes, my goal is to help you increase your levels of focus, productivity, confidence & energy. Now is the time for you to discover your voice in life, develop a positive mindset and become the best and most authentic version of yourself so you can create greater impact.


#69. The Five Stage of Grief and Loss with Donna Cameron 67:18 06/26/2022
#68. How to Break a Habit in 66 Days 22:00 06/19/2022
#67. Facing the Music: My Triumphs and Tribulations with Jeannette LoVetri Part II 55:43 06/12/2022
#66. Facing the Music: My Triumphs and Tribulations with Jeannette LoVetri Part I 58:29 06/05/2022
#65. Learn to Say No to Being a People Pleaser 22:30 05/29/2022
#64. How to Achieve a Healthy Relationship with Food with Kimberley Bell 60:31 05/22/2022
#63. My Secrets for Success and Sustainability in the Voice Industry with Associate Professor Irene Bartlett 79:22 05/15/2022
#62. The Time to Stop Living in the Past is Now 25:01 05/08/2022
#61. When Pop Meets Brain Science with Meredith Colby 79:05 05/01/2022
#60. The Detection and Treatment of Voice Disorders with Lori Sonnenberg 72:51 04/24/2022
#59. How To Action Without Distraction 12:06 04/17/2022
#58. Stop Worrying About The Future 11:34 04/10/2022
#57. Who Said You Can’t Sing with Linor Oren 74:16 04/03/2022
#56. Finding Your Voice with Mandie Kramer from The Wander Mom Diaries 37:04 03/27/2022
#55. Exploring Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with Dr David Juncos 70:17 03/20/2022
#54. Celebrating All Voices: Building A Thriving and Collaborative Community Part II 66:48 03/13/2022
#53. Celebrating All Voices: Building a Thriving Collaborative Community Part I 55:31 03/06/2022
#52. Mindfulness: You Can Unlock the Power of your Mind With Evan Dunn 70:51 02/27/2022
#51. How to Transform Your Life with Intention 23:59 02/20/2022
#50. My Versatile Career & How I Figured it Out with Brenda Earle Stokes 70:36 02/13/2022
#49. How to Heal Yourself with Love with Jen Haddix 62:35 02/06/2022
#48. Discipline: Your Path to Freedom in Every Aspect of Life! 24:02 01/30/2022
#47. The Balancing Act between Academia and an Authentic Soulful Performance with Dr Trineice Robinson-Martin 77:33 01/23/2022
#46. Establishing Boundaries Between Teacher and Therapist in the Voice Studio with Petra Raspel Borzinski 77:34 01/16/2022
#45. Shift Your Money Mindset from Scarcity to Abundance 22:01 01/09/2022
#44. Meditation: The Practice of Centring Yourself Everyday 06:56 01/02/2022
#43. Don’t Make Your New Year’s Resolution Homeless 08:29 12/26/2021
#42. Reprogram Your Thoughts Into Positive Ones 06:54 12/19/2021
#41. Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Discover your Self Worth 07:39 12/12/2021
#40. The Benefits of Non Traditional Modalities in Voice Training with Grace Ng Ee Wern 50:41 12/06/2021