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Welcome to Students of Mind, the mental health podcast made by curious minds for curious minds. On this podcast, we, the hosts, are just like you-- eager to learn more about the mind. Here, we learn with you and provide you with clear, concise information backed up by real experts and survivors about all things mental health. Join us every other week for a deep dive into the world of mental health. Podcast Artwork by Ivy StrickerPodcast music by John Tyler.


The Journey from Athlete to Suicide Survivor and Mentor for Those Experiencing After Sports Depression w/ Darryll Stinson 43:42 09/20/2021
Dating and Navigating A Changing Body as a Black Girl at a Predominantly White Institution w/ Jordyn Jones & Wanjiko Kahara 14:37 09/09/2021
The Truth About Black Maternal Mental Health and Balancing parenthood with Self-Care w/ Dr. Sayida Peprah & Yhanni James 97:59 08/28/2021
Navigating Body Image and Mental Health as a Black Woman in Predominantly White Spaces w/ Dr. Joy Cox, Jordyn Jones, & Wanjiko Kahara 83:04 08/07/2021
Exploring Orthorexia and the Reality of Eating Disorder Recovery w/ Sarah Berneche and Lexie Smith 77:35 07/23/2021
Social Media Mind: Instagram’s Toll on Mental Health and Managing life as a Mom and Influencer w/ Dr. Danielle Wagstaff & Kodye Elyse 82:33 07/08/2021
Music as a Vehicle for Healing w/ Dr. Suzanne Hanser 38:17 06/11/2021
Diet Culture and its Relationship to Systems of Oppression w/ Dr. Sand Chang and Aisha Nash 82:21 05/27/2021
Yoga as a Vehicle for Healing w/ Elika Aird & Anne-Laure Peaucelle 69:32 05/13/2021
Let’s talk psych meds: Racism in Psychiatry and the Process of Finding a Psychiatrist w/ Dr. Kimberly Gordon-Achebe, Jayde & Zen 104:36 04/29/2021
Let’s Talk Psych Meds: Basics and Stigma w/ Dr. Alex Dimitriu and Dr. Chris Capelle 48:43 04/16/2021
Navigating Body Image and Weight Stigma as both a Provider and a Survivor w/ Sarah Jane Thomas 43:16 04/01/2021
A Realistic Discussion about Schizophrenia w/ Linda Stalters & Michelle Hammer 68:57 03/18/2021
Trauma, PTSD, and Nurturing Yourself w/ Cristina Mardirossian & Mia Hemstad 94:30 03/04/2021
Depression Deep Dive w/ Haesue Jo and Melanie Santos 70:09 02/18/2021
Anxiety Basics w/ Dr. Kevin Chapman 47:51 11/19/2020
Bipolar Basics w/ Dr. Diana Samuel 43:39 11/05/2020
Decolonizing Mental Health w/ Dr. Jennifer Mullan 60:50 10/22/2020
Eating Disorder Basics w/ Dr. Carolyn Ross 66:35 10/08/2020
What is Emotional Intensity? w/ Imi Lo 37:58 09/24/2020
The Highly Sensitive Person w/ Julie Bjelland 51:46 09/17/2020
The Mental Health of Black Men w/ Jor-El Caraballo 61:31 09/03/2020
OCD in the world of COVID-19 w/ Litsa Tanner 52:40 08/20/2020
Bonus Episode: Black Women and Mental Health with Shayla D. Tumbling 36:42 08/13/2020
Effects of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of College Students w/ Dr. Sarah K Lipson 51:02 08/06/2020
Rest as a Healing Practice for Black and indigenous People w/ The Black Dream Escape 52:40 07/23/2020
What is Mindfulness? w/ JG Larochette 51:06 07/09/2020
Black Mental Health with Dr. Tyffani M Dent (Part 2) 38:08 06/25/2020
Black Mental Health with Dr. Tyffani M Dent (Part 1) 29:51 06/18/2020
What is Mental Health? 27:32 06/11/2020