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Beyond the Garment with Drew Joiner is a podcast dedicated to enriching the lives of others by talking about fashion, content creation, culture, and life. Join me each week as I uncover what it's like being a 26-year-old content creator living in New York City.


For the City Boys with Percia Verlin
This week's episode features one of my favorite fashion creators on the rise Percia Verlin. Percia is a self proclaimed "City Boy" which is a term and style that emanates from Japanese Street Style and has been made popular by Japanese magazine company Popeye. the Show.
103:12 5/2/24
Why your style will inevitably change
I used to hold onto this idea that my style had been perfected around the age of 24. But now that I am 26 I feel as though my style will forever be evolving and changing alongside of my personal evolution and change throughout my life. Today's episode explores my journey with my style evolution. the Show.
32:47 4/12/24
How Trends Happen with Molly Rooyakkers aka
We are in a time period that is dominated by big tech companies using data to drive decision making. But, in the fashion industry, consumers don't interact with the data that tells the stories behind what is trending and what is not. Molly Rooyakkers, aka, uses data to better help her audience understand what is taking place within the fashion industry. the Show.
70:06 4/6/24
Wearable art with Av Grannan (@avgrannan, @sublime_remains)
It's rare that the algorithm serves me something other than trendy videos and cliche takes... did help me find Av Grannan!Av is an Artist, Fashion Designer, and just overall creative. This is her first official podcast interview and it covers her life as a youth, her brand Sublime Remains, and explores her creativity. the Show.
63:41 3/28/24
Spring 2024: Nothing, Everything, & Nothing Again
We officially made it to Spring for the year, does that mean nothing has changed? Everything is the same? or Nothing again will remain the same?This episode is thought experiment on where I think 2024 fashion is currently at.Support the Show.
30:30 3/23/24
Understanding Black Ivy my POV
Have you ever heard of Black Ivy? Today's video is an exploration of what Black Ivy is, what it means, and how it shaped a generations ideals on what it means to dress well. the Show.
26:20 2/26/24
300,000 Subscribers later, My Favorite YouTuber Laini Ozark (@lainiozark)
Almost exactly 2 years ago I asked Laini Ozark to come on this podcast and talk about her story creating on YouTube. I invited her back on because I, for one, I love her channel, and for two, I wanted to catch up on what's new in her life.SPOILER ALERT: a LOT has changed! the Show.
76:39 2/12/24
Writing about Fashion w/ Clayton Chambers (The Sprezza Story)
Today's episode invites Clayton Chambers onto the show to talk about his blog/newsletter Sprezza. If you enjoy thought provoking fashion discussions this episode is for you! the Show.
60:39 2/5/24
The Jason Jules Interview (@Garmsville) - Author of Black Ivy & My ULTIMATE style influence
This week's episode is a truly special one. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with a living legend. Jason Jules, is the co-author of one of THE most spectacular recounts of style from the 20th century. Black Ivy, is not only an instant classic, but it is helping educate and inspire a new generation fashion enthusiasts. Myself included! Support the Show.
94:18 1/28/24
Exploring American Ivy
What is American Ivy? I am trying to figure that out myself! Support the Show.
37:40 1/15/24
What makes certain clothes "higher" quality?
Happy new year! Today's episode touches on what makes certain fabrics more valuable than others. I also do a  bit of early year reflecting the Show.
42:30 1/9/24
Reflecting on 2023, What I am looking forward to in 2024
The title says it all! This episode is a look back on 2023 and a look forward to 2024. Fashion, life, and more... basically a NYE brain fart on life lolSupport the Show.
33:38 1/1/24
2024 Hot Fashion Predictions
2024 is essentially let's get into some of my predictions for the new yearSupport the Show.
23:48 12/18/23
An Unfiltered Q&A
Today's episode is all about answering the biggest questions you've had for me over the 3 years of creating content!If you missed the opportunity to ask me a question for this week's Q&A make sure to follow me on Instagram as to not miss out again. the Show.
58:46 12/4/23
New York City Creative - Charles Etoroma Jr
Episode 2!!! Big thank you to Charles for being the second guest of the pod for the newest season. Charles is a former engineer student who is currently enthralled in the creative, social media, fashion space in New York City. His story is very inspiring and being able to talk to him for an hour was so enjoyable!Charles IG: IG: the Show.
78:34 11/27/23
Season 4 Trailer
We are back !!!! Season 4 is going to be bigger and better than ever!Beyond the Garment with Drew Joiner is a podcast dedicated to enriching the lives of others. How do I try to do this? Through meaningful conversations in and around fashion. Some weeks will be 1hour+ long interview episodes. Some weeks will be monologue episodes of my journey as a 26 year old content creator living in New York City. If you enjoy the podcast, be sure to give us a 5-star review! It means a lot. the Show.
00:44 11/17/23
Co-Owner of Blue in Green - Geoffrey Chorbajian
Blue in Green is one of my all-time-favorite multi brand retailers in the world! They specialize on Japanese Denim, but also have an emphasis on Japanese Americana brands as a whole. Today's episode focuses on the story of one of the co-owners of Blue in Green Geoffrey Chorbajian. Hopefully his story helps you understand why retailers like Blue in Green are so special in the fashion world.Host IG: Blue in Green Soho: in Green Denver: the Show.
89:16 11/17/23
Season 4 "Pilot" Episode 0
Welcome to season 4 of Beyond the Garment with (me) Drew Joiner! If you are an old listener welcome back, and if you are new to my podcast I want to thank you immensely  for taking the time out of your day to be in this corner of the internet. This podcast is all about having non-pretentious, engaging, positive conversations around fashion, media, culture, and art. If any of those things interest you subscribe! I can't wait to see what is in store for season 4.Support the Show.
15:27 11/10/23
Season 3 Finale
Thank you so much for your support on Season 3 of Beyond the Garment with Drew Joiner !!Make sure to give a 5 star review for the podcast on whatever platform you are listening on.Support the Show.
25:21 4/28/23
Fashion's Hamster Wheel (Reuploaded)
Do you ever get tired of fashion??SO SORRY about the original upload of this episode! Support the Show.
22:42 4/22/23
My personal Uniform Supplier - Owen Hyatt
Today's episode features the founder of Somar, Owen Hyatt. Somar is one of my absolute favorite brands in 2023, and Owen's perspective as a current YouTube creative/brand owner is so dynamic and interesting.http://somar.us the Show.
77:22 4/14/23
My philosophy on Gatekeeping
Gatekeeping has it's good and it's bad... or is it just more bad than good or more good than bad?? the Show.
28:29 4/7/23
5 Unpopular Fashion Opinions
Today's episode details 5 opinions that I've been wrestling with as it pertains to fashion as a whole...I hope you enjoy! the Show.
26:28 3/31/23
Life Moves Pretty Fast (Podcast Update!)
I've missed you guys! Here is a bit of podcast update for the remainder of Season 3. Enjoy! the Show.
32:01 3/24/23
More Than Just Techwear w/ This is Antwon
For this week's episode I had the chance to sit down and talk with, Content Creator, This is Antwon. This was one of my absolute favorite conversations that I have had all year. Let me know what you think! Instagram: the Show.
82:28 2/24/23
The Founders of Samuel Zelig - Dylan Lubell & Jonathon Levite
One brand that you should definitely have on your radar is Samuel Zelig. Samuel Zelig focuses on a contemporary approach to uniform silhouettes taking inspiration from knitwear of the past. applied through a variety of mediums, all artwork is original and created by the Samuel Zelig team. IG: the Show.
60:21 2/17/23
The Founder of Collegium - Nick Sisombath (Such a great episode!)
For this week's episode I invited Nick Sisombath onto the pod. Nick is the founder of Collegium, and is a good friend of mine. If you want to know what it takes to run an independent footwear label in 2023...this is the episode for you. IG: the Show.
86:28 2/10/23
Talking Life, Fashion, and Business w/ Nolan Daniel White
This week's guest is none other than Nolan Daniel White. Nolan is one of the best menswear creators on TikTok and I invited him on the podcast to get to know him a bit better. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it. the Show.
63:40 2/2/23
Talking w/ Fashion TikToker Dominique Jones aka Dapper Dom
The interview series continues! This week I invited Dominique Jones onto the podcast to talk about his upbringing in the midwest, as well as, his journey in creating content on TikTok. I hope you enjoy! the Show.
52:48 1/27/23
Talking w/ Fashion TikToker - Tanner Dean
This week's featured guest is none other than Tanner Dean! If you don't know Tanner the best way I can describe him is a very calm but thoughtful fashion enthusiasts. You can check out his content using the links below. Instagram: the Show.
58:13 1/20/23

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