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The Shine to FIVE™ Method with CJ

The Shine to FIVE™ Method is trusted system designed by Mindset&Transition Coach Christen N. James (CJ) to help young women-identified professionals ready to take the leap from Employee to Entrepreneur and SHINE in their OWN Businesses. This podcast will provide tips, guides, strategy and personal stories to help these womxn break free of their Employee Mindset. To learn more about, or connect with, CJ visit or follow her on all social media platforms: @christennjames. Please follow and share with ALL womxn who need to be/feel inspired in their entrepreneurial journey!


3 important things to keep in mind when setting Boundaries. 13:38 07/07/2022
The Secret to Developing Assertiveness and Confidence with Jennifer Chapman. 33:41 06/30/2022
In my Business: How to navigate feeling guilty about leaving your 9to5. 13:06 06/23/2022
From Bustle to Boss: What it takes to create your Dream Job when it doesn’t Exist Yet with Pauleanna Reid. 24:16 06/16/2022
4 Clues that reveal if you will make a good Entrepreneur. 13:10 06/09/2022
The reason why you need to find Alignment, not Balance. 11:26 06/02/2022
It’s Never Too Early to Trademark Your Name and Logo with Cynthia Mason. 26:08 05/26/2022
In My Business: How I Manifested Getting Laid Off! 19:39 05/19/2022
Your Emotions Are Delaying Your Side-Biz Growth. 10:44 05/12/2022
What It Really Means When You Say "Side-Hustle". 15:39 05/05/2022
Are you a WANTrepreneur or a MEANTrepreneur™? 14:30 04/28/2022
In My Business: What I learned from my "false starts". 13:53 04/21/2022
What is Employee Mindset? (+ 4 tips to start breaking free). 15:28 04/14/2022
Do You Just Have a Really Expensive Hobby? 16:51 04/07/2022
Your biggest Failures become your greatest Lessons with Celina Caesar-Chavannes. 25:18 03/31/2022
In My Business: How I found the RIGHT affirmations that work for me. 13:34 03/24/2022
From Bustle to Boss: How to leverage your 9to5 to grow your side-biz with Dr Monique J. Caruth. 30:26 03/17/2022
7 easy steps to better manage your side-biz time. 13:24 03/10/2022
How to take advantage of your Power Hour to grow your side-biz. 13:20 03/03/2022
How to Effectively use Inclusive Language in your Marketing with Susan Diaz. 30:20 02/24/2022
In My Business: I've felt like a Failure many times. 12:12 02/17/2022
3 Tips to help you to maintain consistency in your side-biz. 14:13 02/10/2022
Why you need to stop referring to your efforts as "False Starts". 14:52 02/03/2022
The Great Resignation.... What does that mean? 17:40 01/27/2022
In My Business: I struggled - A LOT - when I first started my Biz. 14:42 01/20/2022
5 tips to help you set REALISTIC goals for your side-biz 10:54 01/13/2022
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's simplify how to START working on your side biz. 14:32 01/06/2022
#52! Let's recap an INCREDIBLE first year of podcasting! 22:46 12/30/2021
How to take a guilt-free break from Business (for the Holiday season). 12:50 12/23/2021
How to do Freelance work the RIGHT way with Jasmine Williams. 38:03 12/16/2021