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Getting to know creatives in the music industry. Interviews and discussions with musicians, artists, music industry professionals and everyone in between. Brought to you by the Masterlink Sessions.


How To Be Innovative In The Modern Music Industry (with Mark Ede) 67:26 05/13/2022
How To Be The Whole Package - Guitarist, Nice Guy, Great Player (with Mike Mayfield) 42:58 03/04/2022
How To Be A Blues Songstress (with Joanna Cooke) 48:48 02/07/2022
How To Have an Amazing Voice (with Eddy Smith) 54:03 01/14/2022
How To Appreciate Funk Music And Start A Podcast (with Michael Bendure) 67:21 01/08/2022
How To Be An Exquisite Jazz Guitarist (with Nigel Price) 75:59 12/11/2021
How To Break The Mould And Walk Your Path (with Jihad Darwish) 64:47 12/04/2021
How To Become Confident and Have Something To Say (with Gemma Dorsett) 46:59 11/26/2021
How To Be A Guitar Entrepreneur (with Nicolas Meier) 53:00 11/20/2021
How To Become A Renowned Music Journalist (with Paul Sexton) 66:30 11/13/2021
How to Manage 1000 Drummers and Build a Drum Community (with Mike Dolbear) 60:26 11/06/2021
How To Be A Teacher, Singer, Dancer, DJ and Hype Machine (with Gemma Stoddard) 50:41 10/30/2021
Dealing With Mental Health In Popular Music (with Jenn Clempner) 56:49 10/23/2021
How To Rock Iconic Album Covers With The Airbrush (with illustrator Mark Wilkinson) 55:51 10/11/2021
How To Be An Outstanding Session Vocalist (with Louise Clare Marshall) 49:29 10/09/2021
How To Be a World Class Producer, Composer & Performer (with Andrew Kingslow) 44:48 10/02/2021
How To Be Awesome at Bass and then Some (with Francis Hylton) 53:04 09/25/2021
From High Powered Lawyer to Blues Radio DJ (with Roger McCormick) 50:45 09/17/2021
Life as double bassist and Jazz promoter (with Marianne Windham) 49:55 09/10/2021
How To Find Yourself As An Artist (with Nicholas James Lockewood) 61:57 09/04/2021
How to Navigate a New Community - in a Different Country! (with Carter Arrington) 58:09 08/28/2021
Bringing Nature into Music (with Joel Pike) 72:28 08/20/2021
How to set up a Studio in Wales, enjoy wine and aircraft too (with Clovis Phillips) 73:13 08/11/2021
How To Serve The Song (with Simon Johnson) 46:24 08/07/2021
How to make waves in London as a singer-songwriter from the North (with Kat Eaton) 54:22 07/30/2021
How to successfully morph from DJ to record label boss (with Elliot Ireland) 49:29 07/23/2021
How To Be A World Class Studio Owner, Stage Manager and Entrepreneur (with Pete Mills) 52:43 07/16/2021
How To Be An Incredible Session Drummer (with Mike Sturgis) 44:53 07/10/2021
How To Have a Healthy Music Recording Obsession (with Fiona Cruickshank) 66:30 07/02/2021
Fred Mollin - The Artist's Producer 56:37 06/23/2021