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The PLANED Podcast

PLANED's aim is to engage local people in South West Wales in improving their quality of life -- culturally, socially, environmentally and economically. This Podcast is an opportunity for the stories and voices of the many people associated with PLANED to be heard.


Dr Edward Jones
Dr Edward Jones from Bangor University talks to Iwan from PLANED about the event he will be hosting and facilitating on community enterprises and local regeneration, but also reflecting on the wider movement of local economic innovation across Wales, with examples including Wrexham, Y Felinheli, Llanelli, and Crymych all highlighted.
31:52 2/22/24
Project Cadarnhad's First Year
Iwan talks to John about the PLANED project that focuses on recognising the skills and experience of people in South West Wales and awarding Agored Cymru certificates to promote self-confidence and improve wellbeing. In this episode John mentions the commercial aspect of the project: Puffin Learning which has its own website  
27:51 2/21/24
Professor Phil Kloer of Hywel Dda University Health Board
Professor Phil Kloer is the Executive Medical Director and also soon to become the Chief Executive of Hywel Dda University Health Board, covering the counties of Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. I met Phil at Hywel Dda's administrative headquarters in Carmarthen at the beginning of December 2023.
26:02 12/10/23
Beef and lamb specialist Paul Oeppen of Hazelwell Farm
Want to know more about Pembrokeshire Fresh Community Vending and our exciting news for west Wales? Beef and lamb specialist Paul Oeppen of Hazelwell Farm, who manages 350 acres of farmland, producing organic, native breed beef and lamb talks to Abi and John about supplying the Llanteg vending machine. We chat about the benefits to suppliers and customers as well as exploring the technology behind the lockers! -------- Eisiau gwybod mwy am Werthu Cymunedol Ffres Sir Benfro a’n newyddion cyffrous ar gyfer gorllewin Cymru? Cafodd Paul Oeppen, arbenigwr cig eidion a chig oen o Hazelwell Farm, sy’n cwmpasu 350 erw o ffermdir, yn cynhyrchu cig eidion a chig oen brodorol, organig, sgwrs ag Abi a John ynglŷn â chyflenwi peiriant gwerthu bwyd Llanteg. Gwnaethom drafod y buddion i gyflenwyr a phrynwyr, yn ogystal ag archwilio’r dechnoleg sydd wrth wraidd y loceri!
12:58 12/3/23
Pembrokeshire Local Food Partnership
Mae PLANED, PAVS a Chyngor Sir Benfro yn cydweithio i ddod â Phartneriaeth Bwyd Lleol i chi i Sir Benfro. Yr amcanion yw adeiladu gwydnwch mewn rhwydweithiau bwyd lleol trwygydgysylltu gweithgareddau sy’n ymwneud â bwyd yn well, gan greu system leolfwy cynaliadwy a cheisio mynd i’r afael ag achosion sylfaenol tlodi bwyd.Mae partneriaid wedi sicrhau cyllid gan y Weinyddiaeth Cyfiawnder Cymdeithasol,trwy Gymdeithas Llywodraeth Leol Cymru i ddatblygu partneriaeth bwyd lleolledled y sir. Mae’r cyllid hwn yn cefnogi cydweithio rhwng awdurdodau lleol aphartneriaid cymunedol, i ddatblygu partneriaethau bwyd traws-sector a chryfhaupartneriaethau bwyd presennol yn y rhanbarth. Os hoffech wybod mwy, ymunwch â’r rhestr bostio a/neu dewchyn rhan o Rwydwaith Bywyd Sir Benfro, cysylltwch drwy neu 01834 860965. Dysgwch fwy am bartneriaethau bwyd @   *************** PLANED, PAVS and Pembrokeshire County Council are working together to bring you a dedicated Local Food Partnership for Pembrokeshire. The objectives are to build resilience into local food networks through greater coordination of food related activities, creating a more sustainable local system and aiming to tackle the root causes of food poverty. Partners have secured funding from the Ministry of Social Justice, via Wales Local Government Association and Food Sense Wales to develop a county-wide local food partnership. This funding supports joint working between local authorities and community partners, to develop cross-sector food partnerships and strengthen existing food partnerships in the region. If you would like to know more, join the mailing list and/or become part of the Pembrokeshire Food Network please get in touch at or 01834 860965. Find out more about food partnerships @  
24:32 11/2/23
Prosiect Cadarnhad
Iwan talks to John about a new PLANED project called Cadarnhad. John and Hafren work with communities throughout South West Wales, promoting wellbeing and self-esteem through recognising and awarding skills and expertise with Agored Cymru certification. You can find out more, including contact details, on the PLANED website.
25:20 9/15/23
Wales Community Food Distribution at Hengwrt
Pembrokeshire Fresh - Gwenllian Centre – Kidwelly  PLANED team members Sophie and Rich met with Lois from the Hengwrt, Llandeilo to talk about their new food hub, how the hub works and what else is happening at the centre.    Sir Benfro Ffres – Canolfan Gymunedol a Gwybodaeth - Llandeilo   Bu i aelodau tîm PLANED, Sophie a Rich, gwrdd â Lois o Hengwrt, Llandeilo i sgwrsio am eu hwb bwyd newydd, sut mae’r hwb yn gweithio a’r pethau eraill sy’n digwydd yng canolfan. 
14:51 5/10/23
Pembrokeshire Fresh - Gwenllian Centre – Kidwelly
PLANED team members Alex and Rich met with Staci from the Gwenllian Centre to talk about their new food hub, how the hub works and what else is happening at the Gwenllian Centre. Sir Benfro Ffres – Canolfan Gwenllian – Cydweli Bu i aelodau tîm PLANED, Alex a Rich, gwrdd â Staci o Ganolfan Gwenllian i sgwrsio am eu hwb bwyd newydd, sut mae’r hwb yn gweithio a’r pethau eraill sy’n digwydd yng Nghanolfan Gwenllian.
32:07 4/17/23
David Wilson, Pembrokeshire Photographer
At the end of March 2023 I spoke to the photographer David Wilson at his kichen table in Llangwm. We talked about the photographs that he takes and the way in which he creates his images ... and he even let me take his photo! You can find out more about David and his photographs on his website:
31:32 3/24/23
David Pepper - Pilgrimage Way
A new pilgrim route will forge connections between Pembrokeshire and Wexford. David Pepper, the new Pilgrimage Officer for the Wales side of the project, encourages community and local businesses to get involved. This exciting new route aims to build on and strengthen historic links between St Davids, Pembrokeshire, and Ferns in County Wexford. The project will be led by The British Pilgrimage Trust (BPT), Pilgrim Paths of Ireland (PPI) and partners with West Wales based Journeying and Guided Pilgrimage. "I'm delighted to have been appointed Pilgrimage Officer for Pembrokeshire, where I live. My role will be to deliver a full and inspiring pilgrimage programme by engaging with people from all communities."
19:30 3/7/23
Voices of Newport - Siobhan & Lucy
With this episode I begin a short series of conversations with people who live in the Pembrokeshire town of Newport. I'm speaking today with two residents of the town who have lived and brought up families in this vibrant coastal community.
30:29 2/21/23
Fairfield Caterers
Rich from PLANED’s food team speaks with Russell, owner of Fairfield Caterers about healthy meals, how to keep your microwavable veggies tasting top and the ready-meals that he will be supplying to the vending machine. Caiff Rich o dîm bwyd PLANED sgwrs gyda Russell, perchennog Fairfield Caterers, ynglŷn â bwydydd iach, sut i gadw’ch llysiau meicrodon yn flasus a’r prydau parod y bydd yn eu cyflenwi ar gyfer y peiriant gwerthu.
29:23 1/12/23
Little Croft Chocolate
Rich from PLANED’s food team speaks with Sam, one-half of the team behind Little Croft Chocolate about their bars, starting a business during Covid and why you’ll love banana and cinnamon! Caiff Rich o dîm bwyd PLANED sgwrs gyda Sam, un hanner o’r tîm sy’n gyfrifol am Little Croft Chocolate, am eu bariau siocled, cychwyn busnes yn ystod Covid a pham y byddwch wrth eich bodd â banana a sinamon!
17:50 1/12/23
Capital Roasters and the Pembrokeshire Coffee Company
Rich from PLANED’s food team speaks with Phil Smith of Capital Roasters and the Pembrokeshire Coffee Company about Clifftop Coffee and his journey through the world of coffee, from London to West Wales. Caiff Rich o dîm bwyd PLANED sgwrs gyda Phil Smith o Capital Roasters a’r Pembrokeshire Coffee Company am Clifftop Coffee a’i daith trwy fyd coffi, o Lundain i orllewin Cymru.
31:24 1/10/23
Tenby Museum
I talk to Mark Lewis, the Curator of Tenby Museum, in November 2022 about the pressures and joys facing an independent museum and the effects of coming out of lockdown. Tenby Museum & Art Gallery stands as the oldest independent museum in Wales. Established in 1878 it continues to develop its collections and displays to preserve and promote the history of the town, giving a sense of place and heritage to both the local person and the visitor. The museum is a registered charity (number 1169435).
20:18 11/11/22
The Eat Well Guide
Laura Thomas (Health Improvement Lead Dietitian from the Hywel Dda University Health Board) tells us more about The Eat Well Guide and chats to Abi about how this links with the community food hubs.You can find out more by visiting: Please contact our team for the Welsh transcript on Mae Laura Thomas (Prif Ddeietegydd Gwelliant Iechyd o Fwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Hywel Dda) yn sôn rhagor wrthym am y Canllaw Bwyta’n Dda ac yn sgwrsio ag Abi ynghylch sut mae hyn yn cysylltu â’r hybiau bwyd cymunedol.Cewch ragor o wybodaeth drwy fynd i:
16:17 11/11/22
Excavations in the Centre of Haverfordwest
I speak to Fran Murphy from Dyfed Archaeological Trust about the recent excavation, and now conservation, of the former Ocky Whites department store in the middle of Haverfordwest. In this episode Fran mentions the Trust's website: and Facebook page: to find out more about this and other excavations. from the DATRIS Project supported by the National Lottery Community Fund
31:54 10/28/22
The Community Garden in St Davids
I have another chat with Jeremy Wadia from EcoDewi but this time, in the community garden in St Davids Acre, Erw Dewi. It was a wet morning sitting in the garden just between the Cathedral and the ruins of the Bishop's Palace but it was peaceful. The rain started to come down quite steadily at the end but it was welcome after this long, dry summer. You can donate to the community garden here: from the DATRIS Project supported by the National Lottery Community Fund
28:43 9/8/22
The DATRIS Project
The DATRIS Project has been running for just over four and a half years and in this episode myself and Iwan talk about the achievements of the original project and I outline the project that is set to follow on ... and which is actually in a pilot study phase. If you want to contact me about the new project then you can email me at or look on PLANED's website at from the DATRIS Project supported by the National Lottery Community Fund
29:48 9/7/22
Pembrokeshire Community Hub
Lee Hind talks about the ways in which the Hub team will always try to find the right solution for the individual, irrespective of things like age, health conditions, finances or eligibility to other services, and if needed they will stay alongside that individual until a solution has been sourced and implemented. The Pembrokeshire Community Hub mantra is very much ‘solutions not services’. You can contact Pembrokeshire Community Hub by phone: 01437 723660; email:; or from their website: 
23:31 8/12/22
Pembroke Food Hub at The Foundry House
This is the WCFD podcast down at The Foundry House food hub in Pembroke, Pembrokeshire. We discuss the activities offered at The Foundry House and the food hub offered here! We recorded the podcast with food hub volunteers Peter & Nina that are trustees of The Foundry House and Rich from our team at PLANED. The Foundry House express their need for volunteers for the food hub and other activities here. Listen to find out more! Dyma bodlediad WCFD a recordiwyd yn hwb bwyd The Foundry House ym Mhenfro, Sir Benfro. Rydym yn trafod y gweithgareddau a gynigir yn The Foundry House a'r hwb bwyd! Fe wnaethom recordio’r podlediad gyda gwirfoddolwyr yr hwb bwyd Peter a Nina sy’n ymddiriedolwyr The Foundry House a Rich o’n tîm yn PLANED. Mae The Foundary House yn mynegi eu hangen am wirfoddolwyr i helpu yn yr hwb bwyd a gweithgareddau eraill yma. Gwrandewch i ddysgu mwy!
14:41 8/2/22
Asedion - the Community Asset Fund
I speak to Cris Tomos about an exciting way to raise money to support local assets. If you would like to join the scheme, or just find out more, then you can find all the information that you need on their excellent website from the DATRIS Project supported by the National Lottery Community Fund
18:08 7/29/22
Câr y Môr - the Community Benefit Society
I talk to Dan Lewis from Câr y Môr at their Clehyr Uchaf site just outside of St Davids. He discusses the aims of the farm and how it works in harmony with both the marine ecosystem as well as the local community. You can find out more about this wonderful group on their website,  from the DATRIS Project supported by the National Lottery Community Fund
22:35 7/14/22
Tom Moses from the CWBR Youth Project
I spoke to Tom over zoom about the new CWBR Youth Project within PLANED. Tom mentioned a number of ways to contact the project: Main website: email: phone: 07810 228526 Instagram: @cwbryouth
28:15 6/30/22
Wales Community Food Distribution launch its first food hub
Wales Community Food Distribution, led by PLANED, is thrilled to launch its first food hub in June. The project facilitates volunteers to link with food producers and suppliers to have easy access to healthy and great value food.
19:05 6/14/22
Pembrokeshire Composer Alex Mills
Alex Mills is an internationally renowned composer who was brought up in Pembrokeshire. You can listen to some of Alex's music on his website as well as finding out about both previously published and upcoming works. I enjoyed chatting to Alex over a zoom call towards the of May 2022. from the DATRIS Project supported by the National Lottery Community Fund
24:49 5/27/22
Paths to Wellness with Ramblers Cymru
I spoke to Hannah Wilcox Brooke who is the Project Manager for the Ramblers Cymru Paths to Wellbeing project. We met in Ffynone woods (where, incidentally, the Mabinogion tells us is an entrance to Annwn, the Otherworld). Hannah told me about how the project is working with volunteers to design new routes as well as maintaining existing ones. from the DATRIS Project supported by the National Lottery Community Fund
18:58 5/19/22
Lee James provides an overview of the Micro Enterprises within the Catalyst project for Pembrokeshire
Lee offers free support to help people to set up their own care or support business – as part of the new ‘Catalysts for Care’ project (supported by PAVS, PLANED and Pembrokeshire County Council). Our ultimate aim is to develop more small, local services that can provide really personal and flexible care and support to people in Pembrokeshire.
22:28 5/13/22
The EcoDewi Project
I spoke to Jeremy Wadia in his beautiful garden in Roch. He is part of the team running the EcoDewi Project based in and around the St Davids Peninsula. We only had time to discuss one of the aspects of the project in detail so I am sure we will have a follow-up chat sometime later in the year. In the meantime you can find out more from their excellent website: from the DATRIS Project supported by the National Lottery Community Fund
23:58 5/12/22
The PAVS Community Hub
Iwan talks to Lee Hind from PAVS about the new Community Hub
20:34 5/4/22