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The OLD mold of manhood is on its way out, leaving men feeling stuck in an outdated way of being. The ManKind Podcast gives men tools to break through these molds and show them a new way to embrace their manhood. We talk with mission-driven authors, leaders, and change-makers to share tools and insights to help you build your identity and find a clear direction in life. So if you’re feeling stuck in an outdated mold, confused about what’s next, or looking for a dose of clarity in your day, stick around, and you may just come away with a better idea of the kind of man and human being, you want to become. Created by the ManKind Project USA. Hosted by Brandon Clift.


150 - Dad Rage: How to Navigate Anger and Repair in Parenting with Matthew Sloane
Join Matthew Sloane, with hosts Brandon Clift, and Boysen Hodgson to engage in a raw and vulnerable discussion about navigating moments of parental anger, reflecting on their own experiences as fathers. Explore the complexities of maintaining composure and connection amidst the challenges of fatherhood.Highlights:Understanding Dad Rage: The hosts candidly share their struggles with anger and how it manifests in their interactions with their children. They emphasize the importance of recognizing triggers and cultivating self-awareness.Repairing Relationships: Highlighting the significance of repair, the hosts discuss the value of owning mistakes and apologizing to their children. They share personal stories of repairing moments of conflict and the profound impact it has on their parent-child relationships.Parenting with Grace: The hosts explore the concept of grace in parenting, emphasizing the need for self-compassion and forgiveness amidst inevitable mistakes. They discuss the importance of separating ego from their children's behaviors and embracing the journey of growth.Alternative Narratives: Challenging traditional narratives of victory over adversity, the hosts advocate for embracing compassion, even in moments of conflict. They explore the transformative power of curiosity and empathy in fostering deeper connections with their children.These three Dads offer insights and strategies for navigating the complexities of fatherhood with authenticity, compassion, and resilience. Tune in to gain tools for cultivating deeper connection with your children and navigating the highs and lows of fatherhood with grace and resilience.Find Matthew: the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
62:02 4/17/24
149 - How To Discover Your Ikigai - The Path to a Meaningful Existence with Gregory Benedikt
Life Coach Gregory Russell Benedikt returns to the show to discuss Ikigai, a Japanese philosophy that encompasses passion, vocation, profession, and mission, to illuminate the path toward purposeful living. We navigate through the complexities of personal fulfillment, societal expectations, and the pervasive "purpose gap" affecting many men today.We address the notion that passion, purpose, and income must always align perfectly, advocating instead for a more holistic approach to finding meaning in life. Through candid anecdotes and expert insights, we uncover the iterative journey of discovering one's Ikigai and shed light on the toll that a lack of direction can take, particularly among young men.Moreover, we emphasize the significance of heart-centered connections in both personal and professional spheres, recognizing their pivotal role in fostering growth and fulfillment. By addressing the challenges of the male malaise through the lens of Ikigai, we aim to inspire listeners to embark on their own journey toward purpose and meaningful living.Gregory's Links:Free Find Your Ikigai  [DOWNLOAD]Ted Talk: How To Ikigai | Tim TamashiroGregory's WebsiteMagic Mind: Get 58% off Your First MonthSupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
53:15 4/10/24
148 - How to Create Profound Change; Empowering Survivors with Women & Rise Chicago with Jennifer Ramirez Solarte
Discover the transformative power of community support and empowerment in this insightful podcast episode featuring Jennifer Ramirez Solarte, co-founder of ... commonly called &Rise. Join host Boysen Hodgson as they delve into the vital work of WomenRISE, an organization dedicated to providing resources, workshops, and counseling for women overcoming trauma and domestic violence.Jennifer shares her own story of empowerment and inspiring success stories of women reclaiming their lives and finding empowerment through healing and education. From somatic healing yoga to counseling, WomenRISE offers a holistic approach to supporting survivors on their journey to healing and self-discovery.Listen in as they explore the importance of breaking stigmas surrounding mental health, the role of men in supporting survivors, and the need for community action to end domestic violence. Whether you're seeking resources or looking to be an ally, this conversation offers valuable insights and actionable steps towards creating a safer, more supportive world for all. Tune in now to join the conversation and learn how you can make a difference.Resources and Statistics about Domestic Violence: National Coallition Against Domestic Violence: Library of Medicine: Statistics on Domestic Violence Find Jennifer at Women &Rise: the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
50:40 4/3/24
147 - From Entitled to Empowered: Why Our Kids Need Healthy Struggles with Lee Benson
Every parent loves their kids. They want to protect them from pain and give them all the opportunities and comforts they never had growing up. But by removing certain struggles, parents may unknowingly jeopardize their children’s future.What if you could give your kids a superpower to ensure their success outside the home? A lens to see the world in such a way that everything they encounter can be turned into something valuable for themselves and others. A true antidote that protects your kids against becoming victims, spoiled, anxious, fearful, lazy, or entitled.Have you ever considered how the power of struggle could be harnessed to create value? Lee presents his inspiring story of overcoming adversity, showcasing how the crucible of tough circumstances can forge the valuable attributes of hard work and self-reliance. We also discuss the potential of entrepreneurship as a launchpad for children to discover their own value-creation superpowers. Drawing on personal experiences, such as selling a business and moving to a new country, we highlight the crucial role of struggle and hard work in shaping a satisfying and successful life.Lee Benson has over 25 years of experience as a CEO. He owned and led Able Aerospace, then sold it for 9-figures to Textron Aviation. Next, he founded Execute to Win (ETW) to help senior leadership teams experience similar results by working better together at improving their organization’s most important number. Today, his operating system is used by businesses all over the world. Lee lives in Arizona where he leads ETW, plays guitar, reads, exercises, and spends time with those that matter most. More From Lee BensonThe Book: Value Creation KidLee's Website: WebsiteMagic Mind 58% off Promo: HERESupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
59:22 3/27/24
146 - Unlocking the Magic: Father-Son Rites of Passage Explored with Luke Entrup
This conversation between Boysen Hodgson and Luke Entrup delves into the importance of rites of passage, particularly focusing on the father-son relationship and its significance in guiding boys through adolescence. Luke shares his personal experience with rites of passage and emphasizes the need for a deeper connection between fathers and sons during this crucial developmental stage. He highlights the value of ceremony and ritual in honoring these transitions, drawing parallels between ancient traditions and modern practices.Moreover, Luke discusses the impact of helicopter parenting on children's mental health and advocates for allowing children more independence and freedom to explore their surroundings. He emphasizes the importance of parents engaging in their own shadow work to address their fears and expectations, while also setting appropriate boundaries for their children.The conversation touches upon the spiritual dimension of rites of passage, highlighting the role of wonderment and awe in reconnecting with oneself and the natural world. Luke emphasizes the importance of daily practices and mindfulness in cultivating a deeper connection to spirit and fostering mental flexibility.In closing, Luke encourages parents to prioritize mindful communion with their children, offering loving presence as the nourishment they need for healthy development. He invites listeners to explore his work further through the Father-Son Connection Experience and his website, emphasizing the transformative potential of rites of passage in fostering deeper connections and personal growth.FIND LUKE: www.lukeentrup.comwww.fathersonconnection.comSupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
57:16 3/22/24
145 - How To Overcome Immeasurable Stress Through Emotional Resilience with Kevin Borg
Have you ever considered the profound impact emotional intelligence has on the front lines of military and law enforcement? Join me as I sit down with Kevin, a former British Army soldier and police officer of Maltese descent, who shares his compelling story about navigating the complexities of emotional awareness amid the strictures of military life. He candidly recounts the personal battles with racism, the struggle for identity, and the pivotal role emotions play in situations where resilience is not just a trait but a necessity.Our conversation takes a deep look into the heart of the armed forces, where the balance between combat readiness and the softer skills of human interaction are being recalibrated. Kevin gives us a rare glimpse into the changing face of the British Army, particularly the new Ranger unit, where mental health and emotional intelligence are becoming as crucial as physical prowess. In the same breath, we explore the shift from the battlefield to the beat as Kevin reflects on his subsequent career in the police force. He illustrates how empathy and effective communication are vital tools for de-escalation and maintaining order, especially when physical force is not an option.Finally, we touch on the essence of leadership through the lens of emotional intelligence. Kevin's personal tales of facing severe stress, including the grave illness of his wife and the loss of his mother, underscore the critical need for supportive networks and the courage found in vulnerability. Our discussion extends towards a vision for transformed uniformed services across Europe, with leadership that marries the rigor of discipline with the nurturing of psychological safety. The 2011 UK riots serve as a stark reminder of why adaptable and emotionally intelligent leadership is indispensable in today's volatile world. Tune in for a journey that promises to challenge your perceptions and perhaps change the way you view those who serve and protect.Find Kevin:LinkedInWebsiteSupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
59:38 3/13/24
144 - How to Claim Your Maturity and Heal the Mother Wound with Rick Belden
Join Boysen for a conversation with Rick Belden, a seasoned coach, poet, and artist, as we navigate the multifaceted terrain of emotional growth. Rick opens up about his personal struggles with maturity, shedding light on the notion that growing up is a continuous process, not an overnight metamorphosis. Listen in as we discuss the powerful impact of our family systems and childhood narratives on our adult relationships, and the essential work of acknowledging and healing the mother wound.We explore the often challenging reconnection with our adolescent selves. Rick shares his insights on the ways men might sever ties with their past to cope with societal pressures, leaving scars of disconnection and self-rejection. We talk about the therapeutic benefits of communicating with our inner child through reflective questioning and letter writing, aiming to help men bridge the gap between who they were and who they are now.Wrapping up our session, we delve into Rick's professional endeavors, from his impactful poetry to his coaching services. Discover how art can serve as a gateway to understanding complex emotions and the importance of narrative revision in the stories we tell ourselves about our lives. With an invitation to join Rick for a free 30-minute discovery session, this conversation is an open door for men to engage in meaningful dialogue that fosters individual healing and a deeper collective understanding.FIND RICK: the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
65:29 3/8/24
143 - Entrepreneurial Harmony: How to Balance Business and Family Life with Jeff Lerner
In this episode of the Mankind Podcast, we chat with Jeff Lerner, a seasoned entrepreneur and jazz enthusiast, about the challenges of balancing business goals with family life. We explore Jeff's insights on entrepreneurship, family dynamics, and personal growth in a casual, down-to-earth conversation.Starting with a discussion on Rolling Stone's list of the Top 250 most influential guitarists, we touch on the underrepresentation of jazz greats like Joe Pass and George Benson and how it reflects broader societal trends.Throughout the interview, we dive into Jeff's experiences, blending entrepreneurship with family responsibilities and highlighting the importance of finding harmony between the two. Jeff shares his practical approach to business, emphasizing authenticity and meaningful relationships, drawing from his own partnership with his wife, Jacqueline.We also discuss themes like authenticity, success, and achieving work-life balance in a relatable manner, exploring how Jeff has navigated these challenges in his own life.Overall, this episode offers practical insights in a relaxed and accessible format for men juggling their entrepreneurial ambitions and family commitments.More about Jeff Lerner:Jeff Lerner [Youtube]Jeff Lerner [Instagram]Jeff Lerner [LinkedIn]WebsiteJeff's [Book]: Unlock Your PotentialMagic Mind: Save 58% Support the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
59:40 2/28/24
142 - How to Fight Back from Trauma and Find Unbreakable Love with Kenny Mammarella D'Cruz
Join me and Kenny Mammarella D'Cruz for a powerful journey into Men's Work! Here are some of the BIG takeaways from our conversation.Importance of Men's Work: Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz emphasizes the significance of men's work in personal development, providing tools for navigating relationships and fostering a deeper understanding of oneself.Recognizing Relationship Dynamics: The discussion delves into the dynamics of relationships, particularly in the context of marriage. Recognizing when one's "little boy" or "little girl" is present and understanding the need for listening versus fixing in interactions with partners.Being Present in Relationships: Men's work teaches the value of being present and mature in relationships, avoiding the need to run away or overly fix situations. A key distinction is made between the behaviors of a boy and a man in relationships.Communication Skills: "Do you want me to listen or do something?" Kenny shares his experience of realizing the relief in just being able to listen without feeling the need to fix everything.Navigating Life Transitions: Kenny reflects on entering a new phase of life as he approaches 60, expressing the need to pass on the tools he has acquired. He shares insights into the challenges of aging, taking care of oneself, and navigating unexpected opportunities.Holding a Vision for a Better World: Kenny envisions a more conscious and connected world, emphasizing the importance of conscious community, caring, and sharing. He critiques the negative impact of the superficiality and competitiveness often portrayed in mainstream media and social platforms.FIND KENNY: the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
62:05 2/21/24
141 - Break Free from Device Addiction and Reclaim Your Best Years with Dino Ambrosi
We're excited to welcome a unique voice to the conversation on technology and its impact on our lives - the founder of Project Reboot, Dino Ambrosi. Dino shares how we can tackle the complex relationship between teenagers and technology and how the lure of the digital world can lead to addiction and isolation. As we dive deeper into the digital abyss, we expose the damaging effects of social media on mental health and the significant potential and dangers of AI. We examine the way technology is transforming our social interactions and relationships, spotlighting the alarming trend of loneliness and isolation and our unhealthy obsession with social media metrics. We then take a darker turn as we discuss AI’s potential for manipulation, emphasizing the urgent need for regulation and ethical use.Ending on a hopeful note, we discuss the ways in which we can cultivate a healthier relationship with technology and how it can, when used with intentionality and mindfulness, enrich our lives. We highlight the power of pop culture, the impact of positive messages, and the potential pitfalls when positive role models are scarce. Join us, as we navigate these digital waters with our guest's expert guidance, and learn how to harness the potential of technology to make it a force for good in our lives.More From DinoProject RebootDino's LinkedInDino's TED TalkGET Magic Mind: 56% Off Support the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
55:12 2/14/24
140 - How to Become a People Displeaser and Revolutionize Your Life with Nick Pollard
Join us on a powerful journey with Nick Pollard, the People Displeaser, as he candidly shares his personal odyssey from a challenging childhood, through the depths of addiction, and into the light of a thriving coaching career. Listen in as Nick reveals the philosophies that underpin his transformative approach to life's hurdles, and how breaking down his goals into achievable steps helped him climb from rock bottom to the pinnacle of success. His narrative is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and the profound joy found in the metamorphosis of self and others.This is a raw exploration of self-discovery and accountability as Nick discusses setting boundaries, overcoming addiction, and embracing the responsibility of personal healing. His insights into the necessity of facing our past traumas and rewriting our personal narratives underscore the importance of commitment to change and growth. And as Nick unfolds his story, you'll learn about the 'no game,' an exercise in empowerment that teaches the life-altering value of saying 'no'—and sometimes 'yes.'Finally, connect with the nuances of social media dynamics and how they've shaped Nick's interactions with a diverse online community. Our discussion takes you behind the scenes of content creation, engagement, and dealing with feedback—both the loving and the hateful. Discover Nick's strategies for navigating the digital world with authenticity and resilience, and how he draws inspiration from the supportive network he's built across platforms. Find Nick! INSTAGRAM: @thepeopledispleaserTikTok: @peopledispleaserWebsite: the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
72:15 2/7/24
139 - Unleash Your True Sexual Potential and Why Your Penis Isn't The Problem with Taylor Johnson
Ever feel like the world of sex and intimacy is wrapped in whispers and shadows? Our latest conversation with sex coach Taylor illuminates this secretive space, sharing his inspiring transformation and how he now leads men through the murky waters of sexual challenges. We tackle topics often left in the dark, like ejaculation control and the deep influence of a vibrant sex life on our personal and professional spheres. Taylor's insights, coupled with a success story from our men's group, underscore the liberating potential of facing sexual anxieties head-on.This episode isn't just about sex; it's an exploration of the complex interplay between our intimate lives and the media we consume. We confront the realities of insufficient sex education and the confusion it creates between sex and intimacy. Together with Taylor, we chart a course towards disengaging from the relentless tide of sexualized content, finding that striking balance where sexual energy fuels our creativity and aspirations rather than being lost in instant gratification.Finally, we broach the transformative power of open dialogue about sex within relationships, unpacking the virtues of semen retention and its role in deepening connections. Through candid discussions, we tear down the social stigmas that often muzzle men's sexual health conversations, advocating for a space where vulnerability and acceptance pave the way for redefined masculinity. By the end of our chat, you'll be equipped with a fresh perspective on how shared experiences and mutual support can enhance not just our own lives, but also those of our partners and peers.Taylor's Links:Orgasmic Mastery Course (Starts Feb 8th)Taylor's YouTube ChannelTaylor's InstagramSupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
54:30 2/1/24
138 - The Dark Side of Smartphones and How to Break Free from Our Global Addiction with Dr Justin Romano
Ever wondered about the effects of your child spending too much time on screens? In this podcast, we talk to Dr. Justin Romano, a psychiatrist, who shares alarming stories of kids reacting strongly when their phones are taken away. We explore how the brain changes to prioritize smartphones and discuss the connection between technology and emotional well-being. Dr. Romano guides us through the younger generation's struggle to escape reality, leading to addiction and emotional distress. We also touch on the decline of face-to-face interactions and the importance of emotional intelligence. The conversation wraps up with a look at the societal impact of smartphone addiction, including increased depression, anxiety, and even traffic accidents. Join us as we discuss the urgent issue of smartphone addiction and its impact on mental health, advocating for healthier habits and relationships with technology.Dr. Justi RomanoPodcast: The Millennial Mental Health ChannelInstagram: MillennialMentalHealthChannelSupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
54:03 1/24/24
137 - Why Combining Masculinity and Compassion Is Key To Healing The World with Daniel Ellenberg P.h.D
Tired of society's strict ideas about being a man? Want to understand and embrace a new perspective? Join us as we talk with Daniel Ellenberg, founder of Strength with Heart, a positive force in men's wellness. Daniel is on a mission to break harmful stereotypes and teach the world what it truly means to be a caring man.We also explore how your brain processes information and how past experiences shape your view of safety and the world. Daniel shares insights on cancel culture and why open dialogue and empathy are crucial, especially with those who have different opinions.This episode discusses the importance of self-awareness, inclusivity, and compassion for creating a sense of belonging. Daniel takes us on a journey to focus on our shared humanity, setting aside differences like religion. Together, we imagine a world where compassion naturally leads to a more relaxed and connected human experience. Don't miss this enlightening conversation about the power of compassion and connection in overcoming challenges.Find More About Daniel's Work:Global Compassion Coalition: MasculinityWork With DanielSupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
66:17 1/17/24
136 - How to Deal with the Feels in a Confusing Web Of Modern Connection with Allie Hoffman
Ever wonder how the swipe of a finger on a dating app can lead us to the love of our life or a fleeting heartache? Allie Hoffman, a virtuoso of authentic connections, joins us to unravel the tapestry of modern dating, real-world intimacy, and the art of listening to our innermost desires. Together, we dissect the seismic shifts that have transformed how we seek out romantic connections, from the intricate dance of setting boundaries to navigating the immediate judgments required in the fast-paced world of social interaction.Amidst the labyrinth of online profiles and swiping, we question the genuine nature of the connections we forge and the pervasive influence of corporate designs on our emotional journeys. Hoffman shares insights on cultivating a richer dating strategy that goes beyond the screen, at her events called "The Feels." Through candid anecdotes and reflective dialogue, we ponder the unique challenges men and women face in this digital age.As we chart a course through the transformative power of personal boundaries, our conversation moves to seeking authenticity amidst the chaos of modern living. We delve into the revelatory moments that compel us to shed the weight of outdated expectations and embrace the raw truth of who we are. By owning our stories and confronting rejection with grace, we illuminate a path toward deeper, more meaningful connections, not just in romance, but in every facet of life. Join Allie and me for a journey into self-discovery and the profound impact that forging honest, intentional relationships can have on our existence.Find Allie Hoffman: Insta @alliehoffmanLearn more about the Feels:  NY Times ArticleSupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
63:30 1/14/24
135 - Which Way is North - How to Find Your Creative Compass with Will Cady
Join me, Boysen Hodgson, and Will Cady, global brand influencer, creative, musician, and author of "Which Way Is North: A Creative Compass for Makers, Marketers, and Mystics."Embark on a transformative exploration of the soul with our guest Will Cady, where spirituality meets the canvas of creativity.  From the vibrant strings of music to the silent depth of meditation, Will shares his remarkable odyssey through the arts and his pivotal role at Reddit. His book "Which Way is North" emerges as a compass for this conversation, guiding us through the interlacing of ancient wisdom with the fabric of our modern digital lives.Will introduces a meditation system that's been a beacon in his journey, and how totems and cardinal directions can be a guidepost for our own spiritual quests. Personal anecdotes about binaural beats and the life-altering impact of the Mankind Project paint a vivid picture of self-discovery and the relentless pursuit of personal truth. We also honor the mentors who leave indelible marks on our souls, as Will recounts the significance of a talisman from his father, tying us to the timeless traditions that mold our paths.As we weave through the convergence of the human experience and technology, Will's transition to Reddit under the philosophy "remember the human" echoes as a testament to the role of creativity and spirituality in the workplace.  Will leaves us with an empowering message on personal growth and the art of sharing wisdom, reminding us of the power we hold in authoring our life stories with intentionality and courage. Get the Book: Which Way is NorthFind Will Cady: Will-Cady.comSupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
58:59 1/7/24
134 - Vertical Integration - The Spiritual Frontier Of Archetypal Wisdom - Part 2 - Douglas Gillette
Join us as Douglas Gillette and I continue our exploration of the self, this time examining the complex task of integrating masculine and feminine archetypes within us. As we navigate the delicate balance of these energies, we confront not only our own brain structures and hormones but also cultural influences and evolutionary legacies. Our discussion sheds light on the challenges of achieving this integration and the risks of oversimplifying gender into mere caricatures. We reflect on the global implications of these struggles, particularly in the context of recent events, and emphasize the importance of compassion and personal responsibility in our journey towards authenticity.And then listen in as we ponder the indispensable role of spirituality in our quest for a deeper sense of well-being and understanding. Psychological growth is essential, yet it cannot alone suffice in the face of our primal instincts, which are sometimes indifferent or violent. As we dissect the intertwining of psychological and spiritual development, we grapple with the collective heartache over humanity's struggle to transcend its more base inclinations. We consider spirituality as a crucial element in confronting the disappointment in secular progress and contemplate its transformative potential for individual and societal harmony.Tune in for an episode that's not just a dialogue but a call to embrace the golden insights of life and share them with the world around us.Join Douglas Gillette for LIVE Book Discussions Starting in January 2024 (login required): Doug Gillette: gilletted@sbcglobal.netSupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
47:55 12/31/23
133 - How to Craft a Masculine Identity with Archetypal Wisdom - Part 1 - Douglas Gillette
Ever wrestled with the notion of what it really means to be a man in the modern world? Join us as we sit down with Douglas Gillette, co-author of the seminal work "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover," for a riveting discussion that delves into the heart of masculinity, the integration of our inner feminine, and the spiritual dimensions that shape who we are. In this episode, we don't just scratch the surface; we plunge into the depths of how to navigate the global disheartenment permeating our society and its impact on generations young and old.This conversation sheds light on the intricate balance between masculine and feminine archetypes and the journey toward embracing our shadows for a more complete self. We explore the symbiotic relationship between the anima and our creative and relational lives, painting a picture of how men can harmonize these forces within themselves. Through Douglas's insights and personal stories, we learn about the transformative power of nurturing, romantic, and wise facets of the anima, redefining what it means to embody a well-rounded masculinity.Finally, we touch on a topic that resonates with many—our relationships with our parents and the significant influence they hold over our identities. Douglas guides us through a compelling narrative that spotlights the mother complex and its profound effects on gender identity. He emphasizes the crucial steps toward achieving personal autonomy and the delicate interplay between generational and archetypal patterns in our lives. Understanding these dynamics is not just a path to self-discovery, it's a step towards scripting your own life story with intention and purpose.Join Douglas Gillette for LIVE Book Discussions Starting in January 2024 (login required): Doug Gillette: gilletted@sbcglobal.netSupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
42:12 12/23/23
132 - Surviving Christmas: EQ Strategies for a Stress-Free Christmas with Your Family
Prepare to navigate the holiday season with peace and ease as we unpack strategies for conflict-free gatherings. In this episode, Brandon Clift shares Emotional Intelligence strategies to help you navigate this holiday season with ease. We'll help you identify emotional triggers, manage your reactions, and foster meaningful connections even in challenging family situations. Plus, we discuss the importance of setting boundaries and engaging in courageous conversations with your loved ones.In the second part of the episode, we take a closer look at maintaining emotional intelligence during the busy and often stressful holiday season. We underscore the significance of setting boundaries, managing expectations, and exercising empathy in interactions with family and friends. Learn the power of the simple question, "Hey, are you okay?" to show care and support for your loved ones. We'll share personal experiences and offer practical tips to maintain healthy relationships during the holidays.Support the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
15:56 12/12/23
131 - "Spare Me the Talk!" How to Understand and Support Teens with Jo Langford
Join us on the Mankind Podcast as we engage in a thought-provoking discussion with Jo Langford, a Master's level therapist and author who specializes in working with teens. This episode tackles some (uncomfortable) realities of teen sexual health and development, and emphasizes the importance of proactive education on topics such as puberty, sexuality, and healthy relationships. We talk about Jo's books "Spare Me the Talk" and how they offer valuable insights for parents, educators, and anyone interacting with teens.As the conversation progresses, we venture into more challenging topics such as the influence of pornography on body image and we also discuss the double life many teenagers live, particularly in regards to pornography and technology, and the unique challenges this poses for parents. Jo offers practical advice on how to navigate these tricky conversations. We also talk about the impact of social media influencers and the education system on teenage boys. We shed light on the negative implications of hyper-masculine influencers and discuss the need for healthy examples of masculinity. Wrapping up, we talk about the future, touching on Gen Z's proactive approach to global issues and their evolving understanding of gender. Join us as we learn, laugh, and navigate the beautiful complexity of teen life together.Jo's Website: Get the Books: Spare Me the Talk! A Guide for boy-identified people.  LINKSpare Me the Talk! A Guide or girl-identified people.  LINKSupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
57:46 12/10/23
130 - How Emotional Intelligence is the Key to Liberating the Hearts of Men with David Brzozowski
Growing up in a conservative environment, emotional expression wasn't always encouraged. That was the reality for our guest, David Brzozowski, the Director of Training at TalentSmart EQ. Join us as we dive deep into the nuanced world of EQ, exploring how men and women approach emotional intelligence and the challenges men face in expressing their emotions. David takes us on a journey through the four pivotal EQ skills: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. We reveal how these skills can be mastered to better engage with others, control our own emotions, and even 'read' a room. Powerfully, we unpack the often-overlooked strength in vulnerability and the harmful consequences of repressing our emotions. Towards the end, we delve deeper into the transformative potential of emotional intelligence in forming lasting connections and creating harmony in our lives. We explore how understanding and managing our emotions can lead to life-defining moments. Tune in as we challenge societal norms and learn to harness the power of emotional intelligence.Follow David BrzozowskiDavid's LinkedInBook: Emotional Intelligence HabitsBook: Emotional Intelligence 2.0Support the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
60:24 11/27/23
129 - Add Years To The Lives Of Men With These Simple Strategies
What if your health wasn't just about you? What if your journey towards wellness could inspire other men to break free of the societal expectations, often known as the "man box," and take control of their own well-being? In our latest episode, we unravel the often overlooked issue of men's health, sharing personal stories to emphasize the importance of regular check-ups and self-care. November, being Men's Health Month, provides the perfect backdrop for this critical conversation.Ever set a goal you failed to achieve? We've all been there. To combat this, we dig into the meat of setting achievable goals that can truly transform your lifestyle. I share my personal process, which focuses on establishing simple, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound goals. It's not just about setting goals though - it's about sticking to them. We discover the power of accountability and the importance of a supportive community, using my journey with the challenging habit of cold plunging as an example.Lastly, we examine the role supplements can play in supporting men's health. We discuss the benefits of Magic Mind, a supplement known to enhance energy and mental clarity. As we wrap up the episode, we encourage you to take a proactive stance in supporting Men's Health Month in November - start with yourself and then invite someone else into the conversation. To help us reach more listeners and spark more enlightening discussions, please rate the podcast and share it widely. We greatly appreciate your support in this critical conversation about men's health and well-being!TRY Magic Mind TodaySupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
41:41 11/20/23
128 - Are you at a crossroads? It's time to face the resistance with Michael Pierce and Vincenzo Falone
Ready for a deep, transformative self-exploration guided by Michael Pierce and Vincenzo Falone? Gear up to unravel the layers of resistance we build as a defense against disappointment and hurt. This journey will illuminate the innocence and joy nestled within us all, often obscured by the walls we erect for protection. As we demystify the power of these inner protectors, we'll uncover the true essence that lies beneath, with the help of the Crossroads training program.Next, we venture into the often overlooked emotions and growth for men. Unmasking the emotion behind our protectors, we delve into fear, grief and their manifestation as controlling behaviour. We underscore the importance of forging a secure environment to explore and express these emotions, fostering a sense of shared experiences. In this pursuit, we also equip ourselves with tools to reconnect with our inner essence, forging life transitions with intent. Embark on this journey of understanding our protectors, transforming them into positive archetypes, and glimpse into what the Crossroads program offers men. Join us, as we unravel the power of self-exploration and transformation awaiting you!Learn more: the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
23:51 11/13/23
127 - How to Explore the Hard Stuff through Art with Cordelia Zars and the Empathy Theatre Project
Ever wondered why society holds such rigid definitions of masculinity and the devastating impact it can have? Join us as we sit down with Cordelia Zars of the Empathy Theatre Project to investigate this question, and more. In this enlightening discussion, Cordelia takes us behind the scenes of their groundbreaking musical, Man Up, a poignant exploration of gender violence and the societal pressures of conforming to traditional masculinity.We delve deeply into the journey of Duncan, the protagonist of Man Up, from a vibrant, emotional boy to a figure of conventional masculinity, estranged from his family, friends and his true self. The ripple effect of Duncan's transformation on the audience and cast members is heart-wrenching but also serves as a beacon of hope, illustrating the healing power of such narratives. We further discuss the upcoming production, We're Still Here, a testament to resilience and unity during trying times.The Empathy Theatre Project isn't just about raising awareness; it's also about fostering collaboration. In our conversation, we highlight their unique musical theater project bringing together indigenous and non-indigenous people. We talk about the conscious efforts to preserve indigenous oral tradition through this project and the profound effects it has on the Indigenous actors. Cordelia also lets us in on how you, our  listeners, can support and experience these transformative productions. Embark on this journey with us as we illuminate the transformative power of art, storytelling, and empathy, in an episode that promises to be as enlightening as it is compelling.Learn More: Support the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
47:36 11/10/23
126 - How To Become A Champion For Men's Health with Mark Hedstrom of Movember
A journey that began with a few men in Melbourne growing mustaches, has now bloomed into a global movement. Movember, as it's known, has raised over $800 million, advocating primarily for men's health issues including prostate and testicular cancer, along with mental health and suicide prevention. Our guest, Mark from the Movember Foundation, walks us through this heartening transformation, articulating the significance of both physical and mental health in men’s lives. Through conversations about the Alec Model, we learn the power of asking, listening without judgement, encouraging action, and checking back in. Exploring the nuanced aspects of masculinity and vulnerability, our guest underscores the need for redefining strength as an attribute that includes emotional expression and empathy. The reverberations of the Covid-19 pandemic on men's mental health are also put under the microscope, as we discuss the importance of altruistic collaborations and the steps Movember is taking to support men re-entering the workforce.In our final stride, we touch upon the unacknowledged collective grief brought about by the pandemic and the ways to process it on a personal level. The episode underlines the fact that men's health is not just a November concern, but a year-round priority. So, come along on this enlightening journey with us, as we redefine, rediscover, and reclaim men's health, one mustache at a time.Head to to donate or, create your own fundraising page.Support the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
44:02 11/1/23
125 - How To Live A Story Worth Telling with Gregory Benedikt
What if you were to step out of your comfort zone every single day for 100 days straight? How would that change your life?" Our latest conversation with Gregory Russell puts these questions into perspective as he shares his journey of making bold requests and creating a deeper connection with strangers. His candid insights challenge the conventional norms and offer a fresh take on what it means to live boldly - all while sprinkling in some unexpected humor and encouraging us to embrace vulnerability.We delve deeper into Gregory's philosophy of living a story worth telling, composed of six pillars - boldness, love, fear, purpose, clarity, and health. Discover how a chance encounter with a couple from Poland inspired Gregory to adopt this mantra and how it has shaped his personal voyage. This episode isn't just about Gregory's journey; it's a call to action, urging us to harness the power of boldness in our lives and become the heroes of our own stories.For those ready to leap into their bold journey, Gregory also introduces us to his 14-day Boldness Bootcamp. This segment is all about empowering you to step out of your comfort zone and take audacious action toward your goals. From making bold requests to strangers to initiating random acts of kindness, this boot camp promises to break down barriers and reveal the magic of human connection. Tune in, get inspired, and prepare for a wild ride into the realm of bold living.Find Out More:Gregory's Website: the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
44:22 11/1/23
124 - CALLING ALL MEN! Risking it all for Adventure & Being a Stronger Man with Michael Skye
Michael Skye is the convener of the CALLING ALL MEN! Summit that will launch in December, 2023.  His life's work is dedicated to inspiring men to reclaim their sacred honor and step into their roles as leaders. Michael opens up about his unique journey, from growing up in a large Mormon family that experienced a destructive divorce, to his boot camp for young men, and his 14-year long sabbatical that took him around the globe. Throughout our discussion, we touch on his upcoming event, Calling All Men, an initiative aimed at addressing the issues that men face, such as the lack of support and guidance for younger men and the prevalent resentment towards men and women that's prevalent on social media.We discuss the vital role of elders in conflict resolution and the need for a shift in the perception of male dominance. Michael proposes that the next evolution for men is to become chiefs who build trust and listen to their people, instead of exerting power over them. We also explore the numerous men's work groups, men's coaches, and leadership positions that are helping facilitate this evolution. Moreover, we give you a sneak peek into the inspiring discussions taking place at the Calling All Men Summit.Michael shares fascinating insights from his travels, including his experiences in Brazil, Africa, and Thailand, and how they taught him about the concept of honor, culture, and the human spirit's power to overcome fear and doubt. Be prepared to be inspired as we journey through masculinity, cultural differences, and the leadership practices that can shape the future for men.Join the CALLING ALL MEN Summit: CLICK HERE Support the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
55:59 10/27/23
123 - Love, Grief & the Power of Reinvention - the Filmmakers behind "I Do" with Ien Chi, David Bonnett, and Jon Bregel
In this engaging discussion, we invite you to join us along with our guests, Ien Chi, David Bonnett, and Jon Bregel, as we traverse the world of emotional filmmaking and personal reinvention. We talk about "I Do." “I Do” is an exploration of a love that surpasses time and adversity, unfolding within breast cancer's shadow. This ten-minute documentary follows widower Jim Kuhlman as he candidly reflects on his enduring love story with late wife Julie, serving as a reminder that love's echo endures, even as life's chapters unfold.With their combined creative expertise, our guests shed light on their personal experiences with grief, love, and loss, culminating in a compelling exploration of emotional resonance and transformation.Listen in as we probe the intricacies of the creative process, drawing from the experiences of our guests who have each undergone significant personal reinvention. From the evolution of Jon's production company to David's journey of finding purpose within the studio system, we uncover how our guests have derived meaning from their creative work. Our guests reflect on their journeys, sharing wisdom on overcoming adversity and reconnecting with self-love and purpose. From Ien's transformative TEDx talk to the changing cultural expectations for men, we delve into the profound challenge of personal change. This episode offers an in-depth look into the intersections of creativity, transformation, and the human experience, leaving you with thought-provoking insights and inspirations to apply in your own journey.Watch "I Do" - the Short Film Find the Guests:Ien Chi - @ienthekorean - Bonnett - @davidbonnett - Jon Bregel - @jbregel @wearevariable - the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
61:10 10/20/23
122 - How Redefining Your Trauma is the Key to Emotional Mastery with Lillian Moore
Join us for an enlightening conversation with Lillian Moore, a passionate advocate for emotional healing and brain science. Listen in as Lillian shares her unique childhood experiences with psychiatry, Native American practices, and spirituality, all of which shaped her path towards becoming a Reiki practitioner at a tender age of nine. Hear her discuss the challenges she faced in a society that doesn't readily nurture emotional awareness, her cautious approach towards psychedelics due to her mother's schizophrenia, and the diverse audience she hopes to reach with her work.We further explore the essential role of loving attention as a remedy for the psyche, the rise of neurodivergence in modern work and school environments, and the importance of gratitude and letting go for emotional healing. Lillian shares some invaluable exercises to help manage mental health. Don't miss her insightful views on how our current mental health industry underserves us, the healing potential of trauma, and how her work aims to bridge the gap. Tune in to this conversation with Lillian Moore and gain a fresh perspective on emotional healing and trauma therapy.Lillian Moore's Links:Website: MindlightSupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
67:37 10/12/23
121 - How Emotional Intelligence is Transforming Law Enforcement with Gregory Campbell, PhD
You might be familiar with the phrase 'emotional intelligence,' but do you know how deeply it can impact the lives of those on the front lines of service? Today's guest, Greg Campbell, Ph.D. VP of Law Enforcement & Government at TalentSmart EQ and former Deputy Chief Inspector of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service unpacks the transformative power of emotional intelligence, particularly amongst service personnel. Drawing from his personal journey that began in Compton and led to a career in law enforcement, Greg offers invaluable perspectives on understanding and harnessing our emotions to shape healthier actions.Growing up, Greg's father, a Vietnam War veteran, was emotionally distant due to unaddressed war trauma, and this personal experience sparked his interest in emotional intelligence and its potential to heal and empower. His research on the impact of emotional intelligence on first responders and military personnel is absolutely fascinating. Emotional intelligence is not just about processing trauma but also about understanding our emotions and using them to guide our actions better. As our conversation with Dr. Campbell evolves, we touch upon the realities of law enforcement and how emotional intelligence can play a vital role in policing. The power of emotional intelligence is not just theoretical; it's practical and applicable in the real world—from mentoring and training to community policing.Show Note Resources:LinkedIn: Gregory Campbell, PhD Book: Emotional Intelligence 2.0Book: Emotional Intelligence HabitsSupport the showAdditional Resources: Subscribe/Rate/Review on iTunes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: >>>HEREEnroll Here
75:03 9/25/23

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