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Ever wish you had a CRNA mentor who is plugged into the community, who has helped hundreds of students find success in just the past year? That’s exactly what you’ll get when you tune into CRNA School Prep Academy Podcast with your host, CRNA of 6 years, and student mentor, Jenny Finnell. Her specialty? Listening to her students and creating actionable step-by-step guidance designed to get you into your top CRNA program. The journey doesn't end there. Jenny is committed to helping you not only gain acceptance but providing support all the way through graduation day! Tune in, get inspired, and get ready to discover why thousands of prospective and current students turn to Jenny for guidance when it comes to all things the road to CRNA entails. From financial planning, interview styles, ICU experience, anesthesia cases, stress management, study tips, practice settings and so much more. Whether you’re a nursing student who is exploring the possibility, an ICU nurse actively pursuing CRNA, or a burnt-out SRNA, each episode is designed to help you take immediate action on the most important strategies for planning, implementation, and achieving your dream of becoming a CRNA.Who is this podcast for: Nurses who are researching the requirements for CRNA programs, CRNA school admissions, how to become a CRNA and what does a CRNA do?Other areas of focus:how to become a crnacrna schools requirementswhat does a crna dohow to shadow a crnaWhat ICU experience is best for CRNA Schoolhow to stand out as a crna applicanthow to prepare for the crna interviewhow to write my crna school personal statementhow to prepare for crna schoolhow to improve my gpa for crna schoolcrna programsbest crna schoolshow to be a crnaintensive and critical care nursingcertified nurse anesthetistcrna interview prep how to get into crna schoolis crna school expensivecost of crna schoolcrna applicationssteps to become a crnahow to get into crna schoolcrna day in the lifequestions to ask crna programscv for crna schoolhow to pay for crna schoolcrna school essaycrna school interview questionscrna mentorhow to stand out for crna schooldismissed from crna schoolnurse anesthetist shadowing


Episode 71: How To Manage Your Time In CRNA School 32:50 06/29/2022
Episode 70: How To Handle Anxiety Around Starting CRNA School 32:47 06/22/2022
Episode 69: CRNA School Is Expensive! So How Much Money Do CRNAs Make? 28:52 06/15/2022
How To Pick Your CRNA Program with Richard Wilson MNA CRNA 64:45 06/13/2022
Episode 68: How to Prepare Mentally for CRNA School With Guest Jon Lowrance CRNA 37:30 06/09/2022
Episode 67: Getting into CRNA School with a Pass | Fail Nursing Degree with SRNA Sabrina 43:35 06/02/2022
Episode 66: Questions to Ask During Your Shadow Experience 33:01 05/27/2022
Episode 65: How to Hit the Ground Running as an ICU Nurse With ICU Nurse AJ 53:01 05/20/2022
Episode 64: Questions to Ask the Interview Panel 19:18 05/12/2022
Episode 63: Is CRNA School Really as Hard as They Say It Is? 40:01 05/05/2022
Episode 62: Thriving in Your CRNA Didactics with Jon Lowrance CRNA 47:11 04/28/2022
Episode 61: Why You Do Not Need To Be A Straight A Student to be Successful in CRNA School 29:18 04/21/2022
Episode 60: CRNA Independent Practice with Joe Rodriguez DNAP, CRNA 50:13 04/14/2022
Episode 59: Going To CRNA School With Less Than 1 Year Of ICU Experience 26:47 04/06/2022
Episode 58: Asking For Letters Of Reference For CRNA School 30:16 03/30/2022
Episode 57: Mock Interview Coaching with Assistant Director and CSPA Expert Contributor Richard Wilson MNA, CRNA 41:49 03/23/2022
Episode 56: Writing A Good Personal Statement For CRNA School 29:21 03/16/2022
Episode 55: Tips on How To Stay Successful in CRNA School 35:52 03/09/2022
Episode 54: All Time Favorite Episodes of 2021! 43:30 03/02/2022
Episode 53: Why Being A Good Nurse Does Not Necessarily Equal Being A Good SRNA 40:01 02/23/2022
Episode 52: Finding Financial Freedom As A CRNA with Crystal Grant CRNA & Business Owner 43:16 02/16/2022
Episode 51: How Does Your ICU Experience Prepare You for CRNA? 23:13 02/09/2022
Episode 50: Actions You Can Take Now As A Nursing Student To Achieve Your CRNA Dream 36:43 02/02/2022
Episode 49: How To Handle Criticism In CRNA School 30:58 01/26/2022
Episode 48: NEW SRNA Survival Guide with Current SRNA's Ashley, Ruben & Evelyn 64:31 01/19/2022
Episode 47: Do You Need To Start In Med Surg Prior To ICU? 24:15 01/12/2022
Episode 46: Real CRNA Interview Questions, Know What To Expect 34:37 01/05/2022
Episode 45: Passing CRNA Board Exam with Morgan Potts CRNA 63:04 12/29/2021
Episode 44: Front Loaded Versus Integrated With Current SRNA Marissa 46:12 12/22/2021
Episode 43: You Got In Now What!? 28:57 12/15/2021